So much…

Last Saturday afternoon in Kuching, Vivien whom you’ve met in an earlier post, took my daughter and me to this restaurant named Chef’s Delicious (near Timberland Medical Centre) where an old and good friend of ours, Mary, was waiting. Mary wanted to give me a treat as her eldest daughter would be getting married soon in Australia.

We had the Mongolian lamb chops which were very nice…

Chef's Delicious 1

…and the roast duck that I, being quite toothless now, found to be a bit too tough for me to chew…

Chef's Delicious 2

The crispy oyster omelette – the way they do it in Kuching, was very nice and comparable to the ones that I used to have at Buntal, near Damai Beach…

Chef's Delicious 3

…but there did not seem to be a lot of oysters in it though! The hot pot tofu was all right, nothing to shout about…

Chef's Delicious 4

…and I thought the french fries in their Three Treasures stuck out like a sore thumb as we usually would have those with western dishes or at one of those fast food restaurants…

Chef's Delicious 5

I think the bean combination dish at Ruby in Sibu is a lot nicer – all the beans fried with pork belly and a hint of belacan (dried prawn paste).

My daughter loved the thick crab meat with sweet corn soup…

Chef's Delicious 6

…and a word of warning to anyone planning to dine there – do not order the medium, just stick to the small as the servings were so big we had to struggle half dead to finish the food. Luckily, Clare and her chipmunk (Alvin) dropped by to see me…and they helped a bit with the food. Even then, there were a lot of leftovers…so we had to ask for a doggie bag!

All in all, it was a delightful lunch…for Β around RM120, inclusive of rice and drinks. It certainly was nice seeing my two very dear friends again and thanks, Mary, for the treat. I guess congratulations in advance are in order. Woman, you’ll be a grandma soon! Muahahahahaha!!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “So much…”

  1. Hello all,
    I’m first today, hopefully. Trying to join in the crazy FC.. So early in the morning already drooling over the pictures. Cheers…

    Hooray! I did it! My first scheduled post – a little late – 5.09 a.m. instead of 5.00 a.m. but never mind! Still can consider it a success! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new things? Hehehehehehe!!! You’re up early, Richard…and fell into the trap! I was hoping it would be Cleffairy – so early, no breakfast yet and dropping by only to see all those yummy food! That must be a real torture, eh? πŸ˜€

  2. Hello! I am second today. Have to wake up early to drive my gal to enroll for uni. Although it is 9am here now, we still in school hols mode. Great food btw but the chips dishes= bad combination! Prefer the ruby one u mentioned!

    Your girl? Thought she has graduated? Or did she just finish high school? Ya…the one at Ruby is really good.

    1. My 2nd gal lah! First 1 already graduated/working, now 2nd one 1st yr uni then have to wait for my 3rd one to go uni,only then can goyang kaki!!!! Not like u, can goyang kaki now Mel in uni!

      Not yet! Not yet! 2013!!! Have to wait till she has graduated and started working – independent!!! Your girls seem so mature and stylish – like yuppies (young urban professionals). Thought both already out of uni…

  3. LOL… I die die oso must take bfast first lerr… LOL… these few days my lungs oso keep give me problems… can’t really wake up so early, high on drugs ma. Knock me out like dono wud. Ahahaha….

    Now took bfast liao, come see ur entry. Ahaha… good, good… so the scheduled entry thing is working?

    Fuiyoooo.. lucky I took my own sweet time before come and see your entry, Else, I would drool like mad lah!

    Tsk! Tsk! Was hoping you would fall into the trap! LOL!!! Ya….it’s working! So when free, can get a lot of posts ready – all standby! Take care now…rest more! Sleep early!

    1. LOL… so it’s really working lah. I am hosting my blog outside, so i wasn’t quite sure if it’s working the same way as Since both side oso working, den good. LOL… Now I oso can make loads of post and tinggal it there… auto mode. Me? Fall into the trap? LOl… cannot wan la… I am not a masochist, wun torture myself so early in the morn with your delish entries. LOL…

      I think I’ll schedule my post for tomorrow too – more food! LOL!!!

      1. Wahhh… food around the hours? *pengsan*

        Breakfast – 10 o’clock tea – lunch – 4 o’ clock tea – dinner – supper…. I’m a very regimented person, fixed times, fixed meals…and look at what that has done to me! Sobs!!!! 😦

  4. Oh yea… forget to ask… how come the omelette so crispy wan? Made from the cornflour onli or wud? Here in KL it’s more thick… with eggs….

    That’s the Kuching style. VERY nice – some people call it the Sarawak pizza. There are places here cooking it like West Malaysia/Penang or chian…but so far I have not come across any that I would honestly say – can pass, very nice! One place – Venue – the or chian, Penang style – not too bad…but I’ve tasted quite a few that’s a lot nicer in Penang.

    1. Oo…. I never see this kind of oyster omelette before. Something very new to me. This one looks like pizza. Ahahahaha!

      They do it like that in Kuching. Used to go all the way to Kampong Buntal (fishing village) just to eat this and it’s quite far – one eating place there served very nice ones done this style.

      1. LOL… if you din say it’s oyster omelette… I would really have thought that it’s a pizza. LOL…

        And you’d think Kuching has all kinds of odd-looking pizzas! LOL!!!

  5. Wow, this is the 1st time i see crispy oyster omelette! They added something to the egg and make it crispy?

    Dunno. They do it that way in Kuching and it’s very nice – nicer than their pale imitations of Penang or chian at some places…

  6. The oyster omelette doesnt look appetizing. 😦 Guess it’s because of the number of oyster they put.. lol.. still miss the one in batu lintang.. πŸ˜›

    It WAS nice…and in a way, it was a blessing that there were not many oysters. I might end up with a gout attack! LOL!!! I have not been to Batu Lintang since my college days in the mid-70s!

  7. The orh chien was okay but there are better ones around Kuching.

    But I love the Mongolian lamb! At first I thought it was some pork rib until Vivien said it was lamb. Surprisingly it didn’t have the typical lamb taste! Yummy! *drool drool*

    Done like that? Maybe by the time you had that, it was cold and no oysters left. It was very nice when it was served. Ya, the Mongolian lamb was really good – no complaints!

  8. STP, u seem to be going on a food-roadshow.. πŸ™‚ so much to eat and so many good frens around u.. praise u for that.. nice people like u will have nice frens to treat u nice food… πŸ™‚

    Ya…I am blessed with nice friends all over – like when I went to Ipoh, you were there to buy me lunch. Too bad nobody wants to come to Sibu – then, I can give a treat in return! 😦

    1. i am also blessed. i have you to remind me to eat breakfast everyday!!! Ahahahaha! I was never the kind who take breakfast, yunno? You got me into the bfast habit, Cikgu! LOL… So, very, very blessed!

      Yakah!!! Wish the old lady has the habit as well. Says too early, can’t eat. Poor me! So if I want breakfast, I have to cook myself! Tsk! Tsk!

  9. The mongolian lamb looks so appetizing and really huge portion. I don’t think I can drink anything after eating that plate! hehhe…

    Yes, it was really good. Drink? Or did you mean to say “eat”?

    1. Yeah…drink. I normally dun drink after ‘big portion’ food like this. Maybe a few sip of plain water la. I can survive without water. hehehe

      Ok. Ya…drinking will make one feel full but I will drink at least a glass of water after a meal – flushing…and helps prevent dehydration and constipation.

  10. it would be more delightful if they dont use the pitted pot to serve tofu…so unpresentable..u can ot finish mer?pretend nia lar as all girls eat with u so u action to be polite… πŸ˜›

    Wah! You seem to me so very well…but you’re wrong there. When it comes to eating, never mind who’s around, I will not be shy one! LOL!!!

  11. Wah, lambs….lambs lambs, I am having a toothache also…the fillings came out…..the word toothless sounds very scary to me……..time to visit the pretty dentist…LOL!

    You have a pretty one there. Take her photo and post…and I’ll post a photo of mine. See whose is prettier! Hahahahahaha!

  12. i heard of that place in kch. going thr soon. i make sure i would order the small portion….mmmmm cheers STP!

    Now what have you heard about the place? Somebody just told me that the place full of China dolls 10 p.m. onwards. Make sure you go for the food…but stay away from those Peking ducks! Hahahahaha!!!

  13. I jumped a little when I saw the omelette.. tot got roaches on it!!

    Hahahahaha!!! That’s funny! Thank goodness you did not think of somebody suffering from constipation! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  14. mongolian lamb chops? was C4 involved in its preparation??

    What’s C4? You’re referring to the case where somebody got blown up to bits?

    1. Ahahahahahahaha! OMG! I had to laugh at this one! LMAOooo….and speaking of which, the case has been quiet down. M was right. Malaysian mudah lupa.

      Shhhh….. I do not allow discussions on politics, religion, race and sex (discrimination) – all the controversial and depressing topics. Want to keep this a happy blog!!!

  15. So much foods!! I like the lamb and the duck!! Yummy!! The corn soup look good too.

    French Fries in the vege dish? A bit weird combination.

    I’m sure Mel did put on some weight, before she leave for NZ. Eat everyday. hahahhahahha

    She has been weighing herself. Was thrilled when she found that she had put on 3 kg but then on another machine, just 1 kg! So disappointed after eating so much! Her face is rounder now though… Hope she stays that way when she goes over to NZ.

    1. The machine rosakkah? Which one is real? 1kg or 3 kg? LOL…

      You’re asking me? I would say the 1 kg one. The 3 kg one – already old, spring loose – so extra 2 kg in the reading. Hahahahahaha!!!! My daughter would like to believe the 1 kg one rosak though…

  16. My last visit there wasn’t a pleasant one 😦

    But will give it a try again since I saw some yummy food in this entry πŸ˜€

    It was quite good…no real complaint. Gosh!!! Haven’t seen you around for a long, long time!

  17. i like crab meat corn soup! kch’s HK noodle house serves a superb one.

    I’m ok with it – not really crazy about it but my daughter loves it. HK Noodle House – went to the one in Saberkas long long ago….in the 80s or 90s, can;t remember now…and I know they’ve an outlet at Padungan now but I’ve never gone there.

  18. oooh the crispy oyster omelette is very new to me. Have not heard of such a dish cos here in KL we only have the “hor chien”

    Ya…they only have it in Kuching and not necessarily at all eating places in the city…and some may have it but may not be very nice. I guess it’s the same everywhere – you just need to know where to go if you want the best.

  19. Kuching really got so many nice foods compare to Sibu. More varieties and choices. Drooling with all your food posts as I read it in one shot. A few days didn’t logged in. Got to find something to eat now.

    Gosh! A torture marathon! Looks like you’re pretty busy in your new job – not that much time to go online like before. Well, Kuching is a city and it has its good food…while Sibu has its own but maybe not that much.

  20. omg, more photos of food..u’re really torturing me lah..haha

    Hahahahaha!!! When you see my shape and size, you’ll understand why it’s all about food…most of the time! πŸ™‚

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