A house is not a home…

As far as I know, this is the third restaurant here that has the word in its name…

Nyonya House 1

…or the second, at least as one of them uses the word “baba” instead. That was the first one to open and at least, they have the decency to declare in its name that it is a blend of nyonya and Thai. I have not been there but the reviews I have read or heard have not been very good.

I posted something on the second one not too long ago – the one that seems confused between the words “Islamic” and “halal…while this one that I went to with my daughter last week is the third one…

Nyonya House - Nyonya House 2

Well, I don’t know why there is this sudden obsession with the name. Maybe it is because of the recent Chinese series that was really popular among some people. Anyway, I cannot for the dear life of me, figure out what’s so nyonya about it when we can get umai (raw fish) which is a local Melanau delicacy, cream of mushroom soup and chicken chop…and even the Foochow meat cooked in ang chau there.

We ordered the pineapple fried rice (RM19.00…and it was not even served in a pineapple) which everyone knows is originally Thai…

Nyonya House - pineapple fried rice

…and the sambal tempe (RM8.00)…

Nyonya House - sambal tempe

…and the telur acar (RM1.50)…

Nyonya House - telur acar

…as our side orders.

Truth be told, we quite enjoyed the fried rice along with its acar timun (cucumber pickle) and keropok (prawn crackers) though I would think they should be able to get much better quality ones of the latter locally. The lady attributed the steep price of the item to the presence of three udang galah (freshwater prawns)…but when it was served, I must say that I was not in the least impressed. They were SO small and though very delicious, they were so hard that the fork and spoon bent when I was trying to remove the shell. At those prices, they should at least invest in some decent cutlery!

Nyonya House 3

Maybe the prawns were overcooked but I had the feeling that they were not freshly cooked as it seemed that they had been reheated…probably in a microwave which would usually render food into that kind of dehydrated, far from succulent state.

My daughter found the tempe too spicy but I thought it was quite good despite the fact that it was a bit hard for me – in my toothless state, so we did not finish that even though there was so very little in one serving. The egg was a disappointment. Period. I can get something similar AND cheaper but a whole lot better from my regular food stall at Bandong.

Having said all that, as you can see, cheap is the last word to describe what one can have at the place. I ordered kopi-o-peng as stated in the menu…but what I got eventually was a glass of very mild/weak iced Nescafe-o (RM5.00). My daughter ordered their fresh orange (RM7.00) and you can judge for yourself from the photo below…

Nyonya House - drinks

…how diluted it was.

All in all, it was a disappointment. It wouldn’t be that bad had the food been really good and special…but for RM40.50 for two persons, I would much sooner go elsewhere and enjoy something far better in terms of quality and quantity.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “A house is not a home…”

  1. …but the decor do look very ‘peranakan’ though so maybe tied in with the nyonyas n babas theme.(intricate looking furnitures)….gee! I am an early bird today,everyone else must be snoring away! 1st day of school for us and back to the ‘driver’s’ routine. Is it call ‘amat’ in malay,’sudah lupa’?

    Ya, a little bit. Maybe the name describes the house, not the food. I would think the decor is a bit plain and the furniture – not that intricate lah! Just a bit of carving, not really elaborate. Guess eveyone’s still sleeping. 5.00 a.m. here…and you people Down Under are already up and about. Ooi….don’t simply call yourself names! Some people may not like it. They get confused easily! LOL!!!

    1. LOL… Stella usually I would be STP’s first commenter… but lately down wif drug…. lol… I KO-ed so badly!

      Good grief! You’re a junkie now? Hahahahaha!!!

      1. 😦 yea…. on med… very strong, and makes me feel sick just by looking at those huge damn pills!

        I wouldn’t want to take too much medication. All those chemicals! Eyew….

  2. RM40.50 for TWO!? Can eat something better at Ruby’s and still have change for another round lar πŸ˜› Dunno what’s the obsession with these themed cafe/restaurants. Here also mushrooming though not the same theme but similar. If this Nyonya House can survive after a month or so, I guess it’s time for you to get into F&B lar, your cooking much nicer and cheaper summore πŸ˜› But then again, retired and goyang kaki better lar. Hehehe!

    PS: I am not in the office yet πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! Ya…my sentiments exactly! Even if people here are not so picky about names, the food IS expensive! And they played all of MLTR’s the whole time I was there!!! Eyew…. Talk about having bad taste!!!

      1. Good for Karaoke or wedding. Not good for THAT kinda eating environment.

        Not even for karaoke or wedding… Too sweet, gives me diabetes! LOL!!!

  3. wow.. those dishes and drinks were definitely “overpriced!” RM7 for that glass of fresh orange? no wonder the shop looks empty…or perhaps u were the early birds? with your review, this shop might not get many customers later on…hahahaa.. maybe they should review their prices again or perhaps the food quantity.. πŸ™‚ so….today is the 1st.. the date is drawing near… πŸ™‚

    I guess we were early… Don’t know whether the business picked up or not after we left. Ya…next week, this time we would be getting ready to go to KLIA. Now do you have to remind me? Bwahuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!😦

    1. one more reminder since u mentioned it.. “REMEMBER TO BRING LOTS OF HANDKERCHIEFS”

      oh gosh…stp is coming after me with a cane now..hahhahaa…
      actually i m telling the truth.. from my own experience..though my son went for three months only that time, i also felt a lump at my throat when i saw him going thru the immigration… a tot came to my mind..”hey, my son has finally grown up…i have to let go…” yes, our kids will leave our sides sooner or later, all we can do is to catch up with them while we possibly can…

      You better get your sampan ready! Going to flood all the way to Ipoh, I tell you!!! Putting up a special post this Friday – already scheduled. SIGH! 😦

  4. ceh! I think the tempe i cooked looked nicer that what you got. Hehehe

    Not a fan of tempe…but this one’s quite ok. Just a bit too hard for me – no teeth!

  5. they dont invest in the cutlery as nyonya restaurant xpect u eat with hand not curlery…nyonya style mar πŸ˜‰

    sambal tempe seem like yeos canned sambal anchovies with tempe…lol

    Yalah! Yalah! You’re SO clever!!!…No lah, it tastes better than Yeo’s canned sambal. I can’t stand those… I think they use that in the Gardenia buns or maybe they use the same preservatives – same taste! Ewek!!!

  6. U just gave me an idea for lunch…seafood fried rice!!!

    Throw in bits of pineapple…and you’ll get more or less the same thing. If I’m not mistaken, the Thai version has some peanuts in it!

  7. yikes, overpriced food and the food look so so only, not tempting. πŸ˜›

    We can see how long this restaurant can survive. hahahhaha

    I guess there will be people dropping by in the hope of some authentic nyonya food…and perhaps there will be people who are not so particular…as long as they get something to eat. But those prices are a bit too high…for me, at least!

    1. Nonid say you, Merryn… I oso miss my parents every time read his entries… dono why ah… he must got put some spell in his entry punya… becoz i always go… “Ohhhh… daddy used to buy me this, or… mummy used to cook me these!” LMAO….teruk, kan? Make us homesick…

      Make sure you do not miss tomorrow’s post!!! Hehehehehehe!!! *evil laughter

      1. Die… better dun come tomorrow… πŸ˜›

        Hahahahaha!!! I don’t think you’ll be able to stay away. You’re addicted to me liao! LMAO!!! πŸ˜€

  8. 😦 The orange juice looks like got more water than orange!!! I wouldn’t pay RM7 for a glass of that! Better off buying Peel Fresh Juice 😦 Dono becoz I’m still not feeling well or wud, but the food this time duzzin look appetizing and very overpriced in my opinion. Especially the damn orange juice. I am a fan of orange juice… that juice duzzin do justice to orange juice lerr!!!

    Ya…I love Peel Fresh juices! Never mind! Just wait for tomorrow’s post! Bet you’ll find it more appetising and definitely NOT overpriced! LOL!!!

  9. Hi! came to your blog via Cleff’s

    Personally I preferred the pineapple fried rice without the pineaple “shell” coz one of my friend who used to work in one of the restaurant said they recycled the shell. Geli when hear about it.

    The cutlery looks like those of Mamak Stall.

    Hmm…but since the food is nice..okay lor.

    Welcome, Kathy! What took you so long? Hahahahaha!!!! Come by often, will add you in my blogroll! Ya…I’m sure they recycle it. The same with those HUGE lobster heads that they use for presentation in Chinese restaurants. Well, the food is just ok…but definitely not worth that price! Ya…the cutlery’s real cheap!

      1. LOL…she’s cute, very cute. Met her in Merryn’s house, and she’s a very interesting person. *grinZ* She’s my kawan lah. LOL… she’s also very skinny… body size almost like me nia! Ahahahaha! Really got gang!

        Humph!!! So you mean to say that big and fat like me not cute lah? Grrrrr…… LOL!!!

  10. The chairs look very nyonya to me. But it is nothing close to what my grandma used to cook.

    Your grandma’s a true blue nyonya in Malacca? Well, do drop by and see what’s in tomorrow’s post…and then you can say which can qualify as nyonya cooking…. πŸ™‚

  11. so expensive! i think know y they use the name nyonya….they are owned by the same person….the design also almost the same in every shop. the waiters also wearing same design shirt……but most of the food served are not nyonya at all. maybe they just 1 to use the name. i have not been to this 1 but looking at the price quality and quantity i dont think i will be going there that soon. cheers STP!

    Oh? Owned by the same people? Wah!!! Must be very rich to be able to open so many at one go! Better go elsewhere lah – Garden a lot better…or Ruby, Y2K…those places. Value for money!

  12. The food & drinks look good but they are luxuriously over-priced!
    I can get cheaper food at the Hilton.

    Looks can be deceiving! Too bad the ambience of the place does not match the price in terms of luxury… Wouldn’t be so bad if it had been THE Hilton!

  13. Oh dear, I really hate reheated food. Come on…to pay for food that is not freshly cook? That is like cheating ,right?

    @Kathy, yeah they tend to recycle that, although I am sure they rinse the pineapple before they reused it again. Cannot expect them to cut of that many pineapple unless they are a really busy restaurant with enough people drinking pineapple juices? lol

    Have you a great week.


    p.s STP , your daughter is so lucky to have you going everywhere with her, you are such a good father. stay blessed.

    Well, she’ll be leaving soon…so we’re making the most of our time together. Well, I dunno if the prawns were reheated…but the texture certainly did not seem like they had just cooked them before serving. Ya…as long as it’s clean…but don’t the pineapples go bad? I think they can’t possibly use one for too long or too many times!

  14. yeah.. quite overpriced..
    should go some mamak eat.. wayyy cheaper! =D

    Ya…look at what I got from my kampong stall at 75% the price to feed double the number of people…and there were enough leftovers to carry forward to the next meal!

  15. Wah, udang only, the cutlery also ‘bengkok’, slowly lah Bro….must be hungry leh?

    Hahahahaha!!! Jahat!…Cheapskate cutlery lah! The type that bends easily… No class at all!

  16. I thought your nescafe was some herbal tea or something like that! That’s very bad…

    Yup! 1st and the last time, will never go there ever again.

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