After the Sunday morning service yesterday, we decided to give this new place here in Sibu a try…

Pahlawan Cafe

I guess Pahlawan means “warrior” or “fighter” and hence, the title of this post. My missus had the beef noodles…

Pahlawan Cafe beef noodles

…which she liked a lot even though it did not look very substantial and kind of diluted. My daughter sampled a little and she too said it was good – better than at some places selling the same thing. However, the two of us opted for the self-proclaimed “original lor mee“…

Pahlawan Cafe lor mee

…which was such a disappointment. The gravy was thick enough and not too gooey but there was no sign of any fermented beans being used nor any hint of five-spice powder…nor was there any egg, either beaten and added in the gravy or hard boiled. The lor mee that I usually have at Kin Coffee Hut (next to the photocopying shop @ Pusat Tanahwang, opposite Sacred Heart School) is definitely a lot nicer…

Kin Coffee Hut lor mee

…but it is different from the Hailam lor mee that Eugene took us to try when we were in Penang last year. This special version is very nice too…

Penang Hailam lor mee
*recycled pic

On the other hand, the lor mee that I had at Kafe Kheng Pin, the coffee shop along Penang Road on the island, was nice but not really that much to shout about…

Penang lor mee
*recycled pic

…but it is definitely more authentic or should I say, more like lor mee as I knew it to be. There are a couple of other places selling this in town but I have yet to go and check them out. I certainly hope to do that soon…and perhaps I will be able to let you know where you can find the best lor mee in Sibu! Any suggestions, anybody?

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26 thoughts on “Fighter…”

  1. Wakao…. more food! LMAO… lucky today eat first before come here… lol…eh… the beef noodles looks so mouth watering. I’ve been wanting to eat this, but cannot find good ones around my area. So sien!

    Btw, Cikgu ah.. you use your phone to take the pictures or wud?

    You ate so early kah? I’ve yet to cook something for breakfast – very hungry now! Not going to answer your question. Just go to previous post – it’s all there: LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Wahahahahahaha…. so you use camera…. I tot handphone… *grinz* you’re so nice, bought her a camera… must have burn a hole in your seluar, horr? Haiyorr, kesian, but nevermindlah…. she’s going to NZ… give her good camera, good wud… next time, can see New Zealand’s lembu lembu very clear! Nice! Must ask her owez email you pictures lerr!

      Parents all the same – always want the best for their children. I often see the kids using the most up-to-date handphones – ipod or blackberry even…and the parents using the 1st generation Nokia 3310. So kesian hor! Work half dead…children enjoy, they themselves so deprived.

  2. hey Cleffairy… u working early or never slept at all? such an early riser, noticed that yr post is 3 hours ago.. my gosh, that was the most beautiful time to dream…

    sorry STP, couldn’t help saying a word or 2 for our young Cleff here… she really does her writing at wee hours in the morning!! how do u beat that! hahaa….
    Ok, back to food and lor mee, frankly, i never like lor mee, dont like the thick gravy… i dont know, never learn to like it yet, i suppose.. or perhaps Ipoh doesnt sell lor mee over here, that is why…. but i would love to try the kampua noodles.. anytime!

    No lor mee in Ipoh? Aiyor…Penang got leh? Dunno if you’ll like Foochow fried noodles or not then, also got gravy but not so much. I’m waiting….and waiting. Say only but I doubt you’ll ever come to Sibu to eat kampua.

    1. I got sleeping problem, Claire… couldn’t sleep… get terrible nightmares every day. Now become like vampire…awake at night til dawn, den wake up at dusk. No joke ler.

      Your body clock all messed up lah! Needs retuning!

  3. where is this place?

    make your own the next time you make lor-bak. i don’t remember the first lor-mee i had at the wooden stalls at channel road (present central market) having 5 spice in the mix; that’s how i like my lor-mee soup.

    Bus terminal area – new shophouses to the right of Rasa Sayang/Sri Meranti. I’ve eaten lor mee – the 5-spice powder taste so strong that it put me off. Maybe that’s why it’s called lor mee – as in phak lor. So far the only one I like here is from that stall at Kin Coffee Hut. Perhaps you can go and try…and give your verdict.

  4. Lor mee…hmm…used to like the one at Sg Merah wan (used to be opposite SHS last time, kampua was nice but he doesn’t make it anymore) but long time didn’t go and eat liao. Don’t know how’s the wife already…

    Yes, I used to eat hers sometimes…but then she moved. I was in Sg Merah last week or earlier, the business is still running and they’re selling laksa and lor mee only, no more kampua. Saw the hubby, didn’t see her…so dunno how she is – but I think I saw her going to mass once! Will drop by to try the lor mee one of these days, dunno still as good or not.

  5. haha, mislead but ur title. I thought u got into a fight and took photos of it πŸ˜€

    Who can fight with me? I’m like Japanese sumo wrestler one! Hahahahaha!!!!

  6. I had “lam mee” the other day. Sometimes I can’t even differentiate the “lam mee” with “lor mee” ‘coz they both kinda same… πŸ™‚

    I had lam mee in Penang – Northam Court but not nice at all. Not the same lah…unless what I had wasn’t nice and they have nicer ones elsewhere.

  7. I’ll melt in the sight of pork intestines! I want to eat them! One of my favourite part of the pig! Lol…

    Me too! And liver too! Yum! Yum! Bet you’d love kuih chap then – all those goodies in it!!! πŸ™‚

  8. the lor mee mee i used to ate it in clear soup which they called heng hua mee… πŸ˜‰
    pig again today…so healthy… πŸ˜€

    Hahahahaha!!! That’s why you look at me – so sihat!!! Henghua mee is the same as lor mee meh? No leh…where got lor mee in clear soup one…or at least, not that I know of! Never heard of Henghua mee either! Sibu got lakia mee though… πŸ˜€

    1. the hinghua lor mee is thicker in diameter than the yellow hokkien noodle, and it tastes vinegary sour – like having sea cucumber soup.

      I see. Never seen that before, much less tasted it. In your opinion, is it any good? Guess it’s available in Kuching seeing that fatty old man is from there too!

      1. never tried it in kuching… long time ago at the underpass at kl train station. i like sour stuff, so naturally it’s good.

        I see. Maybe not my cup of tea, since I’m not really into sour stuff…

  9. Hmmm..not a “lor mee” or “lam mee” fans.

    I think everytime when i’m back home, i will only eat kampua and not other. hahahhahaha

    Typical Sibu born and bred! I met an aunt today, my mum’s cousin, and she had some relatives here for the holidays from Canada – and she said that they ate kampua morning, afternoon and night anywhere and everywhere…and all were nice to them! Gee!!! Must be really deprived! πŸ˜€

  10. Your verdict on Mel’s curry?

    Why? You saw the photo on Facebook?…It was nice. Surely you know that with A1 Mountain Globe curry paste, you just can’t go wrong! Everyone can….cook…curry! LOL!!!

  11. I am also still looking for a nice lor mee stall. But I heard the one opposite Star cineplex called “Sing Ron Kiaw” not bad. Not yet try before. Not sure true or not.

    You too? I seldom go to town…so why don’t you go and try and post a review on it? Hehehehehe!!!

  12. hahaha πŸ˜€ I wonder if a fighter operate this restaurant. What a funny name. The lo me is delicious, must be the egg. :p

    It takes its name from the road where it’s located – Jalan Pahlawan. Which lor mee are you talking about? Two with hard boiled egg…and one with with beaten egg in the gravy…

  13. as for the loh mee, the middle stall (beside the famous beef noodle stall) wch is upstair of the tiong hua road market is among the best in cbu. try one at kong mama cafe n its not bad either.

    Never go to that area. The Kong Ma Ma…the new coffee shop at Delta? Went for the kolo mee but it was no good! This must be the stall inside, the 2nd one. Will go and try one of these days. Thanks for the tip…

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