You showed me…

Nope, I did not show him but after seeing my pie posts here and here and also on Facebook, my friend, Richard decided to make something too – and he made these char siew sio pao (baked buns with barbecued meat) over the weekend and he gave me a few…

Richard's char siew sio pao 1

The pastry is different – more of the flaky type that the local bakeries here use for their sio paos. Personally I would prefer the shortcrust pastry or something like those from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching

Richard's char siew sio pao 2

But it was nice…and the filling was good too…

Richard's char siew sio pao 3

…definitely better than any sio pao that I can get from any bakery in town. Thumbs up, Richard! Well done!

And over the weekend too, Alex sent these pulut panggang to my house…

Alex's pulut panggang 1

For the initiated, these are glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves and barbecued over an open fire. I think there’s santan (coconut milk) involved too.

I do not know where exactly these came from – Alex’s mum asked somebody’s somebody in the kampung to make…and they’re really nice! I have had some good ones here and there but Alex’s are really very long! Oops! I mean the panggangs he gave me! ROTFLMAO! However, they were a bit too thin and broke very easily…

Alex's pulut panggang 2

So who says the longer the better? Hahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “You showed me…”

  1. Good morning STp! 🙂

    War..people sent you these? They really love you huh! The sio pao looks exactly like the ones I eat. Your friend is really good in making the sio pao o.

    I guess they do…and I love them too. Always try to be nice to people…in my own ways. Ya, he’s good at cooking. Much better than me, I’m sure!

  2. good morning STP…seems Tekkaus never sleep much too, just like Cleff… as for me, i m starting work today after a day leave yesterday… something wrong with me, macam no appetite yet even looking at the char seow pau.. other days i would have swallowed saliva…
    the kueh seems rather long… yeah, i think i couldnt finish that… 🙂

    He does lah! Working days, he gets up early to comment before going to work. No appetite. guess you’re still depressed over recent happenings. Just get over it – it’s all part of life.

    1. Cleffy is a nocturnal… that’s rite. Go and watch National Geographic, and see how they described me.

      Cleffairy: A nocturnal creature who rambles everywhere. Eat shoots and leaves. Burn her own food. Can’t draw to even save her life.

      LMAO… cool, leh? I’m on national Geographic!

      Ya…you can eat…but you can’t shoot!!! So I guess there’s no missing comma. Not enough sleep so looking like a panda…and eats shoots and leave? So now you’re an international celebrity. Not about to be extinct too, I hope! LOL!!!

    2. Oh, poor Claire. Take it easy lerr… *hugs* must eat well and sleep well. Take care of yourself.

      I call that long long thing Pulut Udang… it’s a nyonya delicacy…but over here it’s much shorter… lol… not so easy to break. Wish it’s longer, cuz shorter ones can’t really satisfy you. LMAO…. omg, that sounds so wrong! *blush* In kl here, I usually end up buying 10 liddat and eat… only can full!

      Ya, take care, Claire. Hope to see you back in you own bright and chirpy self soon. These Sibu pulut panggang kosong ones – no sambal inside. The ones with sambal – not so popular, not many people like. Prefer these… Most of the time, the sambal is just sambal-flavoured grated coconut! Ours here, no problem one! Foochow size, all very big and long! Oops! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. WAKAOOOOOOO… wth are these two doing so early today? Huwa…. they so fast appear that it makes me look like a late raiser. LOL… Heyyo, Morning Tekkaus, morning Mama Claire… and gooooood morningggggg SIRRRRR!

    *sulk* no fair lahhh… how come people never feed me like they feed you wan, Cikgu. *sulk, sulk, sulk*

    Claaaaaiiiiireeeeee…. feed meeeee!!!!

    You have to give…give…and give…and only then you will receive. And giving may be in deed or in kind!

      1. Memang not cute…. that’s why ppl used to call me Lizard or Olive Oyle (you kno… Popeye’s wife!)

        Of course I know Olive Oyl! I used to call my daughter that as she was really very skinny…now still, but ok lah…not too bad! At least not fat like the father! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. Hey, Cikgu… the longer they are, the easier they break. *golek golek* Ahahaahahahaha!

    Speaking from experience? Wink! Wink! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. LOL…. definitely speaking from experience… lmao…. u know those you tiao? They also break easily when they are too long!

      Where got you tiao can break easily one? Pull and pull, stretch and stretch…baru putus! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Got… that kind… hard hard, ones… the ones you use for rojak… like biscuits liddat. Here got sell…eat tht time, owez patah!

        Rojak? Not tauhu pok? I think I’ve seen somewhere before – they refried the you tiao, so it’s nice and crispy. At Jalan Ipon yong tau foo, I think.

  5. Arthur – Now you are eally making me hungry! Long rice, puff pastry meatballs…. ooi… slurp… now saving for my next visit in Malaysia!!!

    Keep me posted… Hope we’ll get to meet again someday. In the meantime, drool…drool…drool!!! LOL!!!

    1. Up there mat salleh kah, Cikgu? Waaaaaa…. he called you King Arthur leh! LOL…

      Haven’t you heard? “Once a king, always a king! Once a knight is enough…” ROTFLMAO!!!

      1. You name King’s name ma… Arthur… lol…so cute wan… I wonder if you got use sword in your kitchen…. *hhmmmmmm!* The picture sure funny wan if you use sword! LMAO

        Sword? Got!!! But not for use in the kitchen! Oops!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. i m bac i m bac i m bac….. grateful tat i m born in a country wif so many different kinds of food…. Italian food is jz nt my type!!!!

    Back in Ireland, I guess? Now you can log in daily and drool… Hehehehehehe!!!

    1. Welcome back, welcome back! Ahahahaha… back from ur tour ah? Home sweet home, eh Daniel?

      *rolls eyes* Cikgu,.. dun lure ppl to Sibu liao… else you’ll be benefiting those weight loss salon!

      Don’t think he’s back in Sibu for the new year lah… Ireland – long holidays in the summer around August/September…

  7. Oh, the Sarawak version of siew pau! I just had the Seremban ones, Sarawak ones has more gravy in it so it’s easier to swallow but otherwise not much difference. Homemade ones are the best though, I should get an oven or something to bake stuff in. 🙂

    Never liked the Seremban ones. The Kai Joo Lane ones in Kuching win hands down. These were pretty good too – anytime better than the Seremban sio paos. Didn’t like the pastry, didn’t like the filling!

  8. wah the presentation of the siew pau is very good indeed!

    He’s good at cooking. Makes the best nyonya changs. Sends some to me every year when the dumpling festival comes around!

  9. lol, sometimes i think that Cleffairy is the real owner of this blog haha

    She’s like my personal assistant/secretary/receptionist… Keeps everyone entertained when I’m offline and until I can come and reply to everybody’s comments. Nice, isn’t it?

    1. There’s no way in hell I’m the real blog owner. You know why? I can’t cook properly to even save my life. I burn my food most of the time, and my pie pastries are usually hard! *sigh* sigh*

      LOL… I like it here… made me feel like a little girl. ahahahahaaha….stay here feel like nonid to grow up… Cikgu is like my father liddat… only older abit than my own father. LMAO…

      Older by age but a lot younger at heart, I’m sure! Hehehehehehe!!!! Glad you like it here, stick around! At least got people making noise – not quiet and boring like in many blogs! Oops!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

    2. I so envy~

      That’s not all! I also got some bak chang (meat dumplings) from a friend in Bintulu…and wait till you see what I got from Singapore! I’ll feature it in one of my next few posts.

  10. I do not like siew paus but I do like the Yam Pies from Kuching!

    Yam ones – we have at least two places in Sibu that sell pretty nice ones. Best eaten piping hot on the spot, not nice when tapao – even the Kai Joo Lane ones from Kuching.

  11. Yeah yeah…i need to put panggang on the to-try list. I miss those with sambal inside…can’t find it here in KL. I reckoned west malaysia served some really decent siew pao

    You can get the sambal ones over there, I’m sure – just that you do not know where. They’ve that in Kuching…but it seems that the kosong ones – most common in Sibu. I’ve never had any good siew paos in West Malaysia. Love the Kuching Kai Joo Lane ones best!

  12. i want the char siew sio paooooo! =D

    Come…come! Lots here! None where you are…unless you can make your own? See! Never bothered to learn these things before going abroad! Now you can just drool! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. I oso wan…. *drool, drool*!

      Go, go and get your Seremban sio pao… People say nice, where got? I didn’t like! Once you’ve tried the Kuching ones, you will never settle for anything less…

      1. I dun like seremban ones worr… taste not so nice… 😦

        See! I’m not the only one. The pastry crunchy hard and not fragrant…and the filling looks kinda messy – not like nice pie filling! Certainly not my favourite!

  13. That you tiao I bought… is keras keras one… not tauhu pok… very long, and easy to break. Usually they will mix it together with the fruit rojak sauce, but I ask them to separate it, so that it wun be soggy. Buy extra oso… but very breakable!

    Aiyor…must check out the you tiao over this side of the country. I think there’s a stall at the Pavilion food court. Maybe I go and buy one and see…

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