I went to town the other day with my daughter as we had a few little errands to run, things to buy and what not before she leaves for New Zealand…and we stopped for lunch at this new place here in the same block as the Hong Leong Bank, Tunku Osman branch…

Islamic Nyonya Cafe 1

Inside, it was ok – nothing very different from the many cafΓ©sΒ that have been sprouting all over town lately though I wished they did not play those kutu-rocker songs by the likes of Amy Search or even Jamal Abdillah!

Islamic Nyonya Cafe 2

We had the set lunch special…

Islamic Nyonya Cafe 3

I had the beef rendang…

Islamic Nyonya Cafe 4

…while my daughter had the Nyonya mutton curry…

Islamic Nyonya Cafe 5

It was Β nice enough…but a bit expensive. I think mine was RM10.50…and what my daughter had came up to RM12.50. There was free tea – whichever way you want it, with the set lunch. The service was good and the people were very friendly. The servings, no doubt, were quite substantial but tastewise, I’m afraid it was not something that would make me want to go back again.

Mel@Islamic Nyonya Cafe

My daughter enjoyed what she had though…and I guess once she has gone over to NZ, she would not be having things like these very often over there. SIGH!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “New…”

  1. Cikgu, you schedule you entries ah? Everyday ur entries appear same time wan. LOL…

    Hmmm… looks like someone is already missing his daughter. Cheer up la, Cikgu…nowadays so easy to communicate d. Got Inet ma… can owez chat wif her when she fly off!

    No lah! I always wake up around this same time – very regimented. I tried publishing scheduled posts…but it didn’t work and I’m not bothered to find out how to go about it. I’m fine…just hoping she can cope well in the “strange” environment. Didn’t manage quite well in SP – coming home skin and bone left every holiday…so now I only hope she’ll be much better off in NZ.

    1. It’s colder in NZ… lol… dun worry. The colder the weather is, the more she will eat… cuz easily hungry ma. LMAO…

      Wahhh… ur like alarm clock liddat… every day wake up at the same time. I really tot it’s a scheduled post!

      Yes, after years and years of that, body clock very hard to adjust now! LOL!!! Well, I certainly hope so, I found eating overseas much nicer – probably because of the weather. The same recipes that I cooked there (with most things not available, so just simply substitute) tasted nicer than when I cooked them exactly the same way here. Even hot Campbell’s soups are nicer there…especially on cold winter days!!!

      1. I was chubbier as a child when I stay in England…but when I came back to Malaysia… tone down alot… my name is Elizabeth, and ppl tends to call me lizard… simply becoz too skinny. Even now, married with a child d oso still cannot put on weight. People worried about being overweight, I worry about being underweight. I’m just 36kg oni, u kno… and can easily drop 1-2kg within 2-3 days if i fall sick!

        Gosh!!! You were named after the Queen of England! πŸ˜€ Hey! That’s consoling! There’s somebody lighter than my daughter! I think she’s only 42 kg…and lighter during exam time! SIGH!!!

      2. Yeah… I was named after The Queen of England. And my twin sister, who was stillborn was named after Princess Diana. =.= Dono why my daddy named all his daughters liddat. Even my younger sister’s name is a Queen’s name. Catherine. lol…

        Unfortunately for me,there’s a price to pay for bearing a Queen’s name. Instead of having ppl addressing me as Your Highness, they go around calling me Lizard or Cicak! Celaka punya budak sekolah! Can you believe it? Until now when my ex classmates called me up to chat… they still call me that? WALAO!

        LOL… your girl is definitely normal la, Cikgu. 42kg, is ok wud? Quite normal. Like me not normal lerr…I think got genetic problem or some sort. My side of the family dun grow fat, no matter how much we eat. Most of us maintain to look skinny like some plywood with small waistline(I had to go to children’s department to buy my pants til tis very day!), and usually will only grow chubbier when we’re in our late 40s. Strange, huh? My family all liddat. PPl will kill for our body size. But actually we always have to worry about being underweight… hard to find clothes that really fits… summore, we get ill pretty often too.

        Now THAT’s bad! Getting ill often! My daughter too! Eats quite a lot but does not grow fat…and not really strong and healthy! Keep getting her to eat all kinds of supplements…but hardly bothers to take every time. But she’s big enough not to buy her clothes in the children’s section, thank goodness! LOL!!!

  2. i m sure she will b ok, it time to let go, hahaha…. a bit like d lyric of tat song i loved so much…. you can let go nw daddy, you can let go now….. my mum was so upset when i 1st left home but she is now kind of get used dy cz my brother left oso….. Jz finished my exam n went for a meal in a chinese restaurant….. so nice tat exam is over, wahahaha!!!!!

    Ya…enjoy your X’mas holidays there. Somehow, I would think X’mas is nicer there – the mood, the spirit is in the air! In Sibu, they’re playing Chinese New Year songs at the mall. Eyew…. LOL!!! Ya, I guess she’ll be fine there… Just hoping she’ll take some time off to eat and to relax and have some fun. She’s too serious in her studies – definitely not like the father in this aspect! πŸ˜€

  3. hmmm mk me wonder is there any relationship between study n eating…. I eat n dun like study she study but dun eat. Suddenly felt lost direction dy…. Hv been so busy for this sem and now everything ends…..i still remember in one of the JPA pre-departure briefing someone mentioned sth like ” Kerajaaan belanja begitu banyak duit hantar kamu semua ke luar negara ambillah peluang ini untuk meluaskan pandangan. Kalau tak hantar saja ke UKM cukup dah….” make sense cz life is nt bt studying only….

    Yes, the overseas experience is what makes the difference. When I was in the UK, I mingled with everybody everywhere – at the church, in the pubs, chatted with those in the shops and malls and even the bus and cab drivers…and when I went to the city with my fellow-Malaysians, there would be people calling out to me and smiling and waving!!! The others were puzzled as to how I could have so many friends among the locals…and we were only there for 3 months! They stuck among themselves, so they missed out on all that.

    1. And my friend who was privileged enough to study in UK said that when Malaysian go overseas to study, they stick among themselves only and when they come back, their English never improved and they still think they are good (because they study in UK mah). The only difference that they seem to notice is the accent.

      You’re lucky if they manage to pick up the accent. Some come back speaking exactly the same way they did before they went but that’s ok. Malaysia boleh! The thing is if you mingle with the locals, you may be forced to try and speak like them…as they find it hard to understand the way we speak (lack of exposure) and if you do that all the time, you may end up speaking a bit like them.

      1. I picked up the accent when I was there. And I still sputter Brits accent when I’m pissed. LOL… but I kinda malu… cuz when come back Malaysia, you speak like a mat salleh, ppl will say you stuck up. (it doesn’t help when the accent is damn thick!)

        I will tolerate people speaking with an accent…until they make a grammatical or pronunciation error. If they want to talk like them, then they should master the language perfectly and not make mistakes that stick out like a sore thumb when speaking the language. Otherwise, as long as they are fluent and can be understood when they speak, that’s fine….but I would usually insist that my students should try not to make glaring errors or have an overly-heavy native accent or speak Manglish (Malaysian English).

  4. I went there too during this trip. The mee mamak is nice. And the roti canai is huge! Do you know that the cook was formerly doing foot massaging upstairs, that is Thai Spa? He used to massage my feet!

    Eyew…..the mental picture! Hahahahahaha!!!! I saw two ladies who had the pineapple fried rice and the sambal fried rice. The servings were HUGE but either they were not nice or the ladies were small eaters, for they hardly finished half of what they got. May probably go back again…but not for the canai. Can imagine the chef canai-ing your feet! πŸ˜€

    1. Eeeeeeeyeeeewwww!!! My goodness, the mental picture!

      Hahahaahahaha! That’s how I reacted too when I read ‘the cook was formerly doing foot massaging upstairs’. Won’t be ordering roti canai from here also if I were to eat here next time πŸ˜›

      Hahahahaha!!! Look what you’ve done, Yan!

  5. the curry looks so spicy la….pedasssssssss!! I like what i see from the photos…the place looks so nice!! ada classs!!

    Melissa looks so sweet in that photo….somemore with the snow thingy…. πŸ™‚

    Yes, she’s such a sweet girl, eh? Very decent, not like the father! Hahahahaha!!!…The place’s not bad, the food is quite ok…

    1. She actually takes after ur missus or you? She looks very decent… lol… kinda like me when I was her age. Never put on make up and stuff. Goes around au naturel. I’m still like that too, but these days, i tend to dress up abit when I go out, or when I’m pissed at my husband. Let him see that I’m still a hot-chic! *sigh* Cuz I learn that sometimes, needs to dress up for my husband abit. if not, he sien, makan outside ah!

      How old is she ah? She looks like a bookworm, like never go enjoy life liddat. =.=n tell her to take it easy lerr, Cikgu. Dun just study oni!

      She doesn’t put on make up…and does not bother to dress up nicely or follow trends, so in this aspect, she’s like me and not like my missus. Reads, listens to songs – more like me too…the only thing is she’s not fat and she’s VERY serious in her studies – this part not like me. I was a lazy student, more interested in having fun and just managed to get through my exams… Always tell her to relax and enjoy more but she’s not that type. I guess she has her way of enjoying herself in her own ways when with her friends – not a party animal like the father! Hahahahahaha!!!

      1. Actually I oso dun bother put make ups wan, cuz feel not comfortable…but sometimes, i have to. I started this year oni… cuz my son started to go kindy, and when I wear cincai cincai, those blasted bitches who call themselves kindy teachers, look down on me. Treat me like some uneducated housewife liddat. Hard to deal wif em. They tend to judge ppl by appearance. Pissed me off, really. Den summore, got hb liao… aihh… dun wear nice in public, later ppl tot I’m his viet maid or wud! GRRRRR!

        I can’t imagine you as a party animal, Cikgu. Cannot imagine you going around dancing Cha Cha or dancing to the tune ‘Stayin Alive’. πŸ˜› Your girl looks so sweet and serious… πŸ˜€ Wish one day can meet this teacher ahhh… dono when she become teacher will become garang anot? She looks like the kind that students can bully liddat!

        Well, she’s being trained for primary school…and anyway, I can always show my face! One look at me, the little kids will “pass green shit” already! Don’t think they will dare misbehave ever again! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. I bet the food may not be that Nyonya either? Just too many restaurant claimed to specialize in certain cuisine yet does not taste like one. Sigh !! LOL !!

    Very true! I think it’s just another Malay restaurant…

    1. LOL!.. same goes for those restaurant in KL selling Sarawak Kolo mee – it’s just noodle and nothing like any Kolo mee I’ve tasted in Sarawak..
      Besides, when there say it’s the BEST.. or No.1 or something along those lines, I just won’t walk in that restaurant.. πŸ˜›

      Didn’t go for the other dishes available…so I’m not sure exactly how “nyonya” it is. Pineapple fried rice is definitely Thai…and the curry and rendang are the usual stuff we get at Malay food outlets.

  7. Oooo…mutton curry! I like! When you said they were nice, do you mean it as ‘average nice’, ‘i’ll definitely come back nice’ or ‘nicer than a lot of similar eateries but I’ve tasted better nice’?

    Ummm…how about “I can cook better” nice!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! It was ok – probably a bit nicer than the mutton curry that they serve with the nasi bryani at Balkis which isn’t too bad either.

  8. At least you know one thing… when she return she will want local food πŸ˜›

    But she might also find western food all very different in malaysia after returning. haha!

    Well, the food at this place looks good, but hmm based on what you say.. taste wise… aiyar… doesn’t sound it is worth the price anymore :/

    Yup… we get the same things at the Malay coffee shops and stalls at half the price…so the extra charges would probably be for the nicer decor, the air-conditioning, the service… Wouldn;t be so bad if the food is really special, not the usual thing we can get elsewhere. Not really worth it, frankly…

  9. If i see that sign, I wouldn’t even want to go in and try. Just doesn’t sound appealing to me….

    Finally, someone’s hinting at the name. I was wondering who would bring this up. For one thing, it certainly lacks class or sophistication for a “cafe”…and I wonder about the “Islamic” bit. They had some of those mural kind of things you hang on the wall…probably with verses from their Holy Book…and that’s about it. Judging from the way they dress, the workers certainly stick out like a sore thumb…and the Malay kutu-rock songs they played certainly did not help one bit. I think the word they’re looking for is “halal”…and that should be in small print at the bottom – “halal nyonya cafe” as some kind of a tagline and not the name.

  10. It’s snowing in here!!!! Cool man! It’s so nice to be reading your post.. and then see the snow falling.. ahhhh… so so nice πŸ˜€

    Hope that gets you in the Christmas mood… LOL!!!

    1. Oh yes!!! I’m feeling all Christmasy already! πŸ™‚

      Only a few days left… Bought all your presents, done all your shopping and marketing…??? πŸ˜€

  11. ur daughter no wear tudung they let her in mer?i dont fancy aircond eating place so wont lure me in either… πŸ˜‰

    of coz its beter hard then soft… πŸ˜›

    LOL!!! The workers all not bertudung2 either! Does not live up to the name at all. Aiyor…like that, we cannot go and eat together liao! I prefer aircon places…and that was one of the reasons we chose to eat there – and it was in the vicinity where we were at the time… Your eggs? You sure? Must have been drinking again…

  12. Food looks good ! I don’t really like curry beef… i think they hide the true taste and texture of the beef…. oh… don’t remind me.. haha… gotta go somewhere for a steak or two ! I’m famished ! =)

    Ah! A true gourmet! Provided the beef is fresh and nice! For this same reason, I would never cook Poomba in curry…but with beef or other kinds of meat, it doesn’t really matter to me.

  13. This is so inconsequential but I’ve not only enjoyed reading the post, but also the comments! All the virtual interaction and sharing leaves one in awe at how much the net has changed lifestyles ..

    Sorry, I tend to go off tangents, back to the food. Gorgeous! I do love curries πŸ™‚ Your daughter’s really the apple of your eye. So sweet. Oh, and here’s wishing Melissa a safe trip. May all moments be treasured

    Thanks. We still have less than two months left together before she goes over…and thanks for your kind appreciation of my blog. I guess it’s a “rojak” blog where I can post anything I want – though mostly on food as most people seem to prefer those…and everyone is free to comment provided they do not touch on sensitive issues such as politics, religion, race…and sex, sometimes…or at least, they try to do so very subtly. LOL!!!

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