It’s up to you…

I think overseas, they call it egg foo yung but as far as I am concerned, it is just omelette with something inside. In a way, therefore, our or-chian (oyster omelette) is a kind of egg foo yung.

Well, the simple truth is I am trying to get rid of all the things stuffed in the freezer before we leave for Sungai Petani next week. I do wish that my missus would stick a sticker and write the date on everything she buys for I really do not know how long some of the things have been sitting in cold storage. Well, I found a plastic container of little shrimps so I decided to cook some shrimp omelette or shrimp egg foo yung, if you prefer it by that name.

Of course, you will need some eggs…

Egg foo yung 1

…beaten, with salt and msg added according to taste.

I used one Bombay onion – peeled and cut into thin slices, together with the shrimps…

Egg foo yung 2

It’s up to you what you would want to add and actually, I thought of adding some canned button mushrooms and maybe some long beans perhaps…but decided against it as I was too lazy to slice them thinly for use.

I heated up some cooking oil onto a frying pan and sautéed the onions in it till soft before adding the shrimps. Then I poured in the egg…but unfortunately, I think I did not use enough oil, so it got stuck at the bottom and I could not turn it over whole. In the end, some bits were slightly burnt…

Egg foo yung 3

But some people like it this way – a bit burnt. They say it is more fragrant. So, there you have it, my somewhat disastrous shrimp omelette aka shrimp egg foo yung

Egg foo yung 4

It tasted good though. Want some? LOL!!!

I will be leaving for Sungai Petani via KLIA and Penang on the early morning flight tomorrow and will not be back till late Sunday night. So there may not be any post over the next few days. In the meantime, be good and take care, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “It’s up to you…”

  1. I also cooked omelette in your way,sometimes with chives from the garden thrown in! Have a safe n wonderful trip! November n December are my favourite months of the year,exams over,looking forward to graduations gathering,catching up gathers, n relax ,relax!

    Ya…chives would be nice. Saw one recipe in one website – they add taugeh! Here, many people add those preserved lobak putih… So nice eh? The summer holidays are here, relax and enjoy…but are you melting in the heat yet? LOL!!!

  2. wah….you make me feel so hungry in the early morning….hahhaa…omelette with prawns…nice! i think i better go take breakfast now. 🙂

    Good for breakfast eh? LOL!!! So what are you having?

  3. Good morning sir ! Gosh, aren’t you an early waker… and i THOUGHT i was early -.- yum.. the omelette looks very tempting.. haha.. what’s the difference between omelette and scrambled eggs ? They both looked the same to me. Have a safe flight ya sir !

    Scrambled eggs if not done properly will become a badly messed-up omelette. I like my scrambled eggs nice and creamy and not overdone… They’re not the same.

  4. Wuahahaha.. each time I came to your blog, it is always with makan.. so good.. as we ppl, greet another.. used to say? Already eaten full? either in Hokkien or Foochow.. how nice to have tasted them… but only with pics… 😦

    Ya…that’s our Asian hospitality – always concerned that people have not eaten or have not had their fill. That was why in the old days, at dinner banquets, they had sio bee and Foochow fried noodles at the end…

  5. i dont have shrimps but big onions only… ok, dish that for tonight…. maybe i go buy some char siew later…
    so u r going for a week holiday again? great…have a nice smooth journey and eat all u can …. again!!

    Can use thinly-sliced Chinese sausage…or ham/bacon/luncheon meat cut into thin strips. Not on holiday! Going to help my daughter with her things – she’s moving back to Sibu…and next year, she’ll go off to Wellington, not going to be in SP anymore for the next two years, at least.

    We are planning to drive to Ipoh on Friday. Will give you a tinkle once it’s 100% confirmed so you can roll out the red carpet! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Aiyah, if you are going next Monday, I could ask you to bring Chris there! So, he has to travel alone to meet me at KLIA!

    Nice shrimp omelette! I won’t mind sharing that!

    Have a good trip, and a safe journey!

    Thanks…and you too! Ya, I read somewhere that you’re taking him to Korea. Gosh…it’s so nice to be rich! LOL!!! Shouldn’t be a problem for him – direct flight Sibu-KLIA, no transit here and there…

  7. Now I miss the shrimp omelette from New Paris restaurant in PJ. The shrimps they serve there are huge! 😀

    New Paris? I thought that was a western restaurant? You saw Bongkersz there, I remember…or he saw you. Well, I didn’t have a choice – those were the shrimps my missus had in the freezer.

    1. Yupe! That’s the place where I saw Bongkersz. Not a Western Restaurant. all oriental cuisine. Yum! Yum! I miss that restaurant! Must go eat there when I go KL… 😀

      I see. Seems like a popular restaurant as I’ve heard or read of it quite a bit.

  8. finally, something easy and looks like it can be done in 10 mins! bookmarked. btw, have a safe journey to sg.petani teacher!

    Thanks. You can replace the shrimps with Chinese sausage, or ham or bacon…or even luncheon meat. Nice!

  9. learned a new simple recipe! thanks for sharing~
    wish u hv a safe journey!=)

    Gosh! You dunno how to cook that either? Very common dish…but the ingredients may vary. Thanks for you good wishes…

  10. Nice omelette with a lot of shrimps. Can I have some? 🙂 Have a safe journey to Sg. Petani.

    Thanks, CK. Ya…come! Can cook that for you in a matter of minutes. Simple and easy dish! LOL!!!

  11. simple and delicious omelette. I love to cook it with chinese sausage or luncheon meat with onion, it taste yummy too. My personal favourite is omelette with button mushroom and cheese!! YUMM!!

    Have a safe journey!!

    Thanks! Ya…would be nice with ham and bacon too! If I cook for my daughter, I would use melted butter instead of the usual cooking oil. Sometimes, I do add shredded cheese too. She loves it!!!

  12. i love to eat eggs.. plain or with ‘liao’… fried or boil.. normally i will fried with onion or sometime with ‘chai por’… to me as long as eggs it wil be my favorite.. if lazy jus boil 2 or 3 eggs and eat lo..
    never try with shrimps maybe can try it next time…
    the omelette looks nice.. i like a bit ‘chow hui tar’, it will taste better and crispy at the same time… maybe tonight can try plain omelette and eat with bread..

    Same as my daughter. She’ll help herself to the burnt parts, says they’re nicer. Imagine me going to town ordering fried mihun or kway teow for her…and asking the cook to “char chow tar”…and I got all kinds of funny looks! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Ya…I love eggs also – in whatever way they’re cooked!

  13. i want! haha..
    alright, take care and enjoy! =)

    Come and get it! Btw, are you in Ipoh? I may drop by on Friday – you can contact claire for confirmation…

  14. I think I also wanted to cook that!
    I normally use very little oil for frying. What I did is to lower the fire and cover the food, ie, cook slowly but longer time. It will not burn. Did you put in any “additive” which contain sugar?

    Nope…no sugar added. I’ll try that next time – definitely better than using a lot of oil, thanks.

  15. Have a safe journey and enjoy your holidays. Take care

    Thanks. Were you here over the weekend? Did you manage to get the dabai? I was tied up…playing tourist guide as you can see in my previous post. LOL!!!

    1. yes i drive to Sibu on the 12th and back on the 14th afternoon. I bought few kgs of dabai from market. This is my 1st time eating dabai and love it very much….Should buy more…hahahahaha….

      You do? Actually it’s an acquired taste and many people do not like it. Good for you! There are mountains of dabai at the Sibu market now – saw it when I took my “tourists” there. And durians too!!!

  16. nothing beats a simple meal like omelette. I rather had an egg than abalone! sounds impossible but it’s true!

    Or TWO eggs? Hahahahahaha!!! Seriously, me too! Abalone is overrated…and it’s chewy and rubbery and now that I’m toothless, I can’t eat it anyway.

    1. me too me too!! =D

      But I guess you’re not based in Sibu. So many Sibu bloggers…but when you stay anonymous, that’s how you’ll stay. Can’t get you all for bloggers’ meet and things like that…

      1. haha, still cant make up my mind whether to be anonymous permanently, but i’ll come for bloggers’ meet… tat is, if im not too shy wen the time comes 😛

        I don’t mind bloggers who prefer to remain anonymous…but if they agree to meet up, they should not say everything’s confidential. I’ve met a few “confidential” bloggers who would not want their photos or any personal info published – I would respect their wishes…and will not disclose anything about them. What I do not like are those who will agree to meet you and then refuse to tell you anything like they do not trust you at all. Might as well don’t bother to meet then. Quite meaningless like this as in meeting face to face, I would think we have progressed from blogger-acquaintance to friends…

  17. I love omelette! And this shrimp omelette of yours, looks good to eat anytime of the day .. particularly at breakfast for me today … *sigh*

    Have fun in Sg. Petani and you take care too STP 🙂

    Thanks, sure I will. Relaxing…eating… This is my kind of holiday! Maklumlah warga emas!

  18. I have tried it with prawns in it. Most of time just onions only. 😀

    You have or you haven’t? Can add all kinds of things – for variety and to enhance the taste!

  19. ya what ever and it is really up to you… or chian or omellet same one lah

    A rose by any other name will smell as sweet! Like people, all the same on the outside – some are nicer inside, others are rotten to the core!

  20. omg.. where to get the peanut and bailey drink??!

    Ruby Restaurant! Very nice… You may get at some coffee shops too…but I wouldn’t know whether they’re nice or not. Never tried. You’re new around here, I see. Welcome…and do drop by again. Will add you to my blogroll.

  21. Hi STP… it’s been so long since I last visited ur blog… wow… just looking at ur pics makes me hungry lor… yummy! Safe journey ya!

    Ya…it’s been a long time indeed. Looks like you’ve gone into baking. Pretty nice cakes you make. Going into that line full swing or not? We have one home-based baker – he just makes two or three types of cakes for birthdays and wedding cakes. Must book a few days in advance…and he’s extremely rich!!!

  22. ooh… i want some too! looks good.

    Haven’t you said that already? Come…come to Sibu and I’ll cook for you. I think the cheap airline is offering free seats for sometime next year. Dunno if booking still open or not though… Till 30th November, if I’m not mistaken.

  23. that’s for a quick and easy dish =P

    Yes, it is. My parents’ helper from Indonesia who enjoys watching me cook, says Chinese cooking is so easy and so simple…and yet very delicious…and she will try when she goes home.

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