Milk and cookies…

…I’ve got to do just what I’m told
’cause Santa Claus is gonna be dropping in on me
Now is there something I might have missed
I had quite a few things on my list
I hope he can fit it all under that Christmas tree.
Now I know what he likes for a late night snack
For years now it’s been bringing him back
Milk and cookies

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to find this  song by country singer, Clint Black on youtube that goes by this title. I never knew that such a song existed. Well, that was exactly what I got from kongkay when he dropped by my house on Christmas night. I had asked him to join the dinner I was having that same evening but he had to go to the airport and could only come by pretty late at around 9 something. Obviously he had read my post on butter cookies and bought me a tin – Kjeldsens’ no less…and two cartons of Devondale’s milk. Milk and cookies – exactly what kids would leave by the chimney or the Christmas tree for Santa! Ho ho ho ho ho!!!

Milk and cookies

Alex, formerly of, is back home in Sibu for the Christmas holidays from Melbourne, Australia. He and his siblings came for dinner and they brought me these Jaffa cakes…

Jaffa cakes

Actually, they were discussing these on Facebook like they’re something really really nice…and of course, I shamelessly asked for some. They’re o.k. but I would not say that I’m crazy over them. My daughter said that my brother had brought home some once from New Zealand…but I could not recall that. Just about shows the impression they left on me…or the lack of it. I love these Australian nuts though…

Coated macadamians

They’re coated macadamians, I think…slightly sweet, just nice.

Gerard, also back from Melbourne, Australia, brought these…

Ferrero Garden

They’re a different kind of Ferrero Rocher, not the usual kind that we can get here…or on board an MAS flight, called Ferrero Garden. I have not tried them yet, so I cannot make any comment at the moment.

Then, of course, there was the turkey that Xavier brought (Heard that the mum got it all the way from Miri!)…and the blueberry cake from my sis.

Gee! They do love feeding me, don’t they? LOL!!!