Try it on my own…

The holidays have started and my tuition classes for the year have resumed. That means that I would be out of the house around 3 something till past 6, Monday to Thursday, and my missus would leave for work at 7 something in the morning and would not be home till almost 6.00 p.m., so the coast is clear…

With the grumpy father and the doting mother out of the way, Melissa got down to some serious cooking. On Monday, she cooked this dish of fish head curry…

Mel's fish head curry

I guess it was not that difficult as she was using the A1 Mountain Globe curry paste. You can’t possibly go wrong with that. Nowadays, EVERYONE CAN COOK…curry! Personally, I felt it was a bit diluted, not lemak (rich) enough but it was nice. A jolly good first attempt, I must say.

The next day, she came up with these oven-baked chicken wings…

Mel's oven baked chciken wings

…following the same recipe that the mother used for that particular dish for our Christmas dinner. Now, these were absolutely delicious!!! Very fragrant with whatever that she used to marinate the wings, and very nicely done!

And yesterday, she grilled these brinjal with sambal

Mel's brinjal with sambal

…and they were a success too. It certainly looks like she should be able to manage pretty well on her own when she goes to New Zealand. Thumbs up, girl! Pat on the back!

Incidentally, she only had to prepare a vegetable dish yesterday as when I stopped by Chopsticks in the morning, I saw this beautiful slab of roast meat…

Roast pork 1

…and the best part was that I could hardly see any layers of fat and of course, the skin was crispy, unlike my failed attempts during those times when I tried to roast something similar!

Roast pork 2

At RM4.00 per 100 gm., that came up to RM14.00 – and it worked out to less than RM5.00 per person. If we were to tapao that with rice, at best they would only give a few bits of the meat with a lot of rice and some slices of cucumber…for some RM3.00 or 4.00. I reckoned it was worth it and we certainly had a sumptuous dinner – the roast meat and the sambal brinjal and home cooked rice. Yum! Yum!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Try it on my own…”

  1. Whoa… that curry ah… if goes with sambal belacan, very nice ohh, Cikgu. Lucky I had bfast d, else… my stomach sure sing underground rock song wan! πŸ˜›

    Nice eh? My girl’s grown up now – can cook already. Old man can retire liao! πŸ˜‰

    1. Retire? Dream on lah you. lol… if your daughter is anything like me… daddy’s girl… you habislah,… you’ll be cooking to your grave for her…. lol…next time she got children oredi oso, will still come back and whine for your food. πŸ˜› I know I’m liddat! I doubt your daughter is any diff. LOL… Daddy’s girl are all liddat.

      Sigh!!! 😦

  2. the pork roast looks very tempting. ha ha ha.

    had that brinjal with sambal a few days ago which I take from one the nasi campur shop in miri but it was not nice at all. didn’t finish it. I settled for a nasi ayam after that. Haha ha

    It was VERY nice – still tender and juicy, not hard and dry like in some places. You went to a Malay stall, I guess? Somehow or other, they don’t seem to be able to cook vegetables very well…most of the time. They’re ok with the meat – the curry, kurma, masak merah or masak hitam…but more often than not, not when it comes to the veg.

  3. wow..wowoo…!!! U r really blessed…your wife too as well.. parent’s cooking genes in Melissa now and seems to be better? LOL.. i would be so proud of her if she were my girl.. as for fernie, she has yet to fry an egg on her own 😦 yours truly here must do something about it before she goes college in 2 years time!
    hey, i really love the dishes she cooks.. STP, i think that is not brinjals la.. it is bitter gourd, right?? brinjals are purplish… or maybe sibu brinjals are green in colour?

    Well, she’ll learn eventually…I’m sure. My daughter never even boiled water when she was that age! Gosh! How we spoil and pamper our kids! That’s brinjal lah! They’re purple…but if cooked long enough they turn green…and the colour shade would get darker and darker (and not so nice) and the vegetable gets more and more mushy… Where got bitter gourd’s surface like that?… You’d better go and consult your Iron Chef – Elin and see what she says! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. LOL-ed so hard at Claire’s comment. LMAO…. Cikgu’s brinjals are mutated ma… that’s why that colour…. Waakakakakakaka….

      Lucky thing you didn’t say that I use the belum-masak brinjal, that’s why green in colour! Hahahahahaha!!!

      1. Join cleffairy LOL-ed hard at Claire’s comment! ROTFLMAO!!! I’ve seen enough brinjals to know that it’s not bitter gourd. Oh yea~ speaking of which, people here also love grilled brinjals with belacan.

        Yes…I loved the lightly shallow-fried brinjal, slit and stuffed with pounded chilli. Used to eat those at nasi padang shops in Singapore. Just steam and ulam with sambal belacan also best!!! I don’t like them cooked – Chinese style with meat and soy sauce and all.

      2. really brinjals?? serious??

        Yes! Go and call Elin and ask her if they’re brinjals! Melayu call them terung, Hokkien call them “kio”. Hahahahaha!!!!

      3. Yalah, the ones I had here also like that wan πŸ˜€

        Gosh! Maybe have to send her some by poslaju…. Let her cook and see the colour change! LOL!!!

      4. this cleffairy.. really…er.. having so much fun here.. laughing so much.. :))
        good thing too, to make u laugh..
        u must excuse this old lady here, clare, i took off my specs and put my face nearer to the screen, then i saw the dots dots. I didnt know they have green brinjals in sibu.. ours over here are purple in colour… hey, cleffairy, dont laugh again.. i know what u’re thinking.. πŸ™‚

        They’re purple lah, Claire…unless they’re still green, not ready for cooking yet. And during cooking, trhe purple colour gradually disappears – turning to green…and overcooked, you’ll get a dark not-so-nice shade of blackish or whatever colour. Hard to describe.

  4. meat! it’s like the thing i wish to eat here, but they can be quite costly.. haha..

    Where are you now? The last time I checked you were in gay Paree… Sometimes, the pork overseas is very smelly – the ang moh not so good at slaughtering the pig… LOL!!! Better eat chicken, beef or lamb!

  5. So lucky to have a daughter loves going to kitchen not searching for food but prepare food for parents! Those dishes look great having considered they were prepared by a “newbie chef” πŸ™‚

    Ya…she likes to help out…when she’s not bogged down by her studies and assignments. We’re indeed really very lucky.

  6. Wah! Pandai your daughter! So you don’t have to worry about her starving already! Next yr when she comes back, her cooking mayhave superseded yours! πŸ™‚

    I don’t think she’ll cook that much over there – at least, not the fancy stuff. She’s the type that is very serious with her studies and her work, so she would not spend a lot of time cooking, I’m sure. But at least, I know when she craves for something she loves, she’ll be able to whip it up on her own.

  7. Ps, I think Whitney’s voice almost recovers. Saw her on American music award, just fantastic! Can’t wait to see her live concert in march!

    Ya…I didn;t like her “new” song at first – “I look to you” or something…but after listening to it a few times, I grew to like it. Lucky you…can get to see Whitney live. Lucky thing too – otherwise I’d be singing away to all her songs – louder than her, and annoying all the people in the seats around me. Hahahahaha!!!! And I……..will always….love youuuuuuuu!!!!

  8. Ooooh~! Good job, Mel πŸ˜€ Now I am suddenly craving for fish head asam curry…Long time no eat liao! What she used to marinate the chicken wings? I want to try to make it also πŸ˜›

    That Japanese kikkomo sauce or something ,with Maggi seasoning, sesame oil and a bit of sugar – that’s all. Tasted something like those hot wings at Pizza Hut. I love those – after eating, you’d get the smell lingering to your fingers!!! Haven’t had them for a long time now…

    1. Tis Cikgu… it’s Kikkoman sauce la. Fuiyo… that Kikoman soya sauce very power wan. Me likey like! Usually, people will eat that kikkoman sauce with sushi wan… ohh, yummm! But goes very well for nasi goreng too! LOL…

      Ok lah…whatever it’s called. My missus uses it all the time including frying rice. I guess that’s why her fried rice is nicer than mine! 😦 I’m not into Japanese food, not really into sushi…

  9. i love fish head but bot those very lemak type…*everyday sure got pork dishes* πŸ˜›

    treat u eat say wat ler as my xpensive dinner only kfc…lol…bring u go to the beef noodle at jln alor which my fren say very nice but their taste bud not mine… πŸ˜‰

    Haiya! Wait till you see me, then you’ll understand lah! Real porky – so fat one! Aiyor…KFC, dun wan lah! I dun go to these ang moh fast food joints. Jalan Alor beef noodles, maybe lah… πŸ™‚

  10. Boleh tahan ur anak masak…. u must have trained her well. haha

    Didn’t train her lah! Comes naturally, it seems! Must be in the genes! πŸ˜€

  11. Wow, fish head curry!!! No keropok to go with it? I only eat the skin of the roast meat when i tapao haha.

    You eat keropok with fish head curry? You mean papadums? Where are you? Singapore? Here, we have it with rice…especially Bario hill rice – the best, most fragrant, most delicious rice in the world! You can try eating the skin of MY roast meat – see whether the skin or your teeth crack first! Hahahahaha!!!!

  12. Your girl can cook very well, a lot better than me, so now you no worry when she go to NZ, she can take good care of herself. πŸ™‚

    The chicken wing look so so yummy and juicy, make me so hungry now and craving for chicken wings.

    Yup, the wings are very nice…. When I go to KL, I’ll go to try the ones at Jalan Alur. A lot of people have praised those to the skies…and then I can compare. Presently, I think they’re something like the hot wings at Pizza Hut.

  13. U definitely won’t have to worry about Mel starving in NZ. Teach her to cook some lamb too since it’s in abundance there. Lamb curry, lamb chops, lamb stir-fry, lamb stew…etc…

    Ya…or beef. Will have to get her to cook those next… But chicken’s easy to get over there too.

  14. LMAO-ed at Claire’s response to me… haiyorr… brinjals are purple lah… ahahaha…but they turn slightly green when you cook em a lilttle bit. I guess you dun eat much brinjals, huh, Claire? But, it’s a good thing also, cuz brinjals actually contain a little bit of nicotine, πŸ˜€ Take too much of brinjals, den you’re no different than smokers lerr… addict wan!

    Yakah? Got nicotine? Now that the prices of cigarettes are so high…maybe I should start eating more brinjals instead! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. wahaha… can dry the brinjal under the sun and smoke it. Then tell them u’re smoking a cuban cigar.

      It will certainly look like one… LOL!!!

  15. She cooked well. πŸ˜€ War….so now you are teaching tuition again? :p Good for you. So you can earn more money to spend on food later. πŸ™‚

    What to do? Pension so little, how to survive? Must earn a little bit to put food on the table…

  16. first and foremost
    it’s whitney houston, isn’t it?
    one of my favourite songs hehehe

    and the food?
    they all look yummy
    now i’m hungry!

    Hi! Haven’t seen you around for sometime. Whitney has always been my favourite ever since her first album with all the nicest songs – Saving all my love, Greatest love of all and so on. I must say that’s her best! Ya…they look good and taste good too! πŸ˜€

  17. wow, those dishes certainly looks good especially for a newbie cook! *blink* *blink* you must be so proud of her πŸ˜‰

    Ya…pretty good for a first timer. At least, she’ll be able to cook something whenever she wants when she goes over to NZ.

  18. Well, in NZ she wont have the Asian ingredients & tools like she has not at home. Those are quite expensive there.

    She’ll have to adapt & cook the local food.
    You know… the stuff they serve at fancy cafe around Sibu for an arm & a leg.
    Yup, those are CHEAP to prepare at home in NZ.

    If she does any cooking, that is. Most of the time, she’s so caught up in her work, her assignments…she’ll have no appetite to eat. At best, she’ll probably just take one or two biscuits. Not like the father, when I’ve lots of work, I’ll eat…and eat…and eat! Must keep up the energy! πŸ˜€

  19. Aiyo!!! Mouth watering and I’m reading this at almost midnite! Where to get good food at this hour???? Crazee me.. how to sleep now?

    Where have you been all day? Wondering where you went. Very busy, eh? Hah…that’s why I always have some stock at home – instant noodles, biscuits…

  20. Gosh…ur daughter can cook man….at least those photos look tempting enough to convince me to pay for it

    At least she can cook something for herself when she feels like it in NZ. 😦

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