Baby one more time (2)…

If you may recall, I cooked this for my family’s Chap Goh Meh dinner and in response to the many comments on it, I mentioned that I would cook it again and post the steps in whipping up the yummy soup.

Firstly, boil two large Bombay onions with some wolfberries and one chicken stock cube in water…

STP's butter chicken onion and potato soup 1

I did not have any peppercorn in the house, Β so I just sprinkled ground white pepper generously all over it. In the meantime, I melted a scoop of olive oil margarine in a frying pan (as I did not have any butter in the house)…

STP's butter chicken onion and potato soup 2

…and then I fried the chicken pieces lightly in it…

STP's butter chicken onion and potato soup 3

Next, I transferred the chicken into the now simmering water…

STP's butter chicken onion and potato soup 4

…before putting in the sliced potatoes…

STP's butter chicken onion and potato soup 5

Simmer for a while…and when the potatoes have softened, add the snow/white fungus and daun sup (Chinese celery). Well, no daun sup in the house either that day, so I guess chopped spring onions would have do.

There you have it, my butter chicken, onion and potato soup…

STP's butter chicken onion and potato soup 6

…not exactly as how my late aunt used to cook it but I guess that came pretty close. No, you do not have to add any salt or msg; the chicken stock cube is enough…and you will find that the soup is tasty and salty enough as it is.

Absolutely delicious! Yum! Yum!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Baby one more time (2)…”

  1. Snow fungus and potato?

    Never eaten such a combo before. lol

    And frying the chicken in butter too! Quite a fusion, don’t you think? But it is very nice…

  2. much “liew”… cannot see the soup already… this time i will not say it is fish maw.. πŸ™‚ I must try doing this one day but i put more water, my 3 fellas sure can drink lots!

    More than enough for two… Maybe that’s why the soup’s so “sweet” and salty enough without msg and salt – with the flavour from all the ingredients. If you double the water, you may need to add an extra chicken stock cube…or simmer longer to get the flavour out of the chicken and the other stuff.

  3. ur recipe so complicated add tis n that if mine just put few stuff as too many stuff the taste will be weird… :O

    Complicated? Wait till you try Malay cooking – the masak lemak, the curry and what not…and even Thai tom yam! In cooking, one must know what will match and can be combined – not simply throw in! Otherwise the taste WILL be weird!…And that’s what draws the line between the men and the boys! LOL!!!

  4. Papa STP, roughly how much of water i need to boil cos with one cube of chicken stock, i predict a lot, but not too sure so need to ask u.

    i have lot of chicken stocks in my kictchen, i can utilise it now..heheh. btw, i dun like white fungus, u think i can omit it or replace with anything else?

    Looks yummy, i wanna try this weekend.

    I used a claypot so I just filled less than half of it – not much as you can see in the photo…and I did not have that much chicken either…and only two potatoes. But when you have added all the ingredients, there will be quite a lot…and there are only two of us.

    My late aunt used only chicken, onions, potatoes and peppercorn…plus salt and msg according to taste. I just added the wolfberries as they usually make soups sweeter…and the fungus does not make any difference whether it’s there or not as it’s quite tasteless. The Chinese celery or spring onion will help enhance the flavour of the soup.

    The chicken stock cubes are optional too – but without them, you may need to simmer the soup longer until the sweetness of the chicken comes out into the soup. Add one first…and when you taste the soup and you find it too bland, throw in another! That’s my style of cooking – agak2…no fixed measurements! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Ok..ok. i noted.

      yea..agak-agak, i got wat u meant..hehhehe.

      Oh..this weekend Claire is coming to KL…maybe can ask Claire to try out this dish..hahhah

      Wah!!! This Claire like VIP…go KL, got people cook for her. I went KL, no sign of anybody…so kesian! 😦 Good also lah…the soup will appear next week in two blogs! LOL!!!

      1. U come wrong timing lah… u come KL, oredi time for ppl to cabut go back hometown. LOL…

        *still sulking! LOL!!!

  5. when r u inviting me for makan at your house and u cook that for me STP? hehehhhe hungry liao…..cheers!

    Must have occasion or reason…You bring your future wife to let me see and pay respects to old teacher kah…and give wedding invitation? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Will the soup be very oily with the chicken being added in because it was fried with butter earlier? But they sure look delicious.

    Was it you who asked me this same question in the previous post? Well, like I said then, no – it is not oily! You fry the chicken pieces and lift them from the pan using tongs – let the oil drip off the chicken first before putting in the soup…and then you throw away the butter in the pan. It does not go into the soup – unlike when you fry the garlic, onions or ginger in some oil to cook some other soups (or anything else for that matter) – all the oil stays!

    And note also that the chicken I use is “naked”! My missus will get them to get rid of all the skin (Sobs!!! I love chicken skin!) to remove the fat! That’s why some chicken soups can be very oily.

    Whatever it is, it is definitely not as oily as in Malay or Indian cooking. All that oil to fry the pounded ingredients and when you go to eat, you can actually see the layer of oil floating on top of everything – one inch no less! And let’s not go on about the amount of oil in roti canai… Eyew!!!

  7. snow fungus? I remember my mom used to cook pork liver with snow fungus soup

    It seems to have a lot of health benefits:
    It is added to chicken soups mostly…and they use it to make some cooling dessert drink with red dates and what not…or even in those bottled birds’ nest. Quite tasteless on its own… Oooo….I love liver! Haven’t eaten for a long long time – high cholesterol! LOL!!!

  8. Hah, the nice soup again. Must be very tasty! This is really a fusion dish….kei chi and butter! LOL!

    Nice! Anytime better than french onion soup in western restaurants – and the one I had in Penang was really oily!

  9. Huh? White fungus with chicken soup? Alamak… first time see… lol…might try this one… cannot go wrong punya, just throw everything in…lol…same like what smallkucing told me… just throw everything into the slowcooker, after that can eat d! Akakakakak!

    No need slow cooker lah! You use old mother hen kah…so tough! LOL!!! I love cooking herbal chicken soup in my slow cooker…but have to use free range chicken or kampong chicken. If ordinary chicken, the meat and bones all hancur – in the end, will get shredded chicken meat and chicken bones! Nice for beef soup and stews too…and braised pork leg! Yum! Yum!!! LOL!!!

    1. My husband just brought back one kampung chicken. LOL…kampung chicken quite tough wan lehhh…. fry to eat not to nice, must make soup. 😦 I think will make this to eat tonight… hmmm… I dun have daun sup, tho… 😦

      Yup…kampong chicken – have to cook soup – herbal or with ginger in slow cooker plus lots of red wine in slow cooker till tender. Frying…or even curry, not nice!

  10. Eh? I didn’t comment kah this morning? Argh! Very kelam-kabut today, the room has been spinning since this morning.

    Oh yes, white fungus and wolfberries in chicken soup…just like how my grandma cooks it! Yummy! πŸ˜€

    PS: BTW, Choon Hui popiah got no meat πŸ˜€

    Room spinning? BP kah? Hahahahaha!!!! Ya…nice chicken soup, right? No meat? Aiyor…nice kah? I guess they use dried prawns…or fresh prawns? Or crab? Otherwise, not “sweet” lah! Wouldn’t be very nice.

  11. This soup look unique! I’m the one who ask you, don’t the soup taste oily since you cook the chicken with margarine. LOL!

    Soup with onion and kei chi will taste sweet, and if i will want to cook this soup i like the soup more. Will try this out one day, or maybe like you said you want to cook for me when i go back next month??? *wink wink wink*

    Ok, so there you have your answer – no, not oily. Sure, no problem…I can cook for you and the boys when you are here. Can come over to my place for dinner. Anything else you think you would like to eat (other than kampua)? LOL!!!

    1. I have no probs with oil… lagi oily, lagi bagus…. LOL…yummy, nice to eat!

      I guess it’s ok for you…being so skinny, or is it? 😦

  12. U must really like this soup a lot to cook it twice in almost a fortnite!re:chapgomei, Hmm…!! I am tempted to give it a try too maybe later this week! I got my ‘sayur lodeh’powder from Pollie in freezer so far have not try them either!

    Ooi!!! Bubur pedas lah! Sayur lodeh…or what I call, sayur masak lemak – no powder one! Unless you are using those ready-to-cook mix available in supermarkets – just add water! Go ahead! Try cooking the soup! I am sure you will love it!

  13. Has the charred sausages got anything to do with this series of cooking show?

    I suspect the target audiences are in NZ somewhere.

    Ummm…not really but I was thinking along that same line. What is it that I can cook and they can cook as well over there? So far on this “cooking show”, this soup is the only one that they can try over there – the previous two…and perhaps those coming up as well, I don’t think they have the ingredients there e.g. tempoyak…or tapioca leaves.

    Btw, your first time here, I see! Welcome and do come again. Nice name! LOL!!!

  14. I think I like this white fungus but why add meat? :p

    White fungus is tasteless – the soup gets its flavour from everything else. How do YOU take your white fungus? With syrup? I know they have that with red dates and other things, maybe even birds’ nest, in some cooling Chinese dessert drink.

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