With a little bit of luck (2)…

If you’re going to Gerrie’s pot luck party, you certainly do not need a little bit of luck for there will be so much to choose from that there is bound to be something that you would like to eat. Well, we had a pot luck gathering at her house the 2nd night my daughter and I were in Kuching and Gerrie cooked these rempah (spice) chicken…

Potluck@Gerrie's 1

…and this baked fish…

Potluck@Gerrie's 2

…and if I’m not mistaken, the mum brought these steamed drunken prawns or perhaps she bought the crustaceans but it was Gerrie who cooked them as well…

Potluck@Gerrie's 3

…and all of them were really yummy! Sophia came with one huge Philippine pork leg…

Potluck@Gerrie's 4

…which was very nicely done – just perfect and not very fat and oily. She also brought the fried mihun

Potluck@Gerrie's 5

…which was a hit with everybody as it was really delicious and what everybody liked about it was that it was fried with udang kering/hay bee (dried prawns). Lindy and her mum came with these roast pork ribs…

Potluck@Gerrie's 6

…which tasted really good too…and for dessert, Gerrie made this carrot cake complete with icing and all…

Potluck@Gerrie's 7

…and this Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe was my contribution to the dinner…

Potluck@Gerrie's 8

…plus the array of mouth-wateringΒ nyonya kuihs that Sophia bought for everyone to relish.

As in the previous night at the Junk, once again, we had a delightful dinner and enjoyed the great time we got to spend together. Thanks, Gerrie, for hosting…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “With a little bit of luck (2)…”

  1. Hahaha!!! I am 1st FC today!YIppee!!! This should be known as pot bless instead of potluck! Wah! so many yummy dishes! Look like everyone who came for the party are pretty good cooks and apparently judging by the dishes, too many cooks don’t spoiled the soup!LOL! Yummy prawns,fish,etc.etc.etc. Very obvious Gerrie is an excellent cook more to the standard of a chef, Beef Bourginon anyone? hehe!!! Sigh! M yet to taste her cooking….Hint!Hint!

    Hah! These scheduled 5.00 a.m. posts certainly suit you well – 7.00 a.m. Down Under and you’re up and about while the rest of us here are still sleeping.

    Ya…ya…ya…certainly not like my kampong-style agak-agak trial and error style of cooking!

    Gerrie’s a real pro as a chef…and you forgot to mention – a baker too!!! Everyone’s raving about her bread…but I’ve yet to try that. Dunno when she’s going to open her own food outlet! Good Lord!!! She even has a contraption that looks like a lawn mower or outboard engine to dry lettuce leaves for her salad! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    P.S. The rest didn’t cook. Just bought from the shops. Can’t stand the competition, I guess! Hehehehehehe!!!

    1. I think the carrot cake very similiar to the Hummingbird cake isn’t it? Yummy!

      That one you’ll have to ask Gerrie. Never mind whatever bird – I wouldn’t know! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Great delicious food galore! Gerrie is SO capable! πŸ˜€

    My! My! You’re early! Don’t tell me you’re in the office already? That will be the day! Muahahahaha!!! Ya, you should make friends with her…and pick up a trick or two. Then you’ll be able to cook like her. Ya…she does it “by the book”! Real pro one!…And she has a maid, a good one!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! Buy, am I bitchy or what? LMAO!!! πŸ˜€

    1. You think? Nolah. Was checking classes for gym today so that can decide whether to bring gym clothes to change in the office and go straight after work or not. While waiting for the schedule to load, I hopped over lor… πŸ˜›

      Yaloh! Should learn something from Gerrie, can cook so many dishes…and bake breads too (they look better than those in the bakeries, and even hotels’) All so yummy summore. Fuiyor…even after breakfast I’m still drooling looking at all the food in this post πŸ˜€

      Ya, you’d probably seen her breads on Facebook. She bakes very often. If you can cook like her, you’d probably need to go to the gym a lot more often! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. luckily i just came back from dinner.. haha.. =D

    Wow! That’s late! Midnite there? Or 1 a.m. already? Sigh!!! I was young too…a long time ago! Hahahaha!!!

  4. YOOOO.. i love the desserts! the meat can wait.. but i simply cannot resist the carrot cake, it loooks so soooo “divine”…hahhaa… cannot find a word to describe my feelings, two layers some more.. Gerrie really is a good cook, huh?

    She is! The carrot is nice and with icing some more. I wouldn’t have bothered to go through the trouble! But then, I’m not a true-blue chef… Kampung one, cukup sendiri makan only. Hehehehehe!!!

  5. pek moh life oso not so happening like u…go every plc being treated like king…lol..
    so healthy nothing greens…good for health.. ;P

    Hah!!! You go here there, your blogger-friends never treat you to big big makan one kah? Aiyor…so kesian! Hahahahahaha!!! Ya, no greens – not rabbits nor horses! LOL!!!

    1. He’s a King ma… his name is a King’s name la, kawan.

      I think I’ve said this before – Once a king, always a king! Once a knight…is enough! πŸ˜€

  6. The chicken and the pork leg looks most appetizing wan. LOL…and I’ve tried the Secret Recipe Indulgence before. That one is absolutely sinful…. nice sweet thing, but I’m not that much into sweets. Ahahaha… so I guess…not really tempted….

    Actually I prefer rich white chocolate macadamian…but my daughter prefers Chocolate Indulgence. I also feel it’s too sweet…but then parents have no say! Children always comes first! πŸ™‚

  7. wah everything is so meaty! where’s the healthy green leaves?

    Ya…it did cross my mind. If I had known there was carrot cake, I wouldn’t have got another one…and would probably bring along some cold salad/coleslaw (There’s Kenny Rogers’ at Spring)…or cut fruits.

  8. Haha… a feast fit for a King. For those who mentioned there were no greens/veges, please look carefully….. tomatoes under the chicken, pickled cucumber under the pork leg, some green leaves in the bihun, and cucumber strips next to the pork ribs….. got GREEN bah!…heheh. And the cake was a vegetable too…. CARROT! hahah

    Ya, your wife-to-be will not have any problem feeding you – no need for any veg. Carrot cake will do! Hahahahaha!!! I don’t think anybody ate the garnishings that night – only there for decor!

  9. Hiya missed it. Fiq and father came back from the farm after 8. By the time I was free it was 10pm. Eh, Sophia where did you get the tu ka from?

    That one, you’ll have to ask her. I think it’s nicer than the ones I usually have in Sibu which are nicer than the one I had at the authentic Pinoy restaurant in Kuching sometime ago… Too bad you couldn’t join us.

  10. hmmm…i’m having my lunch while reading this post.

    Pot luck food look even yummy than eating at restaurant ya? Baked fish, steam prawn and the chicken is it baked too? So healthy ya?

    Nope, it was deep fried. I guess if you bake it, it would be nice too. Ya…I always prefer eating at home – and if it’s own home-cooked food, even more so! I’ve been eating here, there and everywhere ever since I had this blog and I must say I’m getting quite tired of eating out – unless it’s something really special or really good.

    1. Chicken was deep fried, as per the recipe.

      Try baking/roasting it in the oven. Maybe there will be a bit of difference but I bet it will also taste nice. Frying uses up a lot of oil (and can be messy)…but in the oven, we do not get to see how much electricity is being used. Just be prepared for a heart attack when the bill comes end of the month… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    2. Now Annie pandai oredi lah. LOL… have lunch while reading your entry, Cikgu! Ahahaha… Fast learner, kan? LOL…

      Well, if it’s any consolation, tomorrow’s post no nice food that will make you drool… Pretty safe to drop by hungry! LOL!!!

  11. STP, you very very welcome. Pot luck is sometimes quite tricky as you can’t really “theme” it, and also I think everyone wanted to bring “the best dish that stp would like”, so it was really an “anything goes” potluck. Didn’t want to do a “western” dinner as Mel would be having that in Wellington.

    That shouldn’t be a problem! I eat anything! Hahahahahaha!!!! Well, I doubt she’ll get anything like what we have here or how you/we cook it….even if she has the money to pay for it. East west…home is best!

  12. Gosh! the pictures are all so big and clear….can even see the spices on the fried chicken. ^_^ Choc Ind. was my son’s 1st birthday cake and when the elders one saw, first thing was “Aiyo…birthday why buy so BLACK cake?” hahahaha….*faint*

    Make you drool? LOL!!!…You should say it’s brown, not black…and they need new spectacles! πŸ˜€

    1. *FAINT* if my in laws say that, i sure tell them off la… lol… chocolate worr… cannot meh? Yerr… so superstitious… 😦

      Yalor…over that side, still got people so old-fashioned one kah? So special occasion, cannot serve daging masak hitam lah…or kek hati parek or kek negro – all really very black one! Susah like that!

  13. Gundot, I got the tu kar from Venue together with the delicious mihun. You must try the mihun. We all had a great time at Gerrie’s place. Stp was the one who told us that it was way past his bedtime (only 11 p.m) and we had to leave.

    And the previous night, it was way past 11.30 and nobody realised it! Thank goodness it was just over the weekend. I need my beauty sleep! Hehehehehehehe!!!

  14. The pork trotter is nicely done……I am sure it taste good also! Good to chew on all the soft tendons….he he he!

    It was very nice. They gave one sweet lime sauce or something…and curry dip! I would love to eat that with sambal belacan…!!!

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