Big spender…

This song always reminds me of my daughter when she was younger. We were on our way home from school – I was driving and she was in the back seat…and the song came over the air waves on the radio. She listened to it and remarked, “This song is about you, daddy?”

“Oh?…A man of distinction?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “Big suspenders!!!”

LOL!!! Sometimes she can be naughty too, the chip of the ol’ block!

Anyway, I’m no big spender…and call me a miser or whatever, I do not care. But the truth is I do not mind spending my money even if it may be more than usual…provided it is TRULY worth it.

Just look at what I bought from my regular stall at Bandong. For RM12.00, I got this HUGE bowl of really deliciously spicyΒ udang galah (freshwater prawns)…

Bnadong's spicy udang galah

…and this very niceΒ ikan tenggiri (mackerel) curry was only RM10.00 for 5 huge pieces of the fish that is getting more and more expensive at the market, it seems…

Bandong's tenggiri curry

…and this telur masak merah was RM1.00 each. I asked for 5 and the man gave me one extra – with his compliments.

Bandong's telur masak merah

The cempedak muda masak lemak (young cempedak cooked in coconut milk) was only RM3.00 for this much…

Bandong's cempedak muda masak lemak

…and this sambal timun (cucumber) cost me RM3.00 as well…

Bandong's sambal timun

That came up to a total of RM33.00 and was MORE than enough for an absolutely super scrumptious dinner for four persons! Even though it was not inclusive of rice and drinks, that would be a lot more satisfying and definitely a much wiser choice than what I had at that place in my previous post for RM40.50 for two!

Times are hard, the economy doesn’t look like it’s getting any better…so do spend wisely!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Big spender…”

  1. Morning everyone,
    Well, Worth every single cent of it all. It is cheaper if you buy the food at this stall like STP did. Have try out the food there and mind you, they are as delicious as they looked.
    No wonder, the man selling them is getting bigger. Must be eating all the leftovers. By the look of it, he is giving STP a run for his money…
    But when you have them as packed lunch, the food is charged as per item.

    Aha! I see I have a convert here! See! It certainly pays to get featured in STP’s blog.

    I don’t think there would be a lot of leftovers as sometimes I went after 1, most of the things would have been sold out – the meat especially. Never bought the nasi campur! Well, that means for example:1 chicken RM1.50, 1 egg = RM1.00, 1 veg = 50 sen plus rice = RM3.50? It’s still ok especially considering that the food is yummy! The problem is everything looks so nice and you want to pick them all! LOL!!!

    His chicken kurma and ayam masak merah are the best I’ve tasted around town. The daging masak hitam is good but may be a bit too salty at times… The prawns – super spicy, super yummy…and the fish curry’s nice too. Chicken curry…..I think I prefer my own A1 Mountain Globe curry. Veg – the masak lemak is good…and the pumpkin plus cangkok manis. My daughter loves the sambal terung – just so-so for me… Gosh! So many things, can’t possibly review all!

    Ya…he’s grown fatter…and he’s got a new money bin – a BIG one! Good for him.

    1. 😦 You know Cikgu… the economy rice near my house… so damn expensive. 1 meat and 2 veggy, cost a bomb of RM6.50. So damn celaka wannnnnnnn!!! Next time must snap picture of that stall and kutuk kutuk liao! It cost a bomb!

      You KL mah! Up-scale, high class one…so of course, have to pay more lor! Hahahahaha!!!! But even in SP or Penang I found the food at the Malay stalls more expensive and if go to the nasi kandar shops, habis! One slash, the neck already putus! So expensive!

  2. Big suspenders? Hahaha πŸ˜€ Your daughter was so cute.

    Gosh! All these teachers – get up early…and go online so early! LOL!!! Hey! You’re supposed to identify which of those dishes may qualify as “nyonya delicacies”… Bet he never reads my replies to his comments – another one of those hit and run fellas. Looks like I’ll have to ask the ladies now….

    1. LOL… dun worry. At least one person over here reads your replies! Ahahaha… hey, my grandma used to make the timun sambal too… and the telur… but hers is curried telur!

      I miss my late grandma. Her food are very nice and spicy. She was a nyonya. I’m not sure which of these are nyonya food, but the sambal timun, and the eggs looks nyonya to me. My late grandma used to cook these for us, and i have to say, the sambal timun will go extremely well with the gulai ikan! Ahahahaha!

      So how many of your grandma’s dishes can you cook? Hehehehehehe!!! I love nyonya food – would go to places like Ma Ko…and Dondang Sayang in Malacca. Nice!!!

      1. I can cook quite a few of her dishes. LOL… surprised leh? LOL… actually nyonya food quite easy to cook. (read: nonid oven ma… just those pots and pans oni, cannot go wrong wan). But den, nyonya cookings needs a lot of patience and preparation. Have to really have the ‘heart’ to cook it, if not, will turn out like crap. Please dun ask me the recipes… cuz it’s all hand downs, and pakai agak agak onli. LOL…

        When I was young, she grilled me into going to the kitchen and I have to tumbuk rempah for her! She said horr, if not cannot marry well!) Sobsob, child abuse. Sit there, tumbuk chillies and belacan for her!

        I can cook the chicken buah keluak, those curries, den those kuih. The buah melaka, the pulut udang, and various kuih talams puluts. *grinZ*

        But den again… it is very hard for me to cook up the dishes with my boy around. 😦 Cannot concentrate, cuz he’ll climb around and stay wif me in the kitchen. Can sook oso become no mood, cuz those dishes needs constant concentration. Else the taste will ‘lari’. So these days, i dun cook nyonya food, prefers easy and quickie stuff. 😦

        Drool! Drool! Dunno when will get a chance to sample your nyonya cooking. Me too! When small – all the tumbuking in the kitchen, I had to do – help my mum! My elder brother, not so easy to ask one… not the type to do such things. See! Now he can’t cook the things my mum used to cook and that we love so much!

  3. Morning ! Hahaha… i am a teacher trainee, so here i am up early too ! =)
    Big suspenders ? Don’t think you’re a miser or a small ‘suspender’. You’re just a wise consumer XD Sigh, those prawns look appetizing but i can’t eat them, might end up in a hospital.. hehe

    Kesian! Can’t eat crabs either…or clams. You can;t have the yummy Penang char kway teow then – all the prawns and clams. Aiyor…so sad! LOL!!! Ya…at times like this, it is advisable to spend wisely!

    1. Dun worry la, Xavier… if you happen to order Penang Char Koay Teow… you can always put aside the clams and the prawns for Cikgu to wallop. You cannot eat, he’ll help you eat! Wakakakakakaka… correct anot, Cikgu? Cannot waste food wan ma, later the food will cry! Ahahahaha!

      You watch too many cartoons! Hahahahaha!!!! Wah! You want to kill me, is it? All the high cholesterol food, ask me to eat! And if I eat so much of those, sure I’ll end up with a gout attack. How to walk? And you so skinny, sure cannot carry me one! Will end up squashed! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. No leh… the food crying thing is not from cartoon lah. LOL… my late grandma always says that to coax me and her grandchildren finish up the food. Can, can carry… i go borrow trolley, u sit on it lorr! Ahahaha!

        Your trolley, the wheels can tahan or not? LOL!!! My mum would tell us that if we left any rice on the plate, our future wives’ faces would be like that… So we always licked the plates clean and smooth. See my missus’ face so smooth… ROTFLMAO!!!

  4. I’m eating char sio pao while reading this. This post makes me eat faster only. Hahaha! I love anything spicy – curry, Thai-style, asam, tom yam, sambal, etc and hard-boiled eggs in masak merah. Yum yum!

    They do it very well – much better than any of the shops in town. Even the very popular hospital canteen can’t compare when it comes to things like hitam, masak merah, kurma…

      1. Ur same like my dad. Loves to spend on food, cuz say other thing not for old men worr… LOL…

        Hehehehehe!!! And very soon, when last tooth gone – even that also have to strike off the list! 😦

  5. I really gotta visit bandung the next time I go to sibu.. I thought that place was dead a long time ago..

    Night time. They said it was so dirty, full of rats and people stopped coming. I hear it’s starting to become more popular now but I wouldn’t know cos I never go there at night – just in the morning for the kuihs and around noon for the food…

  6. Wow…everything spicy…..will act as a good colon cleanser. hehe…..

    Too bad it doesn’t have that effect on me. I eat anything, anything goes…no problem at all! LOL!!!

  7. As of late… I’ve been going around shooting blasphemy each time I do my groceries. Looks like it’s defying the Newton Law, eh, Cikgu? Everything that goes up, never goes down! happens in Malaysia only. 😦 Even my boy’s kindy fees points up and I have to fork up more $$$. *pengsan*

    Anyway… the prawn looks yummy, but quite small. It’s not udang galah, issit? Udang galah is very big wan. This one is freshwater prawns? In peninsular here we call those udang kertas.

    I dun take much fish, so no comment on the gulai ikan. But the eggs, the cempedak and the timun is something to die for!!!

    Fish is good for you. Must eat more!!! This is udang galah – the smaller ones. Cheaper! I usually go for the medium ones – a bit bigger…and of course, more expensive. Can’t afford the big ones (with pincers) – over RM30 a kilo…and it’s all head! The head is very big and the body not really – so not really that much to eat.

    1. 😦 I takut tulang. When I was small, I choked on fish bones… 😦 so pain! Now, only go for those fish that have no bones, or very big bones! LOL…aiks… i tot tht one is udang kertas! Usually got pincers wan, udang galah!

      Only the big ones have pincers…and so hard to open and eat…and not much inside. Really not worth over RM30 those big udang galah. Everyone goes for the medium ones here…but stalls will go for the smaller ones, cheaper!

  8. big spender when it comes to food? it’s quite obvious! =)

    Cleffairy? Another potential member? LOL!!! I didn’t say I’m a big spender leh….and even with food, I go to the cheaper (but nicer) places and I would want to get my money’s worth!!!

  9. thats cheap…try to buy it at chinese shop even more cheaper… πŸ˜›

    i like the fish but must sure its tenggiri else not worth that price…

    Chinese – those economical fast food stalls here – not nice lah! And you know Chinese cooking – lots of msg!!! Tenggiri…very expensive also nowadays. Nothing is cheap!

  10. is the seller is that generous to everyone or only for his regular customer? πŸ™‚ just wondering..anyway, that rm33 is well spent my friend.

    yes, i agree with you. we have to spend our hard earned money wisely. things that are not so important would have to wait.

    Dunno lah! Maybe he likes my face – I look so nice and decent…or I never bother to dress up nicely, always look so poor, so kesian??? Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. That uncle who sells these food must have known that Cikgu is a blogger, so he give extra… good publicity mah!!! LOL… ahahahah!

      Aiyah…just see my face – so nice, so decent one! Anybody will be nice to me and give me extra! Hahahahaha!!!!

      1. LOL… u got the charms la… everyone would love to give you food! LOL…

        Or they see me so fat, scared not enough…so give a bit extra! LOL!!!

  11. That is a good price for quite a generous serving of dishes. He he he, Big Suspenders…..I used to relate this song to it as well…..ha ha ha!

    No personal reference to you, I’m sure. I cannot imagine you ever being fat! So skinny! Hahahahaha!!!

  12. I’m not a big spender too. Rarely do I indulge in anything. RM10 can kaotim lunch for three.. hahahah.. impossible? possible… πŸ˜€

    Just eat one curry puff each, is it? Here…kampua noodles plus drinks for three – RMRM10.20…unless you order and share-share. Nasi lemak bungkus maybe lah!

    1. makes sense oso eh? Now ethan big boy dy.. kenot just order for two. must order three.. ok lah.. make it RM15 for three ekor can ah?

      btw.. my indulgence u just saw in my blog… that RARELY happens kay? I’m not .. NOT a big spender.. that was a once in a blue moon thingy.. hahahaha..

      RARELY kah? Hahahahahaha!!!! Young parents these days…bringing their kids to all those places and in the end, they all have expensive tastes. Very soon, pokai!!! Have to go there to eat all the time… No coffee shops or roadside stalls for them – no class at all! πŸ˜€

      1. No leh.. ini ethan’s first time. Roadside stalls lagi sedap at times leh.. most of the time in fact πŸ™‚

        True, true…and cheap some more. But have to know where the nice ones are…

  13. Wow..for me it’s very cheap leh. Here, 1 piece of fish already cost RM3-RM4. Aiyo….the prawn and the cempedak muda is making my stomach go kru kru kru

    Gee! And I thought RM2 per piece is expensive. Chicken is only RM1.50! Thank goodness I do not live in the city! LOL!!!

    1. LOL… habis lerr… this mamarazzi over here with me and merryn, ur blog will havoc punya!!!

      No problem at all! I can just delegate the comments to spam…or trash!!! Hehehehehe!!! *evil laugh

      1. Oh dear.. spam??? boo hoo hoo.. dun do this to us STP.. we are ur loyal readers! n crazy commentors.. hahaha

        LOL!!! So make sure you behave yourselves! Ask any student of mine, I am not known for being merciful and kind! Hahahahahaha!!!! *more evil laughter

  14. i mean the other way round as chinese food u cant get that price….lol

    tenggiri my favourite fish…actually as long its fish i like

    Here at some coffee shop Chinese economical fast food stalls, can buy…but I haven’t found one that’s really nice and worth tapoaing…

  15. I totally agree with you STP! Spending money is not an issue, but it has to be worth our while! Otherwise, even spending 10 cents on a piece of crap is not worth it. But this meal for just Rm33 is so much more than worthy πŸ™‚

    That’s right. Don’t mind spending if it’s really worth it…like spending over RM100 a ticket to watch Mamma Mia – the musical in Singapore…or spending more than usual for a really good meal that one can’t get every day.

  16. Very cheap lo.. the prawns 12rm only?? and the fish looks so appetising..curry and all .. no need for u to cook like mad, right? For 4 persons, this meal is more than enough! nowadays with just me and my girl, we also tar pau but at times i also cook la.. πŸ™‚ 2 dishes enough for us…

    All these for 4…for two meals. So much!!! When only me and my missus at home, less than RM10 enough – meat around RM5.00, 2 types of veg RM2.00 each…or one veg RM3.00 Of course, not including rice – have to cook ourselves.

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