Ipoh mali…

You would know already from an earlier post that I went to Ipoh on a whirlwind visit…


Nope! We didn’t eat here and neither did we have ayam tauge and koitiau for lunch. Claire very generously treated me and my entourage to lunch at the Sin Hup Kee Restaurant along Jalan Leong Sin Nam there.

The braised pork was really something to die for…

Ipoh braised pork

…and the assam ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) was simply out of this world…

Ipoh assam fish

I would think that there are very few Chinese restaurants around that can really do a good job with such Malay dishes but this one can rival any of them anytime. It was simply perfect and the fish was very fresh and sweet.

This is supposed to be the signature dish of the house…

Ipoh chicken signature dish

…but I can’t remember what they call it. It seems that like in KL, there are more Cantonese in Ipoh and they usually use those names that are Greek to me. Anyway, to get back to the chicken, it was nice but I did not think it was anything to shout about – something like a variation of the meat cooked in soy sauce.

This one’s a steamed dish comprising three types of eggs – fresh eggs, salted eggs and century eggs…

Ipoh Steamed 3-egg combination dish

I tried a bit but felt it was somewhat bland. Somebody said that I should go for the salted egg for a much stronger taste but I did not seem to see any…and besides there were so many other nicer dishes and I was practically gorging myself to my heart’s delight – especially the pork! I certainly hope Claire was not shocked by the sight of this “tham chiak” from Sibu, Sarawak! LOL!!!

I knew there was a nice veg dish as well but somehow earlier, I could not seem to find the photo anywhere. I thought I must have deleted it by mistake but eventually, I managed to locate it among the maze of photographs that I took during my trip. It does look good, doesn’t it?…

Ipoh vegetable dish

We also had this clear and refreshing soup…

Ipoh soup

…and for dessert, we had this kuih talam

Ipoh kuih talam

…which was just nice – lemak (rich with coconut milk) enough and not too sweet.

I did not notice Claire slipping away to pay…and I really thought I should have been the one to foot the bill as I brought along so many people and I even invited Ivan to join us. The poor boy actually had his lunch already but Mandy used her aggressive sales expertise on him and made him finish all the leftovers! She was so good at it…and Ivan was left with very little choice. Hahahahahaha!!!

All in all, the food plus the rice (including refills) and drinks came up to RM108.60. I thought that was extremely cheap for 8 persons and the food was absolutely great. The restaurant was crowded though…and somewhat noisy. I thought we only get such noisy crowds in Sibu! LMAO!!! It certainly looks like a very popular place so if anybody wants to go and eat there, perhaps they should call first to make a reservation. The telephone number is 05-242 3128.

Thanks again, Claire for the sumptuous treat! I will reciprocate next time I go to Ipoh…but that will probably have to wait till 2012 unless I have an excuse to go over – one of your sons getting married perhaps? Hehehehehehe!!!! Or perhaps you, Elin and Ivan and Mandy too, plus anybody else eager to tag along, can pay a visit to Sibu sometime in the near future? What say you all?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Ipoh mali…”

  1. Ooh I love the steam egg! and the first pic, the Cowan chicken & beansprouts shop is apparently very good!

    You do?…Well, I didn’t get to eat there. When are you going back to Ipoh next? I’ll fly to KL…and tag along and you can treat me to all the nice food there. Great idea, don’t you think? Hahahahaha!!!!

  2. Wah Wah my friend, i like the way you used your words, got so much power one…”whilrwind visit” sounded like you were in Air Force One, flying in and flying out,, or somekind of rock star Bon Jovi, finish one show, whilrwind to another show…life in the fast lane………and the fab lane.

    On a serious note,i admire you lah… makan here makan there… visit here visit there…

    Sibu never sleeps for STP………take care now

    Penang to Ipoh so near! If got heart, can drive over to Ipoh to visit Claire anytime. I’m sure she’ll give you a treat too – an even bigger one perhaps!!! Right or not, Claire? LOL!!!

    1. yes, yes, no the problem one.. hahaha… for eugene, ok lar, ching chai la.. sap sap sui.. but when it comes to drinking, he has to pay, ya!!

      Hahahahahaha!!!! Only “ching chai la…”? Eugene’s saham jatuh liao lor like dat! LOL!!!

  3. fu…yooooh.. STP, u make the food come alive, man.. but macam paiseh.. like didnt order food suitable for you to munch.. forgotten all about your “chewing problem” … only realized when the dishes came.. but i tot the steamed eggs will be good for u..like eating tau foo far dessert…
    yes, very noisy the other day cos it was lunch time..by the time the patrons left, it was also time for us to go too… next time la, we go for a more quiet peaceful atmosphere, the Bloggers’ Meet… hope it materialize one day… Eugene must attend, first one… let him be the organizer, i say.. hahha.. i wonder whether he reads this or not… he is busy “clubbing” these days.. and Mandy too, exception, not blogger but active blog reader… πŸ™‚ the more i think of this idea, the more i love it!!

    I still have ONE upper molar so I can manage if the meat is nice and tender like the pork, no problem at all. Not up to the stage of having to eat only tofu yet! Hahahahahaha! In Sibu, also so noisy…but I thought over there, people not like that! Same lah everywhere! LOL!!!

    I love going for Bloggers’ Meet and “friends” online become real friends. Can have a small-scale one first, get a few active ones to attend. Some bloggers still shy away… Maybe not used to it yet. Try once, and you’ll want to meet more and more…especially the ones that you find you really click well with online.

    1. looking at the photos…makes me feel like want to go there and eat it again…I do miss the kuih talam la…no so sweet and just nice!!

      Claire, are you sure u want me to tag along?? LOL!!

      Call Claire when you’re in Ipoh…or maybe you can get hold of Ivan, the lenzai…and he can wallop all the leftovers again! He’s with Starbucks at Ipoh Parade…if I’m not mistaken. Starbucks Coffee, ya? Not Setapak Coffee! Hahahahahaha!

  4. Agree! The braised pork surely looks delicious. :p The steamed dish looks like very oily o. War…so much lemak huh the kuih. You can eat this dish some more?

    War…Claire paid the bill for you huh. Bad STP!

    Not oily at all lah! I think it’s some kind of light soy sauce or something! Blush! Blush!…But what to do? Me poor old man, pensioner – no money mah! I go Malacca….you going to treat me to big makan like dat or not? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. You need to give me a heads up when you post about food >.<;

    I ate lunch not long ago.. coming here looking at all the food, I am hungry again! Look at that braised pork… Gosh!

    Oh and the Kuih Talam! The coconut part looks so creamy… I want T_T.

    LOL!!! You’ll have to go to Ipoh and visit Claire for those… Hahahahahaha!!! They’re as good as they look! Yum! Yum!

  6. wow, u update so many post a day, can’t catch up with u haha:D
    Wats the name of the veg dishes? the one with long beans and bits of garlic.

    No lah! Usually I only have one post a day…but I need to clear my backlog of photographs from my trip. So many…so I may have to publish two per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I dunno the name of the veg dish – I know they have long beans…and the whitish long ones are actually brinjal. We have something like that here too – I just had it a week or so ago: all the beans – long beans, french beans, ladies fingers, four angle beans…and we asked them to add brinjal – cooked with pork belly with a hint of belacan. VERY nice!!!

  7. Wow.. when Claire said that she let YOU do all the photographing of the food, I know I can expect a really good food blog here and sure did, the food looks delicious… Claire, I wanna go Ipoh too! πŸ™‚ And STP, me wanna go SIBU oso πŸ™‚

    Come, come…I welcome you! I just took the photos with my daughter’s old digicam, snap…snap…snap! I’m not like some bloggers especially those with DSLRs who will take ages to focus and take photos from all different angles…and everybody will have to wait for quite a while before they can eat the food. The lighting was good…so that’s why the photos turned out nice!

  8. wow, i love the sight of that braised pork and the assam fish. veggie dish looks nice except for the sight of those long beans… accckkk…haha

    next time u go jalan2 i want to join also. LOL

    You don’t take long beans? Nice! Ya, it’s good to tag along…and then you can enjoy all the food. Clever you! Well, you can always make lots of blogger friends and have a whole lot of fun wherever you go…like me!

    1. Huhu, of course I will foot the bill also la.. Hehe. It’s fun meeting up with blogger friends, just like when I met u and then my blogger friends in Kch last August.
      Hopefully will be able to meet more when I’m in KL πŸ™‚

      Usually when they hold bloggers’ meets here, everybody goes Dutch…but when bloggers drop by Sibu to visit me, I do not mind taking them out and treating them to lunch or dinner – like in your case. My pleasure…

  9. It’s called ‘Kon Chin Kai’, or Pan-fried Chicken with Sauce or something.
    Yeah, dining there can be a little daunting, as the walls reflect the noise, amplifying the noise by many folds.
    They make some nice kuih, yes. Pumpkin cupcake (or muffin, I forgot), and ang koo.

    Ang koo? They never asked whether we wanted ang koo! I love ang koo…and we do not get very good ones here – only in Kuching, big fat ones with a lot of filling! Ya…we have a restaurant here too – Nice House. The ceiling is relatively low and I would usually go early – 6 to 7 pm as after 7, the place would be packed especially on weekends and the noise level can be quite unbearable! You’ve been all over. Any plans to come and sample the food in Sibu?

    1. STP, they never asked cos each day different.. the other time i went it was something different too.. i think it varies on different days.. next time u come again la.. u might get ang koo or pumpkin cake.. hahhaa…

      Oh dear! That will have to wait till…2012! LOL!!!

  10. Hi STP….I din notice you attacking the pork dish at all…hmmm maybe I was busy attacking the other dishes LOL! Thanks for the invitation to visit your place….one day soon will come over with Claire and Mandy and the lengchai Ivan or even James of J2kfm :))) I have never been to Sabah or Sarawak LOL!

    Welcome! Welcome! Just let me know when you all are coming! Personally I think Kuching is a better place to visit…but I’m not there, I’m here. One long weekend would be enough (like the coming one with a public holiday on Friday) – try and grab those free seats on that cheap airline when the offer is on! MAS everyday low fares also very cheap.

  11. saw the pork i beh tahan liao…hehe

    btw tat chicken is called ayam or gai… πŸ˜›

    You love pork, ‘Nel?…In Sarawak, some people call in manok! Hahahahahaha!!! Btw, why suddenly you have a name now?

  12. omg, your food posts typically make me salivate as usual..hahahaha, i want to eat the fried longbeans, and assam fish sooo much leh:-)

    There’s no place like home…and there’s no food like home food! LOL!!!

  13. the meat dishes are all so yum yum! Even that veggie dish is tantalizing.

    I’m glad the photos turn out good and can do the dishes justice. They’re really yummy!!! Yum! Yum!

  14. Alll the food look yum yum to me! The steam egg look good and the signature chicken is it marmite chicken?

    Yup…they’re all nice. I don’t think it’s marmite chicken – just some pan-fried chicken with some sauce. We may have something like that in Sibu but I can’t remember what it’s called here – and I did not think it was all that great either, the one time I had it.

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