There is this bookstore in town located along Old Street, now Jalan Chew Geok Lin…


I have never been there as I seldom go to that part of town but the other day, after our lunch at Cafecafe, my daughter and I dropped by the place which is just a few doors away from the restaurant.

I was amazed by what I saw on the glass panel…

Book discussion club 1

A book discussion club! In Sibu! And an English book some more! Wonders will never cease!

In small print, it read…

Book discussion club 2

Purchase your own copy and sign up to join our book discussion meeting…Light finger food and beverages will be served.”

I must say that I am impressed, VERY impressed. We do have cultured people in this little ol’ town after all!!! Thumbs up to whoever the people involved may be and good luck to you all!

And should any of you be thinking that I’m a little bit harsh on good ol’ Sibu town, well…can you blame me when you see something like this being stated in the menu as momorchacha or something that sounds like that?

Thomson Corner bubur cacar

If that is in Mandarin, I guess it can be translated as some exciting Latin dance – the “touch-touch cha cha”…or something else depending on how one pronounces it. Β LOL!!! Well, in case you’re wondering, the correct name for that is bubur cacar/caca/cha cha and I had that at Thomson Corner at Pusat Tanahwang (opposite Sacred Heart School) but was quite disappointed with it as there were only a few bits of sweet potato and yam in it. The ang tau (red bean) cendol would have been a better option…

Thomson Corner ang tau cendol

AH^KAM_KOKO’ and I had those for dessert sometime ago after we had had a very light lunch at the coffee shop in Sungai Merah. He had the roti canai from the Muslim stall…

Sg Merah roti canai

while I had the kway chap (large) for RM5.50…

Sg Merah kway chap

I am positive that it used to cost RM4.50. Good grief! The price had gone up by one ringgit! I certainly would think twice about having that next time…

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29 thoughts on “Amazing…”

  1. I had that err.. Kuay Chap in Kuching last night. Real nice! And I, too, had a L-size!

    I know there are reading clubs in Sibu, but all for Chinese books. May be Mr Arthur Wee can start one English reading club?

    Ya, Kuching’s the best…but those that we have in Sibu are pretty good, not too bad. Well, it seems they already have a Reading/Book Discussion Club in Sibu. That’s a good sign…

    1. KL here hv… but not that much. Such activities, Cikgu… is the thing than can lure me to Sibu. LOL…food abit susah, cuz I damn cerewet. but books and these sort of activities? Is to die for. I applaud their effort.

      Wah! You’re such an intellectual! Really cultured! I wouldn’t want to join such discussion clubs though. I don’t even say much about shows or movies that I like – just say “nice, must watch”, that’s about it

      1. LOL…I needed some ‘Me’ time ma. I’m not the kind who can go clubbing or yumcha around. I don’t like noises. It hurt my head. I like quiet place, and place where ppl can wait for their turn to talk. LMAO.

        😦 So I go for some these discussion, and I find exchanging ideas and thoughts with ppl can be very refreshing. It is a good way to brainstorm my brain oso. Else… this brain of mine, will karat la, Cikgu. Last time, in school, everyday oso brainstorming session, but now… not really… everyday see and do same thing. How to make brain grow liddat? Cannot lerr… must do something, else my brain will rot ler. LOL…

        Ya…must keep mentally active or become senile soon. That’s why I blog…and still do a bit of tuition. Something’s better than nothing.

  2. So we are only cultured if we have book discussion bro? LOL πŸ˜€

    Not really. There’s theatre, music, ballroom dancing,ballet as well. For one thing, the reading culture is something rare not only among the people in Sibu but in Malaysia as a whole. Many, especially students, do not even read mags and newspapers and they may score straight As in exams but are totally ignorant of things going on around them. Whatever “opinions” they may have would be their parents’ and those that they hear being discussed in their presence. Not surprised that some have such prejudiced and distorted views = those that have been pushed down their throats. They do not seem to have minds of their own… Of course, when it comes to our own local culture – Chinese, in particular, it is very much alive here in Sibu – what with some 90% of the people here being Chinese.

    1. Thank God I’m not one of those ppl. LOL…my personal space at home is in danger of overflowing with books…*sigh* my husband going crazy cuz I keep buying and reading in bed. 😦

      You’re just like my daughter. The cabinets all full…and there are books all over the house…and she may even read the same books again and again.

      1. *sigh* My house oso can see my trail… books everywhere. On the bed, on the sofa… ahaha, messy ah… sometimes forget to put back wan ma. My boy oso same like me… he likes picture books, also can see lots of his books scattered everywhere. LOL…

        Like mother, liks son… My daughter’s not like me in this aspect, just like the mum! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. bubuchacha eaten at stall always end up lil ingredient only unless cook urself…;)

    kueh chap normaly i eat witout the kueh as eat cheng/meat n tofu only…lol

    Aiyor…you have strange ways of eating things. How to call it kway chap when it has no kway? I’m not really crazy about bubur chacha…but I just thought I wanted to try that day and post about it.

    1. Bubur cha cha too sweet. 😦 I dun really like lerr…makes me feel… how to say…one kind after eat.

      I’m not really into it. Don’t mind the sweet potatoes…but don’t really care for the yam. Would rather have ang tau peng!

      1. LOL… ur more into savoury things ah, Cikgu? LOL… good la… got chance can eat my cooking. Ahahaha… most are savoury wan. LOL…

        I am waiting…waiting…waiting… LOL!!!

  4. haha..mormorchacha….i guess they just wanna localized it…u know a little foo chow way…maybe

    You know Chinese- doesn’t that mean noisy, a commotion or something like that too? Or blur-blur, at a loss?

  5. you’re sure anyone will turn up for the discussion club or not? Idea may be good, but if no one turns up….

    Ya…especially when the discussion is initiated by the bookstore. People may see it as a ploy to get them to buy the book…but still,we should appreciate the effort.

    1. Maybe they will join up and have the discussion in mandarin…ok ok…am mean…hehe.

      Or Foochow… Oh dear! We ARE mean! Right now,with the yuppies and the oldies, it isn’t so bad. But give it a few more years, don’t be surprised if you find that the English-speaking and reading community has become completely extinct in Sibu, the way things are going! A in the PMR exam and they cannot write even ONE correct sentence in their essays! Shocking! And that dumbo guy was raving about how the results had improved by leaps and bounds last year! The worst thing is parents actually believe their kids are THAT smart! About time, everyone stops kidding themselves!

    2. 😦 Sigh… Malaysian mentality… susah. 😦 KL here got a few, but it’s not really book store. It’s a reading cafe.

      Frankly, I haven’t been reading much myself since “Tuesdays with Morrie”.My daughter has his other books but I’ve yet to find time to read them. I prefer short stories – no need to read the whole book one go.

      1. Well, as long as you read at least one or two good books a year, i call that reading oredi. LOL… my husband ah? One year one book oso dun hv yet! LOL…

        I used to write short stories- for my workbooks for SPM students…and poems but these days, no more. Lazy and no motivation (money especially)! LOL!!!

  6. hmm.. when was the last time i had roti canai.. cant remember.. haha.. love it with sugar as well.. =)

    Ya, some people like it like that…or with condensed milk, not me. I don’t even like it with dhall, I prefer curry.

    1. High five! i always take my roti canai wif curry. Fish or chicken curry! The dhal… aiyo… not nice lah!!!

      Ah! That’s why you’re my friend. We have the same tastes… LOL!!!

  7. *faint* That’s enuff to lure me to go there, Cikgu. I am very, very impressed. As far as I’m concern, there’s only two such bookstore cum cafe in KL. One is nearby my house which I frequented every Saturday for forums and discussion for authors and the public, and another is the Silverfish Book(this one is a publisher, tho). 😦 This is very rare… 😦 The Book Club that I joined, however, does not require us to purchase books… but we are required to bring one of our own work (novel/poetry) for public reading and discussion. I guess the one I joined is rather authors oriented rather than readers oriented. But… 4 thumbs up for this book club. πŸ˜€ I hope there will be more of such thing.

    I’ve heard of Silverfish. I suppose you would monopolise the discussion? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Haiyorr, where got… there are more ppl who are much more ganas than me! LOL

      Got kah! Shivers! Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. STP, u like kuay chap? then u must go to this Kimberley Street Penang in the evening… they serve the best kuay chap there.. but dont aks me to eat.. hahaha.. i cannot tahan the smell but my frens loved it..

    What smell? Some may have the five-spice powder smell…but the ones here are very mild. Hardly any smell. I wouldn’t say I like it a lot…but I don’t mind having it once in a while for a change.

  9. Wah almost 30% increase…..inflation, habis!

    Ya…can have two plates of noodles and still have change. Not going to have that anymore…and all those innards aren’t very healthy! LOL!!!

  10. I think the book discussion will probably only involve a small close-knit group of 4-5 desperate housewives.

    Gosh! MCP, are you? There may be people who are genuinely fond of reading and would like to find intellectually-inclined people to share their thoughts and opinions. Not many around…so if you mean desperate in that sense, you may be right.

    1. Woi! I’m one of those ppl leh… *grumbles grumbles* but in a way, Cikgu is right…it is very hard for ppl like me to find such events. In a way, we are desperate. hard to find ppl who host forum and discussion for authors and readers. In Malaysia, very, very rare lerrr!

      Here too? What to expect then from a place like Sibu!

  11. i dun like bubuchacha oso as too many santan made me laosai o vomit… :O

    No wonder so thin – everything laosai and vomit? You’re sure you’re not bulimic…anorexic like that?

  12. You are an avid reader? If yes, should u have the time when u r in KL try and visit BookXcess at Amcorp Mall. Can reach via Putra LRT. The books there are really cheap compared to others

    Gosh! Never used the LRT or monorail lah! Have to walk, walk, walk…and all those stairs…I’d just take a cab all the time. My daughter buys all the books in the house now…and there are lots that I have not read. No worries…

    1. *HORRIFIED* weeiii, kawan, dun hasut him go chase cheap sale la… u oredi make me drool drool over those books… I’m half dead liao la!

      Hahahahaha!!! Ya…books are so expensive these days – no so affordable.

  13. I thought it was a very cultured post and suddenly the food appeared from nowhere! aiyoh STP….

    Hahahahaha!!! In case some people suffer from withdrawal symptoms! Sure they’ll complain – no food! LOL!!!

  14. i joined that club STP….we had 1 a few months back. we all speak english. two english teachers were present. we did not talk much about books, it was some sort of an informal gathering…the food was great. mayb u should join….i give u the details when we meet again. Cheers!

    Aiyor….how can have book discussion club and then did not discuss about books? So strange one…

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