Mouse loves rice…

Well, this is some sort of unsung hero…as one hardly hears anybody mentioning it unlike the celebrated kampua noodles in Sibu. If I’m not mistaken, it is made from rice flour…and is shaped something like cendol except that it is white in colour and not green. Owing to its resemblance, it is called ngiau chu boi in Hokkien or ekor tikus in Malay. which can literally be translated as “mouse tail”.

Mouse tail noodles 1

It is prepared and served the same way as kampua noodles but personally, I am not really crazy about it and would probably have it once in a blue moon perhaps when I want something different for a change. But I guess it has its own following as it is sold at almost every kampua noodle stall in town. If nobody is eating it, I am sure they would not have bothered at all.

Mouse tail noodles 2

Now, if anybody is wondering about the strange sounding post title, it is actually the name of a very popular Chinese song. You can click and watch the video below if you have never heard it before…

Moving away from our topic of discussion, my missus bought this the other day from a supermarket in town…

Danish cookies 1

Other than Scottish shortbread, I do love Danish cookies as well…but my favourite brand, Kjeldsens, is getting a bit too expensive – over RM28.00 a tin. No, thank you, and Arnotts’ do not come close, not at all. These are not as nice but with the expiry date coming up fast, they’re selling them at only RM8.50 per tin.Β There are two types, one with cinnamon which gives it a somewhat peculiar taste and is cheaper (RM6.50)…and the normal Danish butter cookies…

Danish cookies 2

…and some chocolate chip cookies as well. When I went yesterday, there are a few tins left, but I did not bother to buy any as they only have the other type left – the ones with the cinnamon taste which I do not really fancy.

Somehow or other, it seems that they have never had Kjeldsens on offer or at least, not that I can remember. I guess all the stock would have been sold out long before the expiry date draws near. Hiaz! Come to think of it, I should have posted this earlier, then maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get a tin or two for Christmas. LOL!!!

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31 thoughts on “Mouse loves rice…”

  1. I like butter cookies more than chocolate cookies….. and danish cookies hv been my favourite since young….. butter cookies with a bit of sugar on top of it…. sudden crave for it. i am gonna get a tin for myself for tis christmas!!!!

    Yeah…me too! But it seems that these butter cookie companies have included chocolate chip cookies among the existing varieties. Probably to keep up with the times and compete with Famous Anus, oops…I mean, Amos and the rest. Hahahahaha!!!! I don’t quite like the ones with sugar on top. Prefer the vanilla rings and another one. Don’t really care for the other one with coconut and raisins either. Always the last to finish… LOL!!!

    1. Cikgu… you got shit fetish wan ah? Owez toks things related to shit wan. Claire’s blog there oso shit… LOL…

      Where? I’m the one talking about shit this time. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Arrgghhhhh! *pulls hair!* Daniel beats me to it again! He’s first to comment again… lol… damn… I tot I’ll be first today. I wonder if he lurks here all night long…. fuiyoo, Cikgu… u got stalker, oh… LMAO…

    Ohh… Butter Cookies… Iove this one… my daddy used to buy and feed me with these when i was a lil girl. But too expensive lah… it’s a luxury to have these back then!

    LOL!!! He hasn’t gone to bed yet. He’s in Ireland, you see…so it should be around midnight there! The butter cookies were quite affordable then…and when I got them for X’mas or birthdays, I was kind of disappointed. Now, I hope…and hope…that somebody will give me but nobody does! SIGH!!! 😦 Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Yeah, but now, butter cookies are so expensive. My son loves it too. Can eat a lot in one go. But I dun really buy em for him these days. Too expensive. It’s like… can buy 2 whole chicken and can last for almost 2 wiks with that disgusting amount of money. Hmmm I’m a Scrooge, huh? But wud to do. Sometimes have to watch where we spend. Not everyone have the luxury to indulge.

      Yalor! That is why I have not had these exclusive butter cookies for a long long time. Just too expensive, a luxury I can do without! It’s just that these were on special offer…so something’s better than nothing!

  3. Ooh! I love Kjeldsens’! I never bothered about the other brand πŸ˜›

    The mee tikus (that’s what they call it here), my cousins and I used to call it ngiau chu sai (mouse shit) when we were younger. Nowadays it’s just ngiau chu hoon, as in bihoon.

    Me too! But now no choice…as Kjeldsens’ too expensive. Can’t afford to indulge. Ah! They have that in Kuching too? Ya…it’s something like a cross between kway teow and mihun…

    1. It looks more like those laksa beras… or issit my eyes got problem?

      Nothing wrong with your eyes. My daughter also said they look like the thing they use for assam laksa. I think the texture is different. These are softer and smoother.

  4. good morning STP!! Guess what? I just took this noodles this morning for breakfast.. minced pork with loe shu fun… i love them very much, (in fact i m born under the sign of a mouse… ouch!) Next time u must try these noodles here in Kampar, they r popularly known for this…
    About butter cookies, now i know what to give u next time.. hahaha…

    You have them in Ipoh too? Haven’t seen around the stalls over your side. Kampar – I only know the chicken biscuits. Nice! Yum! Yum! Hahahahahahaha!!!! You’re gonna get me butter cookies next time? Oooo….hope we’ll get to meet again soon! πŸ˜€

    1. Ehhhhhh? Claire oso mousie ah? I’m also born under the sign of mouse… or rather, RAT. LOL…. yeesshhh… meet Cikgu oni where can… must meet up wif me oso ma, Claire… tsk tsk tsk!

      Mouse?…Thought I saw on Facebook someone commenting that the Year of the Tiger isn’t so good for the Rat. Anybody knows anything about how it will be for the Dragon?

      1. You’re a dragon kah, Cikgu? Must be same sway as us Rat punya… why? Cuz we’re ‘secret friend’ ma. Luck omoz same.

        LOL…Dono whether next year will be good for Rat or not… but I can feel that it wun be so good for me. I dun mean to sound so pessimistic, but then again, there’s so many unresolved issue on hand… you kno, the usual… financial, etc. Can sense that the road ahead won’t be so easy for me and family next year.

        But wudever lah… we make our own luck, right? And I don’t think God will test us more than we can take. I always feel down, but bad things that happen usually makes me stronger. So I guess it is true that what don’t kill you, will make you stronger.

        Yalor…I never believe all that! Some people will let it control their lives – can do this, cannot do that! Not me!!! I just live my life one day at a time – if it’s good, good! Give thanks to God! If not, then hope the next day will be better…and accept what’s bad as penance for my sins! That’s my philosophy in life.

  5. why the mouse tail looked so long one? the ones we have are short and cute! hehe…. if you see properly on some of the danish cookie tins, some of them are made in malaysia! haha

    Aren’t mouse tails supposed to be long? Hahahahaha!!!! Ya…I know! Those Malaysian-made ones trying to pass off as Danish cookies. Not nice at all! I’d sooner go for those Tiger biscuits instead!

  6. we should share out these cookies, because i like the ones with raisins. i also sometimes buy stuff with approaching expiry dates, esp dried foodstuff, snce the date is just a guideline. even medicine that have expired less than 6 months can be consumed if there is no other choice.

    Ya, and we can get those who love the ones with the sugar on top! One tin, split into three! LOL!!! Are you sure, doc? Eeeee….I would throw away anything past the expiry date, especially medicine. Don’t dare to play-play one. Food…if not very long and still looks and smells ok, I may take…but I would feel uneasy about it.

  7. I remember having Danish butter cookies when I was younger but I cannot remember which one was it.
    I do remember it was awesome though… but I cant be bothered to get any now because they are just too expensive… the good ones that is…

    That was probably Kjeldsens – the blue tin. We only had those in the past and they were quite affordable…and very nice! These days, they sell in very small packs – single “helpings” to appease any serious cravings for the cookies! I don’t buy those either – not enough to satisfy me…so might as well do without! πŸ˜€

  8. I love those butter cookies!

    They were very expensive when I was small and I only get to eat them once a year when my dad brings one tin home during the seventh month celebration from his workplace.

    I would always ‘attack’ those with sugar first!

    Why 7th Month? They take home after offering and praying or what?…Hah! Another one who likes those with the sugar, not my favourite!

    1. I don’t like those with sugar too… i find those plain one nicer… dono why…my son and husband usually will grab the sugar ones first though. Yerr… those cookies.. if take with a cuppa tea, confirm nice wan!

      Then you’re like me! But no tea for me…I’m a coffee man!

      1. LOL…I cannot stand coffee… dono why… too strong I guess. Tea and coffee are both caffeinated, aren’t they? But they give me different effect. Coffee made my heart beats faster, while tea soothes and relaxes me. Strange, hor?

        I guess you’re one of those who get coffee nerves… My missus gets that with strong Nescafe.

  9. Ooooo… I like this thing!!! But i always mistke it’s name for ngaiu chi fan for some reason…

    LOL!!! What to expect from this 1Malaysia-sesat punya orang! I can imagine the seller giving you strange looks when you order.

  10. Ooh… i love Kjeldsens too. My favourite would be the pretzel shaped and the plain round type. But i never fancied the one with raisins.

    The pretzels have sugar on top. My choices would be the vanilla rings and the plain round ones…and only when these are finished would I start eating the rest. LOL!!!

  11. thos char siew super tempting. ah…I like butter cookies as well! but different brand, i think is dutch one…haha…:)

    Those aren’t the authentic BBQed char siew – just boiled meat coloured red. They usually give that with kampua noodles. Dutch Brand? Dunno of any – probably you’re talking about Kjeldsens. It’s also Danish.

  12. Note: This is not a comment of ur post.

    I change my blog^^

    Merry Christmas:)

    Why the change? Whatever the reason, a Merry Christmas to you too…

  13. i thot kampua will be in soy sauce but the ngiao chu boi seem like a kolok version…

    btw nice food always hidden else being wallop by a customer like u eat no tmr like dat n other ppl cant enjoy d food…*its hidden behind a tree at jalan alor” πŸ˜‰

    Don’t like kampua with soy sauce, the way I do it myself at home – the original is “white”…like kolo mee. Ok…when I go KL next month, I’ll go and look for the tree…

  14. i have not had loh shu fun for ages now. There was once when it was reported poisonus.. since then, I had not taken it πŸ™‚

    Was it? Eeeee….I’d better don’t eat anymore. Maybe they add stuff to make it firm…but the ones I had here, not really firm. A bit too soft for my liking.

  15. Ahhh…by the time I go back to Sibu, they would all be gone! I am hoping to get good discount on extra virgin olive oil. If luck is on my side, I will be in Sibu next week.

    Anyway, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Same to you and your family. Only the cinnamon ones left the other day…and not so nice. Got digestives – new brand and VERY nice! RM3 something only…but no virgin olive oil on offer, I’m afraid. When exactly are you coming? Church activity? I’ll email you my hp contact. Do call me when free.

    1. Thanks for the info. I am going back to “play”, ie, ka liew. Hahaha. Ok, do e-mail me your hp and I will contact you. I met rubberseed last year.

      Ok…will email to you…and rubberseeds has my number too!

  16. Oh the cookies, I always like eating these.

    Not very affordable now, I’m afraid. Btw, welcome…and do come again. Had a peek at urs – food! My fave topic! Will link you in my blogroll…

  17. Aww…lao shu fen heh? I don’t know why but I don’t like to eat these “mousy” flour. :p

    Aww…the biscuits…must be expensive right? I love it. The taste is so delicious. So much different than our normal ones. πŸ™‚

    Ya, I’m not that crazy over them either… The cookies are too expensive these days – can’t afford them anymore, so I’ve stopped buying…and eating!

  18. Wow, I think i’d love the ‘rat noodles’ ala kampua style…is it dry or with soup? also what does kampua look like?

    Kampua = noodles, you’ll see lots in my earlier posts. The rat noodles – you can have it dry…or in soup. I guess it should be nice fried as well.

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