I’m sorry…

I have deleted the post published earlier today due to copyright infringement in the use of a poem that I received via email in a form of a chain letter with no acknowledgement of writer or source  sometime ago. I tried to email the owner at raonmom2000@aol.com but all attempts to send it failed. So, whoever you are, if you are reading this, my sincere apologies for using your poem, though adapted, without getting prior permission from you. With utmost due respect, not only have I deleted the post but the email as well.

I can understand the writer’s feelings as I used to write commercially – workbooks for secondary school students and I would get upset whenever I saw teachers photocopying whole chunks for use with their students without permission. I have since stopped writing.

So to the writer of the aforementioned poem, sorry again…and to the rest, enjoy your Sunday. Normal posts will resume tomorrow.

Despite my failed attempts to contact the writer of the poem at the email address given by a commentor, I did not give up and tried googling in search of that piece of information. The poem, as I found out in my endeavour, is featured in many websites, including Christian ones, but there is no mention of the writer or source. Finally, I came across this blog that named Sally Meyer, a mother of an autistic son, as the one responsible for writing the poem. As a matter of fact, Sally has a poetry website with a whole lot of beautiful poems inspired by her son, Dhylan. If anyone of you is interested, you can click the link to hop over to her blog to read them. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

While googling, I also came across something else of interest. The email that I received – the one that I said was some kind of chain letter containing the poem, claimed that it was for some kind of charity. If you click this link, you will find that all that was, in fact, a hoax. Well, this was not the first one that I had received as there had been others along the same lines but thankfully, I had promptly ignored each and everyone of them all this while. I do not know why people do such things but if you have any of such emails, please be kind enough not to forward them to me…and for that, I thank you.