Again and again…

This is my favourite restaurant in Kuching

Junk Kuching

…when it comes to western food and I’ve been dropping by there for dinner again and again.  It’s not too high class till you feel chokingly uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the place is pretty casual…and they even have a bar where yuppies would gather…plus I love the lamb shank there A LOT…

Junk, lamb shank

…but when my daughter and I went there with all my cousins aka The Gluttons’ Club, I was so disappointed that it was not served on a bed of mashed potatoes. I cannot remember how many times I’ve eaten there and each time, without fail, the mashed potatoes would be there. Now I must make a mental note that should I ever go and dine there again, I would insist on the mashed potatoes! Tsk! Tsk! Four of us – KNB (Kpg Nangka Boy), Gundot and Annisa and I – ordered that while my daughter had the soft shell crab salad…

Junk, soft shell crab

…which was really very nice and their fettucine carbonara…

Junk, fettucine carbonara

Sophia and Lindy shared the baked prawns which were superbly done too…except that the serving as too huge for the two to finish…

Junk, baked prawns

…and Gerrie had the salmon gnocchi…

Junk, salmon gnocchi

TheOtherCousin had a light meal – their pizzas…

Junk, pizza

…as he had eaten something earlier. His sister, Sabrina, joined us later as she had a wedding dinner to attend. We had cheesecakes for dessert, their tiramisu…

Junk, tiramisu

…and what they called their “original baked cheese cake”…

Junk, baked cheese cake

It certainly was a delightful meal and the cousins took care of the bill for my daughter and me as it was some kind of a farewell treat from her aunties and uncles. And we had a whole lotta fun talking about anything and everything and laughing till we almost brought the roof down. My daughter enjoyed herself tremendously and was smiling from ear to ear when we made our way back to the hotel. There! Life should be like that – a time for everything with lots of joy and laughter thrown in!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

47 thoughts on “Again and again…”

  1. mmmmmmmm these look very tasty, thanks for sharing the pictures, u made me hungry lol, happy cookin 🙂

    Hey! I didn’t cook that! But I think my missus can cook the lamb shank like that too…

    P.S. You’re new here, I see! Welcome…and do drop by again!

    1. Ahahahaha! Cikgu… another one… can join my ‘never read properly’ club. LMAOoooo!!! Aiyerr…. should really open one club lerr… den can collect fees and laugh all the way to the bank!!! Ahahaha!!! I kn ow kenwooi and tekkaus can be my gang… now add another one… wakakakakaka!

      Got some more… Safety in numbers, I guess? LOL!!!

  2. Food and fellowship, what else can we ask for! The soft shell crab salad looks decent! Must try one day – a mental note needed to remember 🙂

    Ya, the food was nice and the company was great, what more could anyone ask for? The soft shell crab was very nice and for small eaters like you, that can be a complete meal already. The serving is THAT huge! Psst…ask Clare to take you there and give you a treat. Hear she had some good news… 😉 LOL!!!

  3. Is tat cheese on top of the soft shell crab?
    I miss the FC again~

    That’s the salad dressing, dunno if they had cheese in it or not but it tasted great with the crab and the greens… Ya, come a little earlier next time! 😀

    1. OMG! That’s the pizza? Who the hell give them the rights to call that a pizza? It duzzin look like a pizza to me lah. It looks like nachos and tomato dips to me. 😦 No cheese on it oso?

      Bet you can make better pizzas. Come, come…make and take photos and post in your blog! 😀

      1. LOL? Pizza? Mine? Just normal bread with cheese and some meat on it… u wan see ah? nothing to see wan worr…

        Hah!!! Not trying to chicken out now, are you? I dunno how to make bread base – will usually use shortcrust. They say use naan bread also nice, but never tried…

    2. Yeah, looks more like a waste of money to me. I wun buy wan… this kind of pizza… tsk tsk tsk! Dun even have cheese! Well, it certainly looks like it duzzin have cheese on it!

      Still ranting over the pizza, I see! LOL!!!

  4. Glad you and Mel had a good time. I think they have to send in the engineers to check the pillars and staircase after our dinner that nite.

    We did…but the maze…and the narrow wooden staircase and wobbly hand rail…not very friendly for elderly and extra-oversized people like me!

  5. if u like to eat lamb shank thre an outlet in padungan but i forgot the name had the lamb shank bigger 2 times u had at the junk…who say the junk price cheap?poor ppl like me cant afford eat thre.. 😛

    Padungan? Tom’s? I ate there…but not the lamb shank, and on the whole, I still prefer going to Junk! Now…now…I did not say cheap!! That night, it was my cousins’ treat…but I wouldn’t mind going once in a blue moon – sometimes, have to pamper myself a bit. No point working half dead and never enjoy… True or not?

  6. Oh yes! Clare should buy me a dinner! Thank you for the reminder! Clare, I am shouting out here loud and clear! He..he..

    Ya…looks like she heard you loud and clear, but what about me? Me! Me! Now I’m shouting… LOL!!!

      1. No lar…Anywhere also can :p

        Sibu… See you CNY! We go and visit Yan and collect ang pao! Must give to singles and elderly people hor? LOL!!!

  7. so yummy, but not sure where it located in kuching.

    The row of OLD shophouses across the road from Medan Pelita/Star Cineplex…or where Rex Cinema used to be and St Mary’s School… Wayang Street, I think…and after those blocks of shophouses, you get to Ting and Ting Supermarket…and then Borneo Hotel….

    Btw, your 1st time here, I see. Welcome…and thanks for dropping. Come again…often! 🙂

  8. Thanks, Clare! I am organizing a “columnists’ gathering”. Akan Datang! But I shall save some “space” for that soft shell crabs salad!

    Got the hint, girl? She wants you to treat her to the softshell crabs! LOL!!! Hey! Am I not a columnist too, Yan? Hahahahahaha!

      1. You ar, I meet all the time wan lar…The columnist that I meet most of the time 😛

        Like that, don’t want to meet anymore lah? Hahahahaha!!!

  9. Great food ehh…looks good presentation wise at least…how about the pricing ?…TGIF and Chili’s standard ?

    Probably that kind of range. I saw some priced at RM28…and some going up to around RM45 – definitely not a cheap place! But it has been around for a number of years and judging from the crowd there, it certainly is enjoying good patronage among Kuchingites! Good ambience, nice food… I guess that’s the reason why it has been doing so well all these years. Even that guy from Discovery Travel and Living went there – Anthony Bourdain or what’s his name?

    1. o…even Mr Tony Bourdain was there b4…hmm….but i will be alone this trip to kch…will be a waste to savor in such an ambiance alone..

      You pay for my airfare…and my dinner, I’ll go with you – free of charge! Hahahahaha!!!!

  10. LOL at the pizza kosong with ingredients by the side…

    That really looks pathetic! Probably something for small eaters to nibble!!! Hahahahaha!

  11. the junk restaurant is really good food! how contradicting.. =P

    You can get to see a whole lotta junk in that shop…or antiques whichever name you prefer. Interesting but the place is a bit to dark to go and browse around and appreciate all those. Note the scooter on top of the restaurant sign.

  12. It’s lunch time now and I see the food that I cook is so .. yucky… hehe..

    If only i can have a bite of any of the above.. heavenly.. 😀

    Other than my own lamb shank, I tried the softshell crab salad and the fettucine – both VERY nice. They kept saying that the baked prawns were so nice but I did not get to eat that. Didn’t hear any comments on the gnocchi or the pizza…so I can’t say anything about them.

    1. So kesian… next time order the prawn lorr…

      But I love their lamb shank too much to want to order something else. Maybe I’ll order both… Hehehehehe!!!

  13. see? good food = no squiggle of mayonnaise. Haha!

    I miss The Glutton Club’s gathering. Without fail, it’s always full of fun, not to mention great food.

    LOL!!! Anti-mayo’s here!!! Ya…we missed you too! First time without you around…

  14. Oh..that baked prawns make me drool, lucky not so bad, because i just had my lunch. LOL *smarter now, come here with full stomach* 😛

    All the food look good ya, got the standard, i think Sibu still don’t have this kind of restaurant? I mean up-to-standard western food?

    So far, not those that I have been to. There’s one Kent’s Kitchen – formerly of Country Cafe…and the proprietress of Junk was a co-owner. Dunno is it’s any good – never been there. Cafe2 is pretty good actually. Others that I’ve been to – nowhere near. You may get some good stuff at the hotel cafes/restaurants, I wouldn’t know cos other than Garden, I haven’t gone to the others.

    1. Ahahahaha… come here must always be smart abit wan… have to eat full full first, else you’ll drool and your stomach will sing hard rock underground song! LOL… Pandai Annie… so clever!

      Hey! Where have you been all morning? Thought you’re supposed to keep everybody entertained till I can come online to respond to the comments? 😀

      1. Sick lorr… *sigh sigh sigh* down wif fever and flu, and sneezing like nobody’s business whole damn day. Sien. 😦

        Oh dear! Get well soon! They say H1N1 second wave coming…. Take lots of Vitamin C, build up immunity.

  15. The lamb shank sure look spicy too me. The fettucine carbonara looks so…cold to me. Ha 😀

    Spicy? You mean chilli hot spicy? No leh! Western dishes, where got spicy one? A lot of herbs perhaps – “…parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme…” and perhaps a bit of those fragrant spices like cinnamon sticks, star anise…but you find more of those in Indian or Malay/nyonya cooking. Mexican food may be spicy…but not that lamb shank! Yum! Yum! Really really nice! Drool!!!

    …And if the fettucine was cold, we would have asked them to take it back! Not supposed to be cold…unless they’re those Japanese ones – soba, served with ice cubes! Eyew…..

  16. The food looks sooo good! Glad your daughter enjoyed her farewell party …

    Ya…the food’s good…and yes, she had a good time that night. Party ended quite late, almost midnight and we did not even realise it!

    1. LOL… Cikgu party animal… probably u wish the party never even ended! LOL… how come never bawak ur missus? She so kesian, stay at home!

      She’s working…and is saving her leave to go to KL later…celebrate CNY….and maybe go to NZ end of year. Not many days…unless she’s willing to take leave without pay!

  17. the desserts attracted me most.. i can see this meal could be quite costly too.. so nice of u to take your girl for good makan before she leaves for NZ… can see she is very attached to u.. and of course, vice versa.. what a great papa u r!

    The cakes… I wouldn’t rave over them as I no longer crave for cheesecakes. My students use to feed with with them – Teachers Day, whatever day…and on my retirement, I had to give them away to friends. Wouldn’t mind if I do not get see another cheesecake in my life. Prefer Japanese baked cheesecake – like Uncle Miki’s! Very nice!

    Yes, we’re very close…especially when as a teacher and she a student, we went to school together, came home together, ate together and spent the rest of the day together. The mum’s a nurse working on shifts – irregular hours and different times each week…

    1. Wahhh…. occupational hazard! LOL… I wouldn’t mind being fed cheesecakes by my students, tho! LOL…. syiok lerrr!

      Not all teachers get cheesecakes! Must be as nice as me! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Actually… the soft shell crab looks very nice. However, Cikgu, the pizza repel me… looks like dono wud!!! How much is that thing? Pizza konon!

    Hah!!! So pandai kritik hor! I’m going to KL soon… Why not you make one and deliver to my hotel, and then I can publish a post on it and give my comments? Hehehehehehe!!!! Dunno how much, I didn’t pay! 🙂

    1. LOL… I tin kosong onli… you want pizza… you go to that peteformation. He very pandai. he always make pizza for his kids to bring to school for teacher’s day and whatnot!

      Hah! I’ve got you cornered liao! Don’t play push-push one!!! Hahahahaha!

  19. Didn’t this owner have a restaurant in Sibu too many years ago? I recalled eating there before but can’t remember the name now! Any clue?

    Country Cafe…at Kpg Datu, with her former hubby. I mentioned this in my reply to an earlier comment.

  20. its not tom…somewhre in d middle of padungan… 😉
    sure that lar as if not work half dead den bring money go down bcum hungry ghost

    Dunno… There was a place – much cheaper and also quite nice (but not as nice) – Westwood or something. Haven’t heard much of it since. Last I heard, they said not so nice anymore.

    1. Aiyohh… kawan… u use this excuse to spend and spend ah? Dowan bring the money go down and become hungry ghost? LMAO….

      Yalor! Over that side, they do not accept Malaysian ringgit anyway. No value – like here! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. But the french fries looked too thin. I prefer the ol’ english chips!

    I guess you prefer those chunky chips. I’m not into french fries – prefer mashed or baked anytime!

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