Together again (2)…

Auntie Vivien has known my daughter ever since she was a baby. She calls her myΒ kim kia (golden child) and when she was a baby, she used to buy some very nice outfits for her – some skimpy, sexy ones too! LOL!!! She had always been there somewhere as my daughter was growing up and since we were in Kuching, I decided to call Auntie Vivien so that they could meet for old times’ sake…

Mel & Auntie Vivien

She took us to Main Bazaar, right across the junction from the hotel where we were staying…

Main Bazaar Kuching

…where they have all the souvenir shops…

Souvenir shop Kuching

…and stalls selling kek lapis Sarawak (Sarawak layered cake)…

Kek lapis Sarawak Kuching

The Kuching waterfront is right opposite, across the road and from there, you can have a nice view of the Sarawak River and across the river, the majestic Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Assembly) Building aka the lemon squeezer…

DUN Building Kuching

…and the other historical buildings around it.

We went to this Deli Cafe…

Deli Cafe 1

Deli Cafe 2

…which served very nice coffee…

Deli Cafe black coffee

Deli Cafe coffee latte

…and really good chicken pies…

Deli Cafe chicken pies

…while we had a good chat, catching up on the days gone by. How time flies!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Together again (2)…”

  1. OIks… you’re very early today, Cikgu. πŸ˜€ Cannot sleep longer kah? The chic pies looks nice… but somehow…somehow… the one that you made looks more appetizing to me. And the layer cake… I din realize it’s cakes…they’re too nice. It looks more like an inedible souvenir to me. πŸ˜›

    This Auntie must be a very nice lady, huh? She loves your daughter so much too. And the state building… ahaha… it does look like a lemon sqeezer… i wonder who designed it! Ahahahahaha! So cute wan!

    Aha! By George! She got everything, right? Recovering from your illness…or mostly pictures = easier to read! Muahahahahahaha!!!! Ya…mine looks better and I think my oastry’s a bit better too – I used Golden Churn butter…but I like their filling. Those kek lapis Sarawak are very well-known, West Malaysians coming over will buy…together with the terubok masin…and the salted terubok eggs! VERY nice! Yes, Vivien and I have been best of friends since the late 80s when we were conducting courses fot teachers for the ministry/department…and yes, I wonder who designed that monstrosity too! HUGE place…all our money!

    1. LOL… still not feeling so weel lah. But it must be all the sleep that I’m getting… make me a bit more alert than usual. Ahahaha….yeah… ur pasry looks better. Nicely decorated too. This one looks pretty plain. If you put urs and this one on a plate and serve it to me,. I would have attacked urs first. Ahahah! This one…why never show us the filling? You eat all bec=fore you could snap the pic, issit? Wasted la… we cannot see! The kek lapis is very expensive over here in Peninsular… 😦 that one is very cheap lah Cikgu! *sigh sigh sigh*. if you buy 5, that would mean Rm9 each. OMG… very cheap. Here in KL…the cheapest would be RM15. 😦

      Hmm… I wonder… how much tax they telan to make that building? Ahahahahah!

      Looks can be deceiving! Never judge a book by its cover!LOL!!! Ya…things are cheaper here…and nicer too! Don’t you think the view looks good? Why spend a fortune on holidays overseas? Just come to Sarawak! You’ll love it here!

      1. =.= wanna lure me to go there again. LOL… I can’t go vacation la… have to wait til my son older abit. πŸ˜› Else… no one take care of him, and traveling with children… not only hassle… but costly too. LOL…

        If before 12 years of age, child fare – 50% only – so much cheaper to travel!

  2. miss kek lapis so much nw…. tis yr chinese new year once again without all those cakes n cookies…. if i were in malaysia now i will definitely buy those cakes n finish them!!!!

    Sob! Sob! So sad! My daughter also – will be celebrating in NZ…but we don’t usually celebrate – just sometimes. Most of the time, we would go somewhere and spend CNY in some hotel – relaxing and doing nothing.

    1. Poor Daniel…nevermind lah…CNY not that nice anyway… all the meeting kaypo relatives, all the damn gambling… all the stupid show off during reunion dinner… i would have cut my own legs to trade place wif you, you kno? LOL… Enjoy yourself over there. When you come back to Msia, you’re gonna miss Ireland!

      LOL!!! These students ah! They’ll go in BIG groups – 20 to 30 to visit people’s houses. I dreaded them coming to mine – house so small, not enough places to sit, not enough glasses to serve them drinks….and one group not gone, another group already coming in!!! Pengsan!!! Wouldn’t mind them coming in small groups…but students are students. They never listen!

    2. Oiks… just like my parents lerr… we usually ‘skip’ CNY and my dad would bring us for vacation somewhere… hide in a hotel for a few days. Usually we would cabut right after the mandatory reunion dinner(dat one cannot escape ma… if not, my dad’s head will be chopped off by his parents! Ahahaha).

      My dad…always gets claustrophobic around people. Just like me. I don’t really like to be around too much people… feel like cannot breathe la. Unless of course, these people are very, very close to me.

      😦 That’s why i kinda dun like CNY or festivals… my husband’s family very HUGE. 😦 Feel so…weird, and not comfy around them. Small group is okay for me. Say… 3,4,5 people.. but not 20-30 family members whom I can’t really understand how they are related to my hubby. =.= So cham wan! Summore… each time gathering… it’s so noisy. It will sound very weird to you, but I dun like too noisy lerr, Cikgu. it scares me and makes me feel so shy and awkward! Every time meet the in laws…everyone would be there, and I would just zip my mouth and hug my boy close to me! =.= wtf!

      Weird, rite? I used to be a public speaker and a debater back during my school and college time. I was a best speaker, evem. But I’m scared of being with too many people. 😦 Sometimes, I oso feel very strange! Why I become like this. *sigh sigh sigh* The crowd was never an issue when I was in school. 😦

      Growing old? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. Donno worr… mebbe growing old? LOL… or maybe… his family like gangster… make me takut. LMAOoooo

        Wah!!! So susah lah…can’t blend in with your monsters-out-law! πŸ˜€

  3. Aiyo! The kek lapis so nice. Is kuching the only place that sells these? I saw some Indonesian ones in Lavender,Pavillion but so expensive! Too bad we can’t bring them here! 😦 😦

    They’re quite nice…but of course, they can’t compare with our own homemade ones and those we specially order from people we know. Your relative, Ah Chuo, can make really really nice kek lapis!

  4. U should cut the pies and take one more pic of it^^

    Ya, I forgot… Too caught up with catching up with the latest news with Vivien. Btw, her daughter is one of the co-owners of Rucksack (Inn) in Singapore…

  5. Aiks… dono why… can’t click to reply at that thread. LOL… I’ll just write here… ahaha… wahh… your students visit you in so big groups ah? OMG! Really can pengsan ah! 30-40 people in a group…that’s like one whole class oredi lah. WTf… they’re not kids anymore summore… lol… all grown up liao.

    Your students are just like my husband and his classmates…they would go in a very huge group… and sometimes, i can see that their teacher… looks like she’s silently wishing that they would leave faster. LMAO…

    While me… I’m very different when it comes to visiting teachers. i would go with a few of my good friends… those that really close to me…and visit those fav teachers. LOL… Those that dun really like, we never visit wan! My best friend’s mum is also my teacher… lol…I go kacau her almost every day…and damn, talking about visiting teacher’s house makes me miss her cheese cakes…. Huhuhuhu! 😦

    Hmm… Cikgu… isn’t it a consolation that not all ur students goes to your house empty headed. Sure u got hamper and stuff lah. LOL…

    Dream on! Dream on! I was teaching in a BOYS’ school. Of course, there were A SPRINKLING of nice ones but MOST were like vultures!!! LOL!!! I bet it would be lot different teaching girls! I’m sure they’re not like that! Gosh! Your hubby did that too? Poor teacher of his… Guess it’s an occupational hazard! Happens once a year! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Yeah… my hubby does it. Worst, those students bring their kids and their spouse along too. LOL… you can see the teacher like saying a prayer oredi. LMAO… poor thing… I see oso kesian, actually. Every time oso one whole class go liddat, who wun takut lah? LOL…

      Now, listen up, kids… Cikgu is hinting at something. Ahahahahah!

      Aiyor…with BOYS, don’t get one’s hopes up too high! Be thankful they do not ask from you!!!

  6. Good morning sir ! Gosh… you sure know how to make a person hungry early in the morning ! Hahaha.. sigh, gotta wait for my friends to wake up before going out for breakfast at 10.00 a.m. will be going to watch Malaysian Open Finals later =)

    Who’s playing? That “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” (except by some stroke of good luck once in a blue moon) guy? No thanks… LOL!!!

  7. vivien look more plumpy compare to last time… πŸ˜‰
    at main bazaar outside my firnd foto shop they sell this kueh lapis also…i din noe got that cafe around…lol

    LOL!!! I told her you said that and she said, “Cheh!!!” The whole Main Bazzaar – so many set up a table to sell the kek lapis now! I think I saw a photo shop somewhere around there…

  8. ok….free internet…wifi connection..maybe i can drop by for their internet while enjoying a cup of coffee then….haha…somewhere around waterfront right…cool

    Yup…among the shophouses facing the waterfront – more towards the Chinese temple/Harbour View Hotel side, not so near the courthouse end.

  9. wah kek lapis also have pos laju service?!! that’s amazing!

    You’ll be amazed at the amount the West Malaysians will buy. Wait and see the photo that I took – will include it in a future post!

    1. Must be a really lucrative business… selling layer cakes… lol…til got pos laju service!

      Ya…wait till I post the photo of what somebody from Cheras bought to take home…

  10. Can see from her face and gesture that she really dotes on your girl… πŸ™‚
    hey, the sarawak kueh lapis look so colourful… did u buy?

    I bought kek hati parek – black…and hopefully nice. I’ve eaten before but those were homemade, not commercially-produced ones and were very nice! I also bought kek sisik ikan – the layers supposed to look like fish scales. Will feature that in a future post…

  11. you know what i can’t stand? That squiggle of mayonnaise on the plate whenever I order western dishes in Kuching. I really, really hate that! Whenever I see that on my plate, I know whatever it is I’ve ordered won’t taste good and authentic. Ish! Did I mention I hate mayonnaise??

    Ya…you’ve said that before. Well, we didn’t touch that – there merely for decor and presentation….

    1. You hate mayo? Why lah? It’s nice!!!

      I prefer it with other things added – even if it’s just tomato sauce and a bit of sugar would be good enough….or sweet ground peanuts.

  12. how cute! i love the pic of ur daughter with the aunt!:-)

    Ya…she watched her grow and now she’s leaving for her further studies overseas. They haven’t met for a number of years now!

  13. Man that DUN building sure brings back memories, was pitching for a project there, nightmare galore due to logistical issues.

    Yeah, time passes too fast eh?

    Yeah, time does fly, doesn’t it? SIGH…..

  14. u should tell her i say she looks more healthier than last time ler…
    pstttt…u din ask her bout me lar ho den u wil knew what kind of hard core student i am…lol
    my fren foto shop around corner..aquarius foto…

    No need to ask, I already know!!! Of course I did not mention you to her…since you want to stay anonymous!

    1. Betul ke? Or while she’s teaching, you’re dreaming about some girls somewhere in the class? LMAo!

      I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he was the notorious one in the class – the one that drove the teachers hysterical!!! LOL!!!

  15. Hope that I can go to Kuching one day. πŸ˜€

    War…your daughter very “hang fok” huh! She is a golden girl o.

    Anytime better than many places in West Malaysia. Not so…ummm….never mind! It’s very different here! I had friends from Trengganu who came to Kuching and they were amazed…and were full of praises! Well, I dunno what “hang fok” means…

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