All right now…

If you’re wondering how my girl is doing in Wellington, New Zealand, it certainly looks like she’s doing all right now.

Here, she was at a Chinese New Year’s Eve gathering at a Japanese restaurant…

Mel @ CNY Eve dinner

…wearing the Malaysian sarong cheongsam outfit that I bought for her in Penang.

She had this chicken set that cost NZ$21.00…

Mel's CNY Eve dinner

…and like everything else in Kiwiland, the portion was certainly huge!

This next photo is of her and some of her coursemates at some Chinese New Year gathering…

Mel @ CNY gathering

…and she was wearing the Chinese-Indian fusion outfit that I bought her sometime ago…in KL, if I remember correctly.

Well, I sure am glad that she’s eating WELL in WELLington…

Mel - Eating WELL in WELLington

She came down with a flu a few days ago after which she had a terrible cough. It appeared that she had recovered and was able to go on an outing to the Kapiti coast somewhere to the north of Wellington…

Kapiti Coast outing 1

Beautiful place, isn’t it?

Kapiti Coast outing 2

She always loves animals…and I bet she had a wonderful time there communing with nature and her furry friends…

Mel and furry friend

Well, lectures will begin coming Monday, 1st March. I’m certainly glad that they had arranged for her and the rest to go over so early…giving them ample time to get to know the place and get used to the weather before settling down to serious work.

In the meantime, this is my prayer each passing day…

I pray You’ll be my eyes
And watch her where she goes
And help her to be wise
Help me to let go

I pray she finds Your light
And holds it in her heart
As darkness falls each night
Remind her where You are

Lead her to a place
Guide her with Your Grace
To a place where she’ll be safe…

Take care, love… Daddy loves you!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “All right now…”

  1. Looks like your Mel is having a terrifice time in Wellington judging by all the photos n ones she posted in fb as well! Good for her n she looks very radiant so obviously the Wellington suits her well! The punjabi outfit u got for her looks great on her too! Have a great weekend!

    I’ve got good taste mah! She likes the clothes I pick for her… Well, lectures start on Monday and I only hope she will take things easy, relax and enjoy the experience there. Tends to take her studies TOO seriously, not like the father.

    1. My gal is just the opp. she is busy checking out all the social clubs in uni this week for orientation. Told me there is also african jogging club,next thing I know she wants to go safari hunting!LOL! ‘Luput’ lah!….no cooking for me chapgomei, go ‘lepak’chinatown!

      Your girls are different. Real glamour one! Mine…showed interest in the fact that they have female altar servers… Thinking of volunteering liao! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. oops spelling error,terrific not terrifice! haven’t had my caffeine yet,sori! πŸ™‚

    Ya…early in the morning! Must go marketing today…. Chap Goh Meh coming! What are you cooking?

  3. I went to UK quite early too compared to my other friends. And I certainly was glad about it coz it takes time to settle down nice and comfy in a new place. Am glad she’s doing well there! Just curious, the set lunch in the japanese restaurant, is it considered cheap or expensive? And how about the price range of the food and groceries in NZ? Is it around the same in Malaysia?

    I think like in the UK, it is cheaper to buy and cook your own. Outside, noodles used to cost NZ$8 (RM20.00), portion enough for two…but I hear it has gone up to NZ$10-12 (RM25-30). May be worse in the UK.

    1. Hahaha, in UK, we don’t really convert the price into malaysian ringgit. Might get a heart attack. But now come to think of it, i think the food here is quite decently priced. Fruits and veges here are the best! Juicy and gigantic, not like what we have back in Sibu, all shrunk and skinny, lol! Back in the 70s when my parents stayed here, my mum said she can buy fish n chips for only a quid. Now, it has increased up to at least 5 pounds, talk about inflation!

      I love the cauliflower there. Just boil a bit with a pinch of salt – the fragrance can feel the whole house. Cauliflower cheese…Yum! Yum! I never eat cauliflower here – no taste, so bland, no fragrance!!!

      P.S. Your comment box is still not co-operating. Here’s the comment that I wanted to post:
      Har Kau = RM6-7 each? Pengsan!!! LOL!!!I went to an eat-all-you-can buffet in London. Lots of fried noodles and fried rice…all quite tasteless. No msg, perhaps. But I feasted on the fried chicken wings. 2 pounds only…but that was 1994! LOL!!!/strong>

      1. I really have no idea what’s wrong with my comment box, sorry about that. I know right, the har kau was bloody expensive! And i don’t know why i ordered it, lol! I think the chinese buffet in UK looks more like chap fan (mixed rice) more than a buffet spread. I have never been to one though.

        The one I went to – noodles, cooked in at least 3 styles – Singapore, Hongkong and one more…plus fried rice…all not nice and fried chicken wings. Can’t remember whether there were anything else but the chicken wings were the only thing worth eating… What to expect for 2 pounds? LOL!!!

  4. What a wonderful post ! Hahaha.. i am sure Mel will enjoy her time in Wellington. Actually i wanted to go to New Zealand too because the scenery is beautiful, but i got UK instead ( not complaining though =)) What’s that thing in her hand ? A hamster ? It sure is adorable

    You like animals too? How come you have no pets in the house? Parents wouldn’t allow? Like Mel’s mum…even though she always yearned to have some pets of her own. The scenery is good in the UK too – the south…or the upper parts – Scotland but it’s colder there. Don’t like the Midlands – the industrial area…

  5. The weather in NZ is not as bad as UK. It’s very windy in Wellington though. Has Mel complained yet? She needs to hang on to a lamp post when there’s strong winds or she’ll be blown away. Don’t bother about an umbrella there. You’ll look real funny with an upside down umbrella.

    Ya…England’s notoriously unpredictable weather. In Wellington, it’s very very windy, but thankfully not so cold yet. Winter will not be till June. She has windbreakers, jackets with hoods – all prepared for the wind and the rain there.

  6. nice post! i’m glad to know that she’s having a great time there… and quite sure now she wil be very fine…

    Ya…certainly is good to know. Just two years…and it’s back to that place again! Eyew….

    1. never mind la…at that time u will be there for her liao…everyday can cook for her…I also wanted to move to SP… haha!!

      That’s good! You can drive her around…and I can cook for you too! LOL!!!

  7. happy dotter happy father…seems she getting more used to the new place… πŸ™‚

    *1st pic her fren nex to her cute eyyy* πŸ˜‰ hehe

    Sarikei girl… See, Foochow girls memang cute! You no need see sweet young things lah, just stick to ur China girls!!! Buy Buy Love!!! Humph!!!

  8. Your daughter sent you these pictures STP? It is such a relief to know that she’s settling well right? πŸ˜€

    She just posts on Facebook and I can get it from there… I always knew she’d be fine there. Been there twice and I like the place – nice, laid-back, peaceful…

  9. wah this father very nice. Know how to buy clothes for the daughter!

    Ya…we’re very close, so I know what she likes and dislikes (other than t-shirts and khaki pants). I buy clothes for the mum too but she doesn’t like – I buy clothes for women her age! LOL!!!

  10. Glad to hear that Mel doing well there and enjoying.. and she a bunch of friends keep her company. πŸ™‚

    I can see some pretty girls wearing cheong sam ya, and very agree with you, foochow girls look cute. hahahahhahahhaha *wink wink wink*

    Ya…I guess you’re Foochow too! That certainly proves my point. I think we should use our traditional clothes on special occasions to keep our culture alive. Otherwise,it will all fade away…

    1. I can’t see myself wearing a kebaya around or even a cheongsam! I will look like a stick!!!!

      Skinny people can wear a kurong…loose with a seledang, can be nice…depending on how you carry yourself. The best outfits…if no poise, also ruined!!! Not nice!

  11. Wow… your daughter is really doing well. I bet you’re so happy for her. Ahahahaha….she seems to fit in very well too. Isn’t that great? And eating like that, you certainly don’t have to worry about her being skinny! She’ll plump up in now time. LOL…

    Haizzz… talk about food, I am going ding dong abit… lol… nid to think of wud to cook for closing dinner. πŸ˜› Thank god this time is at FIL’s ahahahhaha…. he belanja eat, but den again, wanna cook something, cuz coincidentally, oso his bday. Haizzz….no matter where I go, I’m still daddy’s girl. Wakakaka…always fond of elder males in the family rather than elder females. LOL…For what it’s worth, I’m lucky to have FIL, tho I cannot stand breathing the same air as MIL. LOL.

    Well, as they say, you marry a girl, you’re marrying the father…and you marry a guy, you’re marrying the mother! So you asked for it!!! As for what you can cook, ummmm….negro chicken? Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. My FIL very lucky lah… I wun simply cook for ppl wan. *snort* So sayang him oni cook for him. Else, i pretend stupid nia. Humph!

        Good. Then go and do it…and post on your blog!!! Such things I would love to read about and see…

  12. SEE- M is enjoying herself in Wellington-you dont have to worry.
    happy Chap Goh MEI…. what are you going to cook?

    No worries…none at all. Not planning anything grand, maybe just popiah! Wait for the post…

    1. I’m more excited over Chap Goh Meh rather than CNY itself. Why? Becoz my FIL will be there, feeding me with junks. Wakakakakaak! And no MIL to nag my ass out ! Thank God… and FIL will let me eat whatever I like…Oh, praise the Lord…Hallelujah!

      Gosh…if it is really that bad, I would just not go back to the MIL’s house. All that harassment, the torture…. – the way you describe it, that is! Hubby would have to choose – his mother or u!!! And you have to choose too. Still young, just the beginning… How long do you expect this to drag on? It’s like a walking time bomb waiting to explode…sooner or later! Otherwise, if you choose to bear with it, then bear with it, live with it… No need to grumble, right or wrong – you made the choice yourself! Her husband made HIS choice…

      1. LOL… my FIL clever… as for me… I’m waiting for my hubby to see her ugly side. For me, no point fighting. Malas layan. Let hubby see… mebbe one day he will see that sometimes, if wanna keep good relationship, must avoid, avoid, avoid. LOL… like my BIL did…almost everyone in the family avoid her like a plague lerr… lol…most of the anaks oso tolerate her cuz scared she goes boohoo den talk bad about is and den whole family will condemned us. LOL…

        Like this year, i tak layan her, she did many things to try to make me upset, but I buat bodo je… she must be so pissed that i was so emotionless, din explode…made me feel like laughing when saw my hubby’s shocked expression. LOL..

        So you have made your choice…so you will just have to live with it – for better or for worse, if you remember your vows! I just do not think it is nice to slam her left, right and centre…here, there and everywhere. After all, she is your hubby’s mum – he is her own flesh and blood…and YOU married HER son – she did NOT marry into your family. Of course, this is your personal family affair…but all these bad vibes is not going to do anybody any good…and it will eat into you and may affect your own relationship with your own family. What goes around, comes around…

  13. hahaha… we parents are so relieved to see them happily settling down over there, huh.. and getting enough food… enjoying themselves.. looking at those pics reminded me of aaron too when he was overseas.. each day he emailed some for me to look at.. i was “salivating” over the sceneries.. and wish i were there with him too…

    Ya…I wish I could be there too. I checked MAS – return, sometime around the end of May till early June, only RM2K plus…half of the fare at other times. Maybe I should just hop over… πŸ™‚

      1. LOL…I hope it’ll work out for you too… den can see ur happy face see ur dotter in NZ… I bet she’d be happy to see you too. πŸ˜›

        Will just have to wait and see… Trouble is the old lady will want to tag along and for two to go, I bet it will go past RM10K…and I can do a lot of other things with that kind of money…like a down payment on a new car to replace my 1st generation Proton Saga (8-valve engine)!

    1. you should! check out RBA as well…they have good deals sometimes, especially off peak…ie winter months in aus/nz

      OH!!! No wonder MAS so cheap – winter!!! Was in Auckland in winter a few years ago – very nice, not cold! But with the extremes in climate all over the world – in the UK and the US, I wonder what it will be like this year…

  14. Nice to see Mel enjoying herself! Hey, when are you planning to visit? I would love to see North Island, and actually don’t mind doing South Island again. NZ is such a beautiful country!

    I’m not so much into sightseeing…but I’d love to go to see her, enjoy being there…and the cold weather, the food…the way of life.

  15. foochow girls memang cute but cant take as wife…too fierce n controling… :O

    Hahahahahaha…. I can add a few more adjectives to those but I think I’d better not or I’ll end up getting a bashing! ROTFLMAO!!!

  16. OMG…. first generation Proton Saga! My dad used to use that too! Bought it in early 90s. LOL… The Megavalve wan, tho. Maroon colours. OMG… now you made me think of the car i grew up in!

    Megavalve? You’d better believe this! Mine was BEFORE Megavalve!!! Got cheated by salesman, asked me to buy – new model coming out – cosmetic changes…and increase the price! So I bought…and when the new model came out, a whole new engine!!! 12 valves, instead of 8! NEVER trust these salesmen! All crooks!

    1. Wah! Older than Megavalve? My dad bought the megavalve wan, and I believe the car would still be with us if not because of an accident my mum and dad were involved in. The car kena teruk, dad dun dare to use d, so sell it off. LOL…salesman are usually crooks… sweet talk you and coerce you into buying stuff. 😦

      Yup…never trust them!!! I know better now…

  17. Good to know that Melissa is doing so well there πŸ™‚ She’s real lucky you shop for her.. you guys make a good father daughter team !

    The food looks so delicious. But the pricing makes me nervous …. looks like i gotta get lessons from mum starting from “How to hold a frying pan” before I go to UK and *hopefully* not poison the housemates… πŸ˜›

    You should! One girl posted a photo of the sausages she fried on Facebook and her friends (who ate them) laughed at her, said they looked like shit. Burnt to cinders – all black! I thought they looked like *censored*… Hahahahahaha!!! And my daughter’s friend in Perak cooked rice and wondered why it was so wet AFTER he fried it – didn’t know there were markings inside the pot of the rice cooker to tell him how much water to add… Omigawd!!! Young people these days! Only know how to eat!!!

  18. Great to know that your daughter are doing well in NZ. At least she has her group of friends and can ‘enjoy’ themselves besides than studies. Going overseas to study is a dream comes true for everyone.

    Ya…that’s why I always tell her to make the most of the opportunity! Don’t think I would be able to afford it if I were to pay for it all myself…

  19. great to know your daughter is settling well in wellington:-) i like her malaysian style outfit~~hehe.

    See…somebody was saying that she wouldn’t want to wear the dresses I buy! One man’s meat is another man’s poison…. Hehehehehehehe!!!!

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