It’s a heartache…

In my previous post, I mentioned that the ministry changed my daughter’s date of departure to New Zealand to the 8th of February instead of the 11th. Because of that, I had to make fresh air ticket bookings…and go to the MAS office in town to cancel the earlier ones, paying a cancellation fee of RM100 per booking – and that actually meant per person, so you would have to pay RM300 if there were 3 passengers in a booking. All in all, I had to fork out RM500 and be thankful that I did manage to get the rest of the money back. Still, that certainly was one BIG heartache! Imagine the things that I could do with the RM500!!!

As for the hotel, I had to change the dates and the trouble was that I had got a friend to book through a travel agency in Kuching as it was cheaper. For instance, a triple room would cost RM180 if you book direct but only RM165 through the agency. They charged RM35 for amending the initial reservation and I had to ask Gundot to go and get the revised voucher from the agency and send it to me.

Thankfully, she was able to help me do that…and the other night, Tom, Gundot’s hubby who’s working in Sibu, dropped by my house to pass the voucher to me. He also brought me some fruits from his orchard including this buah terap

Buah terap

…which if I’m not mistaken, belongs to the buah cempedak and buah nangka (jackfruit) family. I gave it to my mum and she enjoyed it very much.

He also gave me these hard-skinned rambutans, whatever they are called locally…

Hard-skinned wild rambutans

…and these with yellow-skin…

Yellow-skinned rambutans

They’re both very nice and sweet but I prefer the ones with the yellow skin. They’re bigger and comparatively sweeter.

So now, everything’s settled…and all we have to do is to wait for the time to come – which is actually only a couple of weeks away. In the meantime, there are still some loose ends to tie, errands to run…so I have been pretty busy these few days. But I did manage to stop by my regular kuih stall at Bandong the other day and I bought these kuih jala at RM1.50 for three…

Bandong's kuih jala

…and they came with the chicken curry to eat them with. I also bought these kuih dhall at three for a ringgit…

Bandong's kuih dhall

…and these bergedil at that same price.

Bandong's bergedil

Now don’t ask why there were only two of each in the photos – you can jolly well guess where the missing ones had gone to! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “It’s a heartache…”

  1. I can feel ur heartache too! Yeah 1st time being 1st haha:D

    As the English proverb says, “Every dog has its day!” LOL!!! Ya!!! Real frustrating, isn’t it? 😦

  2. Wahhh! Cikgu! That’s a lot of money there! I could have paid my son’s fees with that amount. If I were you, I oso will be very sakit hati. 😦 Sigh… these ministry… making people headache only. 😦 i would have been extremely pissed and make a lot of not so nice noise if I were you. 😦 For me… RM500… is really a lot… and can do a lot of things with it oredi. 😦 It’s such a waste, but luckily you can get back the rest of your money, even though Rm500 just burn for nothing.

    And your roti jala made me miss my mum… she learn how to make it from a next door auntie, and used to make it for me and my sister for our tea time.

    If they asked me to pay RM500 for this or that, I would gladly pay…but the thing is it was all for nothing – just because they simply cannot do their jobs properly! I always say this about those people, “Gaya memang ada! When it comes down to real work, kosong!” Oh dear…all the food that I feature would remind you of either your father or your mother…

    1. Yes… it’s very true… because this is the kind of money that it’s not necessary to be spent. I would feel like… I’m just paying these sort of money just because other people are incompetent. 😦 Made me sick! Trouble brewed back in 2009, and I had to withdraw my son from a kindy… and even then… I oso can’t be refunded unless i pay them Rm150 for withdrawing my son… sien. No joke wan. Dono what kind of stupid policy it is also.

      LOL… your food reminds me of them because you eat normal food, and not fancy food like some other bloggers eat and cook. Some of them cook very fancy stuff. My parents feed me and my sis, cheap, nice and simple food. Just like yours. Ahahaha… that’s why hanging around in your blog makes me feel closer to home. πŸ˜›

      I guess I’m a simple normal person…enough money to live comfortably and to indulge a bit once in a while but I do not spend unnecessarily. Have to save for a rainy day so can’t be spending like there’s no tomorrow. Ah well…policy is policy! I don’t blame the airline as it’s their policy! Just those idiots who cannot get the dates confirmed once and for all. And you’d better believe this! The students have NOT got their visas yet…and when they approached her, all that the lecturer who had been put in charge of co-ordinating the whole thing, had to say (in a not very pleasant tone) was, “If you do not get to go to NZ, I don’t care!!!” Never mind, just keep quiet and wait! After all, there are 58 others…and somebody will have to solve the whole problem eventually!

      1. Airlines policy is expensive. LOL…I know MAS’s policy is, especially when you wanna cancel the booking or change the dates. Huh? The students haven’t got their VISA yet? Den how? Somebody got to do something. It’s gonna be less than a month before they fly off. Isn’t this a bit late? OMg… are they nuts or wud? That lecturer have the cheek to say such thing! I mean… how mean, and rude, and also irresponsible. Even if she dunno what’s going on and stuff, she should at least assure the students that everything will be all right! What kind of blasted attitude is this? Malaysia Boleh? Boleh blah la! Hearing such things make me so mad, Cikgu! Such nonchalant attitude! Where is her work ethics and professionalism? She thinks she’s in charge, she’s so bloody brilliant and can jolly well tells people off that way? You’re too kind… if i were you, I would have complaint my arse out somewhere!

        LOL…you’re just like my father. He’s a very simple person too… it’s just that he’s skinny. Ahahaha…my childhood was never extravagant, but it was a fun childhood. I was allowed to be a child, and mine was a simple childhood, with simple food, simple things…my life only starts to be complicated when i make wrong turns in life. Ahahaha… my own fault, and now I have to bear with it, what to do?

        You dunno half the horror stories – the kind of people they have in the unis and institutes. Of course, there are good ones but those are few and far between. I think if my girl stays at home and I teach her, she’ll learn more TESL methodology and stuff – Too bad I can’t dish out any recognised paper qualifications.

    2. “Oh dear…all the food that I feature would remind you of either your father or your mother…’


      Hahahahahaha!!! She’s funny, isn’t she? Interesting character!

      1. I get homesick very often, but can’t go home, because I’m married, and my parents are not living in Malaysia. So STP’s blog is the closest thing that i have to home… ahahaha…he’s like my father. πŸ˜€

        Ooi!!! Me young lah!!! Or at least VERY young at heart, so how I can I be your father? Elder brother ok lah! You want to look for a papa – there, that Eugene can! He simply becomes people papa one! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. its a heartache, nothing but a heartache… rod steward then and stp now.. dont feel this way, think of a nicer positive way, that money spent is a blessing, a trip for your girl to have a better life without u forking out all your savings to give her this golden opportunity. How much you could have spent for this …. hahahaa…. the savings that u have, u can go with your wife anytime u want without feeling the pinch so much… πŸ™‚

    Bonnie Tyler, not Rod Stewart but they do sound the same! LOL!!!…It’s not so much the money but the way they work they bugs me! They put all of “those people” up there – never mind if they can work well but most of the time, they mess up everything! I saw that ALL the time when I was still working – year in, year out…doing the same things over and over again, and still could not get it right – for ONCE! If it is payment that should be made, I would pay gladly…but this is so unnecessary.

    I was actually planning to send my daughter to a local uni (UNISEL), already registered there…and later send her overseas to do her Masters. But since she got this one and wanted to take it up, I let her go ahead. Sure it saves me a lot of money but that does not mean I can just throw what I have anyhow and anywhere I like!!! In life, you never know what will happen…and when you will need money – a lot of it!

    Actually, when I took my daughter for the briefing…and when I go over to send her off at KLIA, I had/have to take time off from my tuition classes, and all that would be deducted from the students’ fees – coming up to well over RM1K, but THAT, I would willingly forego as it IS a necessity and I want to go with my daughter – but not when you stand to lose the money due to some people’s incompetency and inefficiency! To think that they want to compare themselves with others – e.g. the ultra-efficient Japanese. I bow my head in shame…on their behalf!

    1. UNISEL quite expensive… isn’t it? My sister just do credit transfer to UNISEL…taking TESL… cuz she can’t really adapt in KDU. Poor girl. She said KDU rich ass place, and get discriminate like mad cuz she’s not ‘fashionable’ enough. 😦 Sad for her, Cikgu. Hopefully, she will do well in UNISEL. At least, UNISEL is cheaper than KDU.

      Ya…and at the time, they were the only one offering TESL (Teaching of English as a Second Language – my daughter wants to be an English teacher) post-SPM, starting the degree after one year of Foundation studies. My daughter hated Form 6 – studying all the irrelevant subjects that have nothing to do with what she wants in life…Ekonomi, Akaun, Sejarah – Tamadun Islam…and other than MUET, no English whatsoever. It was expensive…but I had saved enough to afford it.

  4. those ‘hard skinned rambutans’, i had those when i was in sarikei during my previous trip home.

    the guy told me those were wild lychees. taste good.

    Ya…they’re nice…but not as nice as MY rambutans! I mean those from the tree behind my house – the flesh is firmer and crunchier…and they’re a lot sweeter! πŸ˜€

  5. Have a good trip! So, your daughter will not be at home for CNY? I remember Rachel travelling on the first day of CNY last year to Adelaide! This year she will stay until 18th Feb. Catch up with you when am back to Sibu! In the meantime, probably, old people like us would need a check-list of things to do! I have long been doing that. Now that I am living out of my suitcase, there are times when I would always forget something kept in the bathrooms of hotels! Probably another check-list is needed before checking out the hotels now. Sigh!

    LOL!!! I’m not up to that stage yet, thankfully. I’ve started packing my daughter’s bag since December…and I will have to go through everything again next week or the week after before we leave for KL. Occupational hazard for teachers – going over things again and again…and making sure nothing has been left out. Btw, I collected the cheque for the 2nd payment from Annie yesterday – almost enough to cover the RM500. God works in mysterious ways, praise Him!

  6. Yeah but it seems the nice food heal your heartache eventually πŸ™‚

    No lah! Just ranting, syiok sendiri only! I’m quite used to it…after working in the service for 30 years! And after all these years, they have not changed one bit! Gaya memang ada, but all tin kosong – most of them! Very nice to see – impressive, but all hollow inside!

    1. Sometimes I just don’t understand how their brain works… and it’s always a headache for me when my exams are near because the exam venue would be in one of the local Uni… and guess what? when I call them up, they passed me on and on and on then back to the first person i called up..

      Perhaps we should give credit to them seeing that they can really ACT like they know something then they pisses you off.. *sigh

      That’s why I said, “Gaya memang ada!” Acting very important and looking very impressive! It’s the same everywhere and that’s the sad part! They’re really so pathetic!

  7. My mummy always said that if u can spend that extra few ringgits to settle a problem then it ain’t gonna be an issue. I know this is just as consolation especially after this kind of cases.

    Hey…roti jala, the dhall kuih even their pudu mayam !! We don’t usually get this in Sibu don’t we ?….i don’t know if i still remember how to drive to bandung eiiiii…will figure it out…good day to u sir

    Bandong? Turn right from your house, left into Jalan Ipoh, straight ahead to Brooke Drive, turn left to the traffic lights…turn right into Jalan Pahlawan…go straight ahead, past the roundabout…go on till you get to the Bandong shops on your right. The SUDC primary school is on the left, across the road. No more putu mayam though, I hear that the lady making that has fallen sick…

    1. hey…thanks a lot. Appreciate ur effort on explaining the map for me. u r indeed very good in road names..

      I haven’t been around for almost 60 years, most of that in Sibu, for nothing! LOL!!!

  8. Buah terap! Eh.. last time I read in foong’s blog he was looking for some fruit… dunno if this is the fruit or not..

    STP.. can do me a favor ah? Can email me ur add or not?

    tq very much πŸ™‚

    Ok…will do that soonest. In Kuching right now, using my daughter’s laptop – not used to it and connection not too good. Wait till I get home on Sunday…

    1. That’s called buah terap ah? My grandma used to call it buah bomb! =.=

      You go to KK and see their buah terap. Theirs would be a real bomb. I was on the way back from Ranau to KK when I saw a man carrying one – as big as a buah nangka!!!

  9. Cikgu… I want your house address too… please email me at

    Ok…ok…Will do that when I get back to Sibu. Wait a minute, you’re on wordpress – I thought everytime I comment, my email would appear on your dashboard? Why, you wanna send me a cheque? How many K are you giving me? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. House address lah… house address… not email lah Cikgu. Ahahahaha! Adoi!

      I know! I know! I will send to you via email! Can’t post it here – later, any Tom, Dick or Hairy will show up at my house! Oops!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  10. In Sabah, we call the fruit, tarap…:) still have tarap there? Here the season has more tarap around..

    Something strange is going on!We have had seasonal fruits since dunno when – October? Non-stop durians, dabai, mata kuching, langsat…till the sellers call and call out to people to buy and people would not even bother to look! Last time, once a year – usually December…and how we waited for and cherished those days when we could feast on the fruits!!!

  11. The red one are call ‘pulasan’. Mum will always buy that for me whenever we meet up (and if in season). It is really sweet. And green rambutan are sweet too.

    Ya…it seems that’s the name of those hard-skinned rambutans. We knew it by another name – in Melanau…but I can’t remember what it is now.

  12. So it’s called pulasan? i had no idea. i always thought that this is buah bomb!

    Now which one is the bomb you’re talking about? Thought you were referring to the terap? The pulasan is the hard-skinned rambutans…

    1. Wud is terap? No no… it’s the one that look like rambutan but with thick skin… which one is buah tarap? The one the nangka like look?

      Looks like you’re pretty confused today. Been drinking or smoking pot or something? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  13. ouch…RM500 is quite a lot, my one month’s allowance. LOL. but then it’s ok ler, as long as you all can fly there safely…:) that’s called buah terap huh? i only know it by “merambot”, some foochow name i think. hahaha…

    Dunno what it’s called in Foochow. I’m Foochow…but can’t speak the dialect! Blush! Blush! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Hi! blog hopping from Dora’s blog. Wow, so many yummy food and fruits. I tried that hard-core rambutan before, when I went back to hubby’s hometown in Kapit. It actually tasted better than rambutan! :p

    Oh…you haven’t tasted my rambutans yet! Oops! I mean the ones from the tree behind my house. Nothing like those anywhere else…but I heard my cousin, Diana, has a tree n Miri – all gone now. The breed goes all the way back to the 50s, I think…in my grandparents’ house compound and ours – we had lots of trees then. Btw, welcome to my blog – will link you in my blogroll soonest. Do come again…

    1. That sounded so…. soooo… wrong! Ahahahahahahaha!

      LOL!!! Naughty girl!!! Don’t scare away the new-comers! Pretend to be goodie-goodie first! Spank! Spank!

  15. Ahh… Rambutans ! I think i have not touch them for quite some time, years maybe.. haha… i am quite lazy to peel off the skin and i don’t quite like the sticky feeling of the meat… haha… so it’s a no no for me… the kuih looks nice though !

    No problem getting those kuihs over at your side, I’m sure… Wah! Lazy to peel…!!! And I thought I was the laziest! LOL!!!

  16. Oh dear, take care now.
    Better be safe right?
    I got to pay a lot to ensure that I can make changes without paying for

    Ya…luckily the lowest fares were all fully booked then and I got the 2nd cheapest – 50% discount which allows cancellation at a fee of RM100 per booking. I think the 70% one – once you can’t go, it’s bye bye! No cancellation, no fee, no refund…

  17. u tink government gv sekolarshit for free mer…sure got tis n that make u ppl suffer later..hehe
    buah terap i like but i overdose 1 time of it n i felt vomit everytime i smell it..hehe
    u only got 2 ler?not mer? πŸ˜›

    I used to love buah terap when I was young but I’m not so crazy over it anymore. As a matter of fact, I’m not really into fruits. Two what? Two buah terap? Oh me, oh my!!! That’s HUGE!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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