Get the party started…

Well, it had started…and ended, and I sure am glad that everything went well. The company was great and there was more than enough food for everybody…

STP's X'mas party 2009

My sister brought a cake – blueberry…

STP's X'mas party 1

…and intechfly, formerly known as housefly, gave some turkey. He also has a post on the party in his blog.

STP's X'mas party 2

My daughter cooked pasta…

STP's X'mas party 3

…while I made coleslaw. My wife prepared a whole lot of Β other dishes, such as these lamb shanks…

STP's X'mas 4

…the baked cheese and bread crumb coated chicken wings…

STP's X'mas party 5

…some grilled prawns…

STP's X'mas party 6

…and kebabs…

STP's X'mas party 7

…and lots more, together with the chicken and shepherd pies that I had made a day earlier.

It certainly was a delightful evening, for me at least, filled with the joy of Christmas. Thanks to all for coming…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Get the party started…”

  1. Ahah! I am first today. I think alot of sharks are still sleeping off to digest the food that they chow down yesterday. *grinz*

    OMG la…. so much food… are you trying to KILL the readers or wud, Cikgu. Darn…. I better go take bfast first before I come back here to read ur stuff…or rather, drool on the food you put up here again.

    It was just a simple party. Hehehehehehe!!!! My daughter’s leaving soon, so gotta make the most of opportunities like this to share some joy. I’m pleased it all went well…and she had a good time, eating and chatting with the rest.

    1. LOL… you’re fattening her up ah? LOL…

      Well, she has put on around 3-4 kg since she came home. Not very good progress as she sleeps late and skips breakfast… Hopefully, will put on more, then can tahan the cold in NZ!

  2. so i finally met the son you never had!

    nice late chat and sorry to rob you of your beauty sleep.

    Hahahahaha!!!! I think ur missus met him before – he’s “the English teacher from Bintulu”, the one reputed to be very good. It was ok – after all, Christmas is just once a year…and I do not celebrate every year, that’s for sure. Too bad you missed the dinner part, but thanks a lot for taking the trouble to drop by and for the butter cookies and milk – just like what people usually leave by the chimney for Santa! πŸ˜€

    1. Cikgu, you definitely fit the description of Santa. LMAO….

      Ho ho ho ho ho!!!! You’re laughing at me cos I’m old and fat hor! Bad girl! πŸ˜€

      1. he said it himself… i know where to find a santa when i need one next time!

        Hahahaha!!! I can always moonlight every Christmas for milk and cookies. Now retired…getting desperate! At least I look a lot more like Santa than some of those they have around…especially those with pillow-tummies! Fake!

      2. LOL… where got laugh la…. fatter better, when hug that time, feel so nice. Like hug teddy bear! Ahahahaha! You see me so kelian… my mum and dad both oso skinny… hug them, can feel the bones. =.=

        Yalor! Skinny, where got good? Later people will think got famine, or father and mother did not feed! If husband skinny, people will say wife’s a lousy cook! Your hubby skinny or not? Hahahaha!!!!

  3. loved the coleslaw and potato salad! need to get recipe liaw!

    See my comment on Andrew’s post on Facebook. All there! It’s that easy… LOL!!!

  4. wow… looked at the pasta! all very nicely presented. why was i not invited?!! hmmph…

    My daughter cooked the pasta – Silk hair or something and bow ties with bolognese and Alfredo sauces. Nice! Ummm….even if you were in Sibu and I had invited you, you probably would not come. No booze, no liquor! πŸ˜€

    1. Angel hair lah… got silk hair pasta meh? LOL… eiii… your daughter oso know how to cook, u dun need to worry she’ll starve in NZ lah!

      Yalah! Yalah…Clever girl! Thought you only know how to eat! Hehehehehe!!!!…My daughter’s the one into pastas and stuff. When we went shopping for these, she was the one telling me the different names and types – and I can’t remember most of them now. Old man lah! Memory no good liao! To me, they’re all the same, no matter what name or shape – like screw kah, like shell kah…or bicycle tyre tube kah…or somebody’s hair! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  5. 99% meat 1% vege…very healthy…LOL

    u r duno how many among friends i lost count asking me open acc in facebook…im too old already for those…i knew it wil end up like my friendster being abandoned… πŸ˜‰

    Oooo…being sarcastic, eh? Got one huge salad bowl of coleslaw, also got potato salad…and in both my pies, got potatoes too – enough lah! Festive season, indulge a bit!….Friendster? That one boring lah! I also had an account but was never active. Facebook’s better – more interactive…and can keep in touch with friends and keep them updated about things too.

  6. Hey i need to vindicate myself lah,, i got come here almost to ready your every entry, it just that sometimes i no leave comments, cos i know so much about food ma…

    hope you are resting well after all the partying bro, and take care now

    Wah! Scary, man! Full email address some more! Ok…ok…you drop by often, just that you do not comment…but do you mean to say that you do not know so much about food…or you do know so much? πŸ˜€ Ya…had a good nap, so well-rested now, thanks! Btw, your comment had to await moderation…and previous ones went into spam even. You use different PCs and laptops or what?

    1. Eh… yalorr, Cikgu… when Eugene go to my blog to comment oso… his comment went into the stupid akismet. Detected as spam. LOL… need me to retrieve back from there.

      Ah! So it’s the same when he goes to your blog. Dunno what’s happening. Once I wanted to visit his blog, got malware warning…and had to “go back to safety”.

  7. The lamb shanks is simply awesome by the look. I bet it is better taste wise ehhh….great gathering eehh

    Ya, it was a nice gathering all right! Everybody likes the lamb shanks but I would prefer them stewed till really soft and tender – I’m toothless, you see! LOL!!!

  8. Wow.. a real christmas party! Nope, i didnt have those… but dont know why my stomach is still very full, very very full… guess we never stop eating… thank God for the glorious food…
    I would love to try the lamb shanks la… my sons would love that too! so now i know which month i should be flying to sibu… πŸ™‚

    You do not have to wait till December. If you let me know you’re coming, I can plan one specially for you…and invite all the bloggers around here, so you can meet all of them. But people would rather go to Japan, where got want to come to this miserable small town one? Hahahahahahah!!!!

    1. yes..yes…i wonder who those people are … hahhahaa….

      Dunno who they are…but one thing’s for sure – they must be very, very rich! Like me, so poor…where got can go to Japan!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. wow wow many food!! Baked cheese and bread crumb coated chicken wings? Sound something new to me, it must be yummy and look at the grill prawns…tsk tsk tsk..i drool….

    Your missus a good cook ya, can cook so many nice dishes.

    Great you all had a fun night. πŸ™‚

    That one’s easy. Just bask in cream cheese and coat with bread crumbs, sprinkle thinly shredded cheese on top and bake. Nice!!! Ya, my missus has the patience to cook all the complicated dishes, not me! For me, the simpler the better. Also nice what! πŸ˜€

  10. Happy Boxing Day suituapui!!!:-) What a lovely feast:-)

    Thanks. Bet you had a good one for Christmas too… They usually celebrate on a grand scale overseas, like how we celebrate Chinese New Year…

  11. OMG.. that’s a hellota food served!!! πŸ˜€ The cake looked soooooo cute and nice!!

    Ya…see! If you had come back to Sibu instead of Kuching, I could have invited you to join us! LOL!!!

  12. Aiya…maybe next time I will have Christmas in Sibu. Just be thick skin a bit! Hahaha

    And hopefully, I’ll be throwing a party then. I don’t do this all the time… Actually I had planned a small, simple gathering this year as my daughter will be leaving soon…and it got bigger but at least, it was just nice – not too big too handle.

    1. I “celebrated” Christmas in Limbang. Nothing special as I was not prepared. Beside, there was hardly anyone to eat the meal with.
      My MIL must have enough of my simple meal!
      Hahaha…I will bring a dish to make a party next time! But in Sibu, eating is really cheap.

      Ya, it is…but I’m getting kinda sick of the food around. Nothing beats home-cooked meals!

  13. What a feast there!~ Drooling already looking at all the nice foods. The lamb shanks that prepared by your wife is really luring me…

    I prefer it stewed/braised with rich, thick sauce. She did that once and it was tastier and more tender – easier for someone toothless like me to eat. LOL!!!

  14. woah, that’s a feast! you finished all? =)

    There were about 20 people at the dinner that night…but we did not manage to finish everything. Not much left though…so that was quite good. Didn’t have to eat the leftovers for days and days… πŸ™‚

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