Would you believe me if I say that the way we eat reflects who we are? It has been said that we are what we eat. Can it be true also that we are how we eat?

Red Carrot 1

Lawyers, for instance, must be aggressive. They will have to attack the defendant and tear him apart, ripping him into pieces…so as to get into the bottom of things. Is it any surprise at all that this was the aftermath after a lawyer had been through with his grilled imported sardine? Hahahahahaha!!!

Grilled imported sardine - the aftermath 1

Teachers are different. They are prim and proper. They go through things slowly, systematically step by step…taking care that everything is neat and trim and they go through it all so very thoroughly to ensure that nothing is left out. This is what’s left of the grilled imported sardine after a teacher has finished with it…

Grilled imported sardine - the aftermath 2

And this is the work of another teacher. See! Don’t you notice the similarity? LOL!!!

Grilled imported sardine 3

Well, those of you who think you know me very well, can you guess which one my “masterpiece” is? 1…2…or 3? LOL!!!

Jokes aside, actually, I went back to Red Carrot for lunch with my daughter and my friend, Jimmy, from Bintulu who is also a teacher. I had been wanting to go back there since my last visit with my lawyer friend/ex-student, Louis J…as I tried a bit of his sardine and it was really very very nice. Jimmy would certainly vouch for me on that.

My daughter had their grilled lamb chop (RM12.50)…

Red Carrot's grilled lamb chop

She said that the lamb was nice but the veg on the side was a bit too salty and the so-called butter rice tasted something like chicken rice. I was particularly attracted by the glasses they use to serve the drinks. They certainly look like jam jars, don’t they?

Red Carrot - drinks

So, if you have never been to Red Carrot, it’s about time you drop by. The grilled imported sardine is a must-have (at only RM8.90)…but if you are not a fish person, there are lots of other things that you may want to try. It’s on the 1st floor – above the Sugar Bun outlet at the Delta Commercial Centre here in Sibu.

See you there…