Here I am again…

My daughter would be leaving for New Zealand pretty soon in around a fortnight’s time…and since she had not been to Kuching for a while, she was keen on the idea of dropping by over the weekend. Initially, I had wanted to stay at this new hotel in town for the experience and to pamper her a bit…

Pullman Kuching 1

I heard that they were currently having a promotion on their rooms but their RM180++ ones were all fully booked and the next best thing would add up to almost RM300. In the end, I decided to stay at another hotel in the vicinity.

Gundot and her daughter, Sam, picked us up at the airport and took us to Peterson Corner…

Peterson Corner 1

…which is located right next to the Satok Market…

Satok Market

You can see the back portion of the Regal Court Hotel, formerly Regalis, along what was formerly called Palm Road (I understand it has a new name) in the photo, so one can safely say that Peterson is right behind the hotel next to the market.

There is a stall in that coffee shop that sells hay pia (prawn fritters) and other fried stuff like tau kua (tofu cake), fish balls, sweet potatoes and yam. Some people will swear by the Old Rex tofu somewhere along Nanas Road but to me, it pales in comparison with Peterson’s…

Peterson Corner 2

What it fails in presentation, it certainly makes up for it in taste. After all this time, it is as good as ever and my daughter loved it so much.

Gerrie bought us some really yummy Kuching po piah (spring rolls)…

Kuching po piah

…and we had those too, and that was our lunch! I would say that was a good start to our trip to Kuching.

We checked in at our hotel which was in a way right next to the one where I had wanted to stay…

Pullman Kuching 2

Never mind! At least I could get a good view of it from my hotel window! LOL!!!

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30 thoughts on “Here I am again…”

  1. So nice become your daughter. 😀 Get pampered. The cucur udang looks nice… too bad today I’m not feeling so well, else I would make some of my own cucur to eat for bfast… been raining whole day here, and I started to feel sick liao. *sigh* No appetite. 😦 Sien. Haven’t even take bfast yet. I tink i straight go sleep again…the mouth oso feel so pahit liddat… take wud oso sure taste like ash wan! 😦

    Aiyor! So kesian! Take care now, have a good rest!!! It’s the weather – a lot of people falling sick, I hear! Have a good rest over the weekend – ask hubby pamper you! 😉

    1. Aihh… sway wan la these days. The weather really getting to us. First it’s my son and hubby, now me. Jangkit liao! LOL… now day time liao, can’t really sleep oso. 😦

      Oh dear! Everybody’s sick kah? Take care now… Take your medicine!

  2. Cleffairy, you can say that again ! Being his daughter is so nice ! Got so many nice food to eat somemore ! Hahaha..

    Prawn fritters… you know, although i am allergic, i still brave my allergy and eat it anyway… i just love the taste of the fritters… so everytime i finish them, i gotta start drinking lotsa green tea till i am frigging bloated.. haha

    Green with envy, eh? Hahahahaha!!!! Too bad I don’t have a son… 😦 Hopefully will have a son-in-law one day, but that would have to wait for quite some time. Dunno can live to see the day or not! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. LOL…. yeah, become his daughter very nice wan. See Melissa… get pampered! 😛 Daughter better la, Cikgu. You got son… you’ll have high blood pressure easily, I tell you!

      No lah! I had sons, thousands of them…over the years and all of them are so sweet and nice. Right or not, Xavier!!! LOL!!!

  3. ~~~not the 1st today:(
    Is the fried fishcake and the prawn frittters oily?

    LOL!!! Wake up earlier tomorrow! Nope! That’s the best part! Not oily, lightly crispy…just perfect!

    1. LOL… wat’s with your blog ah, Cikgu… semua orang rebut wanna become first. LMAO….

      Dunno…you also what! Somebody started this FC (first commentor) thingy…and now everybody wants to be first!

      1. Me diff lah Cikgu…. I early riser… and nocturnal sometimes… ntg to do, come ur blog first thing in the morning ma! LOL…

        Hello, my name is Cleffairy. I’m an addict – addicted to suituapui! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. u brought ur daughter along thats y no room u want as the hotel for man only…lol
    the heh pia i more like the type flour not so thick n crispy…
    when im around u dowan visit…hao lien lar u…

    LOL!!! Very obscene name – pull man…what? Where? Hahahahaha!!! No lah, everytime you come back to Kuching, the time’s just not right lah!!! Old man not so mobile…and got lots of things to do at home! Not swinging bachelor like you – anytime can fly!

  5. So, you are in town, Oop! city, cat city! Rach is also here with me. Was at Pullman last night at the Liquid, poolside for a business function. Grand? Magnificent? No comment yet.

    I was at The Junk – proprietress is a Sibu Foochow – B. Ling’s daughter. Not very good reviews about the food at Pullman – they say the refills for the more expensive stuff e.g. salmon…very slow in coming out or may not come out at all! Hope Rachel enjoys her stay in Kuching…

  6. Pullman Hotel good or not? May get their email address from u next time!

    Dunno… Aiyor…what email? You can google Pullman Kuching and you’ll get to their webpage liao!!!

  7. wah….so nice…can travel and eat again. you gonna miss your daughter very much right? 🙂

    I bet I will. We always enjoy doing things, going places together… Special father-daughter bonding!

  8. Why you guys wake up so early wan? Weekend leh.. sleep lah! Aiyo.. I’ll never get to be the 1st … as I only rise after … err.. ten? hehehe

    All addicted to STP, that’s why. They know I always post something at around 7.00 a.m. LOL!!!

    1. Dono why wake up so early worr, Merryn. 😛 I always feel that there’s too much things to do and too less time, hence… wake up early, or sleep quite less. 😦 I sleep in when I got sick, tho… or when it’s that time of the month. LOL… never sleep cannot leh… body straight KO-ed, cuz loose too much blood. LMAO…

      Wah! So bad kah? Have you ever gone to check for fibroids? Better to remove when still small…and the rest not affected. My missus waited till pengsan at work – the size of a bowling bowl. Went for surgery – whole factory gone liao!!!

      1. No lah…it’s regular bleeding lah… lol…just that i get tired easily during that time of the month. Straight KO-ed. My aunt have fibroid too… whole factory gone too… I went to check mine… all normal. Ahahaha!

        They’ve medication for that. Consult your doctor for the prescription…or if you want to go herbal, you can get some remedies at pharmacies like Guardian…or from those direct sale catalogues like Kosway.

      2. LOL!LOL! Since when did you become a Dr. ** or more appropriately a gynaecologist?!!!!!So nowadays if we all ‘chiak par bor su chor’ can ‘lepak’ in your blog and ask you all sorts of questions from food to who knows what!Hahahaha!!!!

        So what advice do you need? Planning to have more, now that your girls are all grown up now? LOL!!!

  9. Enjoy….and makan banyak banyak…then review banyak banyak…coz i’m heading to kch soon…hahaha..lolzzz

    Sure will! One place on stand by for tomorrow’s post – two others coming soon! LOL!!!

  10. Enjoy your stay in Kuching and do eat more good foods and show it to us. Hehe. Heard the Pullman is always full. Need to log in early. They said the coffee there is nice.

    Thanks! The more expensive rooms still available – not worth it lah! No breakfast some more…

  11. Pullman Hotel? New Hotel? Last night i just saw my friend’s picture taken at Pullman Putrajaya, and today i read Pullman Hotel in Kuching, no wonder sound so familiar to me.

    Wow wow wow..really a “makan trip” ya? Hope you and Mellisa have a good time in Kuching.

    Yup, new hotel in Kuching…on top of the hill…same road as Hilton, just go straight up. Yes, we’re enjoying ourselves, thanks. Going back this afternoon.

  12. last time when i was in kuching, ie around 2001 or 2002.. i stayed in Prince hotel, opp. Holiday Inn, but i heard now these two hotels changed name already…maybe taken over by new owners.. am i right?
    so where else will u take melissa to before she leaves for NZ? how long will she be there?

    Aiyor…where got Prince lah? You must be talking about the Riverside Majestic Hotel. I used to stay at those two places quite often. Ya…the two have changed names and changed prices too. The room rates are no longer affordable for the likes of me, so I no longer stay there. Mostly, I would stay at Harbour View…or Grand Continental. Nowhere, we’ll only have next weekend left…and the following weekend, we’ll be in Kl already…

  13. i stayed at Pullman 3 times already and i would say the rooms are nice, maybe because its new hehe but i have not tried their food yet except for the pies and tea..which i would say is quite ok. i hope your daughter enjoy all the food that she had so far before she leave for NZ where most of them are hard to find. see u soon STP…cheers!

    At over RM200-300, it’s really not worth it…unless you’re filthy rich. They’ve opened the shopping complex but not many shops yet, mostly vacant…and they have merrybrown! Eyew!!! And I thought it was going to be a high-end shopping centre for the rich and famous?

    1. hehehehe if for 1 -2 nights ok lah….u can u your government rate isnt it? the shopping mall still not ready yet….anyway i know u had a good time in kuching by looking at the food you r having….cheers!

      Ya, 2 nights only…and I’m using my government rate. The government rate at Pullman’s more expensive than the promo rates! Gosh…now I feel so bloated – eat, eat, eat…and eat!!!

  14. well, you can always stay at the Pullman the next time! It’ll always be there!

    Once the promotion period is over, I don’t think there’ll be such affordable room rates anymore – unless business not good or they have other promotions during off-peak seasons.

  15. Luckily you didnt insist for a room in Pullman. Or else they might give you room 814 (pek ik sii!!). Heard some guy brought a china doll there and died from a heart attack in the room. God knows what they were doing….. wahaha. And the guy was only in his thirties.

    Gosh! You have the china doll’s contact number? She must have been one hell of a terror! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. Hi Pacik Sibu! Long time no visit! Anyway, I’m visiting cos I wanted to find out something abt Kuching and lo n behold, u have posted something it. An invalid fren of mine is planing a trip to Kuching after Easter.

    Question is: are there aerobridges at Kuching airport as she’s unable to walk down stairs and take a bus to the airport.

    Can enlighten pse?

    All best for yr NZ trip.

    Welcome back! I’m not going to NZ…yet. My daughter’s going. (Cleffairy!!! Another one! LOL!!!) There are aerobridges…but I don’t know if the “cheap airlines” use them or not – sometimes, they do. MAS, all the time. No taking of buses and cruising down the runway like in Singapore – no worries!

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