Traditionally, Chinese New Year is celebrated starting from the eve with the Reunion Dinner and ending with another grand dinner on the 15th night of the Chinese lunar calendar – the Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao Jie, or what is more popularly known as Chap Goh Meh which some may claim to be the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

However, I did not have a grand celebration this year as I was stranded in KL prior to the festive season and did not have much time to prepare very much for guests and well-wishers who would take the trouble to drop by. I did have some of the goodies that were given to me for the occasion and my missus did buy some cookies as well.

She got these homemade peanut cookies from some lady…

peanut cookies

…and they were very nice, unlike the pineapple tarts from the same source – not that they were not good but there was simply too little jam. What she could have done was to add more jam and sell at a higher price. When the taste is good, I’m sure there are people who are willing to fork out the dough.

These “pineapple jam tarts” that resemble golden quail eggs, are from a bakery near my house and they certainly look better and taste real good too…

Pineapple golden eggs

My missus also bought their peppermint cookies…

Peppermint cookies

…and their almond ones…

Almond cookies

We have been buying cookies from that bakery for a number of years now and all of them have been more than satisfactory.

She also bought these rolled version of “love letters” or kuih kapek/kapit or kuih sepit

Love letters - Egg rolls

…which, of course, could not compare with the folded ones that Mandy‘s mum made but were not too bad as well, and my niece (my brother-in-law’s daughter) bought us these “Treasure Pumpkin” cookies from KL…

Treasure Pumpkin

…and as for the cakes, I ordered two from my regular kuih-muih stall at Bandong – one Horlicks-cheese and one Evergreen layer cake…but I was stuck in KL and in the end, I had to get my sister to collect and give them to her and my parents to serve to their guests. I still had the kek lapis sisik ikan (fish-scale layer cake) and the kek hati parek that I bought when I was in Kuching…

Kek lapis sisik ikan & kek hati parek

…and my missus bought two very nice ones when we were in KL…

Cakes from KL

A few friends did drop by including Clare and also Louis J, and quite a few of my ex-students too. It certainly was quieter than in previous years but it was still a celebration albeit on a smaller scale and for one thing, it definitely was less tiring. After all, I’m no spring chicken anymore…and the years are starting to take its toll on this old chap! Sigh! …LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Celebration…”

  1. hi good morning Arthur.. looking at these early morning turns me on … hahhaa… i have a sweet tooth, the kek lapis looks very fresh.. must be very nice.. ok, i better go now.. got to attend a course today.. have to go pick up elin on the way.. oooh..wonder they serve cakes like this or not today.. lol..

    Well, with the economic downturn, I dunno how the courses are these days. I heard at some, no more refreshment, go and buy your own! Before, we had 10 o’ clock tea…12 noon lunch and 4 o’ clock tea – that was for day courses! Loved attending…for the food! LOL!!!

  2. I missed the kuih kapit!!! cos my mum didn’t buy any…

    Got a whole big tin…. Dunno who’s going to finish! My missus has a very poor sense of estimation when buying things!

  3. LOL! Never knew it is also known as kuih kapit. I always say kuih sepit or kuih ‘spit’! Hopefully they will not change the name to kuih ‘septic’ next! 🙂 🙂

    West Malaysians call them kuih kapit or kuih kapit… We call them kuih sepit. Ah well…as long as it’s not kuih sempit…as in indu’ sempit! LOL!!!

  4. Oh their peppermint cookies look good! CNY is always filled with cookies and snacks! And then we always eat all of them after CNY :P.

    Oh STP, please forward me your email address. Thanks :).

    Ya…I dunno when we’re gonna finish ours. Last time, I used to bring to school…and everything would be gone in no time at all – the teachers, mind you! Not the students! LOL!!! Don’t you get my email address everytime I comment in your blog? Ok…will send to you soonest.

    1. nope I don’t o.O it just shows a black name weirdly… even website also not there… hmmm 😡

      Waaa take so long to finish? It happens in my house too but if my hubs is around… be gone soon!

      I guess I didn’t link to my blog…didn’t type in the url. I’ve sent you the email already…

  5. Hehhe… your reader is “turned on” by your food pics…. orgastronomic?
    Not bad, u still sempat to celebrate CNY even though you were stuck in KL initially. Trust LJ to be around when there’s food…hehe.

    LOL!!! Asked him to drop by…while he’s still eligible for an ang pao! Muahahahaha!!!!

    1. Annie’s biscuit nice ah? Wakakakakaka… must hunt down Annie when I go Bangsar! LOL…

      Oh dear! Looks like everyone wants Annie’s cookies now… Really regret giving to me hor! Hahahahaha!

  6. Thank God I’m not a fan of sweet stuff like cakes or cookies… lol… else i would have been really tempted with all these goodies. LOL…

    I’m not really into sweet things either… At best, I don’t mind them once in a while…

  7. Peppermint cookies ! I never knew they existed. yumzz Now you’ve piqued my interest ! Heh heh

    Got! But it seems that kids do not like them because of the peppermint taste! Quite nice actually! LOL!!!

  8. Kuih lapis!!!!!!!! I missed that this year. I always get that from one of my uncle’s but this year we did not have the chance to visit him.. so tak der.. boo hoo…

    Ha…you went into hiding when I went to KL. Otherwise, I could have brought you one! Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. Nice cookies. I can’t stop myself from munching on the cookies too even already sufferring from heatiness.

    Sigh! I dunno how long the cookies will last. Perhaps my missus will take them to work and let her colleagues finish them off… Can’t imagine me doing that! Will have to change my name to Ching-tua-pui… Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. i love rolled type love letter/kuih kapek/”long kwong”!! I miss Sibu one, i remember when i am young, i love to put it on my ten fingers and i eat it that way!! I notice that, Sibu people during chinese new year, they like to buy a lot cakes, layer cakes or any cakes. Every house you go sure got cakes. I only like “sang jar” haw flakes cake. Yummy!

    @ Clare – ok ok ok, i got your hint. *wink wink wink*

    Ya, the sisik ikan one is actually the san cha cake – aka masam manis but they make in nicer pattern. Clare in Kuching lah! You buy and bring to Sibu, also no use – by the time she comes back to Sibu again, I already makan habis! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Uiks…i thought theother day u said u finish all the CNY cookies? Still have some for photos ah? kekeke…I love kuih kapit and pineapple tarts

    Annie’s cornflake cookies…and ahkamkoko’s choc chips – all gone. The rest, still got. Think my missus buys based on the overall cost…not the amount needed.

  12. normally i dont like those sell at stall pineapple tart but i do like those homemade n wil ate if the owner say they made it themself…those sell at stall so stingy of fillings… :O

    I’m ok with jam tarts – too much jam, too sweet…also not so nice!

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