Ready to roll (2)…

This is the second in the two-part series on making popiah

First, you will need the skin…

Popiah skin

I do not know how to make it but it is available here at RM8.00 a kilo. Elsewhere, you can use the frozen ones available in many supermarkets. Just defrost and use quickly before the skin becomes hard and tough/rubbery…in which case you can always deep fry the spring rolls and they can be very nice as well. As a matter of fact, my daughter prefers deep-fried popiah

So this is what you do. Firstly, take one piece of the skin and apply a coat of the pounded fresh chillies with garlic…

Making popiah - step 1

…and add the egg…

Making popiah - step 2

before or after the popiah filling…

Making popiah - step 3

…and sprinkle the ground peanuts all over the condiments…

Making popiah - step 4

Apply the glue – the sweetened cornflour starch on all sides…

Making popiah - step 5

…and fold in the bottom part of the skin…

Making popiah - step 6

Fold in the sides…

Making popiah - step 7

…and roll upwards. There you have it, one nice homemade popiah

Homemade popiah 1

All that is left for you to do now is to eat it…

Homemade popiah 2

Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Ready to roll (2)…”

  1. I never had a popia that got eggs inside! LOL… nice looking popia, but i tink, if I roll it, all the condiments will fall out. LMAO…

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Even my missus can’t do it well – will come out in all shapes and sizes! LOL!!!

    1. Ahahahahhahaha… I’m same like your missus…if I roll popiah, confirm the shape all not same wan. Come out all different!

      Ya…then like her, you can roll your own…and eat them yourself! LOL!!!

  2. STP… i want to encourage u to open stall… your popiah is now virtually in my mouth and seemed to be munching by me… hahahahahaha… oh dear, my stomach is giving me signs already, i better go eat something now.. quaker oats or noodles??? πŸ™‚

    Hahahaha!!! Oats – good for lowering cholesterol! Have more… Btw, have you booked your tickets yet? Cheap airline having a sale now flying after 25th September. KL to Sibu only RM29.00…..

    1. OMG! So cheap…. eh, go Sibu nid passport?

      No need. IC will do…but have to fill in immigration form, I think…for West Malaysians. That’s all. See! Same country and even that, you people do not know! Tsk! Tsk!!!

      1. OMG! Liddat i can go Miri to visit my godbro! Akakakakakak! Pssttt… my godbro is a chef. LOL… attack there first!

        Who? Where?…Now! Now! You have a godbro who’s a CHEF and he’s in my neighbourhood…and you NEVER told me!!! Grrrrr…..I no friend you no more!!! 😦

  3. I observed how the lady at Choon Hui’s rolled popiah. First she coated the glue all over the popiah skin before spreading quite a generous amount of crushed peanuts all over it. The she put the sayur and all at one end and rolled the skin up pretty smoothly. Well, what can I say she’s got years of popiah-rolling experience.

    They got provide dip – the glue with a little bit of chili belacan. Some people don’t like chili in their popiah.

    I remember my late grand-uncle used to make really good popiah (at least better than what we can find anywhere in Sibu) and he did not use any glue. The order was something like what you did above, only minus the glue.

    Speaking of popiah, my friend, Cheryl, just mentioned about quitting her hectic job and selling popiah instead. You should see her mom’s face colour changed! LOL!

    Hahahahaha!!! If her popiah is any good, bet she will be rich in no time at all. The glue serves the enhance the taste…and I guess it’s up to you what order you want to put everything in. Imagine her doing that everyday and how many hours each day – bet she can do it with her eyes closed!

      1. LOL… I daresay the lady’s face was blanched… kakakaka… i bet my mum would have the same reaction too if i told her I wanna quit my job and sell popiah instead!

        They don’t know what they’re missing. A kampua noodle seller in Sibu actually earns more than a teacher and these days, they just employ the Indons…and sit there and count the money…and scream at the girls!

  4. Haih… no popiah near my office. I prefer this type of popiah compared to the fried one. Though the fried popiah in Swak CLub is actually not bad. Should have named this blog entry “Step by Step” by NKOTB. hahah.

    NKOTB? That’s from your time eh? Hahahahaha!!!! Popiah at Sarawak Club? Bet the price is also nice… But fried ones are generally ok – not so much dependent on the filling. The crispy skin makes it nice enough already…

  5. my mom said this was what she did last time.. but my dad introduced his kanowit style popiah.. so I’ve never tried this type.. lol..

    I can’t find those skin in kuching.. normally i’ll just use the square frozen one.. 😦

    Now what’s Kanowit style? I think it is more like what we have sold at some stalls at the market in Sibu – not so nice…but then I grew up on this type which I understand is something more to the nyonya style, so of course, I love this type a lot more! I’m sure you can get the skin in Kuching, just that you do not where. The frozen square ones would be for people without much choice – eg Stella overseas… Maybe the members of the Gluttons’ Club have the information????

  6. Where did you buy the fresh popiah skins from? Have been using the frozen ones so far.

    You’re from Sibu? There’s a stall at the Central Market at the side of one of the side entrances facing Channel Road. An old lady there – selling popiah and other homemade kuihs. You can order from her and collect the next morning – get her telephone number, so you can order anytime without having to go all the way. Just go the next day to collect…

    1. Yup, I’m from Sibu. Small world πŸ™‚ Will check with the old lady this weekend. Thks.

      Shouldn’t be a problem. Just ask around, I’m sure everybody knows which old lady that would be.

  7. wah so nice!! what if you add some bacon chips?!!! would it be nicer? yumm

    Fusion eh? I’ve always loved bacon…so I bet it would be heavenly. Over RM10 a packet of 3 miserable streaks though…!!! 😦

  8. Sir, 2 pieces of popiah please! cepat cepat ahhh!

    Coming! Coming!…When are you coming to collect? Cheap airline having sale on seats – RM29 from KL to Sibu, flying after 25th September. Book now…

  9. HAHAHAHHAH…STP, you’re promoting Sibu ar? Persuade people to go to Sibu. LOL

    Yummy poppiah, i love poppiah. Nearby my house there is a stall selling nice poppiah, they got fried or the original one, both also nice. πŸ™‚ So you can consider open a small stall selling poppiah in Sibu, sure good biz.

    You do? Maybe I can cook when you are in Sibu…unless you and the boys prefer something else. Btw, I checked some dates – some only RM20…but some RM100 plus. It depends on when you want to fly and at what time…

    1. I suspect kan, Annie, Cikgu is working for Sibu tourism… lmao… secret agent! Wakakakaka!

      No lah! Otherwise you people over there never know what a nice place Sibu is…or Kuching, for that matter…or Sarawak as a whole!

  10. How nice if you have a POPIAH stall nearby my place. Sure everyday i come to tao pao…

    But it seems that i need to book the cheap airline and fly to your place to eat the POPIAH….LOL.

    Cleffairy, wanna terbang over there? ..LOL…

    OK, Cleff…here’s one kaki already… Come on over and we can have a party here! LOL!!!

    1. I’m supposed to meet her up at smallkucing’s house during CNY open house, but that woman cabut-ed so early! LOL…haiyorrr, this Cikgu, keep wan lure ppl go to Sibu… wait we all go there, eat up your house den habislah you!

      Probably she cabutted once she heard you were coming! Wuahahahahaha!!!! Come, come…no problem at all! Eat everything!

  11. Because of you, I just had to go and get popiah from yeow kee…but for some reason, not so great today. LOL!

    Psychological! After seeing mine…and thinking about the popiah we would have in our family, any house – everyone else’s will pale in comparison! LOL!!!

    1. yes I think so too. I think we’re all a bit “sack chui” when it comes to food…a friend made a few varieties of cookies for CNY, and asked me to try (and she seemed very proud of her cookies), so I tried…very not nice, and I didn’t know how to put on a straight face, but managed to utter “oh not bad”…i don’t know who felt worse!! It didn’t help that the first cookie I tried was jam tart!

      LOL!!! Must appreciate the effort… Bet it was a lot nicer than the ones ah-so bought! πŸ˜€

  12. Yummy!! Popiah!!!! (brevity is the key whilst leeching wifi…sorry, more later :p)

    Free wifi? Thought people would just sit all day and surf online? KL got WirelessKL – can register and log in…but I must say it’s VERY slow…

  13. yummy……..can make for me ah coz am too lazy to make :p…

    No problem. Just come on over…and I’ll make for you! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. wah – so nice n yummy- next time I order from you- send thru bus-I can be your agent here.

    When are you coming to Sibu again? Let me know earlier…and I can make. Not difficult…just needs time. Old man…go slow slow! LOL!!!

  15. Aiyoh…you make me so hungry bro. can you send me one? :p

    See reply to other comments – cheap airline having sale right now. Come on over and get it yourself!!! LOL!!!

  16. homemade, own rolled pophia 100% better because can add in lots of ingreadient and roll them up! Mine, everytime out of shape because I’m too greedy….added in too much of ingredient that the skin can hold. Crushed peanuts is a must !!

    Yup! That’s one big difference between homemade and those commercial ones. No peanut…or very little, not enough…so not wangi at all! Hah!!! Can’t put too much filling – sure the skin will tear!

  17. Made the popiah using yr recipe! Real yummy,also put in prawns n canned crabmeat too! Burp!Burp! πŸ™‚

    Hahahahaha!!! Good for you! At least some of your family recipes will survive and still stay in the family!!!

  18. @ Cleffairy…Aijor i came early and cabut early lor. Since no fate meeting at Small Kucing’s hse, then we mit at Sibu la..Wakaakakkaa

    I m wondering if STP is Sibu’s tourism ambassador..kekkee..

    LOL!!! Either that or that Fernandez fella’ is paying me commission to promote his sale! πŸ˜€

  19. There is one food that I like from Sarawak which taste better than the one in Penang and it is THIS POPIAH! It is such a value for money and I can eat three of it at one go and still crave for it. The combination is fantastic. Looking at the recipe by you, I think I prefer to buy it from the market. It’s a lot of work!

    Hahahaha!!! If you do it together, one cuts this, the other cuts that, it will be ready in no time at all. Not hard, just time consuming….and at the end of the day, when you sit down and eat, it is soooo…gratifying!

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