On 16th February, the 3rd day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I attended another ex-student’s wedding. Here are the newly-weds – Constantine and his beautiful bride, Ita…

Constantine & Ita

Actually Constantine’s younger brother, Desmond, contacted me sometime in November or December to extend the invitation. He said that his mother had asked the two brothers and their sister, Sandra (whom I taught as well in my English tuition class) whether they wanted to invite any of their former teachers and Desmond said that the three of them wanted me to be there. He said that the mum’s response was something like, “Wow! You had so many teachers and you only want to invite one!” Needless to say, I was VERY flattered.

So there I was at the church ceremony…but I did not take any photographs there. Some of the people with their DSLRs took a few of me, I think…and I was tagged in one of them on Facebook…

@ Constantine's wedding
Edith Wong’s photo

She probably wanted to take a photo of the bouquet but unfortunately, I happened to be in the background and absolutely ruined the photograph. Hahahahaha!!!!

Well, Edith’s brother, Jude, was at the wedding with his new-born baby. If you may recall, I was at his wedding on 26th November, 2008

Pappa Jude and baby

After the service, we proceeded to a relatively new restaurant in the town for the banquet…

@ Good Happiness Restaurant

The food was very good but the service was horrendously slow. We were there before noon but the first dish was served at around 1.00 p.m…

The combination dish

…and the second dish, the steamed fish, at around 2.00 p.m…

Steamed fish

I was thinking to myself, “Good grief! At this rate, we would probably be eating till 10 tonight.” Thankfully, things picked up a bit after that and we had the third dish, the cheesy prawns…

Cheesy prawns

The soup dish, which normally would come in second, was served as the fourth dish in individual bowls…

Sharks' fins soup

I would think that on such a busy day and with the insufficient number of workers to cope with the crowd that day, they could have just done away with all that and serve it all in one huge bowl and everyone could just help themselves. The fifth dish was a chicken and pork combo…

Pork and chicken combination

…and the sixth was a sea cucumber and abalone dish…

Sea cucumber and abalone

Then came the first of the dessert dishes. I particularly loved the sweet yam paste and glutinous rice and since by then, most of the others at the same table had left, I could have the lion’s share of that…

Yam and pulut dessert

I did not wait for the second dessert dish – I reckoned there would be one as the workers had placed some bowls on the table. By the time I reached home it was around 3.30 p.m. – I wonder if that would qualify us for the Guiness Book of World Records.

Well, despite all that, I had a wonderful time meeting so many of my ex-students, including Walter who took me out for lunch when I was in KL last year…and I had Clare of Kampua Talk for company. Some thought she was my daughter and when my ex-students could contain their curiosity no longer, they asked me and I told them that she was my girlfriend. You can imagine the uproar at their table that resulted from that! LMAO!!!

THE Poh Huai Bin of was there too. Here, you can see him giving an intensive course on whisky drinking to his captive audience at his table…

Huai Bin @ Constantine's wedding

CK aka Superman was there too…and Nicholas and Acey as well. If there were other bloggers around, either I did not know them or I could not spot them in the crowd.

Well, congratulations to you, Constantine and your lovely bride, Ita. All the best for your future and may the two of you be blessed with abundant and everlasting happiness. Thanks for the invitation – it certainly was my pleasure to be able to be present and share the joy on your special day…

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23 thoughts on “Constantly…”

  1. d food looks really nice…… haven attend wedding dinner for such a long time dy….

    Me too! The last time was end of 2008 and beginning of 2009…

  2. congrats to both of them, such a lovely couple.
    looking at the food… all looks so yummy…. especially the prawns…. so cheesy…

    Come, come to Sibu…and we can go and have dinner there. The prawns really tasted great! Too bad only half for each person! LOL!!!

  3. Seems like a blogger meet is needed. So much bloggers pop up in sibu nowadays.

    I’m all for it…but don’t think anybody wants to take the initiative. I don’t know most of them and many blog in Chinese…so I wouldn’t know those!

  4. Warr…teacher attending ex-students marriage? War… πŸ˜€

    Not the first…and hopefully, it will not be the last!!! SOME of them will invite me to their weddings. Missed that last one in November last year as I had to go over to Sungai Petani that weekend to help my daughter move back all her stuff at the end of her 1st year there…

  5. These courses are definitely much more expensive than the one that i had some weeks ago… least you had that boat platter…i was devastated when those boat coming out but not stopping by my table…

    Ya…it all depends on how much you’re paying per table. Money talks! LOL!!!

  6. Congrats to the beautiful couple.

    The wedding banquet food look great, big portion and look delicious. I heard the food at that restaurant is very good. I’m drooling at the sea cucumber dish, my favourite.

    Tnx on their behalf. We can go there when you come back to Sibu…and hopefully, the service would not be so bad – if it’s not a “hot date” to get married. I hear not many good dates in the Year of the Tiger…

    1. I dun believe in those ‘dates’ thingie, Cikgu. If you choose a good date and yet never work on the marriage, then the marriage will go jahanam oso lerr…

      The old folks believe…so have to follow out of respect for their wishes mah!

  7. Feel like out of town, out of place! Gosh, almost a year away from Sibu! Even the wedding feast is strange to me too. In Sabah, it’s closer to nature. In Kuching, it’s work, work, and more work…. Thanks for “feeding” me with such great feast now and then to make me feel home.

    Ah! We can always go for one when you’re back in town…but the problem is your flying visits are always the “here today, gone tomorrow” kind of thing!

  8. Was the steamed fish nice? Dono why the fish looks really scaly to me. 😦

    VERY nice! Of course lah…the fish had scales but they were easily removed and put aside. And another good thing was the fish did not have a lot of tiny bones…so easy to eat, and safe too!!! One thing about these big restaurants in town – they have connections with the suppliers…and they get the best fish…that normally, we do not get to see at the market. Yum! Yum!!!

    1. Ooooo…no small bones! Me likey like! Ahahahaha!

      And the flesh was smooth and sweet… That’s why I said these restaurants get all the best fish! We don’t get to see, much less buy anything as nice at the market. 😦

  9. eh..stp, i commented this morning, but now my comment is not here.. *scratch head*… funny… i remember commenting congratulations to the lovely couple, the bride is beautiful… and… the food was worth the waiting, they looked very delicious..especially the individual bowl of dried scallops..

    Nope…I didn’t see your comment. I wonder what happened to it. There were two for a long time, then three…and then the rest came in – 7…and then, the 8th and finally, Cleff dropped by at around 2…and now you! The individual bowls were sharks’ fins soup… Didn’t mention it as some people may not be too happy about people eating it. Anyway, as you can see from the photo, there was hardly any… πŸ™‚

  10. gosh…which restaurant is this…they are serving all my favourite food…are u sure its not yr camera that’s so of enhance the picture…All looked so delicious……abalone & grilled fresh water prawn…wow!…next trip to Sibu, must taste all those…kekeke

    Good Happiness, new place – subsidiary of the more established Golden Happiness. The food’s usually good…but you have to “chiak tok” (eat table), that is you must go for the full-course Chinese dinner for a table of 10, the prices ranging from RM300 to RM450. These days only 6 dishes plus two desserts, no more the 10 courses that we used to have at Hock Chiu Leu in the past. Come, come…we’ll go for that on your next trip!

  11. Good idea to have a wedding reception during CNY time, then everyone can attend!

    Ya…if you do not mind the crowd, the poor and very slow service…and at some places, the food may not be as good compared to normal days.

    1. i’m still here.. not moving anywhere.. πŸ˜‰ a lot has changed.. but you’re still the same.. blogging daily.. that’s good.

      Yes, still very much alive and kicking. So you’re still around in PJ… Can get in touch with you the next time I hop over…

  12. Congrats to the newly married couple ! The cheesy prawns look absolutely delectable..i was going to say to-die-for but then considering its auspicious new year and all … delectable seems more appropriate … πŸ˜›

    That dish is my favourite at the mother-restaurant, Golden Happiness. Really really nice!!!

  13. that thing in aluminum foil is suppose to be on fire. lolz, and i was there too. πŸ˜›

    Ya…can’t see the fire in the photo (…and the others at my table fuming!!! Everytime had to wait for me to snap the pics b4 they could start eating!!!). It was just salt. Saw u in church…but not at the reception. Too many people, I guess…

    1. ita’s mom locate me with the nuns and her church group, the same people who sang during wedding, so…. i can’t talk too loud or eat too much. hahaha

      ROTFLMAO!!! You were in “good” company!!!

  14. Those food look so delicious.. I am hungry now !!

    Clare was at the wedding too? *LOL* when I read you said she’s your gf πŸ˜€

    Shhhh!!! Don’t let Alvin hear that! He will not be amused! Hahahahahaha!!! Ya, she was there with the mum…but the mum was at another table with her gang!

  15. Lovely couple.First time I see such special dish. Serve in a ship/boat

    Nothing new here. At least they do not use the lobster head anymore – they used to do that – with red bulbs for the eyes lit up by a battery inside, and I used to wonder how many times they had recycled the head.

  16. Agreed. It was the longest ever lunch I had before. The food will be better as I think if it is not on that day. I left half way as 6 p.m got another dinner to attend. sigh. Glad to meet you and Clare there.

    So glad to meet you too…

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