The English expression “in the buff” actually means naked or as one of the online dictionaries puts in – bare-assed or completely unclothed. Don’t worry though…as this is not going to be a post on nudity nor are you going to see any revealing photos of any kind. Now, now! Are those sighs of disappointment that I hear? LOL!!!

Well, it’s just that Gerrie gave this to my daughter…

Buff 1

…and the first thing that caught my attention was the brand name. I wonder why they call it thus, considering the fact that it is not some kind of undergarment or something that is used to cover one’s nether regions. Hahahahaha!!!

They call it “the original multifunctional headwear” and one can used it in all kinds of ways and styles…

Buff 2

But the moment I caught sight of the price tag, I gasped…

Buff 3

$30!!! And I reckon that’s in Singapore dollars which would be around RM75.00!!! *faints!!!

No complaints though! After all, as the saying goes, the best things in life are free! Thanks, Gerrie…on Mel’s behalf! And thanks also to all those who gave her ang-paos for soon-hong (Bon Voyage)! Nobody gave me any…so I could not get on my “Nay-ah! Nay-ah!” (No need! No need!) routine with my hand outstretched! ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

62 thoughts on “Naked…”

  1. Good grief! And I talk about naked thing oso today. =.= well… the entry was scheduled… lol…oh well… lol…

    You always talk about naked things what, not me. Rancangan ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. *sigh sigh sigh* your rancangan not quite sesuai for people who haven’t fill their tummy! LOL…

      Today ok what? I purposely posted this…as I’m sure everybody’s tried of seeing all the food…food…food! A welcome break! Actually got lots more food to post about! LOL!!!

      1. Yeah, today’s entry is okay… only people like me and Merryn will go on our otak kuning mode. LOL…

        Wah! You tenggelam, also pull Merryn with you kah? I see her posts all decent ones leh? About her and her kid and hubby…and where they go to eat or that kind of stuff? Have I missed something?

      2. You tink Merryn very innocent? LOL… think again… she’s my sifu! LMAO!

        Somehow I find that kinda hard to believe…especially looking at your latest post and how you ogle-google at naked men!!! Wink! Wink! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Oh yeah, Cikgu… the scheduled post thingie… i think it’s working again. You might wanna test it out.

    Yakah? I tried twice…but it did not work. See…I set the next post for 5.00 a.m. tomorrow. Hope to see it published when I wake up.

    1. I think still got bug? I tried… it worked… hmmm…lemme set a few and see oso… =.= I’ve been wanting to do scheduled entries… cuz CNY oso coming lerr…can’t possibly be greeting people on that day ma… will be in in law’s place. 😦

      I’ve set mine for tomorrow morning. Bit different from how I used to set it before. I think it’s gonna work out right this time. Wait and see tomorrow morning. FCs, get ready!!! 5.00 a.m. tomorrow morning, next post! Hahahahahahaha!

  3. Hope Mel likes it, thought she would find it useful…and it is really multifunctional. I tried to remove the price tag larr..but that would result in a bad tear….haha.

    Yeah..she likes it. Now has to learn the different ways of using it…

    1. Actually the head -wear very nice. I like it…blue colour, it’s my favourite… and summore, got snowflakes prints on it too… so nice.

      Yalor…I like the prints and the colour!

  4. I know stp won’t touch on that…i can vouch for it.. hahaha… stp is more or less like me… very “innocent” one *shin chan’s face*…..LOL…..
    So nice of your fren Gerry to give your girl a soon hoon gift… ang paus.. yes, it is not the money that counts but the blessings that goes along in it that is most important!
    I talk so much but nothing from me… *shy* please send my blessings of smooth journey, wisdom and good health to Melissa… thanks!!

    Touch on what? The naked stuff? LOL!!! *blinks eyes innocently… Cleffairy! You want another member in your club? She’s my cousin lah…and the name is spelt Gerrie! Hahahahaha!!!! Nothing from you kah? I can email you my bank account number and you can transfer a few K…??? ROTFLMAO!!! Jokes aside – thanks for the good wishes! She’ll need all that!

    1. I wan give angpow to ur girl, but now since I pok, I give her my blessing and prayers. I hope she will be safe and strive in NZ. πŸ˜€ God be wif her.

      Thanks for the blessings… No ang pao kah? Haiz!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

    2. Ahahahahahaha… looks like… i really banyak kawan over here!!! Must really go to register the club lah! LMAO!

      Hahahahaha!!!! Birds of the same feather flock together!

      1. sorry…so gerrie is your cousin…
        btw, what club were u talking about…or writing about.. cleffairy got club already? women’s club or fairy’s club?

        She says she’s starting a club for people who always read wrongly and comment…. Hahahahaha!!!! Just a joke, eh? No offence!

    1. It’ll look… VERY, VERY weird if Cikgu demo for us!

      I’d probably look like that Air India mascot – dunno if it’s still around. An Indian guy with a turban! LOL!!!

  5. lol, the headwear looks like a cloth from my grandma’s shirt.

    Ooi! As the English proverb says, never look at a gift horse in its mouth! It’s the thought that counts. But personally, I like the floral pattern and the dark blue colour…and when she just wore it around the neck, it looked like a very nice bandanna. Very trendy!

    1. granny’s fashion is back in style… better raid her wardrobe fast!

      Granny so trendy, wear so flowery kah? You wear shirt like that, will end up looking like one of those huge Hawaiians on Hawaii-5-O!!! LOL!!!

    2. Eii… the head wear nice lerr… u see properly… the prints… it’s nice. Me likey like!

      Yalah!!! I’ve been saying this all along…and some people say like grandma baju! Chesh!!! LOL!!!

      1. My grandma baju. all kebaya wan…. she’s a nyoya… lol… mana ada all these things? Her kebaya all got embroidery and plain one… dun hv prints like this.

        Ya…my grandma too. And my mum as well but later she had blouses like that – nobody here to sulam all those nice nyonya outfits anymore.

  6. Time flies! You can count the days now.

    You reminded me about the “nay-ah”…hahaha! I suppose we are from the same generation!

    May the Spirit of God goes with her, protect her and guide her. May she be a blessing to many and may she be surrounded by many God fearing people. May she excel in studies and may God grant her much wisdom.

    Number 6:24 ” ‘ “The LORD bless you
    and keep you;

    25 the LORD make his face shine upon you
    and be gracious to you;

    26 the LORD turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.” ‘

    Amen…amen…amen!!! Yes, end of next week, we’ll be flying off to KL and the Monday after that, she’ll be off to NZ. Thanks for all the blessings and good wishes. Ya…we’re from the same generation – Foochow some more! LOL!!!

      1. Yes…it’s a blessing…I feel blessed to know so many people whom I may and may not meet, but with big hearts.

        Ya…that’s one reason why I keep blogging. So blessed…knowing so many nice people all over the country!

      2. Ya, I always bless people. It is free from God and why not use it all the time!

        …and that’s definitely better than going around squabbling over every little thing. God is love…and peace! Peace be with you and all of us…

  7. the title is so misleading! will not be tricked by you again!

    LOL!!! I did post a naked pic of myself once – my baby photo! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. eiling… here no Xrated stuff wan… u wan not so innocent entries, go to mine. LOL… i never cheat ppl wan!

      Chup! Chup! I’ll have to charge you advertising space, yunno! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

      1. LOL… LOL…with me around… you can think of charging more than ad space! LOL…

        So what do you suggest I should charge you for? RM5 a comment? Or RM10 perhaps? LOL!!!

  8. Yeah! Saw Gerrie wearing this before,cool n trendy n good for bad hair days! Wellington very windy,n if she don’t wear them u can also use it as a loin cloth!LOL! I also saw a sign in the 3rd pic ‘tiatao’ so good for headache days as well! Malu lah u,so ‘lau-goo’ still minta angpaos! U better save up for the ‘itchy’kung soon!

    Me so kuno! When we went to her house for dinner, I saw her using it while cooking (so the hair would not drop into the food)…and I thought she was wearing her shower cap! Hahahahahaha!!!! *shy…blush…blush!!! Are you coming for the itchy-kung? Or perhaps you’ll go to the one in Perth?

    1. *blush* actually… sometimes… i oso use this thing to avoid my hair from falling on my food…you kno… those bandana… my avatar wearing bandana, rite? Sometimes, I oso wear like that… quite hippie wan, me…

      Hippie! That’s the 70s! You’re too young to be a hippie!!! I was a hippie…long hair, and wear flowers in the hair, peace signs and buttons declaring “Make love not war”!!! Gee! I was wild! LOL!!! Didn’t smoke pot though! I stayed away from that!

    2. hahahaha shower cap!!!

      PLUG: To all STP readers, I sell this headwear! LOL!

      Should have posted that yesterday. Dunno how many will go back to the old posts. Ummm….now should I charge by per Advertising space? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. lol.. the Nay-ah Nay-ah routine irritates me a lot.. Why can’t it be a custom to just take and say thank you?! I can never understand this custom. hmmm

    Old Chinese custom mah!!! Some traditions, we can do without! Like the rubber time when invited to a dinner! Really hate people coming half an hour late or more!

    1. Oiks…we like to pretend pretend ma… I oso lidday. pretend say dun wan, but in fact, inside, giggling gleefully! LOL… like Cikgu lah!

      Me? Where got? I put out my hand and ask one! Like KpgNangkaBoy last time, he said no need to put in ang pao packets, just give the money – kacau2 only have to open and take out! I wonder whether he wants the same when he gets married later half of this year – or is there going to be the clause – “Gifts are respectfully declined”? πŸ™‚

      1. Whahahahahhaah…. that time, confirm he wants it! LOL…

        Bet he does! He’s not an accountant for nothing! Expert at counting money! LOL!!!

  10. True true..just take and say thank you. We, chinese always trying to be humble and low profile maaa…so nay-ah, nay -ah loooooooo

    Be humble…but never overdo it…especially to the extent of being pretentious! That’s my principle!

    1. Sometimes… when i say no, really means no wan. =.= Unless it’s from my parents… especially my daddy…. iI will tell him “U wanna give me money? Give me la… i wun say no wan!”…. tsk tsk tsk… this anak…until now oso still lidat. horrible, hor?

      Yalah! I’m also like that! If I want, sure I’ll say yes! No malu-malu, pretend-pretend one!

  11. i thot thre something abut naked chef or wat…suddenly it became tudung pula…lol

    Got you excited for a while eh? Me…so decent one! How can? LOL!!!

      1. Ahahahaha… free english lesson… but this one tipu ppl lah… dono how many ppl get cheated liao? LOL…

        No lah! Everyone knows I’m so good, so decent, so innocent. so pure….. Where got like you one? Hahahahaha!!!

  12. OMGF!!! Cikgu! Guess what… one way to Sibu is RM 249…. shit, shit!!! Why this offer comes at this time of the year? Sob sob!

    Keep trying…you may even get better than that!!! Check out the cheap airline also…

    1. That cheap airline I dun dare wan la… no joke… so bad experience with them. Wait later crash, tak pasal pasal I become Jane of the Jungle!

      If got one hell of a hunk for your Tarzan, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? LOL!!!

      1. I’m not into swinging. That would be a nightmare! LMAO…

        Imagine what you get to hold on to…while swinging with Tarzan!!! ROTFLMAO!!! πŸ˜€

  13. Aiya, just read Cleff Naked Men post……now STP Naked Post also…….luckily not naked pose….LOL!

    You wouldn’t want to see me in a naked pose, would you? Sure you will not be able to eat for at least a week after that! Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. hahahahhahah, i also just hop over from cleff’s blog! Cikgu and murid today on same Title ” Naked”! hahahahhahahahhaha

    First picture that green colour thing is your girl’s back pack? I saw that in last previous post, want to comment i like her bag. πŸ™‚

    Cool headwear! Should ask Mel to pose with the headwear ma. Can use it as scarf too? So sweet of Gerrie.

    Yup…that’s her laptop backpack – HP! Mygirl loves green…and collectibles of green frogs! Ask her to pose? Sure she doesn’t want one – shy! Wait till we go KLIA, she may use it round her neck like a muffler with her suit and open-necked shirt… I’ll take her photo then.

  15. I was like.. going thru my blog list n there are two naked post today!!! wat happen???? lol… cikgu.. believe it or not? cleffairy is on the way to my house!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!! lol..

    What? Hope she’s not naked!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! What on earth is she going to your house for? Delivering ang pao for my daughter, ask you to pass to me kah? Hint! Hint! ROTFLMAO!!!

      1. Btw.. she was not naked.. lol… she was grey! I’ve posted her pic (her backside!) in my blog dy.. quick quick.. go look! hahahahha.. her backside.. lol..

        She’s camera shy or she wants to remain anonymous? Hah!!! Actually she sent me a photo of herself…so now I can blackmail her! Either she meets all my demands or I’ll publish her photo in my blog! Muahahahahaha!!!!*evil laugh

      2. LOL.. if you can make time… maybe still got hope lorr…but i doubt it. You’ll be busy when you’re sending off ur dotter. You might want more time… exclusively for her.

        True! True! Will be spending all the time I can with her…

    1. I went to eat Merryn’s cooking! She cooked some very nice sweet chicken…tomorrow I post it let u see…

      Don’t wanna see…I wanna eat! Why no have it when I’m in KL! Sulk! Sulk!!!

      1. Come my house… I cook negro chicken for you. I promise you, it’s not poisonous wan!

        Let you practise a while longer and get it perfect first… LOL!!!

  16. Nice pressie here. 1 piece of cloth can have so many functions. Eh…the comments are so funny…laughing here in my office. Ppl thought I crazy liau…looking at the screen and laugh. And so difficult to laugh here coz cannot have sound.

    Glad that it has that effect on you. In today’s world, we certainly need to laugh a lot…or at least, smile!

      1. Knew it liao lerr… *sigh sigh sigh*

        Why sigh? Isn’t that good? To be able to make people laugh?…I am also like that! My students would laugh their heads off! Sometimes I felt like I was their clown (when I’m not in a foul mood!) LOL!!!

  17. you know, that woman on the packaging kinda reminds me of lucille ball…

    Lucille Ball? I thought she looks like Marilyn Monroe…

  18. Hey that’s a really nice…er, is it headwear? I can’t see properly. Anyway will be coming back to Sibu to collect ang pow from you this year! πŸ˜‰

    It is! But you can let dangle round your neck like a bandanna… Ya, give me a tinkle or sms and we’ll see when and where we can meet. Would be nice to see you again…and laugh at how you’ve “grown”. LOL!!!

  19. LOL… I want to remain anonymous la, Cikgu. It’s for safety purposes. And on Alien…I also want him to remain anonymous. One can never be too careful these days. For you, you walk on the street, people saw you, surely no one dares to mess with you. But me? So small, so easy to bully! And the child? Anybody can kidnap him. He’s better off anon too. I can never know whom I’ve pissed off in the blogosphere!

    Over there so dangerous kah? Well, as long as I keep to non-controversial topics, I guess nobody would give two hoots about me…and everyone can find refuge here – away from all those things going on in the country and the world! So depressing!

    1. No la… this is not the matter of controversial or not. I also dun quite like the idea of walking on the street and people recognizing me and yet I have not an inkling of who they are. Maybe I am paranoid, but better be safe than sorry, right? Summore.. lately so many missing child case and whatnot. I have to protect my boy lerr…not that I have a black belt or anything leh, Cikgu. 😦 Fame, and whatnot, comes with a price. It’s a price that i am not willing to pay.

      You’re paranoid all right! I leave everything to God. When my daughter’s so far away, I sometimes worry and feel so helpless. Nothing much I can do except to pray…and God has been kind all this while, praise Him!

  20. if u decent cow oso can climb tree… πŸ˜›

    What, ah-nel? I’m not decent kah? Wah…how come you know me so well leh? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰ Hahahahaha!!!

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