Cracklin’ Rosie…

Over here in Sarawak, when people talk about keropok – fish, prawn or sotong (cuttlefish) crackers, that is, it has got to be the ones from Mukah, and even there, one would need to know where to get the better and tastier ones. I used to have a teacher from there in my SPM English marking team and each year, we would place our orders and have her bring them over from the town.

This year, I did not have any Mukah keropok though…but my daughter’s friend from Trengganu, Soleha, gave us a whole lot when I met her in KL in mid-January. To make sure that your keropok is crispy and crackling when you eat them, you will have to dry them in the sun…

Keropok 1

Owing to the presence of straycats in my neighbourhood, I had to string them up and hang them on the clothesline.

To fry them, heat an adequate amount of oil in the wok and just throw in the pieces. They will expand and end up looking like this…

Keropok 2

Make sure that once the keropok has cooled, store them in a dry, airtight tin or container.

The best way to eat keropok is of course with acar timun (pickled cucumber)…

Acar timun

Just place a bit on the keropok like this…

Keropok and acar timun

…and into your mouth it goes! Yum! Yum!!!

And for your mid-week boost and entertainment, if you know the song, perhaps you would like to sing along…

…and get your spirits up high! Take it away, maestro! LOL!!!

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28 thoughts on “Cracklin’ Rosie…”

  1. *cries* My mum makes the best acar timun in the world… goes very well with plain rice or flavoured rice. Sobsobs! Next time my mummy made me acar timun, I must use it as dips d! LOL…good way to eat acar!

    My MIL makes the acar every year! VERY nice…but this year, a bit too sour! Cutting down on the sugar. Don’t think my missus knows how to make – all the hassle- the cutting, the drying, sure that will put her off.

  2. waaa….acar…yang ini saya rindu sangat….U must have this entry posted really early in the morning ehhhh

    Hahahahaha!!! These days I schedule my posts at 5.00 a.m. – specially for readers Down Under so that they can start drooling first! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. yeah yeah..indeed…and i can be the first few to drop comment..ahaha

      Ya…you have a headstart…and that would be 7 am in Oz while the rest of us here are still sleeping.

  3. good morning STP, i love the way u hung up your crackers.. lol.. so neat.. so u got them from Trengganu.. i got mine from Miri… u should know who brought them for me.. oh btw, the dried prawns u gave me last time, they are still in the fridge, i wanted to make sambal hebee (u know what la) but my fren told me not to.. she said too wasted to do the sambal.. she told me to deep fried it and garnish on top of the vegetables! good idea too, huh..

    LOL!!! I guess I’m generally quite a neat person – always neat in what I do. Ah! From Miri…probably made in Bintulu…or possibly from Mukah too. VERY nice, right? Personally I feel that our keropok is nicer than what you folks have over there!!! (Hey, Gab!!! How come you did not send me any? Tsk! Tsk! πŸ˜€ )

    As for the dried prawns, I had a post here on making the sambal:
    It’s either that or we use for cooking e.g. frying veg like this:
    and for cooking other dishes like sayur masak lemak…or fried rice…or make sambal timun like this:
    There! So many cooking ideas for you to try liao… No more excuses! Hahahaha!!!

  4. oh..dont know cleff jeles or not when she reads this.. hehehe…maybe she overlooks it.. lets keep our fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

    Hehehehehehe!!! Let her eat her heart out! If she wants, can always hop over to Sibu – will give her some too! Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Tarak jealous… just wan my mummy’s acar! People’s acar tarak same wan! *BAWL*

      Good! Then my acar timun’s safe!…PHEW!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Yumm yumm…~! I used to have a roommate from Terengganu when I was in uni. I asked her to buy me those keropok whenever she went back to her hometown. She knows where to buy good ones. OMG! They’re so cheap! A huge packet as big as an arch file only cost RM 7! Being greedy, I asked her to buy 2 for me and had a hard time figuring out how to bring them all the way back to Sibu without crushing them. Hahaha!!!

    Had those for CNY last year and they finished very fast. No prize for guessing who finished them. LOL! I love eating keropok with acar. *drool drool* Aiyor, I miss Terengganu keropok πŸ˜€

    You like? Aiyor…she gave me two BIG plastic bags full!!! I fried one…and the other one, I gave to my gardener! Didn’t think I could finish all! Haiya…should have told me earlier! 😦

  6. oooo….i love those fish keropok. Prefer them to prawn keropoks.

    I like both…over sotong! Tastes a bit too mild. LOL!!!

  7. Haha! I also don’t like the sotong one. No taste, like eating flour only.

    The same with eating sotong. A lot will depend on the ingredients used in cooking the dish…

  8. I still prefer our ‘mukah’ kerupok. Have bought the trengganu fish ones on the way to Redang Island last time,don’t really like them.

    Yup…tasty, strong fish taste…but hard, not nice and crispy like our Mukah keropok.

  9. yum yum…i like keropok ikan more than keropok udang. No need acar also can. Just eat with cili sauce :p

    Cili sauce? That’s West Malaysian like keropok lekor – nice when eaten with special sauce provided. Sarawak keropok – just eat like that or with acar! Best!

    1. Cikgu, her hubby from Kuala Terengganu. Now you know who you should hunt for keropok lekor.

      Here we have lots of keropok lekor – not expensive if fry ourselves. Otherwise, I think it’s 10 sen a thin piece!

  10. Fish keropok! I remember when we were alot younger, there was this family from Terengganu who rented our old house. We visited them during Hari Raya and they served us really nice fish keropok. After whacking several plates full, the wife decided to give us one container to bring home…hahhaha. They were probably thinking… Tham Chiak! lol.

    So what’s new? Hahahahaha!!! Gluttons’ Club true and true! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. i more prefer tose light colour keropok as those dark colour seem weird…lol

    Those will be the Sarawak ones. The ones in West Malaysia – they have darker ones…as well as the lighter ones, I think. But I do like keropok lekor…

  12. yup..the ones from mukah not bad. my brother who is studying at Politeknik Mukah brought some home recently and it was finish in a matter of days. i think i will ask him to bring more back next time…..STP, got anymore of those terengganu keropok at home?hehehhehehe cheers!

    No more. Gave one big bungkus to Pak Cik Saibi…. Didn’t know so many people want!!! LOL!!!

  13. Kerooppppoooook !!!! I’ve heard the best ones come from Terengganu…I love keropok makan dengan sambal. Yumz. The acar looks good, but since I don’t like acar (I know I don’t deserve to be Malaysian *cowers*), I shall comment that I love the spoon you used ! The handle so pretty !!

    Hehehehehe!!! Elegant, got class eh? Dunno where that came from, can’t remember! Hmmm…you haven’t tried the keropok from Sarawak yet, Mukah in particular! LOL!!!

    1. That one is high class punya tea spoon…. similar to the one in Buckingham Palace. wahaha.

      Same as the one you used when you had cream tea with the Queen? LOL!!!

  14. I love to eat it with chily sauce, especially with Kg Koh Garlic Chilly sauce! yum yum!

    Oh! I love Kg Koh chilli sauces too…despite the strange English phrases on their labels! LOL!!!

  15. actually the keropok goes very well with chilli sauce also! hehe have you tried it? especially the keropok lekor.

    I think I’ll give it a try. My MIL’s acar timun this time around is a bit too sour for my liking!

  16. I prefer prawn cracker more than fish one cos i find fish one at time got those fishy smell..heheh. Perhaps i dun like fish kua.

    Ya…some people love that fish smell/taste. My bone to pick with the Trengganu ones – they’re a bit hard and some are cut a bit too thick than others! Tastewise, I quite like them…

  17. I like sarawak keropok!! So different from here one, and have to agree Mukah got the best keropok. The acar from sarawak also different from here one. hahahhahahha

    This year i went to my good friend house, she is from Miri, her mum fried some Mukah keropok, my boys and me enjoy so much, one big tin nearly finish by us. hahahhaha

    Ya…only we know how much nicer Mukah keropok is. One restaurant here will serve you once you sit down and I think they charge 50sen a piece – but very big ones! I’ll look around to see if I can find any good ones, can fry ready…till you and your boys come!

  18. am not good at frying keropok-you must know how to control the flame-its not that easy…haha-u make it sound so easy.

    So easy leh? Put in, kembang – take out! Very fast! I only put in two or at the most, three each time – using tongs. Lift out…throw into basket lined with layers of kitchen towel. No need to control fire…or maybe later when it gets a bit too hot!

  19. GAH! Keropok and acar!!!! omg I LOVE that stuff you have no idea how much..I used to beg for them at my aunt’s place coz my mum dsn’t believe in deep frying :(..I made acar..but no keropok 😦

    Aiyor…so kesian! Your mum is one of those into healthy eating? My missus is like that…sometimes. When it is something that she likes, she will conveniently forget everything. Hahahahaha!!!! Special occasion like CNY, should make an exception…

  20. arrr…..i miss the keropok and acar!!! feel like going home so badly. hehe…

    Long life! Just when we were talking about you! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ What? You gave it all to your godma? You didn’t save any for yourself? Aiyor…this kind of godson, I also want! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Hey….I thought you were sending some to Mandy and me to help you dry them…??? Anyway, I like eating my keropok with rice (like a side dish kind of a thing) or if I wanna have them as snacks then I’ll mix both chilli sauce and tomato ketchup together and use them as dips πŸ™‚

    Too bad the sun came out in the end! LOL!!! If it had been these few days, I would have to send them over to the two of you. Been raining a lot – not that I’m complaining. Nice and cool!

  22. My in laws family eat keropok in this way too – with acar. But I prefer to dip into chilli sauce.

    I tried with chilli sauce yesterday. Nice!!! But I guess that’s because they’re Trengganu keropok. Sarawak keropok, I don’t think it will go well with chilli sauce – not the same.

  23. OMG… I think people of this era share the same dilemma of having to watch out for stray cats as we sun our keropok. My mother used to make me wait out in the porch (my sis and i exchange guard shifts) to look out for felines!!

    Hahahahaha!!! So you can ask her to do like I do! Pretty safe up there on the clothesline!

    Btw, ur first time here? Welcome, tnx for dropping by and do come again, eh? πŸ™‚

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