Curtain falls…

31st December, the curtain falls on the year 2009. My daughter and I went to the food court at the Sing Kwong Complex in Salim here in Sibu for lunch. I had a post on this before…but my daughter had not had it for a long time, so we decided to go for the claypot pork and salted fish rice there…

Claypot pork and salted fish rice 1

RM9.50 for a large claypot – more than enough for two persons…and for small eaters/ladies, maybe that can even feed three. It was very nice…

Claypot pork and salted fish rice 2

…and my daughter enjoyed it a lot.

We did not want to go out for dinner as every place would be jam-packed and it could cost an arm or a leg. I saw a hotel restaurant advertising its New Year’s Eve buffet dinner at RM65++ per head which may be relatively cheaper compared to other places in the country but I would think that it is extremely expensive by our local standards.

Thus, I had to see what was in the fridge…and I saw these streaks of pork belly that my missus bought last week or was it the week before? I rubbed salt and pepper on it and also a bit of soy sauce on the skin and roasted it.ย There were some leftover snow peas and young sweet corn, so I boiled those…and opened a can of baked beans. I served the pork on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes that my daughter and I made…

New Year's Eve dinner 1

…and to go with that, I made a drink of blended canned peaches and orange juice and my daughter cooked the cream of chicken and mushroom soup.

New Year's Eve dinner 2

Don’t worry. I trimmed away all the fat and ate the lean meat only…and anyway, most of it had melted in the roasting. The tray was filled with the oil which I promptly threw away. Maybe I should have saved it for future use…but I guess I’m better off without it! LOL!!!

So there you have it – our VERY simple meal to say goodbye to 2009 and usher in the new year – 2010.

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19 thoughts on “Curtain falls…”

  1. Cikgu… u owez complain poor…u kno something, if you can practice abit restrain, you definitely can bukak kedai and lure us unsuspecting bloggers to your restaurant. Confirm most of us can become fat wan!

    Neway, the peach and orange reminds me of a love potion I concocted years ago… now… where the hell is dat recipe? I go dig out, mebbe can make and put up on my blog… LMAO…

    Ya…my missus was reading an old copy of HER WORLD – X’mas issue 2000, I think…and she just left it on the table, so I flipped thru’ and saw the recipe for the drink – so easy to make. And I had a tin of peaches in the fridge since dunno when…- Chinese New Year? Hahahahaha! No lah…too old liao to buka restaurant – I just do a bit of tuition till my daughter graduates…and then I’ll goyang kaki full time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. LOL… do tuition… lucrative business leh… summore, syiok syiok teacher’s day, got ppl will feed u again. Aihh… i must go become teacher liao la, mebbe then can become fatter abit! Put some meat to my bones!

    I hear they pay very very well in KL. Over here, not so – cukup makan only – just pass the time and earn a bit of pocket money. Maybe if I do more like some people – a few classes a day, every day in a week, can afford to buy luxury cars and posh houses…but not me! There must be more to life than these material things!

  3. I’ve been contemplating of doing tuition or creative writing class… but I dowan big classes… later, the kids make me headache, I get high blood pressure for free onli, cuz if I teach, i really want those students to gain knowledge. Not just for me to earn money.. Wanted to do a small class… maybe a a few classes a week onli… nonid to charge so high… just earn enuff to feed my little boy, I’ll be more than grateful liao. Lately, the boy become like shark… keep on eat… aihh. I pening liao… summore so choosy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Wehhhh… u got any recipe for kids anot? Those simple simple stuff…

    LOL!!! If only my daughter would eat like that! When small, she would eat one spoon of rice a meal and keep it in her mouth for at least half an hour before swallowing! Maybe you should go to Annie Q’s blog and check out those cute bento boxes for children…Go to

    1. *FAINTED* Cikgu, You want to kill me ah? Her dishes are soooooooo nice! I dunno how to make wan lah! OMGGGGG! *PENGSAN* Totally freaked out liao. She put me to shame, my cooking look like sampah. Nvm… your recipe are more simple… I’ll search your blog. My son loves your baked potatoes recipe. I tried it the other day.

      Annie too pro liao la… I cannot lah! *sobs*

      Hahahahahaha!!!! She said “super easy, everyone can do” mah!!! Mine always simple one, but dunno if kids will like! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i had a chinese dinner with my uni buddies…it’s like a reunion dinner wei haha

    Same mah…as long as it’s a special dinner! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hahaha.. wah nice… your daughter sms-ed me showing off about having the claypot rice*jeles*… haha.. will be going back this afternoon =)

    Well, you can always call me when you’re home again for the hols and I can take you there. All the best to you…and do have a great year ahead!

  6. claypot pork rice? No wonder when i look at the picture i didn’t see any “chicken”, i re-read only know that is “pork claypot rice”, something new ya.

    Your new year dinner look so yummy and nice and look at the food “presentation, just like those serve in restaurant!!

    Ah! *blush* thanks for promoting my blog (saw your comment to cleffairy). The bento lunch that i prepare is super easy, everyone can do. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ya…they have pork as well as chicken here. I think over there, only chicken. But no egg, no Chinese sausage… Would have been nicer with those! Ya, one look at your bentos scared the living daylights out of her! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. wah…you can really cook! maybe can consider opening a restaurant? hehe…

    No lah! For own home consumption, ok lah! Or for friends dropping by. They will never complain anyway…or at least, not in my face! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Why throw away? Hahaha! The oil can be used to puak your kampua wan ๐Ÿ˜›

    Yalor! But then again, considering the cholesterol level shooting up…I decided I could do without it! SIGH!!!

  9. I love claypot rice! That certainly looks worth the money, I think!

    It is! Very nicely done! Except that it is up in Sing Kwong, Salim branch – such a long drive! I’d sooner go for something else that’s nearer! LOL!!!

  10. Your cooking simply look delicious!
    How do you roast the belly pork? I saw the “bubbles” on the skin and my understanding is that those can only be done in those high heat “open fire” and not in oven. Unless, perhaps, you pointed the skin toward the fire in the grill.

    Ok lah…but the skin was a disaster. I tried cutting zig-zags…but it did not work. Was very nice the 1st time I did it but can’t remember what I did. Since then, failed each time. This one was the worst – hard, not crispy. Have to try again…

  11. Breakfast of champions!
    Your daughter will be making you fine cuts of beef every morning when you visit her in NZ!

    Hopefully… And slabs of lamb too!!! Yum! Yum!

  12. Very creative way of recycling ur food ehh…interesting

    Not recycled this time – the meat would be one of those things that my missus would buy and stuff in the freezer and never cook and the canned peaches had been in the fridge for a long time…the peas and baby sweet corn were left from those we cooked earlier and the rest, we bought for the dinner. I just had to cook up a main dish for some kind of special dinner for New Year’s Eve…or else we would have nothing to eat…

  13. dont worry STP, the way u mentioned and showing yur culinary skills, your girl should have no problem with food when she is in NZ…. she can do what u do now, right.. maybe even better? ๐Ÿ™‚
    i pity your dinner btw…. u said u ate only the lean … when i looked at the pic again, the lean is just a small fraction … most of it were the fatSS!!! hahahaha…. guess u were still hungry after this… that’s why u slept thu the NY? hahahaa….

    She should be able to cook up her own meals…but she may be too tied down with assignments and exams and may not be bothered to cook. But over there, she can always buy stuff from the nearby supermarket or eat in the uni cafeteria – not like in SP. Ummm…there was quite enough for me to eat – loved the snow peas and baby sweet corn – so sweet! And I had 4 slices of thickly buttered toast! Hahahahaha!!! I didn’t mention that in the post…

    1. ahhhh…. now u r talking…hahaha…. those 4 slices made u slept right thru new year… !

      Shhhh….not so loud! Shy lah! Ate so much! Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. Wow, got to go there and have the claypot rice. Can’t hardly find good one in Sibu as many coffee shops are not selling. Now I know where to go. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The pork that you prepared on the last few photos surely beat most of the one served by the hotels. Drooling…

    Ya…it’s not so popular here, it seems. The chicken with lap cheong is nice…also has the salted fish taste even though not mentioned. The pork…nice but a bit fat, the meat. LOL!!! Aiyor…where can compare with the hotels? But then again, hotels no pork! Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. whole day pork..halleluyah..btw this few days did heavy eating oso..sure heavier by 5kg n made me became

    And the next day as well… You see my next post – pork again! LOL!!! Aiyor…your weight plus 50% = my weight! Still a long way to go!

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