Hotel room service…

I prefer staying in hotels. Every time I travel, I will gracefully decline any invitation to stay at someone’s house, never mind whether it’s a relative or friend. Maybe it is because I used to travel a lot when I was still in government service and I stayed in hotels all the time…and I enjoyed the freedom and the privacy. Now don’t waste your time and energy asking for I will not divulge any further details beyond this. LOL!!!

I do not usually call room service but I may do so once in a while when I feel too lazy to go out in search of some chow or do not fancy the trouble of dressing up nicely and going down to the cafe downstairs. But sometimes when there are coffee-making facilities in the room, I would make myself a cuppa…

coffeencookies 1

…and enjoy that with a cookie or two…

coffeencookies 2

My daughter loves these Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies that we bought the other day at the Kuching International Airport…

Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies

She can recall those days when I used to travel a lot and each time I came home, I would buy a bag for her, together with the chocolates and toffees sold at the airport outlets.

Moving away from the topic of discussion, somebody was asking me the other day whether I bought any of the kek lapis Sarawak (Sarawak layered cakes) when I was in Kuching. Well, I bought two kek hati parek which I had had before and thought was very nice. I wouldn’t know whether these that I bought are nice or not as I have not tried them yet. Saving them for Chinese New Year!

I also bought this kek sisik ikan (fish scales cake) which I have not tried either…

Kek lapis Sarawak - sisik ikan

That was all I bought – only three…unlike this guest at the same hotel from Cheras in Selangor…

Kek lapis Sarawak

He/She had two huge boxes of kek lapis Sarawak…and another box of God-knows-what – probably ikan terubok masin or the salted roe of the fish. They’re very popular among West Malaysian visitors to Kuching. I love them too…but unfortunately, I have to control myself and refrain from buying and eating too often.

It’s Friday and the weekend’s here…and to get all of you in the mood, here’s the video clip of the song from which the post title is taken, to set your feet a-tapping…

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Hotel room service…”

  1. Morning all,
    The kek lapis looks nice. Kek hati parek needs 8 hours of steaming. Don’t have that type of patience to go and make it. Kek Lapis sisik Ikan is also nice as long as it is not too sweet. Looking at yr post reminds me that with CNY around the corner, I have not given any thoughts yet on what to make, cakes or cookies… Have a nice day everyone…

    Morning, Richard. Not going to make any…but my missus may want to do that. Old habits die hard. Saw some nice cookies at Pavilion in KL on my last trip. May get some if they’re not too expensive when I go over end of next week.

  2. You see… I know I like you for a reason. LOL… you’re just like my father. He’s exactly like you. When he go travel, he would always prefer to stay in hotel rather than in someone’s house. When he comes back to Malaysia and drop by in KL(now livin oversea d, cuz of work), he wouldn’t even come to my house. He said, intrusion of privacy, and dowan to ruin the good relationship and whatnot. You see, like me, my dad loves privacy alot, and puts very high value into it. I am like that too… you see, when me and my family are homeless during the fire last year we only stayed in friend’s house for one day. LOL…den cabut-ed liao, cuz feel like kacau ppl onli. 😦 Ended up digging our damn pocket to stay in a budget hotel for 3 days until we could find a house. (Thank God manage to find another house in a jiffy, else would have to sleep in the car!)

    *sigh* Famous Amos… my dad used to buy me and my sis this when he travels too. Buy from airport…along with some chocolates and marshmallows. *grinz* Reminds me of the good old time when my dad is still in Malaysia. He used to travel around, and we would wait for him at home, expecting him to bring back some cookies and chocolates! Ahahahaha!

    Gosh! Sounds like he’s exactly like me…or are all dads like that? When my daughter was small and I told her I would be away for two or three days, she would ask me to go longer – she knew that I would come back with lots and lots of pressies for her. But as she grew older, she did not like the idea of me going on trips anymore – would rather have me stay beside her all the time.

    1. Yeah, ur like my dad. But I’m much more worst than your daughter. LOL… I was very, very clingy to my dad wan. Got separation anxiety. I was like a leech, and wun even allow him to leave home, til he have to resort into bribing me with those goodies and pressies. =.= Even when he goes to work every day, each time the clock strike 5, you already can see me wait for him at the front door. LMAO…

      Really anak manja wan. I never liked him going for travels… every time goes off for outstation, always 3-7 days wan.

      Back den, we dun have handphones and stuff, and sometimes, my dad can’t call back, and I hated it! When I was really small, my mum says each time he goes for travel, I will surely fever wan. LOL… cuz of miss him. Hahaha. Lucky when my sis was born, my dad’s financial gets better, and he would bring all of us along for those travels. LOL…I think, sometimes, daughters tends to stick to their dads wan. LOL…

      Certainly reminds me of me and my daughter when she was small. Wah! Your sis brought good luck kah!!! My daughter, when she was small, gave my dad a number and he won either first or second prize – so you know Chinese people lah! I reckon even until today he believes she’s a good luck charm! LOL!!!

  3. I also love famous amos…but nowadays it is quite pricey.. last time i used to buy too, fresh ovenbaked ones.. and like u, i also prefer to stay in hotel unless my own siblings and my close frens with no IN Laws or Outlaws staying with them… hehehe..
    So in another week or so, 3 of u will be in KL again, right?

    Ya…we’re going over next Saturday – 6th…and yup, Famous Amos is getting very expensive. RM16.70 for 200 gms. I would much sooner go and buy those Scottish shortbread. Mcvities only RM6 plus year,,,and only RM5 something at TESCO at your end. But mu daughter prefers choc chip…so what to do? I give her whatever she wants!

  4. Ai yo, expecting to be the first commentator but too late ! Oh Darn ! Hahaha… i don’t really like amos cookies because i think they make my mouth dry and they are so frigging heaty =)

    Oops! I must have missed this comment… Sorry for the late reply. Well, lamb and beef also heaty what? When you take such stuff – chocs, deep fried things…drink lots of water, preferable warm or lukewarm – not ice cold and no fizzy drinks! Those will cause all the “damage”…

    1. Xavier, try 5am… lol… that’s when Cikgu’s articles comes out!

      See, my PA (personal assistant) knows all my schedules! Next time you wanna see me, you’ll have to consult her first and make an appointment! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. I guess food is more then clothes inside ur luggage?

    Cleffairy!!! Another member for your club!!! Hahahahahaha!!! That’s not my luggage lah – somebody staying at the same hotel, from Cheras in West Malaysia. πŸ˜€

  6. I am like u,prefers to stay in hotel esp when with my family so we don’t hve to stick to a routine,wake up whenever,eat whenever… don’t have to tidy the bed,can kick shoes every where!..But if travelling alone,won’t mind staying at someone’s hse.Hint!Hint! N I promise I will make up my own bed!LOL!

    Come and stay at my house, no problem. Always in a mess…so you can do whatever you want!!! Not bothered anymore – anybody welcome to stay, he/she will just have to get used to the mess. Come anytime, just let me know ahead of time so I can reserve for you. πŸ˜€

    1. I’ve been to yr hse,its not a mess! Yr floor tile so ‘kilat’that I can even smile at myself n it reflects back! When I walk on the floor,it is ‘sooo’clean that my feet also squeaks!…..ok! I will take a rain check!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!

      That was because you were coming. Drop be unexpectedly on normal days…you’d probably faint!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. Too busy remembering my dad til forget to comment on your drinking habit. LOL…waaa…. you really take your coffee black ah? OMG… black coffee liddat, would definitely give me insomnia wan. LOL…if I were to take the cookies, I will surely go with tea wan. LOL..

    I love to eat those ikan masin too… goes very well with plain rice. LOL… nonid to cook it elaborately, just fry it in the oil, and have them with rice is more than enough to make me go for 2-3bowls of rice! LOL…i like to eat lerr… ikan masin, but cannot eat too much. 😦 not so good for health!

    When I was a lil girl… each time my mum wants me or my sis to eat more helpings, she would fry the ikan masin for us to eat, and we would be licking the plates clean! LMAO…so easy, horr? Wan us to eat more, just fry ikan masin…

    Have you tried Sarawak’s ikan terubok masin? It’s different from other types of salted fish – still has the taste of fresh terubok and yet has that tinge of salted fish. Really nice…and sure you’ll end up eating two or three plates of rice. They like the roe very much but I’m not that crazy over it. VERY expensive – the salted terubok eggs.

  8. i agree…i prefer staying in hotels too…
    one thing is, you don wanto “ma huan” people..and the other thing is, there’s just no privacy! if you want to go out, you have to wait for your host…you can’t just call a cab and go out whenever you want! altho there are the pros too…that is you dont have to spend that much! lol!

    Yup…that’s probably the only advantage – save money! And if you’re staying with somebody who can cook well, you get to enjoy the cooking too. But I prefer to pamper myself sometimes and stay in a hotel – no point working all the time….and never get to enjoy a bit of the luxuries in life.

  9. Yup…. the other box belonging to the Cheras man is definitely ikan terubok masin…. thats the standard packaging. Haha. You’ll see plenty of those boxes in the airport especially near the boarding gates for flights to KL.

    Ya…they buy boxes and boxes of those stuff…and sometimes they even buy those rottan tikar/mat – all nicely packed in one long, cylindrical packaging…. Gosh! I wouldn’t wanna carry something like that when travelling!

  10. West Malaysians buy kek lapis Sarawak and ikan terubok masin in bulk to distribute to relatives and friends back home. (kinda like some of us buying chocolates in bulk from overseas, before Ta Kiong existed in Kuching. Hehehe)

    The same way Kuching people came to Sibu and bought trolleys of Devondale milk, imported chocs and cookies from Ta Kiong when there wasn’t one there… Guilty as charged? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. YAY!!! Can have those kek lapis when I go visit you liao πŸ˜€

    By the way, where to get nice kek lapis (not too sweet/strong-coloured) here ar? I know they are available along main bazaar but the colours put me off :p

    Want to buy some so that my mom no need to bake anything for CNY, can sit there goyang kaki but then again, she’ll probably bake her signature cotton cheese cake because I requested for it πŸ˜›

    Hey! You can tell your mum to go to that kuih-muih stall that I frequent in Bandong. It seems there’s a lady taking orders for kek lapis – she’s from Kuching and used to make there but now she’s moved to Sibu. I had a look at the photos of the many types available – didn’t take note of all but seems quite expensive…like choc cheese layer, can go up to RM95 a cake. No harm going there to check it out…

    1. Clare, homemade ones…the ones in India street = hyperglycemia. That’s only good for display, not for consumption…did you see how vivid the colors are?!?

      Ok for serving guests… They do not take a lot. Hahahahaha!!!

  12. eh? wat video wat song? I dun see any leh? Nobody buys me Famous Amos pun… sob sob!

    Got leh! You click the link and watch the video – Pussycat Doll… There, be nice to Cleffairy and she may just get you some. There’s Famous Amos at Sungai Wang – “free smells”!!! LOL!!!

      1. LOL…she’s hyperactive enuff… give her sugared stuff, later more ding ding dong dong!!! LMAO…

        Wah! You young bloggers, all so full of life. If you see me – so sedated, lifeless….OLD!!! Must be helluva boring to mingle around with! 😦

  13. Kek Lapis, love the smooth texture! Famous Amos taste real good when fresh out from the oven….!

    If you go to Sg Wang, the smell will blow you away. So fragrant and there’s a sign there saying – “free smells”!!! That’s all you’re getting – no bits to sample even! LOL!!!

    1. Why would i want lah? LOL… i can get one free show at home… at my pleasure! LMAOooooooooo…. (checks my own temperature… no… my fever go down d… and I tak silap ambik ubat!)

      Wah! Your hubby’s Chippendale standard kah! Hot, man! Now all the lady-bloggers will want you to bring him to all future bloggers’ meet!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Cikgu, Cikgu….. Chippendales in Singapore!!! They will be performing!!! OMG… *pengsan!* You wanna go see, bo?

    Yup! Clare has posted the link to that bit of news already. Gee! All the ladies getting very excited, I see? Muahahahahaha!!! Now, why would I want to go and see? Eyew….!!! πŸ˜€

    1. See some balls jiggle ma…. ahahahahahahahahahaha! Wud? ur not interested? Cheh… i tot you’d a appreciate a ticket lah! LMAO….

      You wanna buy me a ticket!!! Hey! That would be great! Don’t mind going just for the fun of it…if it’s free! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. i never expect such an explicit song on ur blog, sir….lol………..

    Is it explicit? Didn’t bother to listen to the lyrics…but the original video clip – Pitbull alone, no PCD Nicole…that video’s quite suggestive. Well, we had songs during our younger days like Donna Summers’ “I feel love” which was banned on Malaysian radio and try googling for the lyrics of songs like “This girl has turned into a woman” – Mary McGregor…or “Stay awhile”, “Help me make it through the night”… Things haven’t changed much, have they? LOL!!!

    1. *sings Briney Spears song* And i am not that innnooooceeeentttt! Hit me baby one more time!!!! Wuhoooo!

      Aiyor…you so young and yet so old. That song already so long ago lah! Me apek, even more hebat!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

      1. Yaloh! STP very up to date wan…See the video link in this post already know πŸ˜›

        PS: I also like the version with Pitbull alone wan.

        See! We young people like the same songs! Hahahahaha!!!

    2. haha..if u will to listen to the Original version…pitbull alone…the lyric goes…something like “pull the g-string down south”…”i’m gonna give u some egg white”… i’m pretty sure this is not a cooking show….dirty dirty

      Yakah? Hahahahahaha!!! No wonder my daughter seemed quite put off by the fact that I had it in my post – said her friends in college like it and obviously, not her! Must be the lyrics! For one thing, these new songs, I can never hear the lyircs – maybe a bit here and a bit there…but I really dunno what they’re singing about. Never bother to really listen anyway…as usually the lyrics are that kind of crap – the quality of songs and music these days has really gone down the drain! But I hear this one quite often on the radio while driving – seems popular…and now I know why! LOL!!!

  16. famous amos, i use to like the cookies a lot, but every time after i eat, i sure get sore throat, too heaty maybe. Anyway, sometime there is a van from famous amos, selling cookies in front of my office building. RM2 per small packet, quite good deal, a lot people buying. Not sure they are seeing the sexy promoter or plain buying the cookies. hahahhahahha

    Chocolate is heaty…will get sore throat, should drink lots of water (not cold) after eating. Wah…got sexy promoter selling the cookies? Where? Where? Hahahahahaha!!!

  17. I love Famous Amos as well!
    I’m very surprised that they are still so good even after they’ve been franchised all over the world!

    They’re still nice…just that they’re no longer that affordable! Would not want to buy it…if it had been for myself.

  18. famous amos.. my husband always refrain me from buying this stuff.. anything sinful, whenever i look at those longingly, he’ll produce this scary but funny growl at me πŸ˜€ … oh.. how i wish….

    Why? Why sinful? Fattening? Or too expensive! In a way, that’s true. Not really worth those astronomical prices, if you ask me!

  19. ya ya ya…FREE SMELL @ Sg. Wang like what u said above. hahah…and so long did not eat that. A bit too sweet.

    Ya, it’s a bit sweet…and I’m not really crazy about sweet things. Prefer savoury…or stuff that’s not too sweet.

  20. u go for other type of room service mar as u owes travel alone…LOL

    sorry to say that i think less nicotine n caffeine wil b gd for u as i saw that day ur teeth had been attack by those both so its beter lead some healthy lifestyle… πŸ˜‰

    i like d song… πŸ™‚

    You do? You like this kind of “hiau” songs? Hahahahahaha!!!! Wah…you’re so observant. Sampai my teeth also you scru…scrutinise! LOL!!! Never mind, very soon all will be gone! Nothing to see liao! Actually I’m supposed to go back to my pretty dentist to remove the old filling (done in the 60s using some kind of metal, black colour one) and refill with new ones…and also to get some cleaning done but I haven’t had the time yet. Ummmm…did you have room service that night you stayed alone in a hotel in KL? Muahahahaha!!!!

  21. alamak…the more drunk the more i can…lol

    No use also… You wake up next morning, dunno what happened. Where got syiok like dat? LOL!!!

  22. i knew wat i did last nite even im not sober…the next day stil can continue wad unless u cant…lol

    Wah! Memang hebat lah you!!! Kuat lihai wan! Hahahahaha!!!

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