Waiting for tonight…

Well, it’s Christmas morning…

Christmas Nativity scene

…and we’ll be going for the church service later and after that, we’ll have to drop by my parents’ house for a while to wish them a Happy Christmas and then, I guess we’ll have to rush home to get ready for tonight.

My missus has called her family over for dinner – my outlaws…oops. I mean, my in-laws, and my sister will join us as well as a few of my friends. Actually, I’ve done my bit already. I’ve baked my Christmas chicken pie…

STP's Christmas chicken pie

…which, unfortunately, got a bit burnt at the edges because my missus was using the oven to heat up something earlier and it was a bit too hot when I put the pie in. Then, I made these mini-pies for my mother…

STP's mini-Christmas pies

She’s bed-ridden and will not be able to join us, so I decided to make a few small ones for her…

STP's mini-Christmas pie

I also made a shepherd pie…

STP's shepherd pie

…and when the time comes, I will just heat them up and serve. I had to get my things ready beforehand…so that I’ll be out of the kitchen once my missus starts to prepare her dishes. You can bet that the place will look like it had survived the two world wars and a third one thrown in for good measure! She’s the type who will mess up the whole place and clean up when she’s done – not like me. I will clean up every step of the way so that when I’ve finished, I will not need to go through the chore of cleaning, wiping, drying and putting everything away.

Well, since I have contributed my bit, all that I have to do for the time being is to sit back and relax…and wait for tonight! Yum! Yum!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Waiting for tonight…”

  1. i m looking forward for my christmas dinner…. Going to have turkey and tat’s a luxury we cant afford to have during normal time…. 1.3kg of turkey costed us 24.99 so hopefully d taste will b nice… plus a bit of wine and side dishes the meal will b perfect, hahaha… merry christmas cikgu and enjoy ur gathering…..

    Same to you! Turkey’s around that same price here – frozen… Takes hours to thaw and hours to roast and it’s not even nice – like chicken breast meat. I’d rather have chicken or duck! Not going to have any turkey…

  2. OMG!!!! Words are not sufficient to describe ‘ow loud my tummy’s growling just by looking at ’em pics! My two favourite pies!!!!

    I keep asking you people to come over to Sibu. I can make them specially for you if you come… How about that? πŸ˜€

  3. can i invite myself?

    Most welcome. Didn’t know you’re in Sibu or I would have extended the invitation long ago. Merry X’mas to you, your missus and your family.

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year teacher!

    Same to you. Very cold X’mas in Canada, snow and all? You’re Gilbert as in the Gilbert, right? Somehow you got into spam!!! πŸ˜€

    1. eh ? spam ? 😦 nah, its rather warm this year snowed for a week 2 weeks ago then after that stop. lol. last year got blizzard and all. hopefully, no blizzard in jan and feb.

      That’s good. All that news about snowing, flights cancelled, trains stranded and all that! I thought the winter must be bad this year… Talk about sensational reporting, eh? πŸ˜€

  5. Do you share your recipes? They look great. I love to cook and eat also and I think I am still crazy after all these years also.



    I do…but not this time. Didn’t take step-by-step pictures to post. Maybe I’ll make some again soon and post. Welcome…and do keep dropping by. You may get to catch a recipe or two! πŸ˜€

  6. wow… Arthur.. u can stand side by side with elin.. the chicken pies look so .. so .. fresh and tempting.. ravishing… i wanna bite! can send some frozen ones to IPOH or not? special McArthur delivery perhaps? HO HO HO.. Merry Christmas…hahaha… i m going to church shortly too!

    Sorry, no delivery! Come to Sibu! My mum loves them pies, says they’re VERY nice…. Loves the pie crust especially. Of course lah…I used butter, Golden Churn no less!

    P.S.: Can’t compare to Elin lah! She’s a real pro! Myself, cukup sendiri makan aje! πŸ˜€

  7. Hahaha nice… my mum insist on me bringing a portion of turkey tonight… looking forward to it =)

    A portion? Phew!!! What a relief! Otherwise, we’ll be eating till morning! Hahahahaha!!! Ya, see you…

  8. Wow..the chicken pies look awesome, just like those from bakery!

    Have a great and fun night and Merry Christmas to you and your family again!

    Thanks for the compliment! Sigh! If I had known when I was younger, I probably would not have ended up becoming a teacher…and would be rich by now! Hahahahaha!!!! Thanks for your good wishes and Merry X’mas again to you and your family too…

    1. You cannot wan la, Cikgu… you’ll probably end up eating them even before they hit the shelf. LOL… how to become rich? And then, seeing how well you cook… you would probably ended up feeding those sharks in your house first and before you know it, all lesap-ed d…. cannot jadi wan la! LOL…

      LOL!!! Yalor…so sad, destined to be poor… Sobs!!!

  9. Yummy, stomach rumbling at 7 Richter scale..Never mind if the pie a bit burnt, a touch of authencity to texture n taste, both pleasant to the eye and the palate. If not , it would resemble those cold plastic pie- designed hairbands or whatever knick-knacks. Agree no?

    Actually my daughter loves it burnt. More “wangi’ she says… Ah well…as long as it’s edible and not burnt to cinders, should be fine. Hahahahaha!!! What are you having for Christmas? A family BBQ? With lots of booze? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

  10. Chick pie looks absolutely fab! Esp. love the christmas tree decor. Hope you will show the inside of the pie too! Would like to see what fillings u put in besides chicken!

    Oops! Already habis! All eaten…and I did not take a photo of the inside! Too caught up chatting with friends…

  11. now i miss my old work place in kl…*chicken pie*

    im not so poectic as u r as u r more better than me im just a small corn…*now u brought back my memory we all tag pantun merdeka on year 2006…sadly most of them retired…should i???* πŸ˜‰

    Cocka’s very active on Facebook. Sengkor’s also there… You can sign in and we can keep in touch there.

  12. Walao… ur missus is exactly like me. I will mess up the entire kitchen when I cook, and I will only clean up later, AFTER people finish eat. LOL… terrible habit, no? I dunno why, I dun like to clean up as I go. Feel very leceh! My MIL been wanting to chop my head for this… she’s the kind who cannot even stand a speck of dust….

    Then I’m like your MIL!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Can’t stand the mess, so I would not go into the kitchen when my missus is cooking… Things everywhere!

  13. STP! I couldn’t help but be tempted by your chicken pies. Merry Christmas bro. πŸ˜€

    Nice! Everybody was full of praises of my pies…or for that matter, everything else…and had several helpings!!! Yum! Yum! The chicken pie – by the end of the evening, only the Christmas tree was left. Dunno why nobody wanted to eat that! LOL!!!

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