Someday we’ll be together…

The day finally came…8th February, 2010 and my daughter was scheduled to leave for New Zealand on the 9 something flight that evening. Around lunchtime, the officer in the ministry called her handphone but she did not realise it…and all attempts to call him back failed until around 2.30 p.m. when we were already on the way to KLIA. It seemed that one of the students had called in sick and he thought it was my daughter. I told him that she was as fit as a fiddle and we were already on our way to the airport…

To NZ 1

Of course, we arrived there VERY early – around 3.00 p.m…

To NZ 2

…and we waited…

To NZ 3

…and waited till 4 something as the rest began to trickle in one by one…

To NZ 4
*Melissa with fellow-coursemate, Christina, from Bintangor…

Then, they proceeded to check in…

To NZ 5

…and thankfully, everything was done in an organised and systematic manner…

To NZ 6

…and all too soon, at around 7 something, Β it was time to say goodbye. No, those were not “the track of my tears” but it was SO very hot at KLIA that I was literally swimming in my perspiration…

To NZ 7

…and thanks to Mandy and Zul for taking the trouble to come all the way to KLIA to say goodbye to Melissa. It certainly meant a lot to her…

To NZ 9

She arrived safely in Auckland and I received messages from her and my brother around 8.00 a.m. Malaysian time Β the next morning. It seemed that she had to take a connecting flight to Wellington at 2.30 p.m. NZ time – ALONE. The rest would follow suit on another flight an hour or so later and she would have to sit and wait for them at Wellington airport. Luckily, my brother was there to take her to the domestic airport for the said flight.Β At 10.51a.m. (Malaysian), I got word from her that she had landed safely in Wellington and there were two student-reps from the uni already waiting for them, praise the Lord.

Take care, love…God bless and someday, we’ll be together…

Thanks also to those of you who called or smsed…and for the dinner/lunch treats, the ang paos and gifts as well as all the good wishes in my blog and also on Facebook. With so many wishing her well, I am certain things are definitely gonna be all right…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “Someday we’ll be together…”

  1. At least they get one thing right,STP! Melissa’s uniform is very smart and elegant! It must be very hot in KL,I can see u sweating ‘berpeluh peluh’!U must be relieved Mel arrives safe n sound in Wellington! Thks for sharing the photos with us,must be a very emotional day for u all.

    Not really, just the mum cried a bit…and Melissa kept telling her not to cry. Well, the old lady cries watching tv adverts, what to expect. To me, it was a huge relief that she WAS flying that day- after all that hassle. The suspense was killing!!! It won’t be long… October is just a bit more than half a year away – no more tuition by then and I may be free to fly over.

    P.S. That suit – RM400 deducted from their winter clothing allowance of RM1,200. Not really good quality – polyester, dunno how much went into whose pockets. Well, anything looks good on Melissa – just that she’s like her dad – not so “teng”! LOL!!!

  2. wow.. STP, teacher, cikgu!!! really, your sweat! sure it was sweat? hehee.. never mind, we sure understand… dont have to explain…
    anyway, happy to know that all went well, the place is called well-ington, so all should be well and good… with the batch that went along, they will have a wonderful time there, definitely… we must be grateful to our govt, ahem….

    Yup…everyone complained it was so hot. I thought it would be cold…but I found some of the aircon vents – not on. Saving electricity, I guess – economic downturn. Ya…very thankful, and also glad that my girl is able to secure the scholarship – not many. Her institute, out of about 60, 6 Chinese, 1 Kadazan and 1 Indian only… We are truly blessed!

  3. Yea… Cikgu… you sweat a lot worr… how come? So hot ah? Aiks.. I tot it’ll be teary farewell… your girls looks so happy. makes me so happy looking at those feel good pictures! LOL…

    ps: My daddy in KL. Surprise visit. Just arrived. I’m happy like mad! But he’ll be here with my mum..until 20th onli… too bad I wun be around KL to spend much time wif him from CNY eve until 17. *SIGH* Nvm… after tht can go become anak manja again.

    Yes, I kept telling her to be happy as I am so happy for her, that she has this chance to study overseas…no need to be sad, two years only – others doing full degree abroad even longer and if paying on one’s own, will cost a fortune…so she has to make the most of it! I’m sure she’ll love it there, everyone does! Ah! Your dad’s in town – staying at Boulevard, Mid Valley again? I can only afford small cheap hotel….Sobs!!!

    1. Yalorrr… actually ntg to be really sad about. Summore, it’s not like last time anymore. Budget airlines everywhere, and Internet oso closes the geographical gap.

      LOL…happy for her leh, so fortunate, get scholarship summore. I would be really ecstatic if I’m Melissa.

      Yea.He’s staying at The Garden there again. Company expenses ma… they’re having meeting over there… not he pay for it wan ma, can claim. Tsk… ask him stay my house dowan… my parents must be afraid of kena my poisoning lerr. LMAO. Sobs… if only come to stay wif me… I can get a rest from my anak, and my mum can feed me oso. (Must be dowan cook for me and scared the boy bully them lerr. *sulk*)

      So kesian lah u! If me, I would ask my daughter come and stay in hotel with me, relax…and enjoy the luxury – would be a welcome break!

      1. LOL… my dad did ask… I dowan… wait he cannot rest la… my anak jump here and there. The anak will keep him awake whole night, den next day, go meeting will blabber rubbish liao. Seii lorr, liddat! Ahahaha

        I love staying in hotels…cold, privacy…relaxing, doing nothing!!! Too bad you can’t join him…

  4. Woiks… KLIA so hot meh? I always feel KLIA too cold for me… especially at the terminal!

    Ya…it used to be very cold. That’s why I put on a shirt! Would have gone in a t-shirt, if I had known!!! Plus SO hot lah, KL…. 7 a.m. the sun hasn’t come out, I step out…already sweating plus-plus!!! That’s why I’d rather stay in hotel room all the time.

    1. I tot KLIA used to be very cold wan.Cuz each time I go there, confirm need to wear long sleeve, cuz too cold for me, and I’d end up shivering. How come so hot oredi? I find it hard to believe. 😦 Must be cutting cost again. Omg, that’s sickening… what’s more we pay for airport tax… 😦 included in the damn ticket.

      Yep, KL is hot and humid lately. 😦 These days, i oso ended up boiling cooling drinks, else would easily kena fever. 😦

      Not anymore. When it first opened, we had to pull extra clothes out from bag to wear – two or three t-shirts at one time, now…if take off all, also hot! Thank goodness I tahan…and refrained from doing that. Otherwise, will be really hot one! Hahahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

      1. *pengsan* It’ll be sizzling hot lorr, if you take off all. LOL…

        Hahahahahaha!!! Chippendale preview!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Good to hear that your daughter landed safely in Wellington!
    KLIA aircon normally very cold leh, you still sweat like that! Wow!

    Ya…everything turned out ok in the end. I wasn’t really sure until AFTER she had checked in…and then it was like a HUGE burden lifted from my shoulders!!! Maybe that’s why I wasn’t that sad as to end up crying – the feeling of relief was SO overwhelming! You try going KLIA now….not cold at all – very hit, in fact! Inside the departure lounge, it wasn’t so bad…the last time we were on transit there, dunno now.

  6. Thank the Lord for a smooth journey. Hence, mark the start of a new journey for Mellisa πŸ™‚

    Praise the Lord indeed. Now it’s up to her to settle down and get used to the place and the life there before lectures begin in March. They’re having orientation right now…

    1. Yes, praise the Lord for her smooth journey. πŸ˜€ Hope He will guide her all the way. πŸ˜€


  7. Good to hear that Mellisa landed safely in Wellington, now you can let go a big “phew”!

    I don’t like farewell, everytime i’m sure cried a lot. LOL!!

    Lately the weather is too hot, even the air cond in the office also not cold, i feel warm. Maybe it is too many people in the airport + the hot weather = super hot!

    Enjoy your stay in KL and enjoy all the yummy food!

    I thought I would cry too…but I managed fine. Maybe after all that the stress and hassle, too happy and relieved to be emotional. Nope…not just the weather and not really crowded that day! I found many aircon vents…not switched on.They’re cutting costs on electricity. Yummy food in KL? Ummm…no comments! LOL!!!

    1. LOL… there are some yummy food in KL. I tell you where… pssst…. it’s in Pete’s house!

      He knows I’m in KL, has my number…but has not contacted me to invite me, what to do? Sobs! Sobs!!! 😦

      1. Should be cabut to Penang liao… ahahahaha…while me… i go spend time with my mum and dad… lol…

        Probably… Well, have fun with your parents!

  8. Dont worry Cikgu like you said, someday we will be together,right? and i am very confident that Melissa will be in one day turn out to be a good lady……this one i am sure.

    Happy CNY to you and the rest of your family too,

    Ya…I’m sure she will. Only daddy’s little girl in my presence, enjoying the pampering…but she can manage on her own now after kihdmat negara and two and half years in SP. Ya…a Happy Chinese New Year to you and ur family too. I’ll have a special post on the 13th…

  9. cikgu u malu say u cry then say smoke gots in ur eyes the teary n wetty ur shirt lor… πŸ˜›

    ur dottter fren from bintangor reli seem like my colleague from ipoh…lol

    its true also no nid to be sad as time pass by very fast coz u gona suprised when she came bk graduated u felt like just ystdy she left… πŸ˜‰

    Hahahahaha!!! You don’t believe that I did not cry kah? Nothing to be sad about lah! Worry a bit, hoping she can cope well over there…and miss her a bit cos we spent a lot of time together…especially these last two to three months. She was in SP for 2 and half years…also over so fast,like yesterday we just sent here there. Hah!!! U memang, got sui char bor photo…scrutinise dekat2!!! πŸ˜€

    1. *singing off key* Smoke gets in my eeeeeyyeeeeessss! LOL… *cermin started to pecah!*

      Not just cermin…everybody’s eardrums also!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Haiyoh…. 9pm flight and 3pm already reach the airport? And i thought Air Asia’s 2 hours before flight check in is bad enuf. hehe. KLIA punya air con rosak ka?

    Save electricity…not all the aircon vents on! I think international flights must check in 3 hours before departure…but the ministry wanted to berlagak a bit, got taklimat and prayers and what not…said must be there by 4-4.30. But we left early for the airport, didn’t want to be caught in a jam or something like that. Thought it would be nice and cool at KLIA!

  11. You make me want to cry. No, actually your 2nd photo made me cry!!!!!

    Aiyor…why cry? Must be happy…and leave everything in God’s hands. He’s taken good care of her all this while…and all we can do here is to pray that He’ll continue to do so there.

  12. Waaaahhh…..Mel so “gaap” in her jacket!! Yay, she’s there safe and sound, enjoyment ensues!

    I certainly hope so… LOL!!!

  13. No problem lah… just over a few months is short! My 2nd, 3rd and eldest daughters were in UK for 4, 3 and 2 years respectively without coming back. First year, they were miserable cos one by one, their friends left for home. But they learn to be independent and travel around UK with their earning during the holidays. Janice actually took 3 jobs during the holidays – post office, house cleaning and tour guide during the uni open days.

    I am sure Mel will enjoy herself there!

    Ya…once lectures have started, I’m sure she’ll be too busy to miss home…or anybody for that matter. Many of them take up part-time jobs to earn money to go travelling around the country during the holidays. I told her that it’s up to her…but studies first…and must eat regularly. She did say that she would want to come home during the long end-of-year hols but we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe she’ll change her mind…

    1. You are right. I am sure that she will feed herself really well judging from the dishes she made at home. Encourage her to tour the country during the long holiday as long as she is not using the old man’s money! LOL….

      It doesn’t matter. After all, I have all the money that I have saved for her education…and now that she’s on scholarship, I told her it is all right and the money is hers to spend – but she should keep enough to buy a house and perhaps a car as well later when she has started working. I may even fly over to join her unless she would rather go with her own friends. We’ll see about that when the time comes.

    2. Yea… I agree… once she settle down, she’ll be occupied with all those fun activities! Definitely wun miss home… just like my sister! U see, my sis keep on stick to me for the first week, but so damn hard to meet up with her these days… assignment lah, this lah, tht lah… boyfriend la… *aiyoh*

      Hope she gets settled there soon… Right now, still a bit uncertain and she’s not the gila-gila, crazy out-going type like the father. A bit like the mum – buta2 follow…and dunno how to find her own way- thank goodness, not EXACTLY like her!!! A bit like the old man as well, at least… 😦

  14. Melissa looks very nice in her suit. Very corporate look. Hehehe.

    That was what I told her. She’s not the type to want to dress up nicely…

    1. I guess almost everyone looks nice in formal. πŸ˜€ but it’s funny that they make them dress up for this. shouldn’t we just dress comfortable when we travel??

      Well, at least they all look presentable, more professional… Otherwise, there are bound to be an array of kutu-rocker, slip-shod fashions.

  15. She’s goin over for 2 years rite? Trust me time flies. πŸ™‚ I’m hopin to make a trip to nz next year. Wohoo land of the hobbits

    Yup, 2 years only. The hobbits in South Island, let me know if you’re going to Wellington…

  16. I thought that’s your tears.. LOL.. don’t worry, you’ll meet her soon. πŸ˜€ or perhaps pester her to come back every holiday – like what my parents did the first year I went to KL.. lol..

    Hahahahaha!!!! You think I cried a river kah?…..No lah…she has a couple of one-week breaks, no point coming home. The travelling alone will take up a lot of the time. But the end-of-year hols…really long Nov-Feb, I think, so see if she wants to come home then.

  17. yeah, this is so cliche – the 1st few weeks will be difficult to pass, esp running up to CNY, but after that….raya, christmas, new year….she’ll be back in no time with a degree & who knows what else!

    but this is a rite of passage, probably the 1st of many, that she’ll have to go thru.

    God bless!

    Thanks. We’ll just have to leave things in God’s hands and pray for His guidance and protection.

  18. Ahh it’s too bad she had to leave just before CNY eh! Else it would have been more fun with her around… Oh well, as you said, time flies! All the best to Mel!

    Thanks. And all the best to you and Saucer too! Read on Tock’s updates on FB that you just tied the knot last weekend. Well, we’ll just have to get used to not being together sometimes…especially now that she’s grown up already.

  19. Glad that your daughter arrived safe and sound. Why you sweat so much? Guess KLIA’s aircon is lousy. Make a complaint.

    Yes, it was hot – everybody was complaining…and I do sweat a lot. All my ex-students would be able to tell you that. When they saw that I was not sweating, they would know that I was sick already. That’s why I carry a towel…not tissue paper or handkerchief. LOL!!!

  20. mel’s suit looks nice….like mine eh…very expensive LOL! hopefully she will enjoy her student years in NZ. God Bless her….enjoy yourself in KL STP. Cheers!

    Thanks, Louis. Ya…that’s what I told her – like lawyer’s outfit. LOL!!!

  21. T T, I hate separations.

    Me too, Parting is such sweet sorrow…and they who go feel not the pain of parting; it is they who stay behind that suffer.

  22. I think Mel will do fine on her own in NZ. When I spoke to her on the phone I asked her how she was feeling, if she was sad about leaving home or nervous about starting her new journey in life, and she told me that she was actually excited and happy so all should be good. Mandy offered to pick me up on her way to the airport but I told her that I hate goodbyes, hence the reason why I didn’t go. But like you said, time flies, especially when you’re having fun and before you know it, two years will be gone and it’s time for you to bring her back to Sibu again ~ that’s if she doesn’t decide to live in NZ lah πŸ™‚

    No possibility of that, she’s under bond – has to come back and teach for a few years. Wouldn’t mind if she decides to stay there though…can pay off the bond, not much (compared to going overseas to study ourselves). The way things are going in the country, no point staying back if one has a choice.

  23. going to study there in NZ? that’s nice.. dont worry, she’ll be back soon =)

    That’s part of life…people must meet and part. We just learn to live with it.

  24. Go visit your daughter at the end of this year!!!
    It’s a MUST!!!

    Of course, will drop by as soon as I can. But she said I would not like it there – too hilly. Maybe hop over for a few days to look see- then hop back to my brother’s place in Auckland.

  25. Cikgu… ask ur missus to be my friend lah. *grinZ* den she will have kawan la… to cry over those ads… especially Petronas one. Did you see the latest one… about a girl and her daddy? OMg… tearjerker man… 😦 Tearjerker! Boohooo!

    Got new one for CNY? Haven’t seen. Last time, Yasmin Ahmad’s ones – I also cried. Love those for the campaign in Singapore – those Family-themed ones.

  26. So sweet. You will surely miss her but we got to let go, if we love them ,right/
    She will be back soon enough.

    Yes, it’s the same with all parents. We just have to let go sooner or later, can’t keep holding on forever.

  27. Reminds of me of the reunion back in May with the guys coming along to meet you for support at the airport. Nice to have a bunch of people with big hearts. Miss them all! Zul who was there for our arrival and the rest of the gang for our departure. How I miss the hot weather, swap you for the cold. It’s trying to snow again over here in the UK. Look forward to the next visit and we must get over to Sibu…

    Most warmly welcomed to Sibu! Trying to get those fellas to come…but they do not seem keen. What to expect – when they fly to Bali, Las Vegas and all those places, ain’t no surprise at all they they don’t wanna come to miserable ol’ Sibu. SOBS!!! Ya…saw my niece’s post on Facebook – starting to snow again over there. Think she’s in Nottingham…or was it the one in Manchester?

  28. such a sweet farewell! for a while there i thought it was raining in KLIA… haha… must ask these KLIA management to blast the air condition for you next time!

    Yalor…so hot these days, and they switch off some of the aircon vents. On cold, rainy days-never mind!

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