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Once, there was a lady who ran a kampua noodle stall at a coffee shop across the road from Sacred Heart School where I was teaching. Her noodles were more expensive than elsewhere but were very nice and there were a lot of customers eating that or her Sarawak laksa which, at the time, was the best in town…and her lor mee was very nice too. Then she moved to another coffee shop in the town centre and I never went to eat at her stall ever again after that. Subsequently, I saw her at this coffee shop at Sungai Merah but she was not selling her kampua noodles anymore, just her Sarawak laksa and the lor mee. I guess that was because there was already a kampua noodle stall at the shop and they did not want to have a conflict of interest.

I heard that she fell sick…so I do not get to see her at the stall anymore. Her husband is running it now and the other day, in my search for the best lor mee in town, I went there to try…

Sg Merah lor mee 1

It seemed darker than what I would get elsewhere but tastewise, it was quite good….not great, just quite good…

Sungai Merah lor mee 2

And for lunch, my daughter and I went to this coffee shop across the road from what is now called Mitsu Shabu Shabu – Loke Ming Yuen where I usually went for the beef noodles, as my daughter wanted to eat the fried mihun with sambal and clams. I have not eaten at that stall since the time when I had fried kway teow served in what looked like a saucer. It was way too expensive for way too little so there was no way I would go back there again. However, it seemed that the lady had closed shop or moved elsewhere as the one running the stall was not her…and what she cooked was very different from the mihun that my daughter loved a lot…

Loke Ming Yuen fried mihun

She did not even use fresh clams, just those canned ones which are hard and not so nice. My daughter did not want to eat it and would rather have my salad chicken rice (RM5.00) instead…

Loke Ming Yuen salad chciken rice

This stall has been operating there for a long time and business seemed pretty good. My daughter said it was nice – especially the fried chicken…but I wouldn’t know as I did not get to eat it myself but from the look of it, I think the Pattaya chicken rice at Thomson Corner would be much nicer…and if I remember correctly, cheaper too!

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20 thoughts on “Keep searchin’…”

  1. it would not be that nice with canned clams. i never like the canned ones.

    that mee goreng looks so Sarawak! ha ha ha .. during my time in KL, mee goreng is something to avoid!

    I had mee goreng at some Malay coffee shops in SP…and they’re not really nice. Maybe I did not go to the right places…but we do have a couple of places here where the mee goreng Melayu is really good, definitely nicer than the Chinese mee goreng kering.

  2. Wah…. I dono y, everything looks so weird except for the rice.

    The lor mee is quite nice actually and the mihun too…except for the clams which I just put to one side. Dunno about the salad chicken rice…

  3. The meehoon looks “shreddy”.. other than that, I don’t mind trying the lor mee…

    Tastewise, it was pretty good…except that it was not the same as what my daughter used to have when the previous lady was running the stall…and of course, I did not eat the canned clams. Now THAT was a disappointment! The lor mee’s o.k. too!

  4. Your daughter so smart, choosing your chicken rice instead of the fried mihun. πŸ˜› I would have done the same. LOL

    Well, what to do? Don’t all parents want the best/better for their children? πŸ™‚

  5. I always go to Yum Yum (opposite Everwin Supermarket) for the lor mee.

    There is a coffee shop (behind Hongkong Bank, opposite the Bak kut teh shop) that sells sambal kueh teow. That guy is related to the lady who used to sell at Loke Ming Yuen. Haven’t been there in a long time so don’t know the quality now.

    Must drop by and try. Haven’t been to Yum Yum for quite a while. Used to go for the Foochow mee sua – best in Sibu. Yup…the lady’s hubby and that guy are brothers…and they have an elder brother, Ah Hock…of Ah Hock Kia coffee shop in the Sibu bus terminal area. I don’t like Tunku Osman – congested, hard to find parking!

    1. Oooo…I know who already. The guy who sell lor mee at Sg. Merah (mentioned in this post), the gu bak mee lady at Lok Ming Yuen and the fried mee guy at Lok Ming Yuen are siblings πŸ˜€

      The Sg Merah one is the husband of the lady who’s sick (the one opposite SHS before)…and the fried mee lady at Loke Ming Yuen – the hubby is the brother of the one at the coffee shop next to Spore Chicken Rice in Tunku Osman…and the brother of Ah Hock of Ah Hock Kia (and formerly Golden Sound Video Centre). The beef noodles lady is my ex-student’s mum – surname Hii. Dunno if they’re all related…but I think I saw the Sg Merah lady and the fried mee lady going to church together. Hahahahaha…this is so complicated! Small town – Sibu, everybody knows everybody!

      1. Hahaha! I only know they are all related – one big happy family πŸ˜€ The siblings all can cook well. Yup! Even in Kuching already everyone knows everyone, Sibu is even better, all related in one way or another πŸ˜›

        Kuching also like that? No leh! Kuching big city – not like Sibu, small town!

  6. at least the fried mihun looks beter from what i had at so called famous makansutra next to esplanade…its so watery and yucksss…i forgot took picture…

    beef noodle have to walk to the edge of jln alor…u rich ppl wiling to walk kar?which area u stay?lol

    Makansutra where? Esplanade where? Kuching?…Ya, the mihun tasted o.k. just that I didn’t like the canned clams. Aiyor…Jalan Alor, so short where got far? Now don’t start making excuses….

  7. The chicken looks damn nice, why its call “salad” chicken rice?

    Here, anything with mayo – they call salad! Salad sotong, salad fish fillet, salad whatever!!! LOL!!!

  8. i would go for the salad chicken too…they look nicer and more appetizing..hehe..

    Yalor…so kesian the old man…had to eat the mihun lor! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Eh, I forgot to comment. Hehehe!

    I like the lor mee there because it’s nice. The noodle got taste wan. Lor mee in other places like the kopitiam opposite Star Cineplex that people claimed very nice wan got no taste in the noodle. The soup is more sticky than the Sg Merah wan (very starchy) and there’s a lot of minced pork in the soup. I still prefer the lor mee that you posted in this post wan.

    Eyew…!!! I do not like the gooey lor mee! So the one opposite Star Cineplex is off the list! There was a nice one at the coffee shop behind the Sibu Polyclinic – dunno if it’s still there. Will go and check one of these days.

  10. Aiyo, I don’t know how your daughter is going to survive in a foreign land soon lah. We have the best food here in our own land… sure ‘torturous’ to be else where!

    Well, she actually prefers western…or Japanese…or Indian… I guess it’s expensive abroad but if she cooks her own, it should be quite affordable. Not difficult grilling slabs of beef or lamb!

    1. Hey, lost submerryn… dun scare Cikgu lah… u dun kesian him ah? Haiyorrr! You should know by now how Cikgu love his dotter? She got her little fingers all around him wan! Shame on u lah. LOL…wait you make him cry, den how? He cannot take candies worr… later kena diabetes…he cry liao, susah, you know? lai… come, Cikgu… I sayang u… *pats Cikgu’s head* ROTFLMAO

      Yalor…if I could afford to go over with her and cook for her there and if the NZ immigration would allow that, I would pack my bags right away! SIGH!!! Just hope and pray for the best…and that she does not forget to eat when all caught up in her studies.

  11. sibu lor mee looks like “lam mee” to me, i mean here we call it “lam mee” lor mee is another type, you can add with black vinegar. Next time when u’re here, maybe we can meet and i bring you for lor mee and lam mee.hahahhahahha

    Will look out for those when I go KL… Here, we do not have lam mee only lor mee…and ours, no black vinegar or at least not that I know of.

  12. waahaha… ur daughter hijacked ur salad chicken rice. Personally i never quite liked that dish. would prefer chicken rice anytime.

    Ya…and even chicken rice, it will depend on where… Not all places are nice!

  13. I am waiting also for you to find the best Lor Mee in town. Still waiting. LOL! The stall in Lok Ming Yuen that serve nice Bihun Sambal with clams moved to Belatok area in a coffee shop named “Lung Lung”.

    LOL!!! Will surely share when I find one that I think is really nice. Belatok? Heard of it but dunno exactly where. Never mind…I’m not crazy over her mihun or kway teow.

  14. makansutra in sinkapork… πŸ˜‰

    whre got xcuses as u ppl born with nice life whre got like me nid to walk around kilometre to work..later complain far and very dangerous…lol

    Aiyor…if I tell you about my life…it will bring you to tears I tell you! So sad… Where got go out happy, eat and eat, drink and drink like you? So enjoy one! Hahahahaha!!!

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