Bring it on home…

I didn’t go on a shopping spree when I was in KL with my daughter. We just strolled around the complexes in the vicinity of the hotel in Bukit Bintang where we were staying. I had to go to a shop at Jalan Alor, however, to buy some of those bak kua (barbecued meat slices) back for my sister. Actually we can buy them here at our local supermarts but they’re more expensive by some RM3-5.00 per 500 gm.

And while I was at the shop, I browsed around the other things that they were selling and ended buying a few packets of these heong peah

Heong peah

I love heong peahs a lot and this brand is really good! The pastry is so nice and flaky…and the filling is savoury, not sweet.

The lady at the shop kept telling me that these were very good…

Heong Peah - brown sugar 1

She said that they used brown sugar and thus, they would not be so sweet. It turned out that it was not true. Firstly, the pastry paled miserably in comparison and the filling was hard and very sweet! I definitely would not buy it again!

One thing that I like about these brands is that the pieces of heong peah inside are individually packed, so I do not have to find an airtight container to store them.

Heong peah - brown sugar 2

Then, while my daughter and I were browsing around at the Japanese section at Giant in Sungai Wang, we saw this piece of unagi or eel…

Unagi - braised Japanese eel

My daughter loves unagi but she did not want to buy it as it cost RM25.00. She’s always very careful with money…but I insisted on buying as she would not be eating that for a long time once she goes over to New Zealand, and if she were to go and eat that there, it would probably cost a bomb, I’m sure.

So that was all that I brought home to Sibu with me. Not much, eh? I probably would not be able to say the same thing about my next trip though…considering that my missus will be tagging along! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Bring it on home…”

  1. I got sick of eating heong peah! My husband is from Teluk Intan, and each time go back, he’ll buy so much til cannot finish. Their heaong peah is nice… but can get sick if eat too much. 😦 Summore theirs… the pastry so flaky that if you tok while eat… sure sprayed out wan! LOL…

    Wahh…. you bought eel! LOL… I love japs food, but I’ll say no thanks to eel. Taste too strong for me. LOL…

    My daughter loves it – Japanese style. I prefer my keli masak assam or braised with soy sauce, ginger and brandy! Teluk Intan! My friend gave me once – not only the pastry was nice but the filling was still wet and gooey!!! Really nice! But this particular brand is really very good…but a bit stingy with the filling! The pastry’s the best I’ve had so far! πŸ™‚ Not the one with brown sugar though!

    1. Gimme your address. *grinz* Drop it at my email.

      Now that i know what I can give you and you’ll wallop….when I go back hubby’s hometown this CNY… I’ll buy and courier to you. *grinZ*

      Claire? Want oso anot? But you have to email me ur add oso… cuz I dun have your address oso. =.= there’s no return address on the pasta package you sent me.

      Cikgu ah… keli is eel meh? I tot Belut is only eel? Keli is catfish, isn’t it? That one got mustache wannn….

      No lah! You send me Heong Piah by post…by the time it gets here, already becomes Heong Hoon (powder)! Here, we eat keli – belut more common over there, I think…but all the same family lah!

      1. hey. how come dont have?? sure have to fill in address otherwise they wont send for me… maybe u too kancheong , u tore the paper into shitss.. oh, sorry, i mean sheets… *ahhhhh* about the tiger, i no need ler..cos there is one branch in ipoh selling growling biscuits as well… thanku all the same… πŸ™‚

        What did you send her? Food kah! Must be she was so hungry, just tore everything to bits to start eating. Yalor…Tiger everywhere got! Now I want Bisgood, no more Tiger for me!

    2. Waaaaa…Cikgu, your girl really do loves Japanese food, eh? Eiii, bring her go eat more japs food before she go NZ. I heard ppl say there more expensive leh….

      I like japs food… but those that not so extreme wan. Raw raw ones I dun really take. Taste abit geli to me. Ahahaha… I like those tempura kinds…goreng oredi ma… so eat that time nice lorr…and even sushi oso I go for crabsticks and the egg wan…the rest… ok lah… I eat a bit, but not really much oso.

      This one really good ah? I never try before… since you say nice, den mebbe next time must find and try liao. LOL…

      Generally, I find Japanese food quite bland…and despite paying a lot, I do not feel full. Ya…the Bisgood brand is really good!

      1. Bland and raw… ahahaha… I kinda like flavourful food and I like my food to be fully cooked too. Ahahahahaha! (so jakun, hor?)

        Yalor…that’s why I like Malay or Indian food! More fragrant and tastier!

  2. good morning STP, about the brown sugar one, u must try the ipoh brand next time, i like it cos it was not too sweet.. Cleff’s type from teluk intan are very fierce .. tiger brand.. it growls!! hahaha..
    The unagi looks fresh.. it flew back to sibu together with both of u? geng! i ate a lot of unagi while in Japan… nowadays my daughter never pester me to go sushi king anymore.. oops.. i mean not as yet! LOL….
    I heard u r coming again this early Feb.. right?

    This one also made in Ipoh…but very sweet and the pastry not nice. I used to buy the Tiger brand – the ones with the red label – not very attractive…but nice…but I found this one a lot nicer – Bisgood Brand, didn’t check where it was made, probably Ipoh too. Will buy some more on my next trip – yes, will be going next month – details in tomorrow’s post! πŸ™‚ You’re coming over to KL? – Weekend before CNY, last chance to shop for new baju for you and kids! LOL!!!

    1. Huwa… Cikgu like celebrity. Everyone hunting him down. Scary anot? Cikgu… u better bawak bodyguard ahh… wo many people after you… all women sumnmore. Merryn lah, Smallkucing, Annie… Claire and me… walao… scary, scary… u faster hook up a bodyguard!

      Where got? Smallkuching never dropped by leh? LOL!!! Shhhhh!!!!…If my missus knows, sure I kena banned from blogging liao! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Aiks? Silap tempat liao…. ahahaha…,smallkucing is at Claire’s blog wan… ahahahahaha! Aiyaks…waaaa… your missus like big boss liddat. Ahahahaha!

        You leh? Also like big boss at home or not? Wuahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Yes! I love the heong peah as well! πŸ˜€ Bought them all the time when I was studying coz like you said, so convenient, no need find a container to keep them once opened.

    I love Japanese food – unagi, salmon, sashimi, baby octopus… We always bought those ready packed food from Jusco/Giant whenever we reach KL, cheaper than eating outside. Besides, we’re too tired to walk far looking for food, so just go down to Jusco (Normally we stay at Cititel Midvalley) and brought them to the hotel room to eat.

    PS: If you’re going to Peterson’s first thing after you landed, tell me ar so we can meet up coz I normally go to Chipmunk’s office area for lunch on Fridays because I have long lunch break – 2 hours. His office is very near Peterson’s.

    Ya, really convenient! I’m not into Jap food – all taste more or less the same to me and expensive some more, and not filling! My daughter loves it though!…Nope! Don’t think we’ll be going to Peterson’s right away – taking cab from airport to hotel…and by then, your lunch break already half gone. Maybe Saturday?

    1. In comparison to Japanese food, i think korean food are better. They’re more filling. Alot consists of rice and soup. Ahaha… can very, very kenyang wan1

      Nope, no, thanks! Between the two, I would rather go for Japanese food…

  4. Ai CIKGU. Selamat Pagi, hari ini Cikgu ajar tentang Heong Peah ka? Penang juga got a lot of them,, all very nice nice one Cikgu, Kalau cikgu datang kah sini lagi, i sure take cikgu go round round and buy the best of the best one……..

    Now, class we should change subject to Unagi pula, cikgu after i have done my project , survey and all, i even MSNed my friend from NZ… you can tell Melissa not to worry cos my friend said Unagi or seafood for that matter in NZ ok one the price, he buat bandingan already, cheaper in KL and Penang, not to sure abot Sibu though.

    Kelas Bangun, Selamat Tinggal Cikgu dan Terima kasih, class dismissed

    Wah! Now you have become cikgu kah?…I went Penang that time, tak ada pun you took me to by nice, nice things! Hehehehehehe!!!… Yalor! Everything’s more expensive overseas… SIGH!!!

    1. Wahhhhhh…. got rare species here today, Cikgu! Ahahahahaha…. very jarang jumpa this orang comment here! Ahahahahaha! OMG!

      Mine, not pretty pompuan punya blog mah! Sure he seldom drops by and comments one! Hahahahahaha!!!

      1. *golek golek * at your statement to Eugene. LOL….not pretty pompuan punya blog…. ahahahaha…. aiyohh… very rare can see him here, really wan. I tot I silap blog oredi! Ahahaha!

        Yalor…and then I always see him commenting in other people’s blogs, mostly, if not all, ladies. Real frus! LOL!!!

  5. I love Unagi too! Yummy!

    I guess young people today – the tastes are different, the same way they are so much into burgers, pizzas and stuff!

  6. why nvr tell me earlier as i told u i got went cck/chee cheong kai so i can buy for u wo lai yeh bak kua inteads of ur sibu version wo yeh lai…lol

    i love unagi or anything related to fish…keli o toman all i like…btw go search what unagi good for and i like it not becoz of that but the taste..i used to bought it in republic as it cost $8.8 for 2 unagi πŸ˜‰

    I also bought wo lai yeh – Jalan Alur got branch, Pavilion also but a lot more expensive, more expensive than in Sibu. Sibu also wo lai yeh – imported from KL – more expensive than Jalan Alur but cheaper than Pavilion. So you imagine how expensive the things in that posh complex are! No lah…first time meet, how can ask you to buy this, buy that? You already bought chocs for me and I did not buy anything for you. So paiseh already liao!!!

  7. Hiong Piah! I love Hiong Piah, at home i still got one big pack charbroil hiong piah that my sil bought from ipoh. Black sugar one, i think i will give a “no no” i still prefer the tradisional one. hahahhaha

    Eh! I agree with claire and Cleff, Hiong Piah from teluk intan the famous brand is “Tiger” brand. I love that too.

    Unagi yum yum!! I love japanese food!!

    This is the only two things you bought from KL? And you’re staying at golden triangle and shopping area??

    Then you’re like me – the original definitely better than the brown/black sugar ones. Try the Bisgood brand – better than the Tiger ones. The lady boss at the shop said the Tiger Brand, have to go to Teluk Intan, eat the fresh ones there, then good! These packed ones…not as good as Bisgood! Gosh! So many people love Japanese food – not me! Ya…I always stay around Bukit Bintang but in the smaller, cheaper hotels – I like the location.

    1. Annie ahh…. Cikgu confirm will tell you this wannn “Sobsobs… I where can spend so much wan, poor pensioner…no money wan…”

      Aahahahaha… anyway, speaking of the heong peah…u like oso ah? I think TI there, the most famous wan is Tiger brand and Butterfly brand. Quite nice, but I eat til jemu liao. Ahahaha…mebbe if you want, next time, after CNY, I bring back some and den hand it to you when I go yumcha wif you or wud. *grinz* wan anot?

      Clever girl! *pats cleffairy on the head… So you’re going back Teluk Intan for Chinese New Year lah? Wah…now my blog becomes chatroom already – dating, making appointments already now…. LOL!!!

      1. If you start charging, confirm can earn extra $$ ahahahaha! Yeah… most probably going back to TI… *sigh* lazy ahh… CNY… sien oni lah….do ntg oso… sit there let ppl ask me those stupid question. Same question every year. When wanna have second kid? How’s business? Etc etc. Aihhh…

        Now I keep think about Melissa… dono how she celebrate CNY alone in NZ. Poor girl… 😦 no CNY goodies to eat, no angpow oso. Eiiii… u must pack up goodies for her ahhh… her baggage got how much limit?

        20 kg only! Last year also, she did not come home for CNY – stayed the week at a friend’s place…and missed home terribly. I told her she could go to Chinatown – they would probably have some kind of celebration there.

  8. @ cleff, hahahhahha…your cikgu already complain, “renting” his blog to chat and make appointment here. LOL!

    LOL!!! So where do I send the rental bill at the end of the month? πŸ˜€

    1. Claire there oso wanna ask ppl pay toll oso… ahaha… me and Merryn very noisy at her blog. Ahahaha!

      Look on the bright side! At least it adds to the number of comments! πŸ™‚

  9. i like the charbroiled variety too, less sweet but 9.80 is pricey eh.. must ask claire to get some for you next time. in ipoh it’s less than 7

    I didn’t like this brand that I bought. Maybe there are others that are nicer. Only 7 in Ipoh? Gosh! I paid over RM10 for that…even more expensive that the ordinary ones which were in fact much nicer!

    Btw, welcome and thanks for dropping by. Will link you in my blogroll… You’re the Elaine that can cook so well?

    1. OMG… habislah… another victim… ahahahaha…. she is the Elaine that can cook. If not mistaken, she’s Annie’s friend!

      Welcome! Welcome! The more, the merrier! Now more pompuan dropping by, sure that eugene jeles liao! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. I love unagi, esp unagi sushi. They taste heavenly *slurps*. I mean with the sauce lah ^^

    Ya…the sauce is what makes it nice…and the way it’s cooked. Otherwise, it’s just…fish! LOL!!!

  11. fren no nid paiseh paiseh wan as thats small prob only sumore im going thre..hehe

    *charge apply ler* πŸ˜›

    And that’s the problem! Have to pay you in SIN$…I really cannot afford one! LOL!!!

  12. Too bad the Heong Peah is not nice and brought it all the way back from KL. Long time I never eat those already. I think the original taste will always taste better.
    I love unagi. Nice to eat with rice.

    Yup…will surely buy more the original when I go again in a couple of weeks’ time. Want some? πŸ™‚

  13. Brown sugar heong peah are normally not flaky and have hard fillings! In the northern states we call it Hiao Peah!

    That’s true! The skin is hard and not flaky – doesn’t crumble when you bite into it…and the filling is like a thin and hard layer of toffee. Really, I don’t think it’s nice at all.

  14. @Claire… i dun have your address… cuz the paper that got your address… my son tear it away before I can stop him. Can’t even see the add… so please gimme ur add again. T_T

    Ok…claire and everybody else, cleffairy has given her email address in one of her earlier comments. Let’s ALL send her our postal addresses and see what she’ll send us. I don’t want the Negro chicken though…. Hahahahaha!!!!

  15. The heong peah from perak ze best! But I am no fan of it… dunno why. Probably it’s too dry and sweet? And I am also not a fan of unagi. hehe

    LOL!!! Thought you’re very much into “exotic” foods! I like the Heong Peah – not too sweet and not too salty amd the skin is very fragrant. Don’t really like Tambun biscuits though…

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