The last time my daughter was in KL was in 2007. She had just reported at the teacher training institute in Sungai Petani, Kedah in July and they had a week’s holiday in August. Since she had just gone over, I told her that there was no point for her to come back to Sibu and suggested that we spent the one-week break in Kl instead. And so we did.Β Ever since then, she had gone home for the holidays…and in August, 2008, I went to Sungai Petani while last year, 2009, we were in Penang.

She had to attend a one-day pre-departure briefing in Putrajaya before leaving for New Zealand next month in February, so I went over with her. We arrived at the hotel around 10 but the room was not ready – not until noon, so I took her to the Pavilion. We walked around the place and then decided to have lunch before going back to the hotel. Gosh…there were so many to choose from but she finally settled for this one…

Pancake House 1

I had this lunch set (RM13.50) as I love sandwiches and was drawn to the club sandwiches…

Pancake House 2

It came with this mushroom soup…

Pancake House 3

…and complimentary iced tea. The sandwiches were great while the spaghetti were…as spaghetti has always been and always will be.

My daughter had this (RM13.50 – with complimentary iced tea, but no soup)…

Pancake House 4

…as she had her eyes on the macaroni salad…and the tacos! She likes tacos a lot…and loved Taco Bell in Singapore, but we have not been to the island republic for a long, long time. Needless to day, she really enjoyed it…

Pancake House 5

Now being at a pancake place, it would not make sense if we did not have any, so we ordered one for dessert. My daughter chose the banana variety (RM8.50)…

Pancake House 6

…and it was absolutely out of this world. She kept saying, “It’s so nice! So soft!” whilst grinning from ear to ear…and of course, nothing pleases a father more than seeing his daughter so very happy!!! I certainly was…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Happy…”

    1. Me: Overslept~! LMAO…wake up liao, move like hurricane to make bfast before send my shark to kindy1

      The modern-day mum….. Well, you had your fun! Hehehehehehe!

  1. Oh, i wanted to say those pancakes sure look nice. In my excitement of being 1st, I forgot to post my actual comment. Haha!

    It’s ok. At least, I’ll have two comments for this post. LOL!!! Ya…they’re really very nice. Melissa certainly picked a good place for our lunch…

  2. Pavillion food court ha? Ok, will try them next time I go there in April πŸ˜€

    Gosh! So many places, so many things to eat…just can’t decide. But this is a good one! MUST have the pancakes!!! Real lovely!

    1. I’m not into pancakes… cuz most of them are too sweet for my liking. I like savoury stuff wan… but this one looks so fluffy!

      These – not sweet, maybe a bit from the bananas. Have to add syrup to make it sweeter. Nice! Yum! Yum! πŸ˜€

  3. LOL… I woke up late! LMAO… omg… sandwichhhhh….. I love sandwich… I used to eat them day in day out when I was a student. Now you’re making me wanna make sandwich… now, lemme see… i still got leftover from my roasted chicken… *grinz*

    Then you’re like me. You’re not on Facebook, so you haven’t heard. Yesterday my daughter went off for her briefing at 6.30, so I had two breakfast vouchers from the hotel. Ordered TWO American breakfast on ONE plate…and it came! The four slices of toast piled up like Leaning Tower of Pisa, four eggs sunny side up, four sausages…and I made my own sandwiches with egg, sausage and baked beans in buttered toast. Yum! Yum! Now, that’s what I call BREAKFAST!!! LOL!!!

    1. Cannot tempt me today… I just ate pizza for breakfast…from my roasted chicken leftovers. OMG, now so full! LOL… try tempt me again another day. Wakakakakaka….

      But now you made me miss my dad… he loves baked beans… alot! His breakfast cannot lack bake beans wan! Baked beans and hash browns… T_T omg, later nid to call him lah… missed him liao!

      Not a fan of baked beans or hash browns. My daughter likes such things. As for me, if there’s any, I would just eat…and the same applies to everything else. That’s why my shape and size – so nice and cuccly! LOL!!!

  4. Eh…. you know something, Cikgu? I always feel that home-cooked spaghetti tasted better than the ones they sell outside. those outside ones…either the sauce is too sour, too bland or they dun give you enuff sauce to go with the spaghetti.

    This one’s ok… Just nice, but more or less the same as elsewhere.

    1. Yalorr, spaghetti… everywhere oso same one. But home-cooked ones are different. i always feels that way lah….mabbe becoz we tend to Malaysianize it… add so many stuff inside the sauce. LMAO… I know I add things inside to make it taste nicer than the original ones. LOL…I may burn my food, but spaghetti is one of the dish that Ii can never go wrong.

      Thank goodness…at least there’s something you do not burn! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. LOL… just bought the oven last Xmas ma… still learning lorr… learning how not to burn things! LMAO1

        Hubby’s X’mas present kah? Wants you to cook nice nice things for him to eat… πŸ˜€

      2. No… bought it myself… LOL…tot maybe, I can cook up some poison! LMAO…

        Aiyor… So what did your hubby give you for Christmas? Wink! Wink! Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. damn….now i’m craving pancakes! All I had for breakfast was a cup of low-fat yoghurt. And now I’m hungry.

    Today I had nasi lemak for two breakfast vouchers – double the condiments but one serving of rice. Don’t think I can manage two. Mel wants to sleep in so she’s skipping breakfast. Will take her for brunch when she gets up. LOL!!!

    1. I think mebbe tomorrow I cook pancakes and see… hmm… very long never had pancakes d!

      Good luck! Don’t burn them! Post the photos in your blog as proof…and now, now!!! Don’t run to the shop to buy… Hahahahaha!!!!

      1. Dun worry lah…I wun cheat wan… besides, nearby my place dun sell pancakes! LOL…

        In Sibu, I know one bakery that sells pancakes…but ok ones only lah! Not so great! Better make own at home. My wife makes very good ones…but very hard lah! Have to wait for angin datang! Once a blue moon, if lucky! LOL!!!

  6. You know, Cikgu, it’s so refreshing to see Melissa in your entry… really, very refreshing. She looks so natural. So unlike other bloggers elsewhere… paint their face and camwhore like mad. Melissa made me feels like I’m looking at human instead of plastic! LOL… *shit, ppl will start bashing me liao*

    Melissa’s like that – very simple girl, does not like to dress up nicely. No make up… Not bothered about appearance – just like Daddy…and opposite of Mummy! Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. Can imagine u guys had the wonderful time, simply the “daddy-daughter” moment! πŸ™‚

    It certainly was. Making the most of the time we have before she goes over to NZ!

      1. I am my own mistress! *wakao*

        I guess this is what they call on Facebook or Friendster – a “complicated” relationship? Hahahahaha!!!

  8. If you’re happy and u know it, clap your hands.. “plak, plak”… yes, i think all of us here are happy for u, STP and Melissa.. happy that u r going to a new land, somewhere u will meet new faces and somewhere i think u will enjoy!! do remember to “tempt” your parents to go there too when u have settle down comfortably.. (dont forget this auntie too, can?) LOL…
    hey, stp, i love the sandwiches too.. so delicious looking and the pancake, the way u described her eating…wow.. i must go pavilion one day.. maybe cleff will take me.. or merryn..or…. …

    Pavilion at Bukit Bintang. No problem getting there one. Didn’t you go recently – somebody posted the photos of the fountain. The food court down in the basement…all kinds of stalls selling all kinds of food and all kinds of restaurants! Planning to go to NZ? Bet she’ll love that. When alone in a strange place, seeing a familiar face is such joy! But Wellington – usually people bypass, go straight from Auckland to Christchurch and to Queenstown.

    1. Cleff y cannot, Cleffy broke! Cannot afford expensive place. But you’re welcome in my home, to eat all my… err products of my chemistry experiment. LMAO… I’m getting better, I promise! Really!

      *I think I can hear STP laughing in the background. sigh sigh sigh!*

      Hahahahahahaha!!!! Eat at her own risk!!! πŸ˜€

  9. why never say earlier so i can go find some taco bell for u but that early the bell i can get are from holy places…hehe

    the daughter will be more happy if u let her finish her food before took the picture… πŸ˜›

    Hahahahaha!!! Must take pic of her eating the tacos mah! LOL!!! Yalor…Taco Bell so early where got open unless 24 hours one.

  10. btw this post u mean ask me to chk out? πŸ™‚

    *psssttt…if u secretly snap my backside picture some artwork cant be shown as those easily got me spotted* πŸ˜‰

    Not this post. Next one. Don’t worry… I don’t secretly shoot people’s backside one! Hahahahaha!!! No photo or any info about you, all safe! πŸ™‚

  11. Don’t u love Pavillion! I can ‘lepak’ there everyday,the food court just bliss! I don’t mind breakfast,lunch,dinner there,’the ‘hampalang’!!!

    Wallet or handbag must be extra big also. You no problem lah! Hahahahahahaha!!! Nice place, no doubt! Not as crowded as Mid Valley or 1Utama – pening kepala.

  12. Awwww…I wish one day I can blog about this too. Me having a daddy-daughter moment with my child. :p

    So? When are you going to start? Still no good news yet?

  13. *foto xclude but some info might ok but not describe til can be spot on street as ugly fatty oldman reli paiseh of apperance* πŸ˜€

    Ok…post out now! Nothing mentioned other than the chocs! Your secret’s safe with me…

  14. Lots of nice food in Pavilion….everytime….can’t decide what to eat! LOL

    Yes, that’s the truth! Pening kepala… Luckily my daughter had her mind set on something! πŸ™‚

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