Teddy bear…

My good friend, Mandy, bought this teddy bear for my daughter…

Teddy bear and oldies

…and a collection of oldies for me. I guess she feels that I can while the time away listening to the songs in my daughter’s absence. She also gave us a big plastic container of kuih sepit…or what they call kuih kapek or kuih kapit here. They were her mum’s own homemade ones – frankly, I never had anything that would come close. They were paper thin and were so crispy and brittle that if not handled gently, they would just break into pieces. I did not take a photo of them though…and I’ve finished the whole lot already! LOL!!! Thanks, Mandy – you’re really a gem!

Now, moving on…while my daughter was still with us in KL, we did manage to go for some hawker stall food at Jalan Alor…

KL Jalan Alor

…but the char kway teow was not really that great…

Jalan Alor char kway teow

The or chian (oyster omelette) was very nice though…

Jalan Alor or chian 1

…but not the same as what we had in Penang and not like the Kuching ones either.

Jalan Alor or chian 2

With Chinese New Year round the corner, Jalan Bukit Bintang was badly jammed…

Bukit Bintang CNY crawl 1

…and it did not help one bit that some people thought it was a good time to hold some fund-raising show by the roadside…

Bukit Bintang CNY crawl 2

Everywhere you go around here, you will get to hear Chinese New Year songs and all the malls are nicely decorated for the festive season. The heat in KL is really intense and unbearable though…so don’t be surprised that I would spend the whole day in the comfort of my hotel room.

And talking about the hotel, so far I have had the American breakfast double twice…

Bintang Warisan American breakfast double

…and the nasi lemak

Bintang Warisan nasi lemak

…which is nice and anytime better than the fried noodles or mihun

Bintang Warisan fried mihun

My missus and I will be here till the evening of the 14th so I guess we will be having more of these unless we choose to venture out into the scorching heat and have something more palatable outside…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Teddy bear…”

  1. *grinZ* I like the teddy bear!!! It’s just so cute and should be nice to hug. Just like you, Cikgu. Yep, it’s scorching hot these days… I daresay it’s Mother Nature’s wrath!

    Ya…I’m cute and now I’m also nice to hug. More…more…!!! LMAO!!! Global warming, I guess. I just step out of the hotel and stand on the pavement…and my sweat will start to drip in big drops!!! So very hot! Anybody going out in this heat must be insane…and yet the road was so badly jammed yesterday evening around 6 something. Could just walk across the road anytime…cars not moving!

    1. My dad was as flaccid as veggie when I went to dinner with him last nite. He said, it’s the heat…he and mum went shopping at midvalley there earlier on, and said that it’s too crowded to even feel the air cond!

      Yes, it’s crazy to be going out in such hot weather! To just stay in a hotel room with the air cond full blast is heavenly these days. 😦

      Yep, yep, heavy traffic! I was even late for dinner! And my poor mum and dad was waiting for me to have dinner together until 9.30pm! I got stuck in the bad traffic!

      Was really very bad day before yesterday…and yesterday in Bukit Bintang. We didn’t venture out – but the cars on the road hardly moving. So easy to cross to other side. Hope you had a great time having dinner with your folks.

  2. you should try the nasi lemak stall in the morning at Jalan Alor, the first stall on the opposite side of Jalan Alor where you have your fried Kueh Tiau. They have a lot of choices of other food that goes with your nasi lemak and they used banana leaves to wrap them up. With the rice still steaming hot… Have a try there when you are fed up with the complimentary breakfast at the hotel.

    Yup…the Malay stalls are across the road, don’t look very clean though…and the places to sit and eat, not really proper. The food looks good though…

  3. Good morning bro. πŸ™‚ Awww…so good of your friend to give you that teddy and CD huh! πŸ™‚

    I miss Jalan Alor. The glorious foods there.

    Cleff!!! Your club member strikes again! He says my friend gave me the teddy bear! ROTFLMAO!!! Nope…I don’t think the food’s good at Jalan Alor. Can be really expensive too!!!

    1. Ahahahahahahahaha…. terrible la…why would anyone give you a teddy bear is beyond me. LMAO!

      Beats me! That one you’ll have to ask tekkaus! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. The sambal of your nasi lemak looks so nice~

    It is nice…not like the first time I had it in May last year at this same hotel – it was horrible, the rice not lemak and soggy. After that, all the time, it’s good…but the price!!! On the menu, it states RM12.90 *faints!!!!

  5. Hahaha… sir, have you been to ‘qi chiong gai’ (Petaling Street ) ? Be sure to drop by and taste the steamed chicken rice there.. the proprietor of the shop is an old man.The chicken rice is really nice ! And not forgetting the air mata kuching sold there… hehe… plus lotsa cheap ‘brand’ stuff.. hehehe

    Don’t like Petaling Street. Crowded, hot…and not authentic anymore. Used to go in the 80’s – the air mata kuching at the corner…and the food was good, loved the beef noodles at one of the coffee shops… Haven’t been there for a long time…and definitely not around Chinese New Year. Crazy, would be so jam-packed!

    1. LOL…. gimme 5! I oso dun like Chee Cheong Kai… so crowded, so hot, overrated oso… not everything oso cheap over there. The midnight bazaar near my house way cheaper! I like the longan tea over there too… used to go there during my paktor years… but not anymore. 😦 that place… can make me pengsan wan!

      Aiyor…we’re the same in more ways than one? Good grief!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Jalan Alor is very famous for food but I dont find the food there paticularly nice or unique.. and they are expensive too.. just a tourist spot to get the money out of tourists’ pocket..try petaling jaya ss2.. a roadside stall called Murni.. they serve nice roti canai which tastes like pizza.. and thats special!

    Yup…long ago, there used to be individual stalls…and there were some very nice ones, though not exactly cheap already then. Now it seems they’ve stalls under one big names…and though it looks cleaner, I do not think the things are nice. I’ve been to Subang and Damansara this time around…but not to SS2. Was there last year in August…

  7. Singapore now is scorching hot too~ u can smell the road in the noon.

    Gosh! Too much tar used in making the road, not enough granite…smoother roads, but will melt in high heat!

  8. alor char kueh tiao hopeless…dun order that as few stall nice only with their food…porks ball stalls very nice n its located in the middle of alor…

    i told u whre the beef noodle was so walk thre just to try out…nite time walk will b ore chlling…btw bukit bintang nvr once not traffic jam…

    I’ve seen where the beef noodle stall is – Tengkak Tong Shin or something…but I don’t think I’d want to walk all the way to eat… They say that part at night not so safe. I may get mugged and raped! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. ahahaa…ya looo..ya looo….Better mention no name…nanti *** datang

        I’m very subtle and diplomatic when it comes to such things!

      2. Whahahahahahahhaha! Cikgu, you’re so clever. Rape? Or consensual? Only God knows! LOL…

        Ooi!!! Are you insinuating something? I’m a decent old man…and a God-fearing individual!!! Hey! Don’t they all say that as well? Hahahahahahaha!!!

  9. Gosh, nowadays the weather is so terrible. When it’s hot, it’s scorching hot! When it’s raining, it’s raining cats and dogs! Yesterday when I was playing tennis for about 3 hours, I got sunburned even though I put some sunblock on it! The teddy bear is so cute! Just like you! πŸ™‚

    You know I’m cute? We’ve never met before leh? Hahahahaha!!! You so dark…sunburn also not noticeable mah! ROTFLMAO!!! Sibu also so hot kah? Aiyor…guess I’ll be hiding indoors when I get back!

  10. i miss having american breakfast.. the eggs are just so.. nice! haha..
    gonna make myself one some day!

    That’s so easy to prepare – no problem at all. Anyone can do it…

  11. Even though the traffic is badly jam and the heat in KL is really intense, i am still going out to join the crowd! This is what i think the way to feel the CNY atmosphere especially in Jalan bukit bintang and KL shopping malls.

    You certainly are in the mood, aren’t you? Bet you’re not old and cranky and suffering from pain all over like me. I’ve had my share of fun, so time to pay my dues. Will give all that a miss…and bask in the peace and quiet and coolness in my hotel room. LOL!!! Btw, welcome…whoever you may be. Do come again… Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you!

  12. waa…so u go double again with the American…syokkk !! Most of the good food in KL take that little extra bit of effort to venture though….but with the CNY jam…better forget it

    Ya…my friend, Mandy took me far far away to eat…watch out for those in the coming posts. Have had the chance to enjoy some nice food around…

  13. So sweet of Mandy, she is always so sweet. πŸ™‚

    Jalan Alor, did you try the famous “wong ah wah chicken wing”? Not sure is it still so nice, long time i didn’t go to Jalan Alor already.

    See the jam i also scare, that’s why when said go to KL city centre, i always will think twice or thrice. hahahhahahhahah

    Hope can meet up with you this sunday before you fly off, will text you. I will coming with my boys and hub. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t tried the chicken wings. My ex-student told me about that and when I suggested eating there, he said that he had the runs the last time he went… Yesterday, the jam was real bad but today, seems a lot better. Just drop by anytime…but I think around 1 or 2 have to check out already, so we will be heading for LCCT then.

    Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have a happy & a prosperous chinese new year.

    Wishing the same to you and your family. My CNY post is scheduled for tomorrow.

  14. My mom can’t understand why I’m still keeping soft toys.. LOL.. she said I should grow up.. But what’s wrong having soft toys around you? 😦

    You’re in KL for a few days only and you’re complaining about the heat.. Pity people like me – stuck there for months! 😦

    You mean it’s hot like this all year round. No leh…it wasn’t so bad when I was here in January and last year in May and August. This time’s the worst! Ya…my daughter likes soft toys…especially green frogs. Will buy for her when I see cute ones… Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Yerr… y ur mum liddat? I’m a mum now and I still collect soft toys!

      You’re young. Her mum’s a retiree like me… Hehehehehehe!!! But I don’t mind – whatever my daughter likes and does, as long as it’s not something bad!

      1. My dad still buys me and my sis teddy bears and used to buy for us even when we already left the nest. LOL… when we go back, we can always see new huggable and fluffy members of the family. LMAO… so good wan! Ahahahahaha! Yalah… wudever she likes, as long as it’s harmless… it’s okay wan ma. We might not admit it to the world, but deep inside…we always wanna remain daddy’s girl. Adult in the presence of others, but when with our dad, we’re always daddy’s little girls. I bet things works that way with Melissa too! LOL…

        I guess so. Always daddy’s little girl – loves the manja-ing when around the old man…and enjoys having him around to settle matters.

  15. Wishing an early Gong Xi Fa Cai to you & family,STP.. πŸ™‚

    You are early! The post is tomorrow. Namind, the same to you and your family…if you’re celebrating. If not, also wishing you the same – good health, good fortune and happiness the whole year through.

  16. But at least the beansprouts looked fat enough!

    You like fat bean sprouts? I never bothered about them, more concerned about the prawns and clams. LOL!!!

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