Not the same…

I love kolo mee and I cannot imagine going to Kuching and not eating that before coming back!

Gerrie kept asking when we could go to eat the Old Oriental Cafe kolo mee, located where the old Cathay Cinema was formerly…but the problem was my daughter wanted to sleep late and I would rather let her so that she would be able to make the most of her holidays to rest, relax and enjoy before it would be time for her to go over to New Zealand and by then, it would be back to the grind for her. And by the time she got up, it would be too late for breakfast and too early for lunch.

So, on that day when we were coming back to Sibu – Sunday, while she was still sleeping, I sneaked off to a coffee shop next door to have a bowl of kolo mee. The Melanaus have this superstition that when people keep asking you to eat something and you do not, some untoward incidents/accidents may happen. LOL!!! Anyway, I thought what I had was pretty nice until Gerrie dropped by the hotel room with this…

Kuching kolo mee

She had tapaoed two packets of THE kolo mee for me (the way I used to when she and her siblings were kids…much to the distress of their parents as they were worried that they would all grow so fat! LOL!!!) and I just had to eat one of the two packets there and then. There was a world of difference between this one and the one I had earlier, believe you me! You may think you can just go to any stall and have your kolo mee but I can tell you in all honesty that it’s simply not the same. You will need to know where the good ones are and where to go!

I took the other packet home and my missus microwaved it to heat it up for dinner. Horror of horrors! It was really horrible!!! Tsk! Tsk! I am never a fan of the microwave and I just do not understand why people would use it to heat up food and ruin it completely! Try heating up kompia in one and throw it against the wall after that to see which one will crack first!

We also brought home some chai thow koi (Chinese carrot cake – which is something like the koey kah that we had in Prai) that I had bought for my daughter as she did say she wanted to eat that when in Kuching but never had the chance to do that…

Kuching Chinese carrot cake

Thankfully, my missus heated this up in a frying pan, so it did not share the same fate as the kolo mee! This one’s from a stall outside the coffee shop right next to the hotel where we were staying and was quite all right. The other one at the coffee shop at the far end of that same block was not open in the morning. I would think that one would be better as I noticed that it always enjoyed brisk business everytime I passed by the place.

Sophia picked us up at around noon and before she dropped us off at the airport, we went to this coffee shop…

Penang Seafood, Kuching

…next to Central Inn for the Penang char kway teow. Sophia had the special…

Penang Seafood, Kuching - char kway teow special

…while my daughter and I had the so-called “normal”…

Penang Seafood, Kuching - char kway teow

I couldn’t possibly eat a lot then, not after the bowl and the packet of kolo mee that I had had earlier.

Well, I thought the two were more or less the same and if you asked me, I would say in no uncertain terms that it was definitely not the same as the authentic stuff that I had had before on the island and in the surrounding areas. The kway teow, of course, was different and I very much prefer the smoother, thinner and translucent ones that they have in the peninsula…and tastewise, it paled in comparison too – very much so, despite the fact that the people operating the place actually originated from Penang!

In a nutshell, if you want to eat Penang char kway teow, you’ll just have to go to Penang…or the kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya! Period. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

48 thoughts on “Not the same…”

  1. LOL…i haven’t tried the “Penang char kuey teow” in sarawak yet, will have to try when i got back. and yea, i miss KOLO MEE!!! hehee….

    Oooo….it was really yummy!!! The kway teow… Ah well! It’s like those selling “Sarawak kolo mee” in KL and elsewhere over that side. Thought they say they have nice Penang char kway teow in Miri?

    1. hmmm…not sure about that. maybe i ate before but didn’t know they are from Penang! hehe….

      Nope…not from Penang but the kway teow’s nice. I had a long time ago late 80s…very expensive around RM4, I think, even at that time but very nice. That time, everything was expensive in Miri… A lot of orang minyak, very kaya! LOL!!!

    2. One of these days… i should go to Sarawak… the only kolok mee that I had before is the instant one… that Myojo kolok mee! 😦

      Ya…I think that’s another rip-off! Nothing like that at all… I really think West Malaysians must come over to Sarawak and see – it’s an eye opener…really nice here and nothing like those horror stories that are circulating over at your side.

  2. Sorry, wrong information, it was the old, now defunct CATHAY cinema, and the coffee shop is called Oriental Cafe. I think that’s my favourite kolo mee now.
    Next time, I will bring you to Oriental, kolo mee is best eaten there and then, ya? Photo here:
    Oriental Kolo Mee

    Ah…not the one next to Capitol Cinema (now Tun Jugah) that I used to eat before. Cathay! Yes, I remember where it was – near Open Air. Never stepped around those parts anymore. There used to be a shoe shop/boutique opposite the cinema owned by the very young-looking mum of Grace Lo, Sophia’s classmate – I remember that! LOL!!!

    P.S. Made the necessary amendments in the post already…

  3. the Penang char kway teow looks like slightly wet for me, i think i prefer sarawak kolo mee! hehe~

    If in Kuching, the kolo mee is definitely the safer bet. It wasn’t wet – maybe the reflection of the sunlight on the glistening oil used in the frying…

  4. By the way, tapau-ed kolo mee is best when “steamed”…..yes, agree the microwaved method is very teriible!

    See! I think the microwave is for lazy people or people in a hurry! Other than that, I don;t see the point in using/having one.

    1. Agreed… microwave is for the lazy. 😦 I used to have one… but I found that the food taste terrible after reheating in a microwave.

      There!!! I’m right, am I not? Heat up a bun in it – you have to eat it quickly while hot. Once it has cooled, it becomes as hard as a rock. Ya, the taste is affected – not so nice if heated in a microwave!

      1. Yeah… very true. Microwave tends to make food as hard as a rock…and rather dry. Not nice to eat after that. But I suppose, if wanna reheat things for fun or cuz of no time, it’s ok lah. I prefer to reheat things in the oven or the frying pans…the taste is a lot better than microwave… dunno la… I feel that way. Ahahaha….I like my pastries hot… so each time I go to the bakery and tapao-ed the pastries, i would reheat them in the oven…lol… taste is a lot better than reheating them in microwave.

        Yup…breads and pastries are better reheated in the conventional oven. May make them a bit crusty – like toast. Very nice. Just do not overheat!

  5. ??? Why delete and change post again???

    Thought I explained in my comment in your blog? The photos opened halfway… Probably something wrong in the uploading, so I had to do that all over again and add to the post. I think they’re ok now – not stuck in the middle.

    1. now there is something wrong with my blog lol. I didn’t see ur comment~

      You didn’t? I’ll hop over and check later…I’m sure it’s there somewhere – the drugs post.

  6. Haha! The missing kolo post! Ya, I like Gerrie’s kolo but not sure if the one we had from same shop or not. When I can afford to ‘goyang kaki, one of these days, I probably spent a month in Msia and ‘chiak kau pui pui pui’!LOL! Saw those jam tarts in yr fb,real ‘lau nua’!!!

    I think she must have taken you to the Carpenter Street one. She used to like that one – also nice. You saw the tarts? You can see Richard’s photos? That’s tua-pui Ah Hiok’s Nephew – the one who makes nice nyonya changs, baked char sio pao… Unfortunately, it does not look like he’s giving me any and I don’t want to ask him either. Paiseh…he always gives me things, kiam jin cheng. 🙂

    1. Stella, we went to Kim Joo, at Carpenter St. This one is miles better! 🙂 Your next visit then, hopefully September!

      Ya…looking forward to THE wedding! LOL!!!

  7. i thot u duno that not all plc serve the best kolo mee…from the picture of kolo mee the bak cho/mince meat not yet the best…not enuf kick…
    cha kueh u had to ask me as last time i used to hunt cha kueh which plc nicer…lol
    agree with u as here in republic got a chain restaurant jia xiang sarawak kuching kolo mee i oso nvr step in even 2 days ago me n godbro had breakfast on their opposite…its beter eat at original plc 😉

    This one’s nice, the bak cho too…but they used real char siew instead of red-coloured char-siew look-alike and it was a bit hard for me, being toothless. I know a few nice places at Carpenter Street…and Green Road, and one at the Ong Tiang Swee/Rock Road junction….and I used to like St Mike’s when it was a hut next to Museum Gardens.

    1. Ada suituapui… semua will ada… ahahaha… why? Becoz he’ll cook those stuff personally! Mwhahahahahah! Correct anot? Must be correct lah! I very pandai wan!

      Clever girl!!! Come, come…give you one sweet! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. Cikgu…the char koay teow looks like it’s not enuff taste. =.= Wud’s the difference between the special ckt and the normal ones? looks the same to me….

    The difference? The price! The special was more expensive but to me, they looked exactly the same. Tastewise…ok lah! Just that it wasn’t Penang char kway teow…

    1. Both looks the same to me… LOL… even the portion looks the same. LOL…I love char koay teow… but I would order it without the bean-sprouts, cuz cannot take bean-sprouts. It’ll make my stomach so angin and I can get sick for days because of bean-sprouts!

      I had a gout attack once from too much bean sprouts! LOL!!!

      1. Eh? Bean sprouts can cause gout? I dunno bout this….as for me, i know I can’t take some bean products. Else I can be sick for days!

        High protein content! You can’t possibly be allergic to protein – you take so much meat! Ummmm…I mean, meat as in chicken and so on. Hahahahahaha!

  9. u left out sekama…lol

    btw those nice plc are full of msg when they made the mee 😦

    Sekama…I used to go there for the laksa – in the 70s. Haven’t heard of anybody going there for anything anymore. Aiyah…in Chinese cooking, where got little msg one? After dinner at one, my mouth always so “thick” and I’m always thirsty! These kolo mee and kampua…comparatively less – much less than what they put in the char kway teow or fried noodles… I saw once and almost fainted!!! They added by the ladle!

    1. Wah! They add so much? Gila… wanna make ppl’s hair drop ah? LOL…they must be associated with Yunnam haircare lah….

      And people eat in restaurants – full of praises for the food and they wonder why it tastes so nice. That’s the secret. When I eat out, I will tell them not to add so much msg – cut by half, at least!

  10. kolo mee i have tried… kampua i havent… will kampua lure me to sibu some time this year??? i hope so… maybe visit Gab and then we go to sibu together to visit u… how about that! hahaha… listen first…

    Ya…would love to have you all here. Looking forward to that!!!

  11. lol! good point, if you want the best, you have to go to the original place! penang char kuey teow, no doubt to that! kolo mee i never eat before, but it seems pretty nice! 😀

    microwave ruins everything, seriously! thats why i rarely use the microwave at home too, rather heat things up manually!

    Hah!!! Here’s someone who agrees with me. And I’m very suspicious about it as I do not fully understand how it works and how things can get hot in it. Old man – dinosaur…I don’t trust what I don’t know. LOL!!!
    Well, it’s the same – for kolo mee, you’ll have to go over to Kuching if you want the real thing.

    P.S. Your first time here, I see. Welcome, thanks for dropping by and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll.

    1. Oi… don’t la say liddat… if you’re dinosaur, than I anak murid dinosaur… I’m also suspicious of microwave. Rather heat up things on the kuali…feel like the taste is better! LOL…

      Actually… I grew up in Penang, and when i was growing up… I had my fair share of CKT. It was very nice back then, but as of late, some of the places that I frequented in penang… the quality dropped oredi. Disappointing. 😦 Some places in KL make better CKT… no joke punya!

      There used to be a lady running a stall at Jalan Alur. I loved her CKT – used to drop by for a plate every time I went to KL…but I haven’t gone there for a long time. Dunno if she’s still there.

      1. I’m not familiar with that area, but heard alot of ppl say Jln Alor got lotsa nice food!

        Not really! Maybe one here, one there…and very expensive some more! Most of the time, I was not impressed!

  12. We had the same problem when tapaoing mee kolok to KL. I had no choice but use microwave, the taste will never be the same anymore. that also happened when i heat up in the wok. i believe mee kolo is best eaten on the same day..

    Heat up some water in the steamer…and when it had started boiling, put in the kolo mee – just long enough to get it hot without all that moisture from the steam drowning it. Mush nicer than microwaving it or heating it in a non-stick pan. Of course, everything’s nicer eaten piping hot…on the spot or at least on that same day!

    1. Hmm… this CNY i also will be tapau-ing the Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fan… i wonder if can use the same method to reheat the CCF?

      Isn’t it steamed…originally? Maybe you ask them not to pour all the sauces over it…and you can pour yourself after steaming to reheat!

      1. Yes, it’s steamed, but Teluk Intan CCF don’t have sauce poured on it wan. In fact, there’s no sauce at all. It’s CCF with fillings inside (usually sengkuang and the dried shrimps), and eaten with picked green chillies wan. It’s very nice.. nanti… next time I put up in my blog after CNY. Wonder if you’ve eaten this kind before?

        I know that type. We have it at the dim sum place here but not nice. When serving, they drown it with light soy sauce… Tried once, never again. That type, can easily reheat by steaming lah!

      2. Yeah, some places not nice wan… but Teluk Intan there’s one place very nice. Buy from a factory wan…

        Factory made? Eyew…….. Anything that’s factory made, where got nice!

    2. I did that too, but still never the same.. after a day, funny smell start to come out. it lost it’s fragrance… nowadays we tapao just enough to be eaten once reached home from the airport.

      Ya…shouldn’t keep for too long. Everything’s like that. The taste may not be so nice anymore after refrigeration.

  13. LOL… I can’t believe ur using the melanau’s superstition to eat those food… aiyorrrr… I kno la… u really wanna eat wan ma… why say the melanaus liddat? Tsk tsk tsk!

    There really is such a superstition! My maternal granny’s a Melanau…and we were brought up observing that – every time somebody asked to eat and we did not want, we would just take a pinch…or at least, touch…and say, “Da-kek!!!” I still do – to preserve the culture!

    1. I think we all still do….making funny signs some more..someone once asked me why I had to pray! Duh!

      Old habits die hard! Believe it or not, I didn’t want the coffee my missus made and did not “da-kek”…and went to Sunway Lagoon, slipped and broke my arm! The Melanaus believe that coffee is the worst! Never refuse without a sip or touching…

      1. LOL! Gerrie,u brought STP 2 kolo,he only ate 1, that is y when he ‘balik’kampung,Sibu blackout! He shld have eaten all the kolos u buy in Kch!

        No lah! I ate one bungkus…and Melissa had a mouthful, so it was ok. Not a blackout lah…a fall with terrible consequences or an accident. So make sure you da-kek all the time, eh?

    2. Cikgu… mebbe you can put up more of those ethnics culture… we peninsular ppl dumb dumb wan! LOL…

      If you come to the main towns like Kuching, Sibu or Miri, you actually do not get to see all those ethnic stuff unless by special arrangement. Dunno why they use those images for tourist promos and give people a distorted image… The towns are nice and clean, LOTS of Chinese (in Sibu and the nearby towns, I can say at least 90%!)…and you get lots of good food and they’re cheap too! In character, they’re very different from towns over at your side.

  14. btw nex time heat up kolo mee by steam it as it taste more nicer than u microwave it…lol

    Yup…I would have done that but my missus microwaved it!

  15. Went to Subang for dinner just now ! Ordered myself a plate of what they claim to be the authentic sarawak kolo mee, which is a far cry from the real one i had in Sarawak… something’s just ain’t the same

    Never ever be taken in by what they claim over there. Some, they say, went over from Kuching even. Even in Sibu – they just can’t make kolo mee the way it should be done.

  16. oh myy… hungryyy!

    Aiyor! The dishes in this post really enticing leh? Wait till you see the one that will come after the next post. Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  17. i still love my “kampua”!! hahahhahahhahah

    agree with you, i don’t like to heat up food in microwave. Like you said kompia, after it heat up, like stone!! So now, i heat up my kompia in toaster, taste much better, more crispy.

    Add cheese and ham…it will taste heavenly, I tell you! Slurpz!!! 😀

  18. da-kek!…same like us ibans. anyway….the kolo mee looks delicious, going to try on my next trip…hopefully KNB knows the place…now i know y KNB & the other big guy is overweight……bcoz u fed them kolo mee all the time STP LOL! cheers!

    Not me leh! When small, only KNB lah! The other guy was in Sibu… Not my fault he’s so huge now! LOL!!!

  19. But at least the char koay teow looks good with average sized prawns and not waif thin bean sprouts!

    It looked ok…but tastewise, it did not measure up to those that I had in Penang and the surrounding towns.

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