Portrait of my love…

Well, if you know the lyrics of this song, there is a line that goes like this: “…It would take, I know, a Michaelangelo…to try and paint a portrait of my love…” And that was where we ended up having lunch on Sunday – at the Italian restaurant named after the renowned painter – Michaelangelo at the Pavilion in KL.

I have a cousin, Christie, in KL…and she wanted to give a farewell treat to my daughter, Melissa. Actually, she wanted to meet us at KLCC but I didn’t want to get caught in the Chinese New Year traffic crawl and so we settled upon some place at the Pavilion which was just a 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel where I was staying. She came with her kids, the very handsome son, Callen, who’s already in college…and her daughter, Calley – a die-hard fan of Lady Gaga…and also Taylor Swift. We had this assorted seafood appetiser…

Michaelangelo 1

…which I thought could have been a whole meal by itself. I ordered the set lunch (RM29.90) which comprised this very rich and yummy mushroom soup…

Michaelangelo 2

…with this spaghetti carbonara as the main course…

Michaelangelo 3

…and tiramisu for dessert…

Michaelangelo 4

…plus coffee. My daughter also got the soup and this chicken sausage pizza (RM19.90) for her lunch set…

Michaelangelo 5

…and crème brûlée …

Michaelangelo 6

…and my cousin had another variety of their pizzas – the four-cheese combination…

Michaelangelo 7

I did not snap the photos of the other things that we ordered like the lamb shank that Calley – which was served well done when she had ordered medium and it was so tough that she looked really pissed off sawing away and trying to cut the meat. LOL!!! The brother had the aglio olio…and a mushroom pizza.

All in all, it was such a heavy lunch that I had to cancel our dinner date with MacAmbrose, an ex-student of mine. My set lunch was really good – the pasta was definitely more authentic and nicer than what I had recently…and of all the pizzas, I think I like the chicken sausage one the best. The tiramisu was out of this world – really really good but they only served 1 cubic inch of it. I had to refrain from finishing it off in one gulp. Their service would need improving though and the food took ages to come out even though there were not many people around.

Thanks, Christie, for the lunch treat…and also for the ang-pao…and it was nice meeting up with you all.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Portrait of my love…”

  1. These are what i ate during my italy trip except for d 1st one…. Since then i dun feel like eating pizza n spaghetti anymore…

    Ya…I don’t mind having these for a change – quite nice, I would think, but I cannot imagine having them every day…

    1. I also cannot imagine having these on daily basis. LOL… *horrified* Guess I’m still a kampung girl! LOL…

      Ya…whatever it is, I still think our own food’s the bast. All the rest, just something different for a change – especially things that I can’t get at home.

      1. Yalorr… our own food is better. But once a while tukar selera is ok la. Not for everyday consumption tho.

        Can’t afford it also. Must be quite expensive…

  2. hahaha.. when u said the tiramisu was one cubic inch, i have to agree fully with u.. it was so miniature! gosh.. yeah, for me, maybe 2 gulps, for u.. perhaps one! hahaha.. good food comes in quality not quantity..
    wah, u really had a good makan in KL huh… pavilion is very expensive one! so now u r still in KL with your wife till 14th?

    Ya, going back on the 14th, no change!…Lots more food posts coming up. Mandy has been taking me and my missus around two night in a row after my daughter left. Tomorrow night, I’m going out for dinner with my cousin again… I thought the set 4-course lunch was VERY cheap- RM19.90 for the chicken sausage pizza…plus a choice of 1st course (I had the mushroom soup) and dessert (the tiramisu or creme brule) and coffee or tea… The pineapple fried rice at that so-called nyonya place in Sibu also same price! Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Yes, it was nice meeting you all. Thought you have such small appetite!!! LOL!! Can go again but should try the lamb at Harrods. Next time ok ? And do not forget to meet up at Hard Rock when Mom is here.

    I don’t eat THAT much anymore. Those days, no less than 5 rounds at buffets, now 1 already full! Growing old! SIGH!!! Ya…we’ll meet Friday nite at HRC… Looking forward to that!

  4. Haven’t been there myself but one thing’s for sure, after reading this and drooling at the photos I’m gonna make it a point to try it out!

    LOL!!! Then you must tell the captain or manager that you read about it in my blog. Ask them to mail me some complimentary meal vouchers. Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Ahahahahahahahah! Aiyohh… can ask for vouchers summore! LMAO… So pandai! Eiiiyerr, liddat I must start posting those things that I eat out… but then again, I dun really eat out unless my dad is around. Always preferred home cooked food =.=

      Back home, they give special discounts if they know I’ve been promoting them in my blog. One even belanja a free meal… Maybe small town people are nicer!

      1. ur nice to ppl… den they’re nice to you lorr… ahahaha… summore see u so cute, so bulat… so feed u more! Ahahahaha

        Me bulat, cute…so you not cute lah? Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. Wa Cikgu, even before CNY unfolds,you have already started walloping dah? so happy for you really, guess you must be missing Melissa a lot,right? dont worry Cikgu, with the technology now and cheap call rates, keeping in touch is so easy now, isn’t it?

    Have a wonderul CNY…

    Ya…we keep in touch via sms until she gets connected online. Since stuck in KL, might as well make the most of the time here lor!!! No point wasting the opportunity – not that we can come over every day!

    1. LOL… now so modern d… where got like last time, so suffer wan? Daddy is just one phone call away… or sms… or skype… or chatroom!

      Yalor…we’ve been in touch. Now she has an NZ number and can call, not just sending smses. Connected online but dunno what wire, friend pinjam and hasn’t returned. Cilaka! Cannot get their own meh? She’s always like that – too kind to other people, but other people not considerate at all, take advantage of her.

      1. 😦 I was like your daughter. Very nice and sweet to everyone. Den summore very generous oso. But as time goes by… I realize that not everyone will be nice to me in return. Some dun even appreciate me in fact, will take advantage of me…and therefore… i learn to be quite stingy and very careful wif people these days. I just hope that your daughter wun encounter those people who will hurt her… the way people took advantage and hurt me. God protect her… 😦

        That’s what I often worry about…but I guess I can only pray and hope for the best!

  6. eating at Michelangelo can be quite expensive. However, lucky the portions aren’t that small!

    The set lunches are affordable – RM19.90 or if you opt for the more expensive sets, RM29.90…or RM39.90 – depending on your choice of main course and different choices every week.

  7. Wah, a hearty meal! The traffic in KL is real heavy these few days!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!

    Same to you and your family. Traffic was bad on Saturday and Sunday…but these few days, quite ok along Jalan Bukit Bintang. But at certain places going out of and into KL, quite bad at certain times of the day. Yesterday…so bad otw to Kota Damansara, around Tropicana – stuck for almost an hour, I think. By 8 something. when we came back, ok already – smooth all the way.

    1. Yea, the traffic really terrible. Sien lah… too bad cannot fly like superman. 😦

      Not really lah! Some parts maybe – at certain times of the day. And if you know all the backlanes like my friend, Mandy – no problem one!!!

      1. 😦 Today, a lot ppl start to cabut back to kampung oredi… argghhhhhhhhh! TENSION!

        Have a pleasant journey…and a great time with your monsters-outlaw!!! Hahahahaha!!! 😀

  8. Did you eat the seafood? The oyster very dangerous for you, Cikgu… :(later can kena gout attack… 😦 it’s very high in cholesterol!

    I didn’t take the oysters. Don’t like raw oysters but I took a mussel, some of the prawns and so on. Ok leh!!! So far so good, thank God!

  9. too western for asian like me sumore oldman like me cant have those LOW cholesterol food… 😀
    sumore my life not so good to pampered with this kind of food… 😉

    No lah…I know you work work, earn SIN$…and save, save, save – then come back to Malaysia, already millionaire liao… LOL!!! 😀

  10. *pengsan* I think tekkaus thought I’m a guy! OH MY GAWD!

    Well, he’s in your always-baca-salah club, isn’t he? I think he’s a teacher…an English teacher some more! Duh!!!

    1. *sigh* Definitely in my salah salah baca club. Went to his blog, left comment, and he called me bro! OH, MY GOD! I tink, alot of teachers oso blur wan la… ahahaha… you look at me… I’m a freelance editor… can always salah baca oso! Lagi teruk! LOL…

      Maybe he calls everybody bro…even old man like me. I seldom comment in his blog- very problematic! Pening! Type long comment, click,…and nothing happens. Many times like that, in the end also fed up. The page also takes a long time to open…

  11. 😦 I’m sorry I cud not meet up with u this time around. Ethan and I have been under the weather for few days now.. 😦

    Dunno can recover on time for CNY or not.. 😦

    Oh dear! Get well soon…and take care!

  12. cleffairy…beer pampered me?make u vomit n stim cal pampered kar? 😛

    If like that, so terrible…why you still want to drink leh? Waste money…but never mind, you so rich! LOL!!!

    1. I tot beer help you get girls for one nite stands? *grinZ* Pampered la tu! LMAO!

      Yalor…that kind of life, only for young pampered kids. If really old man, die liao lor!

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