I like it…

I like beef noodles. Long ago, I used to find very nice ones at one of the hawker stalls above the wet market at Cuppage Centre in Singapore which, I’m afraid, is no longer there…and in Kuala Lumpur at a stall at a coffee shop in Jalan Petaling but I have not been to that part of the city for donkey’s years. Then, there was this shop at Ampang Point and I really enjoyed the Taiwan beef noodles there – a huge bowl at RM8.00. I have not been back there since either…

On my last trip to KL in August, one evening, I went looking for it along Jalan Alor and I spotted a stall with a sign that said “beef noodles”. It looked as if it had closed down for the day but when I asked, they told me that they had what I wanted and invited me to take a seat. So I did…and I waited…and waited. When it finally came, it was such a disappointment. I think somebody just cooked some beef with ginger soup and put some noodles in it and I was charged RM8.00 for that. I would not have minded one bit if it had been good…but I just had a few mouthfuls and then I left.

I did not know about this place before…and judging from the photos, they certainly look good. I think when I go to KL next month, I will try and drop by to enjoy that. I wonder how much a bowl costs. So far, the best that I have had would be the ones at Kota Kinabalu. The ones we have here in Sibu are pretty all right but would pale in comparison, I’m afraid…like these beef noodles from Loke Ming Yuen Cafe (opposite Mitsu Shabu-Shabu @ Fortune Commercial Centre – behind Rejang Medical Centre)…

Beef noodles 1

…which are relatively expensive compared to the other nice stuff we have in the town – RM4.50 for the special…

Beef noodles 2

But, as they say, beggars can’t be choosers and since we can’t get the best here, anything less will have to do.

These are photographs from my previous post – since deleted due to complications arising. I managed to snap this one of a GIANT grasshopper. I think it must have been at least three to four inches long but with my digicam, even with the zoom, the gigantic size is not obvious in the photograph that came out.


And I took this one in Sungai Petani, Kedah when I was there in November. Some kindergartens were having their “graduation” ceremony/convocation at the Village Mall…and I was attracted by the sight of the sweet and innocent-looking kids in their robes and mortar boards, so I took a photograph of one of them…


Well, whoever you are, congratulations and all the best to you in the years ahead.

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28 thoughts on “I like it…”

  1. Eh? I like beef noodles too! But it’s so hard to find good ones in KL. Dunno where to find oso. I know there’s a few in my area, but they’ve been closed down… cuz they have no license. Illegal punya~ But so nice, now dunno run where d….

    I like the beef soft and tender and the soup… kow punya… but the ones I usually see the soup so watery, the beef like rubber… not nice to eat! hard to find good beef noodles, eh? I guess if we wanna have nice ones, have to cook ourselves!

    That’s why I like the ones I had in KK – really really rich and thick soup! None elsewhere can compare. Well, if you click the link, it seems there is this new place at Jalan Imbi – the photos look nice. Hopefully, I can drop by to try…

    1. I tried to find the one in Jln. Imbi today with my husband… but cannot find… so swayy… ahahaha… summore the traffic today so congested, we decide to give up. 😦 The one in Jalan Imbi really looks nice leh…. too bad for me tho…

      ps: My husband din kno what drove me to nag him to teman me to lurk around in Jln. Imbi tho… ahaha… hopefully he dun find ur blog, Cikgu! LMAO… he was like… women! Can suddenly crave weird stuff!

      What’s his email? I can send him the link! Hahahahahaha!!! Aiyor…you KL people, can’t find? Jalan Imbi not that long…and I’m sure you know where Overseas Restaurant is. Gee! Me, halfway round the world…know KL better! You must be from PJ or Shah Alam side…

      1. Yerr.. no way I gv you his email. Wait later mengumpat about me!LOL… No lah… I’m living in KL… but I kinda have no sense of direction wan. Ahahaha…even when i go Midvalley to shop, I oso can lost. LOL… my dad call me absent minded wan. LMAO… maybe I’ll attempt to find again next time… when the road is not so congested. LOL…hate driving during festive seasons… no kidding. You can find so many inconsiderate donkeys who drives!

        Gosh!!!…Just like my missus, every day goes out rayau-rayau…and when you mention a place, she does not know where it is! Yesterday, I went to town – TRAFFIC JAM here too! Unbelieveable! Jam in this little dead town! I terus u-turned and went home!

  2. Ah~ I love beef noodles! In Kuching, I only like the ones at Harbour Court (formerly known as Minsion Canteen) and Green Hills Cafe (near Harbour View). They say last time Open Air (or somewhere else ones) Ah Mui’s gu bak mee also nice, now donno where liao.

    Ah Mui at Open Air closed down already? That went back all the way to the 70s (my disco dancing days), I think…but the one at Green Hill – same block as Harbour View, is related to Ah Mui, I hear. Also very nice…

    Long ago, there used to be a coffee shop at the corner opposite Miramar – Palm Road and Satok Road junction…and there was a stall there selling very nice beef noodles – I think it was a branch of Ah Mui’s…but I don’t think there’s a coffee shop there any more.

    The one at Peterson’s also very nice (opposite Satok Market, fruits section)…and while you’re there, you MUST have the hay pnia. Beat Old Rex tofu anytime!!!

    1. Ah Mui is still around ler. But sometimes it is the son manning the stall. Still good if u ask me. Somehow the other Ah Mui’s around town (his relatives i suppose) still cant really match the original Ahmui.

      Naw!!! The last time you took me there with TOC, it tasted like salted veg soup! I would never want to go ever again! Go try the one at Peterson’s. I usually have the kolo kosong and the gu-bak cheng! Nice! But then again…that’s what I usually have whenever I have gu-bak mee in Kuching.

      1. When was that? cant remember ler. haha

        Gosh!!! That’s bad! Now it’s not just hair loss! Memory loss too!!! Hahahahahaha!!! I remember I was staying at Merdeka Palace for one of those CHOGM trips of mine at the time. LOL!!!

  3. ok, once u r here next month i will bring you there to eat gu bak mee….it’s not hard to find that place in Jalan Imbi….. and also “meat bone tea”…haha!!

    Yes, we can go and try the cow meat noodles…very near the hotel where I will be staying! LOL!!!

  4. Is that giant grasshopper on your chopstick? i geli insects one..esp the one with the capital C.. cockroach… yucks.. i can get heart attack if it landed anywhere near me!!
    coming back to shabu-shabu, it is supposed to be plain water soup.. the one with sauce is called sukiyaki or shuyaki…. i dont like that cos the darkened sauce in the soup was saltish and not meant to be drunk… i still prefer the shabu shabu, going to try it out one day in my house.. wanna join me? lol…

    That grasshopper was on my garden hose! Real big one! Ya…I wish they would give plain water to cook everything in. For steamboats, my missus would take pains to prepare bone stock with garlic and ginger and all that! That would drown out the flavour of whatever we have for the steamboat!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  5. The shop, located along Jalan Imbi, is pretty easy to find. As long as you know where is Overseas Restaurant is, the shop is located right opposite it.

    The price of a bowl of beef noodles starts from RM7.90. Pretty decent, I would say judging by the location and the portion of it. Give it a try if you are in KL. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the info. Yup! I know Jalan Imbi and where Overseas is. RM7.90? *faints…LOL!!! But I guess that’s quite typical of the prices of things in KL. Thanks also for dropping by, welcome. Nice blog, you have. Will link you in my blogroll…and will hop over to browse when I’m free.

  6. hmmm… i dun even know if i’ve had beef noodles before XD give me kampua anytime, hahahaha!

    wah, 3 to 4 inches! but it looked rather tiny against the ‘chopsticks’? classmates used to call me grasshopper because of my name and height >.<

    There’s one at that coffee shop next to the fire station – famous for kampua since my childhood days… Dunno if you’ve tried that one. 2 to 3 inches, more likely. Don’t think it measured up to 4. Oh? So you’re Grasshopper! LOL!!!

  7. Wow the beef noodle@Jln Alor charged RM8.00! Many ppl said that’s the food heaven but I never like that place! I like the one with a lot of pepper πŸ™‚

    I don’t like the place either…just that I had a craving for beef noodles and I thought I could find some there. I was staying in a hotel nearby – along Jalan Bukit Bintang. I know that type – with chilli oil, I think. There is a shop selling that type and it’s pretty popular…but you won’t see me there, that’s for sure. Don’t like it that way!

  8. yummy yummy… any nice beef noodles in Sibu?

    Yes, we’ve one next to the fire station and the branch behind the former Esso station, one at the junction of Lanang and the road to Li Hua Hotel…and now it has a branch at Lot 10 Kopitiam, Ramin Way…and the one I’ve featured in my post…and there’s one behind Sibu Kidney Foundation – I’d go there for kampua kosong plus beef soup – I also had a post on that sometime ago… All are nice enough…but can’t beat the ones I had in KK – RM8.00 a bowl though!

  9. there is one called Soong Kee near petaling street. i like that beef noodles.. maybe the next time you drop by KL, let’s have a bowl.. πŸ™‚

    Dunno if that’s the one I used to go to – coffee shop same block as the old original Popular Book Store. That was nice. Haiz! My next trip will be a short one – 2 nights only and on weekdays. Everybody will be busy working, and ahnel’s planning to go over on a weekend. Guess we’ll not be able to meet then…

  10. u like so much beef noodle thre 1 wooden shop at jln alor which my fren say serve best beef noodle which we went after clubbing few month back but i din eat as no eat beef… πŸ˜‰

    Jalan Alor got wooden shop meh?…I looked and looked and could not find any beef noodles. Maybe they open later in the night…for drunk people who can’t tell the difference – nice or not nice. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. I never liked anything with ginger so I can’t recommend any good beef noodles for you. hehe..

    I don’t like things with ginger too. Even for Foochow chicken soup, I would just put a few pieces…unlike when my missus cooks! Beef noodles, usually no trace of the taste of ginger, so it’s ok with me… Btw, chicken rice, nasi lemak…all got ginger one, just that we do not really taste it. Not so strong!

    1. not yet, dunno when to go yet, any suggestion?

      Any time is a good time…but when school reopens, I will not be so free. Have to take care of my mum in the morning.

  12. Nope I don’t like chili oil… I love the taste of the soup if there’s a lot of pepper πŸ˜›

    I dunno what they put…but it’s definitely not clear soup – rather oily and a bit hot, chilli hot. They say it’s Korean style. Tried once and I did not like it and I’ll never have it ever again.

  13. I like noodles but no beef please. :p How come suddenly got Mr. Grasshopper? Hopefully these kids will grow up to be successful. πŸ˜€

    Yeah…and as somebody (Schweitzer?) said, “We do not inherit this earth from our fathers;we are merely borrowing it from our children.” Let’s hope that we do not destroy the country and the world in which they are going to live in…

  14. The grasshopper is gigantic indeed. Macam toy…mcam itu Baja Hitam. The japanese hero apart from mighty ultraman

    Ya…I know Baja Hitam! I used to watch – 5.30 p.m. RTM1… Thought it was a much better effort than Ultraman… Hahahahaha!!!!

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