I say a little prayer

Christmas trees, tinsel and lights aglow
It’s Christmas time once more
Gaily-wrapped presents under the tree
Faces full of smiles and glee

Christmas turkey, pudding and pies
A feast to behold before our eyes
Clinking glasses, filled to the brim
Friends and kin in candlelight dim

But in the gaiety, let us remember
Somewhere in this month of December
In tattered clothes, those hungry souls
Nowhere to go, homeless and cold

The desolate ones, clinging to his or her own life
In countries torn by war and ripped by strife
For them, there may not be a tomorrow
For them, there can only be deep sorrow

The victims of natural disasters, far and near
Loss of homes and loved ones, ever so dear
In the midst of all the carols and rhymes
Do spare a thought for them this Christmas time

For the promise of hope, Christmas does bring
As bells throughout the world ring and the choirs sing
Jesus Christ, our Saviour, on this very day was born
In a manger in Bethlehem on this very morn

In our festivities, let us stop and ponder awhile
Upon the coming of the Most Holy Child
For ourselves and for others, let’s say a little prayer
That God will bless us all on this very special day

Christmas Crib, Sg Petani, Kedah

A Blessed Christmas to all my loyal readers, and all my relatives and friends wherever you may be.

*Image shows the Christmas Crib at the Church of Christ the King in Sungai Petani, Kedah (2008)