All the way…

Last Tuesday, Mandy took my missus and me all the way to Subang to where all the prestigious private colleges are located, to this place…

Asia Cafe Subang

…for dinner. Gosh! There were so many stalls that one would definitely be spoilt for choice and I am pretty certain that those people there are making tonnes of money from all the students studying in the vicinity. I have seen this Vietnamese dish on TV, so I ordered some to try…

Vietnamese rice paper rolls

I guess they’re some kind of popiah wrapped in rice paper and in my opinion, they were nothing great really – I don’t think I would ever want to order that again. In comparison, their deep-fried spring rolls were a lot nicer…

Vietnamese spring rolls

I also knew that this would be nothing like the real thing but I just had to order it so that I can post on it and gloat, “See! I told you so!”

Cat City kolok mee

True enough, it did not even look anything like Kuching kolo mee…or as it was called, “Cat City kolok mee“. To be fair, it tasted all right, just that it was far from what kolo mee should look and taste like. I wish they would just give it its own name rather than claim it to be what it isn’t.

This was the XL-sugar cane juice that I had…

XL-sugar cane juice

…and my missus ordered the or chian (oyster omelette) which certainly looked more like the ones in Penang but I thought the one that we had at Jalan Alor was nicer…

Asia Cafe oyster omelette

Mandy ordered this fried chicken dish…

Asia City fried chicken

…and also the ikan bakar (grilled fish)parek (stingray)…

Asia Cafe ikan bakar

…plus this sweet and sour prawn dish that resembled the Vietnamese prawns that I had long ago in Sibu…

Asia Cafe sweet & sour prawns 1

It came with a bun that was very nice and crusty on the outside and inside, it looked like braided strand of thick noodles…

Asia City sweet & sour prawns 2

All of them were nice and we certainly had a delightful dinner, thanks to Mandy…except that it was kind of out of the way and the traffic jams en route sure did not help one bit. But as she keeps letting us, “If there’s no jam, then it isn’t KL already!” I guess there’s some truth in that, don’t you think? LOL!!!

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17 thoughts on “All the way…”

  1. Asia Cafe!!! I miss it so much.. You should try their Pink Lady fruit juice… Its actually dragon fruit juice but its super concentrated.. I dont find the food there extra nice or something.. Its just that they have lots of choices.. OMG! I miss subang jaya so much… There’s a shop nearby called Salmon steak where their beef chop cost only rm6!

    Ah! So you studied in the vicinity before! Hmmm…nobody told me about the Pink Lady. Gosh…I can imagine the colour of what comes out the next day after drinking that! LOL!!! Yup..the food’s just ok but there are a lot of choices really. – more a place for students to hang out, I think.

  2. ya, I also don’t like the ricepaper popiah but fried ones quite nice but nothing beats our own homemade ones. The koloh mee do not seems very appealing to me,a bit on soggy side,eh?

    See! I’m right! Didn’t think it was so great – don’t trust those makan shows on TV. Either they were paid to praise…or they’ve retarded taste buds! The kolo mee was not soggy, ok – just that it did not taste the same.

  3. i thot stingray called ikan pari….no?

    that 1st spring roll seem nice.. 😉

    Yup, it is. Sarawak people…the Malay is “stronger” e.g. kami = kamek, so it is pronounced something like “parek”.

  4. Mandy, oh Mandy…. what glorious food, i love eating varieties.. next time collect more people, we go makan makan again… OK?
    STP, is this s a scheduled post? if not, that means u r safely back in sibu… home sweet home!

    Hah! Mandy’s in Butterworth now. Dunno when she’ll be heading back to KL or dropping by Ipoh. I’ve lots of scheduled posts lined up. So much time in KL…to upload pics and write posts. LOL!!! I’m back home in one piece now…but still tired and groggy from the travelling.

  5. War…this Mandy friend of yours is really good huh! Treat you guys to so much food at Subang. 🙂

    Yeah…she’s really a wonderful friend, one in a million. Just one friend like that, more than enough liao!!! 🙂

  6. wow woww…so many foods! So this is the place you mention about Mandy bring you for dinner? I thought is somewhere near old Subang Airport. 🙂 This is the one opposite Taylor college? I passed by many times but never try the food there.

    See now you believe what i said when they sell Sarawak kampua or Kuching kolok mee it look so so different taste from the original lei. hahahhahahhaha

    Yup…it’s the one opposite Taylor’s. Tried to contact one of my ex-students from there but he’d gone back to his hostel already at the time. You must see my later post – at another place. I think it’s scheduled for tomorrow – the “Sarawak dry mee” is very nice, something like kampua.

  7. what’s with the pool of oil surrounding the kolo mee? Ewww…..!!

    It was ok…not oily. Maybe they did not drain the noodles well…or did not toss properly. Was nice – just that it did not taste like kolo mee and the noodles used were different too.

  8. Oo…You went to Asia Cafe. Very “in” place around that area. the food there also not bad. Ya..their Fried chicken is very famous. My friend’s son love that Fried Chicken

    Yup…my friend tapaoed some for her parents – seems they love it a lot! Ya…the food’s pretty ok – LOTS of choices!

  9. I have been to this Asia Cafe food court Like you say, it is more for students so I find the food there so so only.

    Yup, went there twice over the years, nothing really to shout about.

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