Remember when (2)…

I remember when I was still small and there was this old, well…at that age, any adult would seem old…Malay lady whom we knew as Re’sah. She would come to my house with her kuih bahulu kept in airtight tins and my mother would buy some from her. I loved her kuih bahulu a lot…

Kuih bahulu 1

…and hers came in all kinds of shapes – fish, for instance. That, of course, depended on the brass mould that she used to make them. In fact, I loved her kuih bahulu a lot more than the Chinese kay-nerng kor or what the Foochows call lung-ngor sold in town…

Sibu lung ngor

I had not eaten the traditional Malay kuih bahulu for a long time but during my recent trip to Sungai Petani, I was strolling around the TESCO premises and there was this stall making it. As I stood there watching, the guy gave me one to eat – FREE! Gosh! That would never happen here! You want to eat, you buy and you pay! I ate that…and the memories came flooding back. If I remember correctly, they were selling them at 50 for RM10.00. I decided to buy some home to give to my mother as I was sure that she too had not had that for a long time…

Kuih bahulu 2

Those were the days when we found delight in the simplest of things – kantong or ice balls, for instance, never mind that we had to hold them in our hands, the ice melting and the syrup flowing through our fingers and down our hands and never mind that our fingers had turned orange from the colouring…and the ang tau peng (red bean with ice)…

ang tau peng 1

I like the ang tau peng at Thomson Corner, opposite SHS…but the other day, I went to this cafรฉ in the vicinity of the Paramount Hotel here.

Rinta Cafe, Sibu

What attracted me was the fact that they gave so much red bean…

ang tau peng 2

…and the red beans were still whole and yet soft or mushy enough. Nice, very nice…like the ones we used to have when we were young!

By the way, has anybody noticed that our red beans here are smaller? They’re actually sweeter and a lot nicer than the red beans used in the cendol or ice kacang elsewhere. Don’t believe me? Come over to Sibu and try for yourself! LOL!!!

And I also remember when people used to say that they would eat porridge with salted fish to give the hint that they were very poor and could not afford a decent meal. Well, salted fish is VERY expensive these days…

Salted fish 1

…and I love the “long” variety. One small piece can cost up to RM3.00-5.00 these days and it may not be easy to get hold of some really good ones but Sophia was passing through Sibu a week or two ago to go to Sarikei to attend a relative’s wedding…and on the way back, she bought me one WHOLE fish – “ngor hu” no less, which is supposed to be of better quality and expensive.

Salted fish 2

Just fry a piece, garnish with some chopped chilli and squeeze kalamansi lime over it. Yum! Yum! With that alone, I can easily lick two plates of rice or porridge clean but unfortunately, I need to exercise a bit of self-control these days…just a bit! Hehehehehehe!!!!

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27 thoughts on “Remember when (2)…”

  1. good morning… i don’t really like kuih bahulu coz most of the time it’s too sweet… but talking about it… so long never eat it as well.. mayb i should ask my mum to do it..

    Haven’t had it since my childhood days… That was why I wanted to buy! Dunno of any Malay here making the traditional ones anymore – only the Chinese lung ngor – that one a lot in town but not the same!

  2. the ang tao peng looks nice….
    talking about salted fish… me too i can easily take two plates of rice with it…. and sure licin dengan pinggannya sekali… lol..
    never eat it like the way u do.. mayb can give a try next time.. i like tenggiri… oh hungry now…

    Yes, the ang tao peng is VERY nice! Sure will go back and eat again!…Tenggiri salted fish also nice but not always able to get good ones – some oversalted, too long already so not really nice anymore. This “ngor hu” is supposed to be a better type of fish, more expensive some more.

  3. Ohhh! Bahulu! Very long never eat oredi. I used to get these during raya back then.\

    LMAO… tok about this malay kuih… I tell you la, Cikgu… I used to spell it as Buah Hulu in my karangan last time. My BM was so terrible that I thought this kuih is made from some sort of fruit. Not to mention that i tot cucur kodok is made from toads!

    LOL!!! I used to call them “Kueh bulu”…but I never could figure out why they were called kueh bulu…when there was no bulu!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. it’s always a great one to have lots n lots of red beans!

    A smile from SJ =)

    Yes, that’s why I like it. Others mostly all ice and santan – so little red bean, can hardly get the taste even!

  5. I think you enjoyed poking at her terendak and making her latah even more!!! Ang tau peng…….Sibu’s is best. i like the smaller red beans. Next trip back must try Ah Hua’s- the man from our childhood days.

    Hahahahahaha!!! Yes, you can remember she used to “latah”! Had so much fun teasing her, was so naughty when I was small. You must go to this one too when you come to Sibu again. It is nice! Near Tom’s office….the block behind, I think.

  6. wow all the classic old skool food.. but if they still sell ‘kantong’ now, there will be a new virus outbreak maybe…. ๐Ÿ˜›

    We had so much of that when we were small – no worries at all! And nobody fell sick from eating. These days, all the worries about the ice used, whether they use boiled water to make or now, the syrup – all the colouring…bla…bla…bla….and yet we have all kinds of diseases and outbreaks! Maybe we were what they say in Hokkien, “La sap chiak, la sap pui!” More immunity…

  7. Your salted fish looks absolutely yummy! No need to go out and eat. Both you and missus can cook so well.

    Actually I think so too. Only thing is we can eat things that we don’t know how to cook…and we don’t have to worry about the hassle…plus people may say we’re very stingy – don’t take guests to restaurants. But I do believe that we can cook some nicer dishes of our own at home… Hehehehehehe!!! So shameless hor!

    1. Seriously if I go back Sibu again, I prefer to go to your place to eat and enjoy your cooking. Better than Ruby anytime!Ooops!hope the ‘ruby towkay not reading this….. My son still remembers your ‘lulian’hua! Never tried that Kuih bulu u mentioned but last trip back, still bought from Sungei Merah the ‘longngor’ still yummy!

      Thank you…thank you. I guess it’s healthier too – not so much msg. I always feel “thirsty” when I get home after eating out. I don’t think we can buy kuih bulu anymore here, only lung ngor which I seldom buy as I’m not a fan.

  8. 3 more things to add to my list of things to eat in Kuching – bahulu, ice kacang, and kiam-hu!

    Gosh! How long is your list now? How long will you be in Kuching? Got time to eat all the things kah? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. wanna bet how many kg. C4STP will put on in kuching..haha.

    LOL!!! Never mind. She’ll only be back for a while and then she’ll have to go back to Oz and starve…and drool at the photos in my blog! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. i love kuih bahulu too esp those freshly baked ones, last time my ex colleague used to buy for us from a malay makcik who baked them at home.. now no more.. i dont like the tesco ones.. those sold here not fresh, like dried up already…
    eh..the others look fattening la.. and of course, very tempting!

    The ones at TESCO in SP were freshly-made. They were doing it there. Best eaten when warm!

  11. My mom used to make red bean ice cream for us when we were kids & I still love it ๐Ÿ™‚ Salted fish is for RICH people today but it’s not healthy one so don’t eat much ok ๐Ÿ˜‰

    They have those commercially produced these days – those ice cream potong. Ya…should not take too much salted fish! All that salt – but then I have not had any for years…and usually, you just eat a bit with rice or porridge.

  12. Childhood food:)

    Ya…things that modern-day city kids may not know as they are more into burgers, pizzas, french fries and so on. Eventually all these will just fade into oblivion.

  13. Hahaha… don’t done.. life is meant for indulgence lol… haha

    Hmm.. my institute has the green colour Kui Bahulu. I think they should be the same..

    And what are Ice Balls ? LOL

    Don’t done? What do you mean? Green ones probably had pandan added – not like the ones I used to know. Ice balls = shaved ice squeezed into a ball (like snowballs) with sweet syrup poured over…and you suck the sweet melting ice. Good for hot days… Click the link to see the “modern” day ones sold in Kuching – not ball-shaped anymore…and on a stick!

  14. cum kch i bring u go eat more nicer ice kacang… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    the soup in yellowish colour ler…not i don eat japenis tofu but that cheapo made me wana vomit as the smell reli strong compare to others i eat… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kuching ones not so nice anymore lah. Last time, St Mike, museum garden and open air…. The red bean not the same as Sibu ones, that’s why I prefer the ones here! Kuching and elsewhere – bigger and not as sweet.

  15. bahulu in chinese is called ji dan gao..can be eaten and scold people as well haha

    i never likey salted fish and salted egg cos they are too salty to my liking…

    Wah! Healthy eating! Sure to live a long life like that… What does the Chinese name for bahulu mean?

  16. ooh kuih bahulu is my favourite too! wished I could have them for supper now. so hungry….

    Aiyor…sure you want kah? Not like what you usually eat one? LOL!!! Still in Ipoh or back in KL already?

  17. I always love kuih bahulu when I was young… but I guess I grew out of it :/

    Oh the fish (looks like chicken to me >.<) looks yummy~ Thai style? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Fish? You mean the salted fish? That’s one way we serve salted fish – with chopped chillies and a squeeze of lime…

  18. i love kuih bahulu!! There is a stall at the shopping mall near my place..sell very nice bahulu, not very sweet.

    lung-ngor, now you remind me so so long i never had sibu lung ngor. I remember i eat a lot when i’m young. The one at Sungai Antu or Sungai Merah?

    Sg Merah! A shop there used to sell very nice ones and the khong therng (sweet ground peanut cake) also but these days, the quality has dropped. There are better ones elsewhere like at one stall at the new Sibu Central Market.

  19. if im not mistaken i met you a few times when i was having my breakfast at the kopitiam where you had the ang tau peng….i invited you once but you were in a hurry. the owner of the kopitiam is an iban lady from julau…she’s young and im glad to see that her business is getting better since it was open about 3 years ago. she has a 2nd outlet at sungei antu area, not far from the the mee jawa place that you like…..yes, i like the ang tau peng there….maybe we should go there together one of these days ….cheers STP!

    You met me once only lah! I think when I went to take out my EPF money… Of course I didn’t tell you, later kena robbed! Hahahahahaha!!!! Got in Sg Antu? Where? Not the Kpg Nyabor kopitiam, I’m sure… Ah!!! I know now! The new one at the corner…the other block at a right angle from Sunny’s. Once of these days, can go there to try.

    1. ya the corner shop at sg antu, same name. that time withdraw epf money ah? no wonder want to go back in a hurry! hahahahaha

      Ya…who knows, later kena rompak! See I straight away jumped into my car! LOL!!!

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