Coming back for more…

This is one of the regular places where I would stop by quite often for a bite. I had a post not too long ago about their Sarawak laksa special with three HUGE freshwater prawns. Yup! I’m talking about Thomson Corner, located opposite Sacred Heart School at Pusat Tanahwang here in Sibu.

Other than the laksa and the seafood kampua noodles, the nasi lemak is also very nice. This is their special…

Thomson Corner's nasi lemak special

What it lacks in appearance, it makes up in taste. Unlike in many of the stalls around, the rice is not hard…and is richly fragrant with the hint of santan (coconut milk) and pandan (screwpine leaves).

I also love the nasi ayam (chicken rice) Pattaya…

Thomson Corner's nasi ayam Pattaya

The chicken is tender and sweet…and definitely nicer than what is sold at “that old man’s place” and though the rice did not taste like chicken rice as we know it, I find it very tasty and enjoy it very much…

Thomson Corner's nasi ayam Pattaya 2

Among the drinks available there, I love the red bean shake…

Thomson Corner's red bean shake

Have you dropped by there yet? Go ahead…and give it a try!

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30 thoughts on “Coming back for more…”

  1. is this the cafe u bring me n Stella for drinks? last trip I bring Diana for ABC special and Rojak I think am in this cafe-seemed the name has changed its not THOMPSON CORNER…maybe I AM wrong…nearby is a SHELL station. correct me.OK.

    Yup…that’s the one and the name is still the same except that it’s not spelt with a P…unless you went to the smaller one – Friend’s Cafe or something (formerly Hungry John, I think) which is nearer to the Shell station. I’ve never been there. Btw, if you want to eat in air-conditioned comfort, Thomson Corner has an outlet in Medan Mall – a smaller one in one corner on the 1st floor, serving the same things…but I think the service there isn’t very good.

  2. Often having lunch there after school activities…. I love the Laksa and the chicken rice…

    Yes, it has a good location – ideal for SHS students…and business certainly seems good every day!

  3. Snow falls on your blog! I’m not kidding!

    I know… Winter’s here, Christmas is coming… Gets you into the mood! LOL!!!

    1. Good… so its not only me seeing the snow flakes. was wondering if I’m hallucinating or my eyes are screwed.

      Hahahahaha!!!! Special FX mah!!! Snowing supposed to stop by January 4th!

  4. So, what’s in the red bean shake? Santan or milk? I have some red beans, but haven’t decided what to do with them.

    I asked once and they told me it’s a mixture of both. I think it’s just ang tau peng…blended. Good for toothless people. LOL!!!

  5. at least now i know that pandan leaves are called screwpine leaves. why screwpine? sounds so screwed!

    Dunno why it’s thus named. It’s not even in the shape of a screw. LOL!!!

  6. wah…looks so nice…the drumstick like super big? hahaa…

    Yup…it was big – one whole drumstick! Value for money! Coming over to Sibu? Can always drop by for that…

  7. Oh my ! Slurp slurp slurp ! I like that the sambal doesn’t look like the regular sambal bilis. It looks more like rendang instead of the more common blazing red ones…

    The sambal is nice…but I do not mind the common blazing ones either.

  8. I also tried something like the angtau peng yesterday but of course not so nice like the one u took me,Pollie n the KK towkei neo to last time.

    Ooo…I found this place, also nice…and one point in its favour is it has a lot of ang tau, half the bowl!!! Must take you there on your next trip. I just posted on it the other day.

  9. Hi, am home! Hope to go there tomorrow for everything!

    Welcome back! See! You brought the rain! It’s POURING very heavily right now… LOL!!!

  10. i wish i can have that now.. lol..
    feeling hungry at the moment.. =P

    What’s stopping you? You have that in Ipoh…and probably, even nicer ones!

  11. My favourite place for dessert! I like the groundnut dessert. Nice and cooling. The groundnut is so big in size all the time.

    I haven’t tried that! I like the one at Ruby. Must go one of these days to try at Thomson…and I want to try the “momorcacar” too! Was so amused by the spelling on the display panels.

  12. oh! am so hungry now… not really eat any solid food since morning.. jus eat a bit of bread at my sis house… looking at the rice and especially the chicken… oh man! the chicken looks so yummy! im so so hungry now! regret liao… should check ur blog later at nite! lol!

    Ooi…must eat regularly, must not skip meals…not make money all the time. Later you’ll end up with gastric problems!

  13. everytime i read ur food posts i die a little bit inside.. :,(

    Poor thing! Well, if it’s any consolation, the next two posts will not be food posts!

  14. the nasi ayam papaya seem like the chicks not fresh eh…

    y u din say tis red bean are sweet n cum try… 😛

    Nice leh! Not like that day my old lady bought from “that old man” punya shop, the meat like jelly…makan also want to throw up! And so expensive some more… Ya, the beans are very sweet, you want to cum try?

  15. wow the redbean shake looks so nice…..!!! dun think anyone selling that here in kl… *sigh*

    Haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. Any plans to come to Sibu…

  16. Ahaa…i never realize that there is this thomson corner opposite SHS ?…i thought there was one next to sacred heart church…will give it a try during my next trip back home

    Gosh! When did you last come home? You’ve been away too long liao! No longer at the Catholic Centre… They moved to this place opposite SHS even before I retired (2007)… The other outlet is in Medan Mall.

    1. Sibu has gone through a lot of changes in these few years….a lot of new cafe is taking over old traditional kopitiam.

      Ya…but still a lot of kopi tiams around. Thomson Corner is more like a kopitiam than an upscale cafe…but the prices slightly more expensive than the normal coffee shops.

      1. Oh…by the way…the snowing effect is cool. Am gonna get one for me blog…haha

        It’s available on wordpress. Dunno if blogspot has got it or not…

  17. i saw kai pei! (drumstick)
    stp, u are making me hungry at this ungodly hours. so bad one u 😦

    Hahahahaha!!!! Go, go out and eat. Bint-ULU also got 24-hour coffee shops…like the one near the hotel – Riverfront or Riverview, can’t remember the name now. I hear the Teochew chok there very nice…

  18. How true! What lacking in looks, made up in taste! Very well said, Cikgu.

    I never seen nasi ayam pattaya in KL here… or anywhere in Peninsular… looks good ah!

    Btw, Cikgu… you put the ‘snow’ effect ah? Or issit my eyes got prob oredi? Macam can see some droppings on your blog!

    I’ve never tried…but my daughter says they have pattaya fried rice at the stalls opposite the teachers’ institute. Dunno if it’s the same or not…but what I do know is those operating the stalls there are actually Thais, not Malays. Nope…nothing wrong with your eyesight, it IS snowing – just for the Christmas season… LOL!!!

  19. nasi lemak is the best food in Malaysia…but not very healthy of course.

    We don’t eat it every day…or not as often as “some people”. It’s not that easily available here even – not the good ones, that is…

  20. Oh the nasi pattaya does look yummy! Making me hungry now… and it is like 30mins before I can go home and eat dinner! Gasps! >.<;

    Bon appetit!!! What’s for dinner?

  21. I agree with lack of appeal since the color is so pale but since you mentioned it tastes good then no complains if that’s the case. taste is always better than good presentation alone.

    Ya…no point looking nice but losing out on taste. Like the noodles I had the other day – looked really great…but tastewise, not really! Just ok…

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