Beyond the sea (2)…

I have not been to my regular kuih-muih (Malay cakes) stall at Bandong here ever since the school holidays started and that would be some two months or so ago. Well, school has reopened for 2010 and I would have to get back to my usual routine, so yesterday morning, on my way to my parents’ house, I stopped by the place to see what they had to offer.

Ah! They had the East Coast specialty, nasi kerabu

Nasi Kerabu 1

What I had before was prepared by a lady from Kelantan and the rice was blue butΒ this time, it was prepared by one from Johore and the rice was yellow…and instead of the fried fish with the rice, in this one, she had a small slice of salted egg and bergedil (deep fried cake made of mashed potatoes and fish)…

Nasi Kerabu 2

At RM3.00 a packet, it was VERY nice…and all the condiments added certainly served to enhance the taste.

Also selling at the same price was this nasi dagang, another specialty from the East Coast in the states of Trengganu and Kelantan.

Nasi Dagang 1

They gave fish curry to be eaten with the rice…

Nasi Dagang 2

…and this too was VERY nice!

As I had to be at my parents’ house all morning, I was not able to cook, so I bought those packets of nasi kerabu and nasi dagang for my daughter and me to have for lunch and we certainly enjoyed them a lot. Just don’t ask how many packets I bought…and who ate most of them! ROTFLMAO!!!

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26 thoughts on “Beyond the sea (2)…”

  1. Ahahahahahaha…. i know how to make bergedil… now you give me an idea. I can make bergedil for my son later. He loves them to bits! Thanks, Cikgu. I call them potato bombs, though, cuz sometimes, when you fry em… it can explode!

    Ya…my mum’s Indon maid told me once how to make sure they do not explode…but I’ve forgotten already. Add an egg or something… Long ago in the 80s, I tried making a similar type of cake of mashed potatoes with corned beef and onion and fried – they all exploded and I made a helluva mess! Didn’t know of such a thing as bergedil then… So blur! LOL!!!

    1. Ahahahaha…. you also made them and they explode, huh? I kena before. Damn the hot oil was painful…. but now I know how to make it not meletup oredi. LOL… actually you have to coat em slightly with eggs before frying them. Have to evenly coat em, else they will explode as well. I was dumb lorr, back then. I dun put any beef inside, however. I used dried prawns instead. And whoa, my boy will polish them off. I guess kids loves this kind of things, huh?

      Ya…I think that was what my mum’s Indon maid told me. Must try again one of these days and hopefully, it will be successful this time…

  2. Did you know ders a difference between da Kelantan nasi dagang and da Terengganu ones? I prefer da Terengganu ones as to me tey are nicer.
    As for nasi kerabu, wat I’m used to seeing ‘ere is very different from wat I see in your pic. Tere are more “aliens” (ulam) and tey are usually mixed tgtr wit da rice.

    Darn, now I’m ‘ungry!

    Yup…you’re supposed to mix everything together yourself – the ulam, the grated coconut, the salted fish gravy…and then eat. What you see in the pic – not mixed yet. I think the Kelantan lady’s one is nicer though – hotter and more smelly – the smellier the salted fish gravy, the better! LOL!!! Never had nasi kerabu before this but I had nasi dagang at a buffet lunch in a KL hotel (Pearl International) – not too impressed then…but this one is quite nice. Dunno about Kelantan nasi dagang… Ah well…at least I know quite a bit about these things – many, I’m sure, haven’t the slightest clue what these are…the same way you people over the other side dunno much about what we have over here! Tsk! Tsk! 1Malaysia konon!

    1. Eh, Zee… the nasi kerabu that I am used to is also the alien kind. Looked nothing like the one Cikgu posted up.

      Is it more like the Kelantan lady’s that I had before? You can click the link to see the post on that. But both of them, not mixed yet… Will have to gaul everything together first…and then eat! But I think the second time I bought the Kelantan lady’s nasi kerabu, she already mixed everything together. Not so nice – prefer to do it myself and then wallop!!!

      1. Ya, ya…. it’s that kind of nasi kerabu. Purplish kind one… I usually eat them during bulan puasa, cuz they only sell them in those bazar ramadan. LOL… those that I bought also haven’t mix yet wan… those that mix beforehand I dun buy, cuz it will basi easily!

        That must be the original. This one’s made by a lady from Johore – not quite the same but still very nice! Don’t mind having it again…

  3. i love nasi kerabu. im going there soon 2 get a few packets huahahahahahahaha

    Hey! I thought you’re in Betong? Ya…they’re VERY nice – worth having…even at RM3.00. πŸ˜€

  4. Ok, ok, i wont ask how many packets u bought and ate, STP! hahhaa… u kept saying they were nice, nice.. so.. so.. we better not ask… LOL… as for me, my canteen sells something like this, day in and day out.. but i have yet to taste the blue rice u posted before last year…

    Wah! Your canteen sells such nice food kah? Most canteen food here expensive and not nice! Take advantage of the “captive customers”… The hospital canteen here not bad but run by Chinese, only the workers are non-Chinese…

    1. You ask him no questions, and he will tell you no lies. LMAO…. correct anot, Cikgu? Wakakakakakaak!

      Yup!!!….You’re beginning to know me so very well! πŸ˜€

  5. I love nasi kerabu~ Long time no eat liao. Last I had that was 3-4 years ago in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and the rice I had then was green, or was it purple or was it blue I cannot remember but I love it. My friend brought me to sample their nasi dagang also. It was nice! *drool*

    Lucky thing we have this stall in Sibu, or else I would never have had the chance to eat that. Nasi Dagang – once only at a KL hotel buffet…but I find this one nicer! Maybe at hotel buffet, lots of other nice things to eat, so over-shadowed! πŸ˜€

  6. Aiyo! If we all have a wedding to go to this year,you better don’t eat so many packets or better still don’t make that detour to this place! Don’t you want to look shapey in your punjabi shirt! Especially when u do the ‘itchy’kung thing!LOL!

    Never mind, my punjabi shirt very big one. At worse, I would look like a full-term pregnant woman! Muahahahaha!!!! Aiyor…have to prepare an extra ang pao for the “itchy kung” hor? 😦 Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. What is “itchy kung”? *blur*

      The Foochow tradition at weddings – bowing three times (itchy kung…erchy kung…sangchy kung…) to show respect to those relatives older than the bride or groom and collecting ang pao from them! Best part of weddings! Bow three times, stretch out hand… Nothing comes that easy! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. ohhh that!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!

        LOL!!! And don’t we all know who will laugh last…and the longest when the time comes? πŸ˜€

  7. Wah, East coast specialty is rather popular there! Love the spicy gravy with salted eggs!

    Not really popular! Just that we have the delicacies as this stall that I frequent, so I am able to enjoy all those things that I have never seen or tried before…

  8. i can guess from rm3 a packet rice how many u had… πŸ˜›
    try in kl kampung baru and they got another stall call nasi lemak antarabangsa also very famous around globe but i never try and only help fren tapao…lol

    i mean the mee in lor mee seem like henghua mee…i used to ate it century ago as my mother side are henghua ppl…here in kch have sell also the mee n i try it can say im very satisfied… πŸ˜‰

    Dunno where kampung baru is. Next week, if you’re in KL too, you go buy for me to enjoy lah! LOL!!! And next time, I go Kuching when you’re there…and you can treat me to Henghua lor mee!

  9. But I thought nasi kerabu should be in blue colour? Ha πŸ˜€ I’m so mixed up.

    Don’t ask me! This one’s prepared by a lady from Johore. Maybe it isn’t blue down south. I wouldn’t know. As long as it’s nice, I’ll just eat!

  10. LOL So how many packets did you eat in the end? LOL
    I haven’t tried Nasi dagang before, but then I’m not a big fan of fish and those bones!

    I only had the two packets of nasi dagang for lunch while my daughter had one packet of nasi kerabu as she preferred that. I had the other packet of nasi kerabu for dinner…so in total, three! πŸ™‚

  11. From wat I know, ter are different types of nasi kerabu ~ different states produce t’eir own version. My mom’s from Perak and da ones dat my grandma and grand aunt used to make have lots of “aliens” (different veges and ulams) chopped very finely and everything is mixed toget’er with da rice. And becoz I’m no goat, I don’t eat da stuff πŸ™‚

    You don’t take ulams? Healthy eating! I love ulams! So you don’t eat salad too? That’s also raw veg – in essence, they’re the same…

  12. Never tried once before. But from the pic, I can tell that they are tasty! Maybe I should now consider to retire in Sibu also! But what can I do for a living there? Maybe keeping swiftlets.

    You can go into professional photography. They’re SO expensive these days. Charge less and you’ll get a lot more business. But they’re saying that not many are planning to get married next year – Tiger year…as there are not many “good dates”. I would think that Christians should not be bothered about such pagan superstitions…

    1. You really think that I should go into photography? I have been thinking for a long time. It has been my passion since I was very young.
      I shouldn’t depend on wedding photography only although this is where I can make big buck. But there are different areas for this business. Perhaps I should really take some lessons from experts!
      Photography market in Miri is almost saturated. How about Sibu?

      I’m not sure how good the market is in Sibu. You’ll have to ask people like rubberseeds…but if you’re really very good and probably cheaper as well, people may swarm to you.

      1. Agree. I should talk to him when I go back next time.
        Rubberseed is now a reporter for The Star!

        Yup…he is. Good friend of Dato’. πŸ™‚

  13. happy belated new year to you, STP!

    just went back to kuching so i’ve had my fair dosage of local fare… heavenly! πŸ™‚

    The same to you and hope you’ll have a great year ahead. Btw, have you heard the news? Somebody’s intending to get married this year – September!!!

  14. say what ler tapao for u if i got transport… πŸ˜‰

    *95% i will be in kl 12 – 13th as i cal my batang retired blogger linpeh free on tuesday* πŸ˜‰

    its heng hua mee not heng hua lor mee…maybe i will ask my aunty personaly cook for u… πŸ˜‰ * i promise u to be back to sibu with xtra belly as i wont starve u in kuching* πŸ˜›

    I contacted your khai ma and she said she would be in Genting on those dates! 😦 So she’s not available… Ah! Henghua mee…not lor mee! I’m so confused! LOL!!!

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