I believe I can fly (2)…

They were telling me the other day that soon an overweight passenger will have to buy two tickets if he or she were to fly in a plane. What the ****!!! Discrimination! I protest!

For one thing, we do not have a choice! Our so-called trans-Sarawak/Borneo highway comes nowhere near those that they have in the peninsula…and if I’m not mistaken, it would take around 8 hours to drive from Sibu to Kuching and only 40 minutes or less by air…even if it means flying in a dilapidated Fokker (*correct spelling) being held together using masking tape…

Maswings - masking taped

Well, I chose MASwings on our return flight from Kuching to Sibu last Sunday as the timing was just right and the fare was only RM28 (exclusive of airport tax and all that stuff). The air-conditioning was not switched on when we boarded and it was scorchingly hot inside the plane.

What’s worse was that when I got into my seat, I discovered that the safety belt was kind of short, way too short for me! So I had to press the bell to call the air stewardess to ask for an extension belt…

Maswings - extension seat belt 1

She got me one all right…but luckily I’m not the type to resort to violence! Otherwise, that cynical grin on her face would have resulted in her losing her two front teeth and with Christmas still 11 months away, she can’t jolly well be singing that silly song – “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!” at this time of the year.

So there I was…going home to Sibu with two buckles…

Maswings - extension belt 2

…and don’t you dare laugh or you’ll get two knuckles, see if you don’t! ROTFLMAO!!!

Well, I was NOT occupying two seats (even though it WAS a “perfect fit”) and surely they cannot expect me to buy TWO tickets just because I need an extension belt!!! And just in case the idea happens to cross your mind, NO…my predicament was definitely NOT the consequence of all that feasting in Kuching. Tsk!!! Tsk!!!

Author: suituapui

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23 thoughts on “I believe I can fly (2)…”

  1. Eh! What is happening! I was commenting on Gerrie’s kolo post n suddenly I saw I believe I can fly?!!!…HUH??…Anyway since I am on this post now, I prefer window seats whenever I fly n checkout the AirAsia premium economy when it is on special next time,not sure if they fly NZ,worth a try!

    Sorry! It seems that there was something wrong with the photos. I will have to re-upload and re-post another day – maybe tomorrow. I think Kelvin also commented already on that post – sorry, Kelvin! Nope, the cheap airline does not fly NZ but perhaps I can fly Melbourne and use another cheap airline from there to Wellington? Know of any? The notorious Tiger perhaps? πŸ˜€

    1. Can use the budget airline, Virgin Blue, from Aus to NZ

      Ya…I heard. But the name sounds like the title of some porn movie! Muahahahahaha!!!

  2. Ya,good idea to stopover Melbourne first,then not so tiring. Absolutely not Tiger!! We have horrible experience with them before! Jetstar is pretty good! Check out their Starclass,sometimes very good specials on off-peak times! We took the flight to Hawaii using the special. Absolutely fantastic, as good as business class! Go into their website n register yrself,then when they hve specials,they will email u.

    Ya…I’ve heard many horror stories about Tiger – there have been reports in the papers even! Will have to browse their websites and see what they have. No hurry…as I guess I would not be going till the end of the year. Would be nice to stop by Melbourne…and get invited to posh dinners by next-of-kin and by friends. Hint! Hint! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Melbourne is considered one of the most beautiful/livable city in Australia now,so come!! Very different from the last time u were here. ……most welcome but posh or not donno lah,yr standard can be extremely high! πŸ™‚

      Posh or not, the best things in life are free! Can’t wait to go over – just hope they will not charge me double to fly! LOL!!!

  3. if they do charge u double seats, will they serve u with a double portion of the meals too???? hahhahaaa…. gosh! serious? r they going to charge double??

    That’s what I heard – they claim that they read that in the papers…but I did not see any such thing myself. Economy must be real bad! Any good ol’ excuse to make some extra bucks! Grrrrr…..

  4. last year raya, i also took flight from KL to Penang (by MAS) without air-conditioner for 55 minutes, haiz~super hot there~felt like sit in the steamer~

    I think I also experienced that once – same sector: KL to Penang. Said the air conditioning not functioning… Had to fan myself vigorously all the way!

  5. i drive from kch to sibu around 4+ hr only ler…i hate put on seat belt u like put it on…i owes pretend i buckle the seatbelt while im not…lol

    You memang samseng one hor! How you survive in Singapore? I goodie-two shows one – Just Follow Law! LOL!!! 4 hours to Sibu? Good grief! No wonder so many people get killed on the road…

    1. 4+ hours?! Yalor, probably he’s driving some massive big thing at top speed πŸ˜› (…and kill everyone along the way…) Bahahahahahahhaa!

      Ya…I wouldn’t be surprised! LOL!!!

  6. 😦 Yeah… I heard that too. This is discrimination!!!! I was rather upset with this news too…if you will be paying for two seat… I dun think they are going to ‘serve you double’. So… it wun be worth your money. What kind of nonsense is this? As a skinny person, I’ve always thought that I’ll be bullied around(in fact, i always kena bully and nobody takes me seriously!)… cuz ppl think it’s so nice to bully a petite lady cuz she wun dare to fight back, but i can’t believe that they are bullying those plus size people.

    Cikgu… they should make special seats for plus size people, not do this nonsense… where the hell is customer’s service? Nonsense! If they are going to extra charge for people who are plus size, den people like me should be given the rights to pay for half seat, cuz i wun even be occupying the entire goddamn sea, just half of itt!!!! TMD! Why should I pay for what I dun use? Stupid punya! Same goes with plus size people. Even pay double, wun even be occupying the entire goddamn seat, and certainly wun be served 2x! Bodoh, bodoh!

    Thanks for your sympathy! I guess I will just give up flying here and there lor! Save money too! I wonder whether they will charge pregnant ladies double too?

    1. Exactly my sentiment…if ppl pregnant, how… pay double oso ah? Got baby inside ma… stupid lah, this kind of thing. If they implement this kind of thing, den why should we skinny people pay for the price of full seat? My body so small…only occupy half seat… if they wanna count like this, why should I pay for full seat, correct anot? Damn bodoh wan!

      Yalor…if like that, underweight people pay half price lor! Dunno lah! That was the practice with the tiny aircrafts – I moved a bit, the whole plane would shake…so for the safety of all, they had to weigh passenger and luggage…and keep strictly to the limit. Don’t tell me we are going backwards like in a dance – two steps forward, four steps backwards…2-4…2-4…2-4…

      1. Stupid rules la… they should have come up with better solution than just ask people to pay more. Real dumb lerr…

        Yalor! I guess we all know what kind of people they’ve got up there. All dumbos!!!

  7. OMG! No aircond on board? I will surely throw up all the way. Dah la Fokker plane.

    It wasn’t on when we boarded…but after we took off, there was a bit…and it was not so hot after that. Plane half full, maybe have to cut cost?

  8. This ‘1 fat 2 tickets’ rule is use in many airports now:(

    Omigawd!!! My flying days are over…. Sobs!!! That rule used to apply to those small 19-seater Twin Otter planes that ply between Sibu and the rural towns here in Sarawak…but eventually, they stopped. Had to weigh passenger plus luggage…both together! Once past the allowance, had to buy another ticket! Gee! Looks like we’re going…BACKWARDS!!!

  9. No need 2 seat for you lar, Mel so skinny she can take half the seat with you ‘overflowing’ to her other half enough liao πŸ˜› Jimat! Heheheh! I personally don’t really like to take Fokker – so lousy, air-cond not functioning, stinky summore … I traumatized liao. I prefer the new ATR 72, which I will (hopefully) take to go back for CNY πŸ˜€

    Ya…Laugh! Laugh! But actually I always pushed up the arm rest between our seats…and that was much more comfortable than being stuck in a tight fit. I was hoping to try the new aircraft but no such luck! They say it’s nicer than the Boeing. Probably they only have one, so you’ll have to be quite lucky to get it!

  10. ya, me too Clare. Fokker makes me nauseous. That’s why I make sure it’s a Boeing whenever I have to fly to Sibu.

    I’m used to travelling… You should try the twin-otters. When I stepped down the steps of the plane, the wings flapped…like it was going to fly off like a bird! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. more good reason for us to lose some weight…..lucky ur former student who is a flight steward was not there…i know u would hv scolded him if he grins at ur request hehehehehe

    Too bad I did not meet him. He would have given me whatever he could did out of the aircraft pantry – sandwich, biscuits, peanuts…and give me fruit juices to take home even. So nice to have ex-students like that! Hint! Hint!!!

      1. I think they see you a retired teacher, no money, so kesian. That’s why feed you! LMAO….omg! I started to sound like that fatty oldman!

        Hahahahaha!!! Stick around longer… You’ll end up becoming a totally different person! LOL!!!

  12. It’s an expensive business.
    I wont be surprised if one day they say that each passenger must weigh less than 80kgs.

    Good Lord! That means I would have to shed one-third of my weight, Now you can go and figure out how much I weigh! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. I failed maths! LOL…now… let me ask my husband kira ur weight for me!

      Dun worry! I’m not much better – I got 8! But then that was during Cambridge time – standard higher lah! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. I was about to say that Cleff needs to pay only half the price but then saw that she has already voiced that out..lol..

    She’s really THAT small, is she? Must eat more fatty stuff then… LOL!!!

    1. Tsk! This merryn… gossip bout me over here. tsk tsk tsk! LOL… tak guna wan, Cikgu… I eat fatty stuff all the time, and i eat quite a lot oso…but the fats burn so fast. =.= and I’m the kind who goes to toilet to poop everyday. Ahahaha…ppl say metabolism high. Other ppl see how I eat they get very afraid wan. LOL…after midnight still can hentam those fattening stuff like fried chicken or cheesecakes…

      Or the Chinese will say – lau chai – all the good luck bocor! So all the food that has been eaten just disappears into thin air, dunno go where! So skinny! Hahahahaha!!!!

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