You spin me round (like a record)…

When I was young, we would have open houses twice a year – once for Christmas and another time for Chinese New Year…and I would be stuck in the kitchen with my mum helping her with the preparation of the ingredients for the cakes and cookies or the chicken curry that we would serve to relatives and friends dropping by. These days, we would just let the festivals go by like any other day. Maybe, we would go out for dinner at some posh hotel and some years, we would take off to some place just to get away from it all.

Well, Christmas is just a few days away…and my daughter will be leaving for NZ early next year and will not be around for Chinese New Year. She doesn’t want to go somewhere for the festive season and prefers to spend it at home, so I am thinking of having a small gathering – a simple dinner on Christmas night…but that is where the dilemma begins!

Now, what would I cook? Well, curry is out! My missus was planning to cook that but I don’t think that’s a very good idea. These days, with the A1 Mountain Globe curry mix, every Tom, Dick or Harry would be able to enjoy some reasonably nice curry any time of year – it is no longer something special to look forward to.

Maybe I would make a pie – a chicken pie, so the filling will be different from the one I made the other day…

STP's ham and mushroom pie
*recycled image

Or perhaps I should make some shepherd pie or both, and my daughter can cook some pasta to go with them…

Mel's creamy mushroom & onion pasta
*recycled image

She wants my missus to make some baked chicken wings with breadcrumbs and cheese. We had those a long, time ago…and she has not made them since goodness knows when. Hopefully, she gets down to doing that…before our little girl leaves home to go far, far away.

We will need to have some salads, so perhaps, we can have a bit of coleslaw and some potato salad…or maybe I can make this macaroni fruit salad that I saw in ladyviral’s blog. Looks nice and really easy to prepare!

SIGH!!! Decisions! Decisions! And my head is spinning round and round like a record…

Now I remember why we would always eat out…or run off somewhere everytime a festival came around! LOL!!!