Fire and rain…

You’ve met Nicholas before in this post. He’s my ex-student, now a teacher…and he posted some photos of the New Year countdown in Sibu on Facebook and tagged me. I thought they were really very nice and so I asked for his permission to share them with everybody here…

Ushering in 2010 in Sibu 1

I understand it was raining heavily that night…and there were a whole lot of fireworks and firecrackers around town. Unfortunately, I slept through all that – from 2009 to 2010! I woke up for a few seconds to hear that darn neighbour’s string of firecrackers and fell asleep almost instantly – did not even stay awake to hear the loud bang at the end. LOL!!!

Ushering in 2010 in Sibu 2

So where were you on 31st December, counting down to the Β New Year – 2010?

In keeping with the tradition, in the morning, I cooked some chicken soup with ginger and Foochow red wine…and boiled some eggs so everyone could have mee sua when they got up…and in the evening, we went over to my parents’ place for dinner.

My missus made this plate of salad – the way my family has been doing in for years ever since the time of my maternal grandma and aunties…

New Year dinner 1

…and everyone loved it, especially, my parents – they certainly had a whole lot of that.

My sister bought some dishes from a restaurant somewhere in the vicinity of the Civic Centre in Sibu. The butter fish fillet was very nice…

New Year dinner 2

…but the Philippine pork leg was a bit overdone…

New Year dinner 3

…so it was kind of hard or crunchy on the outside. She also bought these barbecued chicken wings from a stall at Simpang Tiga here…

New Year dinner 4

– the best in the world! These have been my favourite since God knows when…and at the time, they were only RM1.00 each. Now the price has gradually risen to RM2.00 – talk about inflation, that’s an increase of 100%. I thought they were nicer originally but they’re still good and better than any that I may get elsewhere.

So that’s about it! I did not take any more photos besides these as I did not want to hold up the dinner. What did you all have for your New Year’s dinner? Care to share?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Fire and rain…”

  1. da pork leg looks like a hugee drumstick =.=
    i had a 5 course chinese dinner…da food was just okay…it’s da companion that counts πŸ˜€

    Ya…and it wasn’t that great. I’ve had better ones at another place in town…but at least, this one’s not so fat – all melted away, I guess. That’s why it was a bit hard. πŸ˜€

    1. Usually I’m one of those early birds… but bangun lewat. Love potion punya pasal. *smirk* Jeles anot? LMAO….

      No lah! What for jeles? Got one, already complain…. Keep drinking love potions, later end up with half a dozen…then you know! LOL!!!

  2. Your friend must have excellent camera to capture such fantastic shots! U really cina-puchow! Cooking meesua on 1st day,I only do that for CNY! I have been so busy cooking n entertaining these fewdays,really don’t have the luxury to ‘lepak’ long online!…I think time to start my resolution of working out soon after all those makan puas puas!

    I dunno what camera he uses but I do love those shots! Really spectacular…and Sibu looks so beautiful!!! Ya, I have mee sua for New Year, Chinese New Year, birthdays…somebody going away, somebody coming back – must keep the tradition alive! πŸ˜€

  3. wah i want the butter fish fillet!

    Come! Come to Sibu!…This one’s the best I’ve ever had in Sibu. I actually liked it a lot. Others were in my opinion at best, nice…but I would not go “Wow!” over them!

  4. Oh, no! First thing in the morning and I saw THIS? *whine* you are a devil in Santa Claus’s skin!

    Sigh!!! 😦 If no food, people complain. Got food, people also complain…. So susah…my life! LOL!!! Btw, Santa’s body lah…not just the skin. Equally fat, if not fatter!!! Hahahaha!!!

    1. Aiyahhhhh… sayang Cikgu. Dun merajuk lah. Later, cepat tua! LMAO…. yahorr… should rephrase that ah… you’re a devil in Santa’s body. Not just skin. LMAO…

      Tak lah merajuk…memang lah bentuk macam Santa. Lucky thing hair not all white and no white beard! Thank God for small mercies! LOL!!!

      1. U still got hair… still ok lah…my dad half botak wan… lagi adorable, so many chicks go after him, tot he loaded. Aihh… one of these days, i must bring him to Yun nam haircare lah! LOL…

        Wah! You want more girls to run after him kah? Me…got hair but no money, no girls want dah! LOL!!!

  5. I watched hk drama from 2009-2010…completely forgot to countdown ~==
    the mayonnaise looks like pour too much eh?

    Eyew,,,HK drama! U geng with my missus! She loves those…and those from Japan and Korea too!

    The dressing was a family-handed down recipe…but I think it was slightly thick this time.

    Actually, there wasn’t too much dressing. The salad had not been tossed/mixed with the dressing yet. Below that, there were layers of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, hardboiled egg slices and salad greens – once mixed together, it was just right…or perhaps, it could even do with just a little bit more dressing! On the whole, it was very nice…and everyone had a lot of that!

    1. I dun watch much of those drama… some of them are too draggy to my liking. But sometimes, watch not becoz of the storyline, but becoz got eyecandy! LOL…

      Ummmm…is that why my old lady loves to watch? To google at those gorgeous young men? Humph!!! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. LMAO…. bet she was looking at eyecandies oso lah. Most of those dramas… not really can watch wan… ahahaha… so draggy… ahiyorr… can fall asleep while watching wan lah!

        Yalor…most of the time, she would be sleeping!!! Dunno why she bothers to watch, but she says very nice, she really likes!!!

  6. The 1st photo looks like the building exploded!

    Nice effect! I love both the pics – depicting our beautiful Sibu town in living colour!

  7. wah..u had good food for new year! I also celebrated my new year at home. Relaxing watching tv is better than going to town which was crowded. Hv a wonderful year ahead STP……keep on blogging! Cheers!

    It was raining heavily anyway, I hear. You too! Have a wonderful year…and make it soon! You know what I mean! πŸ˜€

  8. so this was your new year meal…. stp, tell me…the salad..the whitish slab, it looks like uncut koay teow to me…actually what is it? how to eat it, i mean what to eat it with? salad dressing? something new to me….

    That was the salad dressing. My missus could not get any salad cream, so she used mayo (and maybe a bit too much) – I think that was why it was a bit thicker than usual.

    My late aunt went to some women’s conference in Manila in the 60s, if I’m not mistaken…and she learnt to make the dressing from her friends there. Since that time, every family dinner would have that salad dish – that style! Everybody loves it!

    You can try – one bottle of salad cream, one can of evaporated milk plus “khong therng” (ground peanut sweet cakes – the original used peanuts but easier to use these, and may substitute with peanut butter as well)…blend all that. Originally, a raw egg should be added and vinegar poured over the egg to “cook” it…and then blend thoroughly. If using peanuts or peanut butter, can add sugar to balance the sourness of the dressing. VERY nice! My favourite salad dressing – but I usually leave out the egg part! πŸ™‚

    1. STP…sounds complicated to me la… hahahaa.. best solution is… i go sibu and try it there.. period! i love trying something new and different… u and your wife a great combination, both can cook different dishes..

      Good idea! So when are you coming? πŸ™‚

      1. Wehhh… Claire… ajak me along. My husband keep grumble, say i cheat him ah… he tot Cikgu is a handsome lengzai and cheat me that Sibu got a lot gangster…. I tink, if you babysit me go Sibu, he ok kot?

        Bring hubby along lor… Or ask him to come and visit me first! Sure he’ll let you come after that.

  9. Nicholas’s pictures are actually quite good considering they were taken from a compact camera!
    I had egg fried bitter gourd, beef stew & sweet sour fish!

    Were they? Excellent!…I always say it’s the skill, not the equipment. I’ve seen other shots by other photographers/bloggers (probably with expensive DSLRs). None of them came near….

  10. You sleep like a baby! Oh but then.. baby wakes up at the slightest sound, a drop of a needle! The salad looks.. GOOD! Hungry.. always hungry when I’m here.. πŸ™‚

    Try making it! Nice!!! But the boiling and cutting and the slicing of the potatoes and eggs plus the cucumber and tomatoes quite a lot of work – maybe just use as a dip, much easier. Hmmmm…when my girl was a baby, no sound in the house. My ankle bones creaked… or I dropped my underwear on the floor, almost no sound also she woke up crying and screaming! Now she does not like noisy places – so better be noisy around your baby – next time, not bothered about noise! πŸ™‚

  11. New Year Eve dinner, Chipmunk’s bro cooked fettucini carbonara and his dad cooked beef steak. Then around 10pm, I made lasagna to be taken with cocktail with vodka (made by Chipmunk) to toast to new year. πŸ˜€

    Wah! Very western, eh? That’s on the eve… Anything on the nite of New Year’s Day? Not sleeping off the hangover, I hope! LOL!!!

  12. wah…the pork leg made me drool over my table…need to use mop and wipe…man….

    Not as nice as it looks. I’ve had better ones at another place – tender and juicy – slurpssss!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Those photo shot on Wisma Sanyan were great. New year for me has been pretty dull. No count down. Just a dinner around my area. Too much hassle to squeeze myself in the crowd. Too much hassle to put myself in those hectic traffic jams. I guess this is the sign of aging. LoL

    Hahahahaha!!! That sounds EXACTLY like me! Good grief! At your age, I thought you would be eager to join the crowd and have a whole lotta fun!!! Not me! πŸ˜€

  14. @ Merryn… Cikgu, a baby? You got see wrong bo? Wakakakakaka….he wake up awhile nia den kerploinked back to sleep wohhh…. if all baby liddat, we mummies damn happy ler!

    Hahahahahaha!!! Last time, mummies drank a LOT of wine and breast fed…and also gave babies gripe water….so all babies drunk and slept quietly all the time. When we grew up, also ok what! Tak lah bodoh sangat! These days, this cannot…that cannot…so mummies have to suffer lor! πŸ™‚

    1. Unfortunately for me… i can only breastfeed for 3 mth… lol…cuz i got pening pening and pengsan after breastfeed. Doc sed not enuff dono wud lah. Stupiak wan.

      So that’s wud ppl in the olden days do? Make anak mabuk? Good idea lah… next time around, must try d…

      Yalor…that was why they could have children by the dozen…and women in those days as strong as a bull, not like those today. Puteri lilin, lemah lembut! Oops!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  15. The photos are really nice! Looks like the building is on fire. haha Happy New Year!

    I thought so too. That’s why I asked for permission to share them here. Gives the impression that Sibu is such a beautiful place. Ah well! It is beautiful – small and slow but peaceful and beautiful.

  16. thats a huge pork…no problem to eat that alone by u rite? ;P

    we alll too bz drinking n never bother to take a peep outside what happen as there might be a fireworks…hehe

    I couldn’t eat much of that. A bit overdone – so quite hard. I have no teeth, you see! So kesian, this old man! πŸ˜€

  17. hahaha..i had the same thought as Claire, first saw the salad picture i thought that is “keow teow” on top.

    That Philippine pork leg look yummy, i tried once when i’m going back for chinese new year, very moisture and got some gravy.

    wah! New year day got foochow mee suah with chicken red wine soup, this is very yummy. slurp slurp slurp.

    Bet each time you come back to Sibu, you’ll have mee sua waiting for you at home too… The traditional welcome home!!! Slurp, slurp indeed!!! LOL!!!

  18. I was at home that night. Nothing much to do. πŸ˜€ War…the butter fish fillet sure looked nice. :p

    Poor thing. I thought young people would be out partying away! Yes, it was very nice…

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