So long, farewell…

Louis J, my ex-student now a lawyer, invited me and my daughter out for a farewell treat for my daughter. We went for lunch at the Red Carrot and my daughter had what they called their “baked chicken leg” dish…

Red Carrot baked chciken leg

…which was nice but it looked as if it had been deep fried first before baking. She also had a side order – these deep-fried spring rolls that she liked a lot…

Red Carrot spring rolls

I had the tomato kway teow

Red Carrot tomato kway teow

…which was quite good but I would very much prefer what I had at the Garden Hotel. However, this was very much cheaper – RM6.50, I think compared to RM10.00++ at the hotel.

Louis had the lamb curry with steamed rice…

Red Carrot lamb curry with rice

…and he was full of praises for it.

I had this drink – their freshly-squeezed Bintangor orange juice…

Red Carrot Bintangor orange juice

…and loved it very much. It was sweet, so I guess they did not use the notoriously sour variety from that nearby town, an hour’s drive from Sibu.

Thanks, Louis, for the lunch…from both my daughter and me. It certainly was very nice and thoughtful of you.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “So long, farewell…”

  1. a nice farewell…. Eat as much as she can now….. In NZ difficult to find all these dy, hahaha

    Ya…hope to do the same in KL later today and tomorrow.

  2. tomato kway teow? first time see got this type of dish, it looks delicious! Dunno KK got or not?
    wish u and your family have a safe journey~

    Thanks. Used to love it in Kuching in the 70s. Didn’t have that in Sibu then. We have that here…and some places quite nice, dunno KK.

  3. War…you guys are like celebrity ler. People are rushing to treat you guys to send you all away. :p

    No lah…friends mah! Your friends going away, you don’t belanja kah? Aiyor… Last night, a friend dropped by the house, gave ang pao RM200 some more!!! I’m really blessed with such wonderful friends!

  4. OMG… the orange juice looks so thick and nice! very hard to find this kind of orange juice. As for me… i don’t really like too sweet … would prefer my orange juice to be less sugared. Some places… add so much sugar til it overpower the orange taste. 😦

    This one is sweet as the fruit is sweet. No need to add sugar. But they have the other extreme – a variety of the fruit that’s soooooo……sour that even your “bulu mata” will drop! LOL!!! My wife loves the sour ones.


    Whah!!! Look who’s here! Lady Gagak’s in da’haus!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! Come, come to Sibu and I’ll take you there! Nice food! Nicer than dianmengngu anytime! LOL!!! 😀

  6. Yes, indeed he is very thoughtful and nice… your efforts paid through too, teaching him till he has become a lawyer now.. 🙂 that makes u proud..

    Many of my students will acknowledge and greet me when we meet – that’s why my daughter says it’s so nice being a teacher. Some will buy me things when they come back to Sibu, invite me out for dinner…some will pick up the tab when we meet at eateries… I honestly feel that all my blood, sweat and tears have paid off in the end. Of course there are some not so nice ones but those are few and far between. All considered, I am glad I was a teacher…

  7. So nice~ I oso want~
    The orange juice looks like concentrated one.

    Nice. Not dlluted, I guess…or at least, not much. Those Bintangor oranges are very cheap so they should be able to afford to do that!

  8. yes,,… i prefer freshly squeeze orange juice too. Dun like from the box nor the powder type. All the food making me hungry liao

    I don’t mind the ones in boxes but definitely not the powdered ones…

  9. I ordered tomato kuey teow twice in kuching…none of them nice loo…haaiiiizzz

    U know…when we r oversea..we miss all these…then bila balik..we will miss those sandwiches pulaa…aiiiizz…manusia ni…never ever satisfy

    You probably did not know where to go. It’s the same as kampua in Sibu – not all are nice. I was in the UK for just three months…and I could not eat (cold) sandwiches for a long time….

  10. u go restaurant eat tomato kueh tiao…funny lar u…lol

    Here…I haven’t found any stall selling nice tomato kway teow in Sibu. This one’s isn’t that great either especially when compared to those that I had before in Kuching. The one at Garden Hotel is very nice though…but expensive.

  11. we shall go there again hehehehe i love the bintangor orange juice…i dont think they add anything to it….cheers!

    Ya, freshly-squeezed. That type of oranged, so cheap – no need to dilute one! 1 glass RM3.50 – already banyak untung!

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