All rise…

I guess everybody knows by now that the price of sugar has risen by 20 sen…and before the uproar – all the finger pointing, the wild accusations and the mud-slinging – has died down, it seems that they have increased the price of chicken as well. Was it Newton who said that “what goes up must come down”? Well, I’m afraid in this connection, he couldn’t be further from the truth. The prices are never going to come down, I’m sure!

We will just have to learn to live with it and try to go around the problem. I’ve reduced my intake of sugar by half – just a teaspoon in my early morning mug of Nescafe instead of the usual two…and I guess that’s all for the better. I heard on the radio the other day that Malaysia ranks fourth in the world where the total number of diabetes sufferers is concerned. As for the chicken, I will have to be happy with fewer pieces compared to before – no point crowing and clucking about it.

Another thing that we can do is to shop smart. Sometimes, there are very good offers at the supermarket on certain items…but we should buy not because the things are cheap but because we really need them. This made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy mi goreng…

Mee Daddy mi goreng 1

…for example, was going for RM3.00 only for a pack of 5 packets. I usually go for the chicken and curry flavours but since this one is so much cheaper, I have to forget about the other two for the time being. At that reduced price, it costs only 60 sen a packet…

Mee Daddy mi goreng 2

…and inside, you get these packets of oil with fried onions, soy sauce, seasoning and chilli powder…

Mee Daddy mi goreng 3

Throw in an egg – around 30 to 40 sen each at the moment…

Mee Daddy mi goreng 4

…and you can get a satisfying breakfast to start your day – just for around RM1.00.

Besides, we may be able to get stuff that are getting close to their expiry dates at very much lower prices than normal. According to Blogger doc, they may still be good for another six months or so after they have expired…but normally, I would not take the chance on that and consume them on or before the due date…or maybe, just a few days later but no more than that!

For one thing, I do not seem to have noticed anybody jumping on the bandwagon and jacking up the prices of things as yet. For instance, at my regular kuih-muih (Malay cakes) stall at Bandung, they are selling everything at the usual prices. These kuih tongkol or bongkol still RM1.00 for three…

Malay kuih 1

…and it is still as nice with the gula melaka (palm sugar) syrup and all…

Malay kuih 2

Has anybody encountered inflated prices of anything anywhere yet? Perhaps you would like to share with the rest here?

Author: suituapui

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22 thoughts on “All rise…”

  1. i also reduce my sugar intake. getting old liw. ha ha ha .. must jaga health

    Ya…and don’t go for those sugar substitutes. I’ve read many horror stories about them! Just do with less…or without!

  2. luckily eateries in uni didn’t really jack up da price, if not i can only have (polluted) air for meals =.=

    Ya…so far so good here! They’re maintaining the usual prices…but I wonder for how long. When prices of other things go up, they will also be affected one way or another.

  3. i dont drink coffee or teh tarik.. but i do drink barley and each time i order, i told them less sugar but then, the price is the same regardless. My complaint was this.. a glass of plain water now cost 40sen compared to 30sen lately!!! WTH… plain water without any sugar also increase price! ridiculous or not?

    I drink kopi-o-peng when going for breakfast or tea in coffee shops morning or afternoon…but when dining out, I usually ask for iced water…even lunch!

  4. I’ve notice the price of things has gone up, but yet to see the effect at my place. Everything seems to be still normal.. the usual nasi lemak and stuff… and I have yet to do shopping and groceries… so dunno the effect yet.

    Ya…we’ll just have to wait and see and learn to live with it…or without!

  5. so far i hv nt been charged extra for drinks or food. Maybe it will increase soon but hopefully coffee shops & supermarkets will not increase their prices drastically. Just be ready folks! Cheers!

    Ya…I guess it will come sooner or later. No running away from it…so have to tighten our belts! Spend prudently.

  6. Cikgu… Claire never mentioned her hubby in her blog cuz he oredi passed away. She raised her three kids herself.

    Ya…she already told me in her reply to my comment in her blog. I could guess as much and I must say she’s really admirable! Raising three children single-handedly is definitely not easy…and with two now in institutions of higher learning! Thankfully, she’s brought them up well and is blessed with good kids.

    1. dont make me cry, both of u… *blushing already* .. all credit goes to the Big One Above us… if not for HIM, i wont be blogging today and knowing so many friends and having a a bit, a bit of allowance.. 🙂

      No, really…I admire you! So out-going and independent, so capable…handling everything on your own. I don’t think my missus will be able to manage half as well if I leave everything to her. SIGH…..

      1. Hey, dont underestimate her… anyone can… I was .. WAS a very dependant lady too.. i dint have to do anything.. i mean like paying bills here and there, pump petrol, pump air, mechanics… etc etc.. i only did marketing those days.. so helpless then.. so.. so.. u see.. when circumstances arises, anything u dint expect her to do, she can really do it eventually… but of course, it is better not to know so much than to know how to do ..hahahhaa… knowing too much means u will be more free then.. *wink*

        Haiz!!! Pump petrol, can lah! Bits and pieces here and there. No choice, old man nag and nag and nag!!! But a lot, I’ll have to handle. Looks like it will have to wait till I kick the bucket and join the heavenly choir as well… 😦

  7. AH! Your plate of mee goreng look sedap!! One packet enough? Normally i will go with two packets, hahahhahaha..i mean with other brand, i have yet to try “mee daddy”!! Maybe should ask my mum to bring for me next round.

    So far i only notice Gardenia bread had increase RM0.20 cents, now is RM2.30 instead of RM2.10.

    Two packets – RM1.20 – still cheaper than kampua kosong outside. I used to think that Indomie was nicer – but they’ve changed to Ibumie now…and the last time I had that, it did not taste that great anymore – more or less the same, so better opt for the cheaper one…and save a bit! Ya…they increased the price of bread a few weeks ago…before sugar, blaming it on the rising cost of flour.

  8. You know! I think for the one whole year, my house barely use 100gramme. :p Unless we are baking cake.

    That’s good – healthy living. Even cakes these days – all reduced sugar, not so sweet…except for the Malay cakes, the kek lapis and what not. Theirs are as sweet as ever…

  9. please dont show this to me Cikgu, the Daddy noodle that you gave me has not been replenished, so how lah…i am drooling all over now.

    Ok speaking about the sugar price in increase, this morning i asked the boss of my regular breakfast store that would he increase the price of my fav kopi o. he said wait and see,then i told him if he were to increase, can he reduce the price of my fav kopi O with i were to have it without sugar, i shrugged at my silly suggestion.

    I really hope one day, everything here in our land will not be subsidized anymore, then everything will be fair… dont you think so ,cikgu?

    Coffee or tea without sugar is definitely cheaper…or at least, they are here! Yalor…subsidised and then, cheaper than neighbouring countries…and people start smuggling out and selling there! Malaysians do not know how to appreciate, just know how to complain… Better don’t bother to give them anything as they will abuse all of it anyway! If can’t afford, no need to eat lor! If want to eat, work harder to earn the money to buy! As for the Mee Daddy, you wait…wait till 2012 as I would not be going that way again for the next two years at least! LOL!!!

  10. Nothing seems to change here as well except the price of sugar at supermarkets. Hahahah! Eh, the kuih tongkol looks nice, I never tried before. Tapao for me when I go back? Can tahan keep for a few days or not?

    They do not have the same things every day…so it will depend on your luck. Some days a lot of nice things and you do not know how to choose…other days, nothing that you would want to eat!

  11. Come to think of it, you will not be around during CNY so I guess forget it la :p

    You can always go there to have a look – provided they’re open for business, that is. You know “those people” – people close for a day, they close for a week… How to boleh like that?

  12. as for me 1kg of sugar can last very long except when i cook kacang merah or kacang hijau.. so not really big deal..

    my mum said the drinks price in sp has increased 10cent so i told her next time order kosong and ask them to charge less.. and we wil bring our own sugar :)…
    semua naik gaji saja yang tak naik… : (

    I use sugar for my morning mug of coffee and another for afternoon tea. Other than that, I hardly use any sugar. SP, harga naik pun…still cheaper than elsewhere. Here if they increase, I’ll just eat – no need to drink…or bring my own water in Tupperware tumbler! LOL!!!

    1. if we dont order drinks from coffeeshop, i wonder whether they look at us one kind or not.. esp Sir said he’ll bring his own tumbler some more.. hahhahaa…. just now lunch i ordered one plain ice water.. 40sen.. and that is the cheapest drink!

      They’re not so strict here. You can bring your own drink or choose not to drink. When I was in Penang, I saw this sign in a coffee shop stating that if you do not order a drink, you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money to sit at a table. So terrible! Not that we sit there to relax or what. After all, we are eating the food from the stalls!

  13. I’m with you,STP. We should reduce our sugar intake for both economic and health purpose. Kurangkan manis dalam minuman/makanan, tambahkan manis dalam senyuman…hehe…

    Yup…that’s a good slogan! Smile and the whole world smiles with you!

  14. those instant mee a lot of msg and better don consumed much of that… 😉

    she bz but anyhow im stil planing to go thre so up to u wana meet up with this ugly fatoldman onot…lol

    Ya…can use only half of the seasoning – salty enough. If with soup, I will use less water, so half the packet of seasoning would be enough. Don’t worry. I’ll get your number from your khai ma…and get in touch with you when I’m in KL, and then we can arrange to meet somewhere…and you can buy me an expensive dinner! LOL!!!

  15. Hahaha.. i remember Daddy Mee in my time was such a popular choice of instant noodles. Some even eat it without cooking…sorta like a snack.. eww

    That’s the chicken flavoured variety. They call it 3-in-1, can have it as a soupy noodle dish, dry…or a snack!

  16. You know why they haven’t increased the price of kuih tongkol? Because they’re not using refined sugar mah….price of palm sugar didn’t go up. Hehe

    They probably reduced the size of that thing… Oops! I mean, the kuih tongkol! Did it use to be bigger? One whole piece/slab? But I saw in somebody’s blog – they’re 60 sen each in Sabah!!! Omigawd!!! Better count my blessings! Almost half the price here.

  17. Hahaha! Guess what I just had? Mee Daddy. Didn’t have dinner, went straight to gym, now hungry 😛

    The power of blog advertising! Now Kinetic Foods will have to pay me… LOL!!!

  18. I’m looking at this now during my lunch hour and I’m salivating! I want to eat the mi goreng with the egg! yum yums

    Not going out to eat? The mi goreng and egg, very cheap one – around RM1 only.

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