Save the best for last…

Last Sunday (22nd November 2009), my good friend, Eng, drove over to Sungai Petani (SP) from Bukit Mertajam to take us over to Penang island for our flight back to Sibu. We were quite worried that we might not be able to make it as the Penang Bridge Run was held that same day and the bridge was closed from 2.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Thank goodness, by the time we crossed the bridge at around 11 something, traffic was smooth and there wasn’t any jam at all.

Eng took us for lunch at this Lorong Selamat place, noted for its extra-expensive char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles). My niece, BDQ, wanted to take me there when I was in Penang in August but it was closed owing to the Hungry Ghost Festival at the time. It certainly was popular and the man…

Lorong Selamat char kway teow stall

…warned us that we might have to wait for a long time. Well, it did not really matter as in the meantime, we had some of the many other things available  like this or chian (oyster omelette), for instance…

Lorong Selamat oyster omelette

We also had the lor bak

Lorong Selamat lor bak

…and the jiew-hu eng-chai (cuttle fish and kangkong)…

Lorong Selamat sotong kangkong

…and even the or koi (yam cake)…

Lorong Selamat yam cake

I think the yam cake at New World was much nicer – firmer and it had hay kor (prawn paste) and fried hay bee (dried prawns) sprinkled on top. This one was kind of on the mushy side.

And then, the char kway teow came…

Loroong Selamat char kway teow

The moment I cast my eyes on it, it dawned on me as to why it was much more expensive than at other places – RM6.00 a plate. The prawns were humongous! But that was about it. The kway teow itself was of a lighter shade than what I had had elsewhere and tastewise, it was pretty much the same…or perhaps, those at some other places could even be better.

There were other things available from the stalls at that shop and I was told that the ABC and cendol was very popular but we were simply too full to have anything else. Another time perhaps…

We went straight to the airport after that for our flight to KLIA and then home to Sibu. It certainly had been a most wonderful and enjoyable trip to SP/Ipoh/Penang and I would like to thank everyone concerned once again for everything! Till we meet again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Save the best for last…”

  1. by d look of it i wud nt b convinced tat tis thg worth RM6.00…. looks so normal except for d prawns…

    It IS normal…except for the prawns – big ones, bigger than my thumb! Three of them only, so they’re RM1 each…and that would make it quite over-priced!

  2. So you managed to savour most of the famous Penang hawker food. I quite like the pasembur, muachi, and laksa (which you did not show here). To save the best for the last, nutmeg and tao sa bia are the best!

    What’s muachi?…I don’t like Penang assam laksa. Even in my August trip, I did not eat it. My ex-student and his friend did…at Ayer Itam. The pasembur comes nowhere near what we call “Rojak Kassim: here – he now has an outlet (and a new wife and baby – He’s older than me, I’m sure) somewhere in Kuching. The estranged son and family runs the one in Sibu…but not as nice!

    And I don’t like the preserved nutmeg and tau sa pnia either. Give me heong peah anytime…or tambun biscuits!

  3. stp, we have one more thing in common…
    we both lurve heong peah ❤ ❤ ❤

    oh and one more thing…we are december babies 😀 😀 😀

    Long ago, my friend bought me some heong peah from Taiping pasar malan – the filling was wet and gooey! That was really very nice…but since then, I have not been able to get hold of any like that. You’re a December baby too? What’s your exact date? Never mind…later I check on Facebook. Hehehehehe!

  4. As long as u and your family enjoyed the trip, we over here are equally happy… till we meet again….

    SIGH!!! Thanks for the advance birthday greeting. Yes…57, 3 more years to the big SIX-0!!! I’m so very old hor! LOL!!!

  5. yeah, Penang is a food paradise! but i personally feel that this stall of char kuey tiow is too expensive, nothing special to me…

    Only the prawns are huge…but I think that’s just a gimmick to attract the crowds. I’ve had better char kway teow elsewhere in Penang or even in SP…

  6. ohhh good food..
    you know the thing about lorong selamat..
    that’s the place where visitors always go to eat – one favourite spot to makan for the visitors at penang..
    however, penang people dont usually go there..
    they have other places to eat and they claim the char kuey teow at some other places are better and cheaper than the one at lorong selamat..
    you know why the price is expensive.. coz it’s one place visitors would go.. well, maybe they dont know anywhere else.. =P

    I thought Gurney Drive (And that place sucks too!) is where visitors who do not know Penang always go to? I’ve had better char kway teow at the old and dark coffee shop along Penang Road (near Cititel Penang) – a lot nicer…also the one at some hawker stalls under some big trees (Dunno name of place)…and Northam Court…and one place on the way to Ayer Hitam – all very nice (And I posted on all these except the one under the trees – didn’t have a blog then!)…and the or chian at this hawker/food centre across the road from Cititel (opens night only) is a lot nicer…and also at one place where Eugene took me (I posted on this one too!). And like I said, the yam cake at New World is much better (and I had a post on it as well!!!)…

    My friend took me there to try as I’ve heard so much about it and the last trip, my niece took me there and it was not open. As people always say, jangan tak cuba!!!

  7. OMG! I’m oggling at the juicy hor chien. I never really liked it until recently! And my my.. look at the cuttlefish and big prawns.

    I love the or chian in Penang… Didn’t quite like what I had in KL…but then again, perhaps I did not know the right places to go… Hah!!! You went to Australia, even better – I’m even more jealous. Hahahahaha!!!

  8. Hi Suituapui, i agree with you, its too pricey. most of the penangnitse like us, usually wont simply for them to slaughter….hahaha. that is tourist tag.

    That guy wasnt the original who started the famous CKT there, it was shifted a few doors away and had their self owned kopitiam.

    Here i we have blogged about them, feel free to visit

    Welcome, gill2…thanks for dropping by. The thing is all the customers are locals – or maybe they’re from other states and places like me. But there are some locals who speak highly of the place too – I guess it’s a case of to each his own…

  9. just reading your food blog starting from the Ipoh trip has made me put on weight already!!

    I read somewhere that fat people like me will put weight just be smelling or looking at food pictures and food shows on TV as it will stimulate some “chemicals” in our bodies…and we grow fat! SIGH!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. and i read somewhere that the most jolly people in the world are also……overweight.

      That, I’m afraid, seems to be true…at least , in my case! LOL!!!

  10. got meet mas selamat thre kar as his lorong worr.. 😛

    that char kueh tiu not tiu enuf as not chao hueh tha.. 😉

    Who’s mas selamat?…I see you are like my daughter – she likes her fried kway teow or mihun chow ta one too!!!

  11. not worth to pay RM6 for a plate of Koay teow……
    I don’t like O-chien…but the o-chien looks so juicy and yummy!! Oh! I like loh bak….

    The or chian at that place we went to the night we were in Penang in August – that one is nicer!

    1. I think I will go back to that makan place again during my X’mas back to Penang…. 🙂

      Bf going with you?…I hear they have dancing later in the night – after 10 or 11 – “mature” couples doing the old-time dances. That should be interesting…

  12. The or chien! Can really see the or chien! What I had in KL, can see eggs oni.. no or chien.. 😦

    It’s ok…but I’ve had better elsewhere. Still I think it’s better than the one I had at Jalan Alur in KL (and very expensive some more). Dunno if there are better ones elsewhere…

  13. I love lor bak! The ones in your pics look very good indeed!

    LOL!!!…I though it was slightly blur as it wasn’t that bright inside the coffee shop… I’m not really a fan though but Melissa loves it!

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