Sunny come home…

So far, I had only been there once and I really enjoyed the mee jawa special. Since then, I’ve passed by the place in the Sungai Antu area here in Sibu many times but it was not open for business. I even had the feeling that it had closed down for good. I’m talking about the Sunny Cafe…and it seems that they do not open so early in the morning. I used to drive past around 8 something but the other day, my daughter and I went at around 10 something and lo and behold…it was bustling, packed to the brim with people having their morning tea break.

I told my daughter that she must try the mee jawa special that I had that first time I went there and she did…

Sunny's mee jawa special

…and enjoyed it tremendously. RM4.00 only and you get FIVE crispy and really yummy prawn fritters!

I ordered the mee Hongkong that Louis J was telling me about…

Sunny's Mee Hongkong 1

I also had the special, so I got the same five prawn fritters…

Sunny's Mee Hongkong 2

…but I did not think it was really that great – just something like noodles in tomato gravy. It was quite nice…but I would much sooner go for the mee jawa special instead.

Later at home, I noticed that we had a lot of leftover rice in the fridge, so I decided to fry it. These were the ingredients I prepared…

STP's fried rice - ingredients

…and this was the end result…

STP's fried rice

Fried rice, anyone? LOL!!!

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28 thoughts on “Sunny come home…”

  1. Early in the morning and I read about the mee jawa yummy prawn fritters? You are making me hungry STP! 😦

    Yeah! Send me the Fried rice no. Haha πŸ˜€ I think I need to find something to makan too.

    Anyway good morning bro.

    Good morning…but goodness, I’m too old to be your “bro”! LOL!!! That’s the whole idea – torture people and make them hungry! Hahahahaha!!! Wanna eat my fried rice – come to Sibu! LOL!!!

  2. itu fried rice looks very sedap. yum

    Drop by when you’re home for the hols – nasi goreng with sambal udang kering coming up…. LOL!!!

  3. pity me…. Lunch instant noodles and dinner instant oven or microwave food…. Today is the 8th days already and 12 days to go before all this ends…. I wanna a proper meal!!!! Drool all over d plate looking at these pictures while having my pathetic dinner…………

    Hahahahaha!!! Student days…I went through that too! Overseas, some more. Even if you can get something a bit like what we have here, it will be so expensive! Yum! Yum! πŸ˜€

  4. hey STP, i saw some sliced pineapples, were they added to the fried rice? pineapple fried rice with ikan bilis… wow… thai and nasi goreng kampng mixture… my girl loves her fried rice with ikan bilis too..

    Ya…had a bit of pineapple in the fridge, a bit over-ripe already. So I decided to throw them in…like Thai fried rice. Basically, it was fried rice with sambal hay bee (dried prawns). Have you eaten yours yet? The ones I gave you…

  5. what’s that brownish stuff beside da chickens (?) ?
    bak hu? (pork floss)
    but i dont usually have rice as brekkie…so, no, this time u fail to make me hungry πŸ˜›

    Where got chicken?…The pounded hay bee (dried prawns)…and beside it, the pounded shallots, garlic, chilli belacan and kunyit (tumeric)… U don’t take nasi lemak 4 breakfast. Thought that’s very common among Semenanjung people…???

  6. looking at the mee and of course the nasi goreng, it makes me hungry now…. it has been awhile i never makan mee jawa.. mee hong kong.. never heard or try before..
    wishing you have blessed weekend ahead.

    You too!…I keep telling you to come to Sibu but you sombong, don’t want! Once you’re here, I can take you to sample all the nice things we have to offer. My daughter will be here till February, she would love to have you around, Aunty/Kak Mandy! LOL!!!

    1. Kak Mandy/Dik Mandy, go la.. u should go and visit uncle STP’s mansion… come back and tell us all about it..hahahaa… or do u want to wait for this aunty claire sekali?

      Yalor…why don’t you come with her? Warm welcome to both of you… I am waiting!!!

      P.S. Definitely Dik Mandy to you…ummm…I mean, to us! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. Me me me ! Hahaha.. wow… nice fried rice.. i love anything with ikan bilis in it.. haha

    High iron content…and they say high cholesterol too! LOL!!!

  8. Maybe I’ll give that a try later!

    You’re in Sibu?…Everytime in Sibu, you would rather stay in the house to fight your wars, how to go out and eat all these? LOL!!!

  9. i always like mee jawa special- will try when i go to Sibu. Last trip I had bee hoon goreng at the new shop opp. Petronas stn…malay stall painted in light green–i think its vv nice – or maybe am so hungry after 3hrs drive.

    That must be the Tanjung Manis Cafe – it just moved there recently from its old location at Kampung Datu, somewhere opposite Paramount Hotel and near Richmount Bookstore. I haven’t been there. Must go and try soon…

  10. wow.. the java mee..
    very nice! and cheap too!
    the rest looks yummyy.. =D

    Ya…with 5 big prawn fritters, RM4 is actually very cheap! Tastes good too!

  11. i want i want! ikan bilis! i love it crispy. hehe…

    That was why I fried them first and then removed them from the oil…and later, when serving, I sprinkled them over the rice as garnishing. That way, they will be crispy compared to frying them all together with the rice.

  12. I think your fried rice looks nicer than the noodles! LOL! Can consider open a stall and start selling. πŸ™‚

    Wish I had known years ago. Now so old already, no more energy left. Just fry one plate already tired, how to run a business like that? Hahahahaha!!!!

  13. thats mee jawa special soup very watery eh…as mee jawa in kch the soup very thick n creamy… πŸ˜‰

    the tofu i bought was japenis tofu and those cheap wan got heavy of egg smell that nearly made me vomit after my fren cooked it…

    Is it pink colour – they use sweet potatoes to thicken the gravy one? I had that once – can’t remember where liao! Nice also… You are just like my daughter – would not eat Japanese tofu because of the egg smell!

  14. Oh! Mee jawa! I haven’t seen this since my grandmother passed away! 7 years oredi! LOL… πŸ™‚ This brings back good memories, Cikgu. My late grandmother used to cook nice mee jawa for the family and it was so nice that none of those sold outside appealed to us. Their gravy are usually… bland. No taste liddat.Yours however, looks quite nice!

    Ya…nothing beats our own home-cooked stuff! Simply the best…but sometimes lazy, so have to eat second or third best. LOL!!! You never mastered your late grandma’s cooking skills? That’s tragic! I think it’s the same in many families – young people do not learn…and old people cook by “agak-agak” and that’s very hard to learn, no recipes to follow.

    1. LOL… I din learn… din get to spend much time with her. She passed away when I went to college. My mum learn most of the things from her, but den… tak sama. My mum hardly cook the dishes she learn from my grandma, cuz my dad owez compare it with his late mum’s cooking-say not nice enuff la, wud la…. Mum get pissed, I tink. LOL…

      LOL…like you say la… my grandma oso simply throw things inside the kuali and then bam! One dish appear liao! Actually i oso same… I cook oso never follow recipe… simply agak oso… lol…dunno why, feel easier that way. Cook ikut suka oni, that’s why I never blog about my cooking. LOL… every time cook, the dishes comes out look and taste different. My mood good, den will taste and look good, if not… I think like shit!

      But now that she’s gone, i really feel waste…so many of her dishes were never passed down to her DIL and children. Kids these days(walao, i sound old leh) are luckier. people blog about their recipe. You kapoot liao, all the kids needs to do is look up the blogs! 😦

      I cook, also never follow recipe. If I follow, sure disaster one! All agak2, follow instinct. I cook some of the dishes my mum used to cook – some nicer, some not as nice…but some dishes already “extinct” as nobody learnt how to cook or it is too much of a hassle. Those days, only know how to eat and enjoy…and now, can just recall and talk about it and drool!!! SIGH!!!

  15. yes! me! I want fried rice but now!

    Fried rice easy, anytime can get one! KL…city that never sleeps! If Sibu, so late…maybe got problem looking for food!

  16. I should never come here before lunch… now I will just end up eating a big lunch >.<;

    Mee jawa looks to good you make me want one now.

    Just one plate wouldn’t do much harm… Hahahahahaha!!!

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